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Technical Alarm Module

Monitoring module with integrated floating switch contact
Voltage supply via the esserbus
Optionally monitored operating of open contact via inverse
Short circuit and interruption-tolerant via integrated loop isolator
Relay contact can be programmed as normally closed
contact or normally open contact
User-friendly maintenance via integrated test and reset function
Simple and easy installation on 50 mm standard installation box

Bus supplied monitoring module

Technical states can be monitored
and forwarded to the IQ8Control fire

Easy configuration via tools 8000

The IQ8TAL is a full-fledged loop device on the esserbus/esserbus-PLus.
It is recognized in the topology automatically during the reading of the loop

alarm control panel (FACP) as technical alarms or for the triggering of

an alarm with the IQ8TAL, which is
EN 54-18-tested and approved.

wiring and is displayed as a respective device. The relay contact can be

configured either as a normally closed contact or as a normally open contact via the tools 8000 programming software. For the first time, the monitoring of the alarm input can be adjusted to the application. Now it is also

Thus, the monitored switching on of

floating contacts such as pressure
monitors and other fire control systems can be handled simply. It is easy to carry out various actuations of,
e.g. fire dampers, ventilation, elevator controls, air-conditioning systems
and other tasks via the integrated floating relay contact.
The power for the IQ8TAL is supplied
by the esserbus, so an external power source is not necessary.
Each IQ8TAL is equipped with an integrated loop isolator which separates the malfunctioning segment in
the case of a cable break or short
circuit and thus guarantees the function of the other loop devices.

possible for a normally closed contact to be monitored optionally instead

of a normally open contact (inverse monitoring).
Test and reset function
A manual test of the module can be carried out using the key provided without actually triggering the element which was to be monitored. Turning
the key in one direction activates the test alarm and displays it by lighting
red LED. Turning the key in the opposite direction resets the technical
alarm module again.
Use under difficult surrounding conditions
The IQ8TAL can also be used in critical areas with increased humidity or
pollution in the surrounding environment with the optionally available cover
(Part No. 704965) and the surface-mounted housing necessary for surface
mounting (Part No. 704981).
Smoke damper




Application example





Technical data
Operating voltage
Closed-circuit current @ 19 V DC
Alarm indicator
Operation indicator

8 V DC to 42 V DC
approx. 45 A
red LED
green LED

Connection terminals
Contact load
Application temperature
Storage temperature
Type of protection

max. 2.5 mm
30 V DC/1 A, 30 V AC/1 A
-20 C to +70 C
-30 C to +75 C
IP 43 (in housing)

2008 Honeywell International Inc.

Dimensional drawing and circuit drawing example

Dimensions (H x W x D)

PC/ASA plastic
blue, similar to RAL 5015
approx. 110 g
88 x 88 x 21 mm
88 x 88 x 57 mm (with surface-mounted housing)

VdS approval

EN 54-18/-17

Order information
IQ8TAL Technical Alarm Module
MCP Cover for small housing, transparent
Plastic spare key for small MCP
Surface-mount housing for small MCP, blue

Part No.

For further order information please refer to our "Fire Alarm Technology" Product Line Catalogue.

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Part No. 795895.G0 09/2008 Technical information is subject to change without notice!

IP 55 (with optional IP kit 704965)