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Aadishakti provide Acupuncture in bangalore. Acupuncture has been

understood to be a Drugless Healing system that works beyond Human
discoveries.Treatments use Needles, Touch, Photons, Lasers, Heat,
Cupping and to the Tangible Substances and Organs of the body.
Acupuncture treatment works on the Physical, Physiological, Mental,
Emotional, Spiritual levels and elevates a person's Socio-economic status
and Lifestyles through Resonance Modulation.
Our Acupuncture services in Bangalore India has been providing
Acupuncture treatment for more than a decade, and we have successfully
treated patients suffering from the following diseases at our acupuncture
services. Acupuncture treatment is highly recommended for individuals
who have tried conventional methods of treatment without much success.

You should arrange for a session with an acupuncture doctor or

acupuncturist to find out how acupuncture can help relieve some of the
medical symptoms you are suffering.

At Bangalore Aadishakti, we have an acupuncture specialist who has

extensive knowledge in other medical specialties as well.He has extensive
experience of pioneering effective health and wellness for the Bangalore
Acupuncture can be defined as the insertion of dry needles into the skin at
specific locations called acupuncture points. Acupuncture is performed by
certified practitioners and physicians to treat certain medical disorders.
Depending on the training and experience of the practitioner and the
problem being treated, acupuncture techniques may include electrical
current through the needles (electro acupuncture) or heat (moxibustion)
and pressure (acupressure).
Acupuncture may also be effective because it targets painful tender
points, sometimes called trigger points. Additionally, acupuncture may
decrease pain-causing inflammation by stimulating the bodys pituitary

gland to release cortisol, a hormone that is known to reduce

Acupuncture can help ease the nausea associated with chemotherapy,
increase the immune response, relieve pain and improve energy levels. It
is performed

using very fine needles along certain predetermined meridians. Each

organ of the body has a meridian and certain specific points.
At Aadishakti, we use acupuncture individually to treat certain
disorders especially chronic and acute pain syndromes which has given
immense relief and in a very short duration. We also incorporate this
therapy in our intensive and comprehensive rehab programs as studies
have shown great benefits of adding acupuncture to the conventional and
the stem cell therapy.