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Dos & Donts in Arc Welding



Provide isolation switch closer to the

work place, so that isolation is
possible in case of emergency.

Welding m/c to be effectively earthed

by double earthing.

Keep the power terminal box in the

m/c always protected by the cover.

Provide exclusive cables for return

current from the work to the welding

Dont leave the welding m/c unattended

with the current switched on.

Dont allow the electrode holder to come in

contact with metallic object when not in

Dont use structural members and

reinforcement rods to transmit return

Dont keep the cables in

walkways/platforms, which may lead to
trip hazard.

Connect the cables in welding m/c

with the help of lugs.

Dont use damaged gloves and spattered

face shield.

Wear all PPE (Helmet, face shield,

Leather gloves, shoes)

Dont insert electrodes in the holder with

bare hands. Use insulating gloves.

Provide adequate ventilation while

working in closed/ confined area.
Before starting welding in closed or
jacketed containers, other hollow
parts such as ducts, the parts shall be
adequately vented.

Dont do any welding operation near and

inside places where combustible materials,
explosive & flammable substances are
likely to present unless adequate
precautions are taken.

When arc welding is done in damp

confined spaces, keep the welding
machine out side the confined space.

Dont permit any personnel to perform

welding/cutting activity in confined spaces
all alone.

Keep a container handy for collecting

the welding stubs.

Welding stubs shall not be thrown on the


Dos & Donts in Gas cutting



Keep acytelene cylinders always in vertical


Dont use magnet or chain sling to

lift the cylinders. Dont use nozzle

for handling purposes.

Use suitable trolley with a chain or belt to

transport cylinder within work area.Use
suitable carrier/cage for lifting cylinders by

Use only frictional spark lighter to light the


Leave key wrenches on cylinders in use, so

they can be closed quickly.

Wear all PPE( Helmet, Cutting goggles,

Leather gloves and shoes).

Dont use matches or welding arc to

light a torch.

Dont leave the cylinders with out

shutting of the gas supply.

Dont wear plain goggles for cutting.

Dont use copper fittings in

Acytelene line.

Provide flash back arrestor with regulator

to prevent back fire.

Dont change colour of cylinders,

colour of hoses and dont interchange

Dont lubricate oxygen cylinder

fittings ,valves with oil, grease.

Dont store cylinders near by

flammable, explosive & corrosive

Dont use cylinders as rollers, work

Arrange hoses properly to avoid tripping


Ensure the tip of the torch is free from dirt

and metal.

Check leaks around regulators, hoses,

fittings with soap solution.

Move any leaking cylinder immediately to

a safer location.
supports or jack at any time.

Shield cylinders from direct sunlight or

other heat radiation to avoid buildup of
excess internal pressure.

Dont roll/drag the cylinders. Dont drop

the cylinders from height.

Dont use extra force or increase

leverage of keys by long leverage