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What evidence is there to suggest that violent video games increase aggression

and violence in gamers?

Recent studies have shown that aggression and violence in gamers are elevated by violent
video games. People that were in a test played violent video games, those games were Mortal
Kombat, Call of duty, and many others. From this test the gamers could put more or less hot
sauce in a meal, the gamers in majority put more hot sauce in the meal of random strangers. This
evidence shows that games do increase the violence of gamers.
What evidence is there to contradict this finding?

One study that has surfaced has shown that the increase of violent video game sales has
decreased the amount of teen related violence over the years. In addition, recent studies
conducted from Brad Bushman have delivered interesting facts on violent video games. The
people in the test perceived those around them more aggressive when they were not. In this
scenario, the people were more defensive and be perceived as some as aggression. Using this
knowledge as a basis, the violence in gamers are people just acting more defensively, and the
aggression is confused with the action of defensive behavior.
How should parents, gamers, or others interested in this topic answer the question,

Do violent video games promote violent behavior when studies appear to give mixed
results? What about the notion that playing violent games allows people to act out
aggression in a safe space namely, on a video screen?
How anybody should answer this question is to base your own life experiences and studies
that support your feelings to the opposing side. With both sides, you can compare and contrast to
see where you stand. You should also put into your answer if video games let people channel
their hatred on a game. On the other hand, to conduct a test with people of youre choosing to see
if violent video games make them mad.
What should the standard be in terms of declaring someone an authority on the
topic of violence in video games? For example, a recent study indicates that those who
say violent video games are harmful to teenagers have provided much more evidence
to support their claims than those who argue the opposite?

4) There is no clear answer as to say that one person is correct in their assumptions of video
game players. People can theorize over a specific group and state their results but another group
of people can have a different ending results then the original. In conclusion, no one study can
generalize a population well over 10 million people. With the second part of this statement,
according to the article, Defeated Videogame-Violence Experts: Science Was on Our Side By
Dave Mosher, since their data is countable and realistic then their conclusion would be more

effective and there for reliable.

How are the studies that explore the relationship between violence in video games
and behavior designed? What do they control for, and what should they control for?

5) The tests that are conducted try to link violence in video games with human behavior- the
behavior they are specifically looking for is hatred. The people in charge of these experiments
control human interaction, revenge to others, and hostility in general. What they should be
looking for is the hostility that they are doing, blood pressure, and aggressiveness to the game.
The blood pressure of people is directly linked to negative human behavior, and the anger that is
directed to the game could leak to human interaction.
Are there standard methods for exploring a behavioral trait like aggression or

hostility? What are they?

6) There are some traits of aggression and hostility that could be tested for- these tests are
simple. To start with, there is Human interaction, verbal communication with those close, how
one copes with a complicated situation. Finally, how the person is under continues tress after
playing the game.

What evidence did the Supreme Court cite in its ruling overturning a California
ban on the sale of violent video games to children? Why did some of the justices
disagree with this ruling?


The Supreme Court did state that

Does research showing that playing relaxing video games increases measures of
kindness strengthen the argument that the content of video games does affect player

8) This does affect the mood of gamers and is a valid argument

How do public perceptions about violence in video games affect politicians

willingness to take action? How do industry leaders respond to these actions?