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MC-Top Primer S

Two component primer

for Reparoxyd
Product Properties
Two component
Based on special acrylate
Can be recoated immediately
Workable at temperatures below 0 C

Areas of Application
Primer for Reparoxyd-Systems for repair of small scale concrete areas
Assesed by REACH exposure scenarios: to be inhaled only periodically during application

Application Notes
Substrate Preparation
The cement based substrate must be at least 14
days old, dry and free from anti-adhesive substances (e.g. oil, fat, release agent, loose particles
etc.). At sub-zero temperatures the substrate must
be defrosted and dried. Please refer to the data
sheet General Handling Information; ReparoxydSubstrate preparation.
Mix the liquid component, using a trowel or spatula, with the powder component to a homogenous
mixture. Even for small quantities (e.g. approx.
156 g liquid : 10 g powder) the mixing ratio of
100 : 6 must be observed.

Top Primer S using roller or brush. For best results

Reparoxyd should be applied after the primer has
hardened, approx. after 1 - 2 hours.
Special Information
Colour changes may appear during processing
because of chemical impact and influence of light.
It doesnt affect the usability. Chemical and
mechanical impact areas are affected by wear.
Regularly monitoring and routine maintenance are
Further Information
The hazard warnings and the safety advice on the
packaging as well as the safety data sheet must
be observed.

The cement based substrate is primed with MC-

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Technical Data for MC-Top Primer S



Mixing Ratio



100 : 6

liquid : powder



approx. 0.98

Processing Time


approx. 7

at 20 C



250 - 300

cement based substrate

Processing conditions


-10; 25

air and substrate temperature

relative humidity
above the dew point

Product Characteristics for MC-Top Primer S

Equipment cleaning agent

MC-Reinigungsmittel U

Standard colour


Form of delivery

Carton 6 x 1 kg


Can be storaged for at least 6 months in closed packs under dry

and frost free conditions.


To protect our environment please empty the packs completely.

Note: The information on this data sheet is based on our experiences and correct to the best of our knowledge. It is, however, not binding. It has to
be adjusted to the individual structure, application purpose and especially to local conditions. Our data refers to the accepted engineering rules,
which have to be observed during application. This provided we are liable for the correctness of this data within the scope of our terms and conditions of sale-delivery-and-service. Recommendations of our employees which differ from the data contained in our information sheets are only binding
if given in written form. The accepted engineering rules must be observed at all times.
Edition 06/13. Some technical changes have been made to this print medium. Older editions are invalid and may not be used anymore. If a technically revised new edition is issued, this edition becomes invalid.

MC-Bauchemie Am Kruppwald 1-8 46238 Bottrop Tel. +49 (0) 20 41-101 50 Fax: +49 (0) 20 41-101 588
info@mc-bauchemie.de www.mc-bauchemie.de