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Joshua A.

3 Miracles (Holy Eucharist)
There are some miracles that happens or that have been proven in the past
which have felt by many people in different places. There are many miracles
of the Holy Eucharist but I only chose three. The first miracle of the Holy
Eucharist that I chose is the Bloodstained Cloths. The Bloodstained Cloths
happened during the 12th century in the year 1263. A German Priest by the
name Peter of Prague was struggling with the doctrine of transubstantiation.
By that time he was saying that Mass in Bolseno, Italy, that blood began to
stream out of the host and onto the corporal at the moment of consecration.
Pope Urban IV confirm at that time confirm that the miracle was real. Then A
mass on Easter Sunday in the year 1331, in Blannot, a small village in the
middle of France, A woman name Jacquette receive the last communion on
that day. As the priest placed the host on her tongue, the woman turned, and
started walking toward the altar. The priest didnt notice Jacquette fell from
her mouth and landed on a cloth covering her hands. When the priest was
alerted to it, He went back to the woman, who was still kneeling at the
railing. Instead finding the host on the cloth, the priest saw only a spot of
blood. When the mass was over, the priest took the cloth in sacristy and
placed it in a basin of water. He washed the spot numerous time but found it
became darker and larger, eventually reaching the size and shape of a host.
He took a knife and cut the part bearing the bloody imprint of the host from
the cloth. He then put it in the tabernacle along with the consecrated hosts
that remained after the Mass. The Second miracle of the Eucharist that I
choose was The Face of Christ Child. In The event of these miracles, an
image appear on the host. For such instance it began on June 2, 1649. That
night, as Father Jerome Silva was about to replace the monstrance in the
tabernacle when he saw in the host that an image of a child with thick brown
curls that fell to his shoulder. He held the host up to show the image to those
present. They all agreed that it was an image of Christ Child. On the
following month during the exhibition of the Eucharist, the Child Jesus
appeared again in the host, dressed in a purple habit over a shirt that
covered his chest, as was the custom of the local Indians, the Mochicas. It
was felt at the time that the divine child wanted to show his love for the
Mochicas. It last about fifteen minutes and many people saw in the host
three small white hearts, thought to symbolize the three persons of the Holy
Trinity. The third and final miracle of the holy Eucharist that I choose is the
Bright Light. In 1247, for instance, a woman in Sanaterm, Portugal, was
concerned about her husband faithfulness. The woman went to a sorceress
who had an agreement of returning his love to her exchange for a
consecrated host back to the sorceress. At a mass the woman managed to
obtain the consecrated host and putting it in a kerchief, but before she could
give it to the sorceress the cloth began to bloodstain. She went home
because of being scared and she hid it in on her bedroom. That night the
drawer emitted a bright light. Where her husband saw it and she told her

husband what happened. That host remained in the drawee for three days
until she returns it to the church where it continues to bleed.