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Consumer Behavior Project Coca Cola.

Submitted to
Ms. Asma Omar

Submitted by
Muhammad UmairMuneeb
Hafiz Ebad-ul-Haq
Muhammad Ali


National College of Business Administration & Economics
40-E1, Gulberg III, Lahore 54660, Pakistan


I am heartily grateful to Allah Almighty, the most beneficial, the most merciful, all
knowing, who blessed us with the strength to complete this report. It would not be possible to
complete this study without the guidance, advice, cooperation, sympathetic attitude, valuable
suggestion, and help of our instructor. I am heartily thankful to my instructor, Ms. RabiaIjaz
whose encouragement; guidance and support from the initial to final level enabled us to
develop an understanding on the subject. I would like to thank department of business
National College of Business Administration and Economics Lahore for providing me
opportunity to conduct the report. I would like to thank my fellow group members for their
help and support. Above all I would like to thank my parents and whole family for doing all
that have done so far for me, and allowing me to purse what I want. We would not forget to
appreciate the assistance of those who helped us in the completion of this report, most
importantly Mr. Google.

Coca Cola Company

The Coca Cola Company (Coca Cola),was founded in May of 1886 and continues for more
than a century through the times of war and peace, prosperity and depression and economic
boom and bust. As late as the 1990s, Coca Cola was one of the most respected companies in
the world, building and known as a very successful management team. Since 1998, the
company has been struggling with internal weaknesses and external threats.The Coca Cola
Company (Coca Cola), the worlds leading soft drink maker, operates in more than 200
countries and sells 400 brands of nonalcoholic beverages. Coca Cola is also the most valuable
brand in the world. Coca Cola is a globally recognized successful company. Well-known
brands are Coca Cola, Fanta, Aquarius, Sprite, BonAqua, Ciel, PowerAde, Minute Maid and

Value Creation:
Coca Cola Company

For many years, Coca Cola Company is trying to create value for its customers. We can see
the evidence in their products, in breakthrough packaging and fresh approaches to consumers.
Coca Cola has broadened geographic reach and deepened partnerships. They are very
committed to the communities they are operating and doing business. Renewed innovation
and reinvigorated execution are leading The Coca Cola Company to a new era of growth and
enduring economic value. The Company provides value to customers through every
consumer purchase, through superior customer service and through great value creation
programs. They are trying different promotional activities which have greatly affected their
brand image in peoples mind.
They have different promotions those values to the customers greatly. They support the work
of the coca cola for the betterment of people and betterment of environment. Such as:

Happiness machine:
Coca Cola not only value the
customer economically from its
own products but its also involved
in many societal works which
makes coca cola unique than other
Every day, thousands of South
Asian laborers arrive to Dubai to
work for a better future. They do it to support their family and to provide better education for
their kids back home. They long to hear their voice every day, even for a couple of minutes.
But with an average income of $6 per day, they have to pay up to $0.91/min to call home,
making it nearly impossible to connect with their families regularly, which is why Coca Cola
created the Hello Happiness Phone Booth a special booth that accepts Coca Cola bottle
caps instead of coins for afree 3-minute international phone call.

Recycling Happiness:

Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Singapore has founded an innovative way to boost recycling rates in the country.
Consumers who recycled their empty beverage bottles were rewarded with gifts such as fresh
flowers and Coca Cola t-shirts, bags and caps.

Small world machines:

High-tech vending machines installed in malls in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India
two cities separated by only 325 miles, but
seemingly worlds apart due to decades of
political tension invited shoppers to set
aside their differences and share a simple
moment over a Coke.
With these machines, any person from
Lahore or Delhi who is using that machine
can nonverbally communicate with person
in India. The purpose of these machines is
to decrease distance and differences
between people of India and Pakistan.

Customer satisfaction and trust:

Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola always keep in mind the needs and wants of the customers by its satisfaction
evaluation process. Coca Cola invest large amount of its asset on the conducting surveys to
find the changing needs and preference of its consumers.
It happened once that in 1980s, Coca Cola changed its coke formula without any research and
finding the need of the customers. There was a large depression in the sales of the Coca Cola.
One cant just think of the money Coca Cola might have saved if it had talked to its
consumers before changing its cola formula. It required great efforts and planning and search
about market and people needs to get back on the track.
Since then company have put most of its effort on researching on the consumers needs. It has
a research Centre in every country to track the changing needs of the customers of the
different cultures. They use different methods and techniques to evaluate the customers
changing wants.
Coca Cola conducts surveys like Likert scale techniques in which they provide customers
with different questionnaires and ask them to fill with the options like

Strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, and strongly agree

Very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, indifferent, satisfied, very satisfied

Very poor, poor, average, good, very good

They also conduct different depth interviews with their consumers at different malls and
shopping centers. They provide people with sampling of the coke drink and ask them if they
need any change in them or any improvement.
At times, they provide people with the forms to answer the open ended question. Normally
they do this in different universities and colleges and offices and offer free sample ofthe
drinks and in return ask them for answering open ended questions.

Consumer Research:
Coca Cola Company

A product based approach exists when a company produces a product, which is very
successful and demanded that company therefore feels that it does not need to spend much
time and resources on verifying consumers research and marketing strategies. However, by
ignoring the wishes of customers, the business sometimes fails to move with the times
because needs and taste of consumers are changing and can get caught up by rivals that do
listen to customers and come up with a better offering. Consumer research is therefore
essential to give a market focused approach to product development.
Coca Cola is one that meets the needs and requirements of consumers across the globe. Coca
Cola operates in a number of segments of the non-alcoholic beverages sector and has
different cultures in which it operates. Coca Cola has an advanced R&D department which
conducts research accordingly to changing cultures and needs of the customers of different
areas. Consumer research helps Coca Cola to find out about current perceptions of the
existing product and taste, and customer driven opportunities in order to improve their taste
and to further extend the range with new products.
Coca Cola uses different sources for consumer research such as interviews, qualitative and
quantitative research from general population and focused groups. Coca Cola also operates its
websites and social sites where consumer offer different suggestions and give feedback for
the current product lines. Coca Cola always knows the current needs of the people that is one
of the reason of the success of the company. First Coca Cola introduced Its Cola beverages in
all markets around the world which was given much preference by the people but as time
passed people wants started changing, People become health conscious and more concern
towards health problems like fats, heart attack diseases due to of its increasing rates. Coca
Cola identified these concerns of the customers and started working on these needs. For
health conscious customers, Coca Cola introduced its juices product range in different
But still there were some customers including men and women, who were conscious towards
their health but still did not want to switch to juices because they love the taste of Coca Cola.
For these people, Coca Cola introduced Diet cola product ranges like Diet sprite, Diet coke
Coca Colas research journey not ends here, Coca Cola identified that male consumers were
conscious about their health but they were not ready to switch to diet coke and diet sprit

Coca Cola Company

because of the word diet because that word is mostly associated with the females so male
consumers were thinking that it would be girlish to use it. So Coca Cola identified their need
and introduced product under name of Sprite Zero. And male consumers readily accepted
their product.
Coca Cola do consumer research to identify the taste of different consumer of different
markets or countries depending upon their culture and climate and environment. Different
markets are made up of consumers with different tastes. Just because Coca Cola Vanilla had
been successful in the US did not mean that it would be a success in all other markets.
Therefore, the product concept needed to be researched here, for example through taste
testing. This enabled Coca Cola product researchers to identify the best flavor for the
different countries, as well as the best graphic designs. Consumer focus groups helped Coca
Cola to identify the best look for the product, as well as the best taste for their country.

Websites, cookies, questions, interviews, questionnaires, sampling, evaluation, observation

Segmentation of Coca Cola:

Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Company is the worlds leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of soft
beverages. Coca Cola uses "Multi segment" targeting strategy which means that the company
has more than single, well- defined, market segment. It develops a marketing mix for each of
the segments. Coca Cola has more than 400 different products line, total of 3,500 product

Geographic segmentation
Coca Cola serves its products using mass marketing techniques. Coca Cola has countrywide
network of product distribution but in Pakistan the company segments more in urban and
suburban areas compared to rural areas.
Coca Cola is operating now in more than 200 countries with wide range of products. Coca
Cola keep in mind the needs and wants of people living in different areas and in different
cultures and ethics, values depending upon its geographical areas.
Climate- Coca Colas consumption in the summer is 60% than 40% in the winter; therefore,
the company's sales are higher in the summer. It also focuses in hot area in the world.

Demographic segmentation
Coca Cola seems more popular in the younger groups. Coca Cola targets the people aging 1530 years old and 40 plus. They put vending machines in different schools and universities
because of its target age. Coca Cola has drinks that targets different age groups. Examples:
Oasis- Juice made for the younger working adults, between the ages of 20-30. The product is
available in different flavors (berry, lemon, and orange tangerine).Themain sector in which
Coca Cola Company targets is the youth because there is a much need of refreshment and
energizers to cope up with their daily activities.


Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola focuses on both of the Gender and targets them with wide variety drinks For
example they have diet coke for females who are health conscious and target men who are
health conscious with product sprite Zero.

Coca Cola segments different income level on the basis of their desires and limitations. for
example, by packaging: for low level income the company is selling returnable glass bottle;
for high level income, the company is selling coke in tins.

Family type:
Coca cola targets the whole family with its unique packaging. It has introduced different
economy packs and family packs.

In psychographic segmentation, Coca Cola buyers are divided into different groups on the
basis of lifestyle or personality or values. People within the same demographic group can
exhibit very different psychographic profiles, for that reason Coca Cola Company designed
and made product which are suitable for their personality. The level of education is another
factor that the company is paying attention to. In an high percentage education, the company
can use advertisements to convey the company massage.

Behavioral Segmentation:
Coca Cola segments different occasions which are celebrated in different countries. For
Pakistan there are events like Eid, Ramazan, Basant etc.
Coca Cola designed to satisfy the consumers needs. The company is able to provide drinks
for many different target markets: ages, sexes, and etc. The products are sold to diverse
population all around the world. In our world today, people want to live healthier lives. Coca
Cola recognized this need and begun to produce different beverages that are satisfying those
consumers. Coca Cola products are purchased by different classes, but mainly by middle to
high level class. In addition, many people today make their purchases decisions based on the

Coca Cola Company

companys ethics and, or social responsibility. Coca Cola gains the trust of its consumers by
contributing to the environment in varies ways.

Target Market:
Target market of coca cola is one of the largest in world. It targets people from 15 to 50 years
of people. It focuses on male and female, married and unmarried people. The market for Coca
cola is very wide as it satisfies the needs for many different consumers, ranging from the
healthy diet consciousness through Diet Coke to the average human through its bestselling
drink regular Coke. Most Coke products satisfy all age groups as it is proven that most people
of different age groups consume the Coca Cola product. This market is relatively large and is
open to both genders, thereby allowing greater product diversification.
Cokes commercials basically based on young generations, so the young generation is the
target market of Coke because they want to represent Coke with the youth and energy but
they also take the old people into consideration they take then as a co-target market.

Customer retention is very important nowadays and organizations are looking for the best
ways to please and satisfy the needs and interest of their consumers. The understanding of the
buyers' behavior makes marketing strategies and plan come out successful. The Coca Cola
Company has been able to build its brand loyalty with its consumers over its years of
operation, despite the highly competitive market. But this success would not have been
realistic without understanding who the consumer is, when and what the consumer needs and
wants and how the consumer behaves in different environment.

Coca Cola Company


Coca Cola motivates its consumers through its themed message (Open Happiness, share a
coke etc.), and this can be explained in the hedonic needs (Consumers emotional benefits)
The survey Coca Cola Company conducted for their consumers shows that the 'taste' of Coca
Cola makes them satisfied and happy. What motivates a consumer might be different
compared to the other consumer. A regular coke consumer willing to reduce his sugar
consumption will be happy to switch to coke zero which has no sugar and less calories.
Consumers are loyal to the drinks they know and trust but remain open to innovative products
and brand extensions which meet their ever-evolving needs. The industry's ability to provide
the public with a wide range of enjoyable and affordable drinks will ensure it remains
resilient despite the tough economic climate. Coca Cola Company also motivates its
consumers by regularly innovating different products to suit specific needs, e.g. no sugar
drink (Coke zero). Also viewing it from the Consumer involvement angle, Coca Cola
Company also motivates its consumers by connecting with millions of them every day
through their brands' Facebook pages, Twitter and influential blogs, creating a dialogue that
allows Coca Cola Company to build their brand assets and strengthen their consumer
relationships. Through this Fans page on Facebook and twitter, consumers can access their
advertisements, Coca Cola applications and downloads, and get live updates from the
company. Coca Cola Company motivates their consumers by associating with things that will
be of interest to the consumers, for example; on their website is a calculator used for
checking amount of calories and quantity of drinks consumed every week so as to help
consumers monitor their calorie intake in having a healthy diet and lifestyle. This can help
motivate a consumer to purchase Coca Cola Companys product because they have shown the
consumer the consumer that in as much as they want to make profit, they also care about
them and their health. The recession did not really affect Coca Colas sales because of the
motivation company try to create and the relationship they have been able to build overtime
with their consumers. Coca Cola have also established customer care centers that provide a
single and efficient point of contact between the customers and them leading to improved
satisfaction scores.

Coca Cola Company


Brand Image:
Coca Cola has its history of about more than a century and this prolonged sustenance has
definitely added to the brand image in the minds of the consumers and to its income. The
products produced and marketed by Coca Cola have a strong brand image. Coca cola has a
brand image of quality product all over the world. There are thousands of loyal customers of
Coca cola bound with the brand. Coca Cola has strong market hold and Good-will.
Coca Cola has been an involved part of culture for over a century. The product's image is
overloaded with sentimentality, and this is an image many people have taken deeply to heart.
This extremely recognizable branding is one of Coca Cola's greatest strengths. Another
reason why this brand has gained unanimous acceptance all around the globe is due to the
fact that it has been able to connect very well with its consumers. This implies brand
loyalty. Brand loyalty has been instrumental in keeping up the brand image of Coca

Characteristics of brand image are:

Market Leader:
There are only 2 big competitors in the beverage segment Pepsi and Coca cola. Out of these
2, coca cola is the clear winner and hence has the largest market share. Amongst all
beverages, Coke, , Sprite, Diet coke, Fanta and Maaza are the growth drivers for Coca Cola.

Marketing strategies:
Coca cola always tries to win peoples heart. Where Pepsis target is continuously changing,
and is targeted towards youngsters, Coca cola targets people of all ages. The targeting is also
done by celebrities who are well liked.

Coca Cola Company


Personality of Coca Cola:

Characteristics of Personality of Coca Cola:
Market leader:
Coca Cola is one of the most successful soft drink company and market leader by shares,
competing Pepsi, bottle water, energy drinks and coffee.

Price of the brand:

Since Coca Cola faces a major threat from its competitor Pepsi Co., so the pricing is done
keeping in view the increasing rivalry with Pepsi. Pricing is basically standard for all over the
world. Price changes occur seldom after a longer period of time say, a year etc. Coca Cola
consider the buyer's perceived value, not the seller's cost as an important basis for pricing.
They use the cost factor prices in the marketing mix to build perceived value in the minds of

Marketing strategies:
Coca Cola has very effective marketing campaign; its advertisement always depicts the
culture of country. They have high brand visibility and have collaborated with different
organizations such as McDonalds, Dominos and different restaurants and cinemas. They
sponsor different games and events such as the cricket world cups that is an effective source
to make people remember their brand. Coca Cola is now operating in more than 200 countries
with a wide range of products in drinks, juices and energy drinks. Firstly Coca Cola used to
depict friendship in their advertisement but they have changed their strategy now and
focusing more on the family oriented ad campaigns.

Since established, innovating is culture in Coca cola. Coca Cola keeps its products up to date
to needs and wants of the people. They have now series of soft drinks, juices, energy drinks
and water bottles. They have launched different products for health conscious people.

Coca Cola Company


Societal concept:
This concept to refer to that what a company is doing for betterment of its society. For me,
two concepts are under the societal concept, first is the companys steps towards betterment
of people of society and secondly for the betterment of the environment.
In 2008, coca cola declared that they would no more target children below 12 years and
also they would not advertise in the area where percentage of children will be high. This
policy was developed in request of the parents who felt their children are getting addicted
to the product at early age.
1. This strategy shows that it is very concerned of what the consumers want and what
they dont want.
2. Also they care for the society and are responsible for the development of the young
3. Such type of communication strategy brings the people closer to coca cola.

In different countries, coca cola has placed dust bins in all over the country to use them
after drinking coca cola and not to pollute their environment.
In Dubai, Coca Cola have placed vending machines at different places where people can
insert the cap of the coca cola bottles and can talk to their family in any country for three
Coca Cola tries to bring India, Pakistan together via its new vending machines, they have
placed a machine in New Delhi and soon they will fix a machine in Karachi or in any
other city, with this machine people from both the countries can see each other live from
that machine.

Coca Cola Company


Personality of the users:

Target market:
Most of the customers of coca cola are male and aged between 15 and 50 and from different
professions.Some of the products are manufactured for females for example sprite diet and
that brand has 80% of their consumers as females.

Class of people:
Coca cola does not target a specific class of people, they target different countries as a whole,
and they have different campaigns in rural and urban areas.

Coca Cola Company


The overall communication of the brand values has been built on a strong principle which
states that Coca Cola is selling a feeling, an emotion a moment of pleasure. Without seeing or
directly experiencing the product, they convey a feeling to the audience to experience what it
would be like to use their products. This is promoted through all types of media in the
following ways:
through famous spokespersons,
by depicting inspirational stories
by creating emotional connections between the viewer and the depicted person
by motivating the viewer directly.
Coca Cola has built up their customer relationship management in order to satisfy their
consumers. Through the use of the online blogs, Coca Cola is now able to utilize the
Customer centric in order to improve on their products and service. Coca Cola uses new areas
to promote their product. Advertising on the TV-spread happiness, share a coke kind of
slogan, internet- YouTube and other social sites, which helps them to break the geographical
barriers and increase the ability to reach people on the other part of the world. Sponsoring in
different social activities, sales promotions like discounts and coupons to keep good relation
with the public they sponsor many events.
There are mainly eight major modes of marketing communication mix of Coca Cola:

For advertisement, Coca cola focuses mainly on TV commercials, i.e. coming up with
commercials related to occasion. And also it concentrates on all age group of people and
maintains the relation between them.

Sales Promotions:
Sales promotion can be said as persuading its customer towards itself by offering certain
offers. Coca cola does the same by starting a competition like if a customer buys the product
they get a chance of winning a reward.

Events and experiences:

Coca Cola Company


Coca Cola is known for event based marketing. It has competitive advantage over others that
it makes full use of the world famous event like say FIFA and cricket world cups.

Public relation and publicity:

PR plays a very important role in building the brand image of the company. Like in cola,
sprite being their average brand it tried to connect with sensitive people by passing the
message of contribution to building homes for people who are poor. On the same line if we
have to analysesPepsi, it focuses on the environment and its protection.

Direct marketing:
Direct marketing techniques like mails, fax, social sites etc. are less preferred by coca cola
because BRAND NAME of coca colas is UNIVERSAL which does not allow their strategic
planning to use direct marketing tools.

New media:
Coca cola is always in urge of introducing its product in the market with new concepts and
using different media. When they had to introduce OASIS instead of using TV as media, they
uniquely used Radio for the coverage. Or else coca cola never uses radio to market their

Word-of-mouth marketing:
As Coca cola rules over the mind of the people around the globe so its name is on the mouth
of every people. So it enjoys the Benefits of more and more Word-of-mouth promotion,
which is not gained by its other competitors.

Methods of feedback:
Websites, cookies, interviews, questionnaires, observation.

Coca Cola Company


Diffusion of innovation:
Innovation is at the Centre of everything Coca Cola does. It is the powerful force behind their
3,000 juices, waters, sports drinks, sparkling beverages and energy drinks. Innovation is the
motivation behind their environmentally-friendly packaging and refrigeration equipment.
Innovation is what keeps Coca Cola thirsting for success. The company now has the rights to
approximately 400 brands of beverages.Cokes products, like any other, face competition on a
global level.
Consumer needs and demands are constantly evolving throughout markets. In order to remain
relevant to consumers needs, Coca Cola establish clear category and brand priorities and
define focused objectives. Coca Cola drive innovation by continuously building on strong
family of brands and introducing new flavors and packages in specific markets. Part of
innovation process, Coca Cola are launching existing brands in new markets and re-launching
or reinvigorating existing brands where appropriate.
In many of our markets where adults are a growing segment of our consumer base, Coca Cola
have launched several product innovations to ensure Coca Cola meet their expectations and
their increased interest in reducing their sugar and calorie intake.
Coca Cola have progressively reformulated Fanta, Sprite and Nestea so they now contain up
to 30% fewer calories than in 2010. This has been a gradual process to enable consumers to
adjust to the reduced sugar content. The average calorie content of their beverages is now
31Kcal/100ml, representing a 16% decrease since 2011 and supporting commitment to
promoting healthy lifestyles. Coca Cola are also innovating in the use of natural sweeteners,
Stevia, a plant-based extract that has zero calories. In 2012, Coca Cola launched Sprite with
Stevia (sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant) in Switzerland,
and its mainly used in Nestea range available in 12 of our markets.
In many of Coca Cola markets where adults are a growing segment of our consumer base,
Coca Cola have launched several product innovations to ensure to meet their expectations
and their increased interest in reducing their sugar and calorie intake. In 2008, Coca Cola
launched Coca Cola Zero, a full-flavor no calorie Coca Cola beverage highly popular among
adult consumers, which is available in 20 out of our 28 markets. Coca Cola in an effort to
meet customer's needs created C2 which is a low carb soft drink. This was in response to the
low carb diets and the demands of consumers.

Coca Cola Company


Knowing the importance of innovation the Coca Cola Company has always strived to create
new products. They already have Coke with Lime, Lemon, Vanilla and Cherry. Raspberry
will be the new flavor added to Coke coming soon. They also have plans to sweeten Diet
Coke with Splenda, a sugar substitute that is safe for diabetics.

Package Innovation:
The unusual contour shaped Coke bottle was the company's first innovative idea to
differentiate itself from its competitors. Introduced in 2000, the Ultra Glass contour bottle is
designed to reduce weight and cost. The innovative Ultra Glass bottles are 40% stronger, 20%
lighter and 10% percent less expensive than traditional contour bottles.

Vending Innovation:
Coca Cola was the first to in traduce the automated refrigerator vending machines with the
introduction of the open top metal coolers. Today, new climate friendly coolers that reduce
CO2 emissions have been installed, using a CO2 refrigeration system and HFC-free
insulation foam.
Coca Cola have many innovative promotions that help them attract more customers and
retaining the old one by creating the values.


Share a coke
Happiness machines:
Recycling Happiness:
Small world machines:

Coca Cola Company


Adoption process:
The consumer adoption process is constant. Marketing tools may change, the way consumers
discover products may change, and consumer behaviors may change, but the 5 stages that
make up the consumer adoption process will always remain the same.

Coca Cola is the Worlds largest soft drink company with over 3500 drinks products
including juices, nonalcoholic drinks. One company that really stands out in times of brand
awareness is Coca Cola. Coca Cola is still the brand that is recognized by everyone around
the globe. From 1993 until 2006 Coca Cola spent $ 26.7 billion on advertising and it is one of
the first companies ever to spend more money on marketing than on the product itself.
Whenever introducing some new product, Coca Cola use different marketing techniques such
as street promotions, advertisement, print ads and virtual advertisement. Coca Cola believes
that if consumers do not know your product exists, than it might as well not exist!
Coca Cola use mass promotion strategy of television advertisement and print ads so everyone
knows that there is something
new with Coca Cola. Coca
Cola organize different events
and functions where different
celebrities come to promote the
product wearing t-shirts,
carrying bottles of the new
drink and clicking photos with
their fans.

With Coca Colas large scale promotion, people get interested in Coca Colas product and try
to find that product on stores.


Coca Cola Company


For peoples trial, Coca cola collaborate with different companies like EXACT to for setting
taste stalls at different places. Coca Cola set stalls at different malls, shops, universities,
colleges, towns, parks, grounds and other special places. There people can taste the new
products of coke and can also give feedback for that products.

At the end of the trial process, people who are satisfied with their product adopt or start using
that product. Coca Colas product are very much liked by the consumers so whenever Coca
Cola launch any product in the market mostly people start liking the new products offered by
them, because they know that Coca Cola launches product to fulfill their current needs like to
avoid health issues, and for the people who want to switch to some other drinks which are
tastier besides healthier.

Input for the decision process of consumer:

Coca Cola Company


The marketing mix / 4ps:

Coca cola is the brand with the highest brand equity. No doubt it has gone through the ups
and downs of business to reach that position. The marketing mix of Coca cola has been
changing over time with more and more products being added

The company has the widest portfolio in beverage industry comprising of 3300 products.
Beverages are divided into diet category, 100% fruit juices, fruit drinks, water, energy drinks,
tea and coffee etc. King of the cola drinks is definitely the Coca Cola Classic, which is the
most sold soft drink in the world. Coca Cola drinks have become with a lot different flavors
as well like lemon, cherry and vanilla. Other significant cola products of this leading
company are Coca Cola Light and Coca Cola Zero.

Due to the availability of wide range products the pricing is done according to the market
and geographic segment. Each sub-brand of coca cola has different pricing strategy. Their
pricing strategy is based on the competitors pricing, if Coca Cola increases its price, many of
its customers will start to consume Pepsi.The price of Coca Cola depends on its products and
sizes. The customers readily accept the prices offered by the firm because of the increased
demand rate of the products. Also, the price is reasonable, and much cheaper.

Coca cola is the worlds most favorite brand and is available all over the world. The
distribution system of coca cola follows the FMCG distribution pattern. The effective
distribution network of coke has almost windswept the small and middle level players in the
market.Their products are sold in more than 200 countries over the world throughout
supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, vending machines, gas stations, movie theaters and so
on.The firm gives customers much more convenience to find its drinks at anywhere and at
whatever time.


Coca Cola Company


Promoting has a huge influence on cola beverage giants present and future success. Coca
Cola is heavy-user of promoting e.g. on television, on the Internet, in stores, in social media
and via sponsorships, Coca Cola is the only company so far who have spent more money on
promotion rather on production. Coca Cola is committed to use their marketing actions
responsibly. Briefly this means that Coca Cola dont target their marketing to children under
the age of 12. In addition, they emphasize the meaning of healthy life. For promotion
purposes, Coca Cola uses different tools such as sponsorship of events, functions, TV shows

Sociocultural environment:
Coca Cola do not target a single unit of a mans live, but it targets different aspects. Coca
Cola with its advertisement and promotions target families, social cultures, lifestyles,
professions, social classes and different regions like urban and rural. Coca Cola has family
oriented products; they have economy packages and family packages for serving to families
on different occasions. In recent advertisement coca cola focused on the friendship with
campaign name share a coke.
It means that in every aspect of life we can find Coca Cola related to that. Coca Cola has the
strongest brand recognition after the word OK. All these together create the positive word
of mouth for the Coca Cola and influence others to try any existing and new product of Coca
Cola Company.

Coca Cola Company


Need Recognition:
The need to drink something is due to of thirst. People feel thirsty and they try to find thing
that will satisfy their need. And try to select best of what they find.

Purchase search:
There are many products available in the market which satisfies the consumers thirst need.
Many different brands and sub brands, like Coca Cola , Pepsi, Nestle juice, RC cola etc. They
evaluate the alternatives on the basis of their specifications and ingredients and personnel
need and at the end they select one of them which they think that they get recognized..

Coca Cola is a soft drink product which can be seen as a product to reduce the need of thirst.
But Coca Cola can also be seen as to satisfy a pleasure need. This satisfaction of a pleasure
need can particular be seen in the commercials of Coca Cola producers, who often show the
consumption of Coca Cola as a refreshing and fun experience. So consumers' motivation to
buy Coca Cola depends on how strong they feel about satisfying the needs and wants
described before.

As we have discussed, People do not want to buy product for their need but they buy it for a
want of better and good taste. So people perceive coke as alternative to juice that gives just
good feeling nothing else.

Taste of the brand depends upon the previous experience and test. On that basis, people
decide whether coca cola will fulfill their time or not.

Personality and attitude:

Coca Cola Company


Different people have different personality and attitude and also they have different taste
development. Some people like new things and some people always stick to the old and
traditional things. Same is the case with coca cola. People who like the old taste of coca cola
may or may not like the new taste of coca cola brand depending upon his personality.

Post decisionbehavior:
When consumer finds some product compatible to its need and easily accessible and
satisfying then they adopt a consistent behavior with that product. As we are talking about the
cola products, any coca cola product which is evaluated and selected by consumer get
connected with consumer for long time period.

Coca Cola Company