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Punctuality means good timekeeping

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Maximising your event
ndoubtedly, we have all been affected by the economic recession. We spend more to fill up our petrol tanks, our grocery bills have increased astronomically and many businesses have been forced to retrench staff. With careful planning, business has been able to weather this financial storm and although budgets are not what they were ‘in the goodold days’, the economy is certainly showing signs of recovery. In this issue of Meetings SA, along with our usual a range of interesting features and the latest news on industry products and services, we look at ways of getting the most value out of your events. At one point or another (possibly even more than once) we’ve all been late. Be it because of traffic, bad weather, car troubles or having been held up at another appointment, the reasons are endless. Understandably, these exact explanations are fast becoming increasingly less excusable when attending a pre-organised event. Taking a stance against ‘African time’, Helen Brewer – chairperson for the Chartered Meetings Professional Network in South Africa – brings organisers and attendees alike an insightful read on punctuality. Turn to page six for the full article. On page 26 in the Event Management section is a read ideal for companies and individuals in two minds about exhibiting this year as drastically slashed budgets remain a harsh reality. Meetings SA brings you exclusive advice from two leading service providers to the exhibitions industry. Scan Display’s Justin Hawes and Oasys Exhibitions’ Carl Woodland provide much valuable insight into everything

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from the latest trends and products in stand design and add-ons, and tried-andtested ways to guarantee worthy stand traffic, to crucial things to consider before even booking your stand. With less than 100 days to go until kick off at the Soccer World Cup and the increasing concerns that visitors will be put off by the exorbitant prices as hotels, guest lodges and other tourism providers raise their prices, Meetings SA brings you appealing thoughts on price gauging from some of the tourism and hospitality industries’ most prominent individuals. Read Talking Points on page 10 for more information. Our March/April issue promises to be yet another central link in the Meetings SA chain. Enjoy your copy!

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On the cover Main: 3D Group of companies Bottom left: Crystal Towers boardroom Middle: Abalone House boardroom Right: Dinner in the Sky





3D upbeat

about 2010 prospects

he 3D Group of companies is one of South Africa’s leading turnkey exhibition solutions providers with an extensive skills set encompassing design, construction, as well as buildup and break-down services; access to cutting-edge technical equipment, modern furniture and funky electrical fittings; and an in-depth knowledge of trends attracting visitors to exhibitions. According to group CEO, John Kullmann, 2009 started with a bang when the company won a contract to build ‘Made in Germany’ at Automechanika in February last year. However, last year was, on the whole, a slow year for business. The company’s team leaders comment on the year that was and look forward to what 2010 holds. John Kullmann: 2009 started with a bang when we won the contract

to build a large stand at Automechanika through our OSPI partners in Germany. This was supplemented by the three-year contract we won from South African Tourism and continued work for Telkom, particularly around the Confederations Cup. In addition, our shell-scheme business secured a number of good contracts, which had a positive effect on our furniture and electrics divisions, both suppliers to the shell-scheme division. However, the market seemed to be very slow: clients’ budgets were slashed and many decided simply not to exhibit. As a result, we built far fewer stands compared to 2008, albeit at a higher value. We look forward to the prospects that 2010 will bring. Conrad Kullmann, group sales and marketing director: The past 12 months have been challenging

but rewarding for the group as a whole, as we took the opportunity to enhance our offerings in a number of areas. For example, the reinvention of 3D Furniture Hire proved to be a success spur to business and its turnover went up by 38%, adding a whole host of new clients to its books. Overall, we had a good year with all divisions reaching their annual targets two months before our financial year end. The cost-cutting and work-smart systems we had put in place at the beginning of 2009 also bore fruit, so turnover yielded greater profits. This has given us a great kick-start for 2010 and has put us in a strong position to grow and develop our business. Ivor Allison, group operations director: Load shedding and South Africa’s first recession in 17 years made 2009 a trying year. I lost





several key team members in my factory but didn’t replace them, which meant that I had to reorganise responsibilities, train up when necessary, and promote those who may or may not have been ready for it. For example, customer favourite Alfred Hlatshwayo, previously a team leader, was promoted to project manager. That left room for stand builders to become team leaders, and for non-stand builders to be trained as stand builders. My spray painters went on a course off site and passed with flying colours, two other team members spent a few days learning more about vinyl application, and we boosted our first-aid complement by three. We ran a conference and teambuilding sessions for the factory teams, which proved to be very educational and a lot of fun. Finally, I took 10 stand builders and two electricians from the ‘new’ team with me to London to build the South African Tourism stand. It was a huge challenge, but the guys rose to the occasion. At the end of the year, I asked myself why I had been so worried at the beginning of 2009. Granted, I’d taken a chance giving the ‘greenhorns’ the opportunity to prove themselves but it turned out just fine. Right now, I know that 3D Design has the best stand builders in the industry. Bring on 2010. Tony Cantatore, 3D Furniture Hire, managing director: Even though at times it seemed as if we were stuck in the mud, 2009 flew by. It was an interesting year in many respects: tried-and-tested approaches to business were tested again under trying conditions, and we had to think out of the box to keep up with the changing times. One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome was to find ways to help clients get the biggest ‘bang’ out of their reduced marketing ‘buck’. This meant navigating unchartered waters for many in experimenting with new ways of exhibiting. That said, these experiences have helped us build good and solid business relationships, and we’re certain that we’ll be rewarded when the economy picks up.

Japie van der Linde, Switchedon-Electrical, manager: Switchedon-Electrical, the electrical arm of the 3D Group, had a comparatively good year in 2009, increasing its sales by 19% and boosting its staff complement to 17. It was also a year of training, training, and more training, with several team members qualifying as electricians and a few others opting to study for their wiring licences during 2010. This means that we’ll be able to take on bigger projects in 2010. We are also very excited about the decision to collaborate with Osram to import a new LED light system. This will dramatically increase the variety of lighting effects customers can choose from and no doubt will inject additional energy into the market. Dylan Solomon, 3D Shell Scheme, manager: The shell scheme business unit began 2009 in a new factory, with the much-needed space for stock and staff growth. This proved to be invaluable because of the growth experienced over the previous year. In a tough economic climate, exhibitors and organisers tend to cut their budgets. This did not, however, prove to be detrimental to our business because the smaller floor space taken by the bigger companies was seen as an opportunity by smaller companies to showcase their businesses without them being overshadowed by the overpowering stands. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience working with exhibitors who were trying to maximise their budgets, which in turn opened up opportunities for package stands and creative extras for shell schemes. The exhibitors were more focused on optimising their businesses at the exhibitions and reaped the rewards accordingly. An out-

of-the-box approach has proven invaluable, as has become standard in moving forward for the smaller exhibitors and organisers with limited budgets. In turn, the organisers’ exhibitions did not decline aesthetically. Working closely with them, we were able to ensure innovative, cost-effective presentations of their shows – a model that they will continue to use in the future. Consequently, our client base grew despite the state of the economy. Internally, key staff members were assessed and promoted to positions where they performed well and have since become assets to the company. The year ended by linking into the rest of the Maximiser Operating System used by our sister companies. This has improved workflow and systems, giving us a tool to manage the company more effectively, and enabling us to give our clients an unrivalled service for 2010 and beyond. Jaun Dugtig, 3D Portable, sales manager: 2009 was a year of opportunity for me, as was it for 3D Portable, which offers solutions for branding requirements for exhibitions, shopping centres, airports, road shows and even office buildings. I was promoted to sales manager halfway through the year, and was tasked with managing the division and four sales representatives. During the year, we expanded our services to include wall papering and printed vinyl applications for window displays, among other things. The division is looking forward to 2010, as we believe people are looking for new ideas to market their brands, and we have so many unique options on offer. We shot out of the starting blocks in 2010 with a number of big projects. The most prestigious of these was Audi Fashion Week, which went well and ultimately left us with an exceptionally happy client. Contact details: Tel: +27 (0)11 608 1588 Fax: +27 (0)11 608 1591 E-mail: 3d@3ddesign.co.za Website: www.3ddesign.co.za

In each issue, Meetings SA offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their company’s products and services to an appropriate audience by booking the prime position of the front cover, which includes a two-page feature article. The magazine offers advertisers an ideal platform to ensure maximum exposure of their brand. Please call Caroline Martin on +27 (0)11 454 6051/2 to secure your booking.





Punctuality means good timekeeping
he invitation said 19:00 arrival time. Most guests swaggered in at around 21:00. Now this smacks of absolute ego and no respect for the organisers, the event or the nominees. "People, please, down with the egos.” In the meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) industry, we don’t have to single out colour and gender – the lack of punctuality transcends all groups of MICE folk. There is clear evidence of too many meeting/event goers who do not have a clue as to the definition of the word punctuality. For the uninformed, punctuality means good timekeeping and the destructive elements of poor time keeping can be found on a number of levels. organisers, the speakers and anyone else that may be present. Public servants should remember that they are servants of the public. The more senior the individual, the more essential it is to set an exemplary standard of good timekeeping. Blaming traffic congestion, the weather, the kids, plus a whole range of other creative reasons is starting to wear thin and is just plain inconsiderate – a smattering of poor planning. We all face similar challenges getting to and from various areas and if most of us can plan our arrival, taking into account time-consuming factors, then surely the rest of us should not use the same challenges as excuses.

by Helen Brewer

On 14 November 2009, Therese Owen, in her weekly Saturday Star diary column on entertainment happenings, explained punctuality – or the lack thereof − in a nutshell: “I don’t understand why it’s so über cool for black men to wear expensive watches, yet there is still no concept of time.
at least an hour prior to the delegation’s notified arrival time. It is disconcerting to advise that the starting time is 08:00 for 08:30 and as delegates start settling in their seats at 08:25, only then are the screen, projector, top table – to name but a few possible items not pre-planned –suddenly brought in. The slightest glitch such as an additional extension lead, raised platform and the like invariably cuts the start by at least 20 minutes. 2. Contributors’ briefs: Whether chairperson, nominees, or

Effective countermeasures

Manners maketh the man

Arriving late is a sure sign of questionable manners. Several industry players have gained the dubious reputation of discourteous behaviour by regularly arriving around 30 minutes late (the grand entrance?) with either a hollow apology or in most instances no apology at all. It is of little use to advise the organiser/ host of ongoing late arrivals as playing information catch-up on aspects already discussed is both tiresome for those that have covered the topic as well as non-productive. It’s far better to extend apologies and not arrive at all. These particular MICE folk should not wonder why they are neither taken seriously or their inputs are generally ignored.

Ignoring poor timekeeping is equally y non-productive and measures to ensure sure the effective continuity of the MICE E undertaking to meet the objectives and outcomes should be incorporated ed within the professional planning cycle: le: 1. Basic event management planning: ing: With the plethora of event management training programmes, mes, it is hoped that one basic rule is s instilled in students and applied to all MICE undertakings. That is s to ensure that room space and presentation set-ups are in place ce

Not taking cognisance e

Respect for all

of the programme timing shows a lack of respect towards the host, ost,
isers, the delegation, the organisers, the speakers and anyone else that may be present

Respect for all is embodied in our constitution. Not taking cognisance of the programme timing shows a lack of respect towards the host, the delegation, the





presenters (in other words all programme contributors), the key word is pre-preparation in terms of the organisers’ expectations, which must be conveyed to all contributors well in advance, together with updated reminders. This essential pre-planning arrangement will ensure presentations are loaded onto one data projector and checked with the AV technician prior to the actual commencement of proceedings. 3. Applying professional organising strategies: If the starting time is 08:30, the organisers should ensure that the time is adhered to. Various late arrivals should also be pre-planned with regard to logistical handling. • Delegates: • Await the next break prior to entering the meeting room. • Contingency cinema seating at back of room for late arrivals, especially if the venue is an auditorium with entrance from the front. • Chairperson: • An alternate chairperson should be appointed during the planning

phase or chief organiser should undertake the role in the interim. • Keynote presenters: • Ensure provision is made for presenters to move up a slot and present in place of an absent presenter. On arrival of presenter, rearrange the programme schedule where applicable and appropriate to suit the programme sequence. The counter measures shown are merely indicators and doubtless, a professional organiser would plan even better logistical alternatives. The bottom line is to ensure that although others may not adhere to punctuality, the organiser has taken cognisance of this possible shortcoming and has contingency counter measures in place. In other words, do not pander to poor time keeping by the few that could have detrimental outcomes for the majority, as well as the programme’s ultimate objectives. The final word is to remember that it is not wise to penalise the punctual by waiting for those who are late. To follow negative reasoning constantly will ultimately result in all of us arriving at any time and the result of an outcome such as this could be described as sheer disaster for the entire MICE industry.

About the author
Helen Brewer is the CMP director of MICE Club and Conpromark Consultants. She is also executive chairperson of the ministerial-led events and technical services task team and the chairperson of the CMP Network South Africa. Brewer can be contacted telephonically on +27 (0)82 820 5382 or via e-mail at miceclub@ miceclub.co.za. Visit the MICE Club website at www.miceclub.co.za.

The High Point of The Midlands
Dargle Kwa-Zulu Natal

Everglades Hotel & Conference Centre is situated at the foot of the imposing Inhlosane Mountain in the beautiful Dargle valley in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg. On the Kwa Zulu Midlands Meander • Just 90 mins from Durban and 40 mins from Pietermaritzburg • 54 well appointed rooms (Can accommodate up to 120 guests)

• • • • •

We boast Four Conference Venues with 8 breakaway rooms and one Wedding Venue (From 20 - 120 Delegates) Set on a 20 hectare Estate with many facilities for Teambuilding as well as 3 Par Golf Course and Wellness Centre. Our Chefs are dedicated to culinary excellence Theme Evenings, Braai's and Potjies can be arranged Meet in our well stocked Pub at the end of a fruitful day

Contact us on: Tel: 033-2349042/9043/9044 Fax: 033-2344286 Cell: 082 880 2051 E-mail: everglades@sai.co.za Website: www.everglades.co.za



Trade stress and chaos for balance and focus in Knysna
The Lofts Boutique Hotel in Knysna

The Lofts in Knysna has launched a new type of incentive that will not only revitalise the mind, but also the soul. The new retreat incentive welcomes you to relax, find a sense of balance and recover your energy and vitality, leaving you feeling focused and

ready to rejoin the fast lane. Thesen Islands offer views of the emerald hills surrounding Knysna, the ever-changing moods of the lagoon and the majesty of the sandstone cliffs, known as the Knysna Heads, guarding entry from the ocean. While secluded and ensconced by nature, the centre of town is within walking distance. Situated on these islands in the middle of the Knysna lagoon, the Lofts Boutique Hotel offers peace and tranquillity to everyone looking to break away from the bustle of the boardroom. On offer is a variety of stress-relieving, energy-enhancing, anti-aging, health and nutrition programmes aimed at stimulating personal growth. Improve your mental clarity, memory and concentration while relaxing with world-class treatment therapies. Developed for corporate, special interest and teambuilding groups, the programmes are aimed at groups of

four to 10 people, although larger groups are welcome. The outcome of these programmes is enhanced by being in a group and sharing the fun, stimulation and inspiration. The programmes are presented throughout the year and cover a variety of subjects such as boosting your inner strength to reach your full potential, restoring your inner power, and understanding, managing and overcoming the emotional, physical and financial costs of stress. An underwater adventure is also on offer. All of these are presented at or within close proximity to the Lofts by a team of internationally experienced health and beauty therapists, doctors and trainers. For more information or to book a retreat, contact Rhoda or Theo Barkhuizen at the Lofts Boutique Hotel on +27 (0)44 302 5710, or visit www.thelofts.co.za. arrangement. For conferences and events, there is the Walter Sisulu multipurpose hall, which accommodates up to 3 000 delegates, and a fully furnished conference centre at STIC for groups of less than 100 people. Walter Sisulu Square ‘e’ Kliptown gives visitors a new experience and shows them what a township is supposed to be. It is township life turned classic, sophistication at a new level, a total completion of what freedom is, all encased in one. There you’ll eat, live, sleep and breathe Kliptown at its best, and savour what others are still longing to see. It is where the beating of drums is heard calling all nations to gather, as the spirit of ubuntu is unleashed , shining new hope to those once disadvantaged, and raising jubilant vibrations as stories of long ago are told.

The home of freedom
Walter Sisulu Square ‘e’ Kliptown, known to those who love it as the gateway to Soweto, is where various people from all around South Africa gathered to draft the Freedom Charter. Despite numerous tours, most people still don’t know that even though the charter was drafted at the square, it was only adopted at the AME church, a building not far from the home of the first black lady to obtain a BSc degree, Charlotte Magxeke. These and many more other interesting stories have seen Walter Sisulu Square ‘e’ Kliptown taking its rightful place as an Echo Museum. On tours to the area, visitors can experience the following: Gerald Sekoto’s, the bone collector’s home; Magxeke’s
The Soweto Hotel has 46 deluxe standard rooms and two presidential suites

home; the old Sun Suzi Cinema; Jada’s place; the first mosque in the township and the post office, which was sometimes used as a holding cell. The area is also home to locations where award-winning/nominated movies like Tsotsi, District 9 and Chicken Business were shot. Also nestling on the square is a glamorous four-star hotel offering guests a township-style sleepover by prior

SANS 10366:2009 (edition 2) launched
The SANS 10366:2009 (edition 2) Health and Safety at Events requirements was recently launched at the Development Bank of Southern Africa, in Midrand, on 21 January 2010. The well-attended event saw Barry Snow, chairperson of the SABS Technical Committee (TC) 184, discussing the background to the development of SANS 10366. Peter Baxter, vice-chairperson of the SABS TC 184, filled the audience in on the general content and how to use the standard to manage risks at events. Some of the items covered include health and safety responsibility, safety planning, risk

assessment, planning and management, venue and site design, incident and emergency planning, waste management, events on or near water, children at events, performers at events, and the media, to name but a few. “SANS 10366:2009 edition two is a culmination of 11 years of work and comes just in time for the 2010 Soccer World Cup,” says Baxter. He also mentioned that the standards are a reminder tool and most useful in event post-mortems. The Gauteng Department of Health’s Dr Vernon Wessels, gave the perspective of the department regarding revised and expanded standard. “We need to be realistic when regulating medical support at events, under the

health act. However, it has been difficult to establish a South African model owing to the varying nature of events hosted around the country. And international models are not always practical in South Africa owing to a different scope of practice, resource availability and acceptable risk or benefits,” Wessels explained. It must be noted that practical application has largely been implemented in the standard. Overall, it is crucial that the industry adopt the standards as, in the words of security management and SAPS training specialist, Colin Armstrong, “People want to feel safe at events”. For more information or to obtain a copy of the standard, please contact Fikile on +27 (0)12 428 6047.





Conferencing between history and nature
De Hoop Opstal

New state-of-the-art Total relaxation, conference venue in and mind and body Constantia Valley pampering
Steenberg Hotel recently opened its new conference and function venue, called the Meeting Room. Located on the Steenberg Estate in the picturesque Constantia Valley, it is set to distinguish the Steenberg Hotel as a preferred conference and business destination in Cape Town. Just 20 minutes from the Cape Town city centre, the new venue is located within a serene garden setting across from the reception area of the luxurious five star boutique hotel. Seating 30 delegates, it is ideally suited for small to medium-sized conferences, as well as product launches, seminars, directors’ meetings or corporate events and functions. Housed in what was previously the Steenberg Wine Tasting Room, the Meeting Room boasts a large terrace opening onto breathtaking views of the vineyards and mountains. With stylish, contemporary decor, it has been designed to epitomise the ultimate in professional conferencing aesthetics, complete will the latest video-conferencing equipment, called ‘easy meeting’. Without complicated set-up procedures, this advanced video-conferencing system will instantly connect the conference room via a short access number to any number of separate locations around the world simultaneously. With the conference venue located just metres from the hotel guest rooms, delegates have access to luxurious accommodation and the finest hospitality. A selection of conference and function packages are on offer, including breakfast, lunch and dinner options, with an express menu also available for swift dining between sessions. Meals are served at the recently transformed Catharina’s Restaurant, only a few steps from the conference venue, where delegates can savour dishes from executive chef, Garth Almazan’s outstanding menu, including the new meat-free Monday vegetarian menu option.
The Meeting Room epitomises the ultimate in professional conferencing aesthetics The most prestigious Maotla Boutique Hotel & Spa

Companies looking for a new and unique conferencing venue need look no further than the De Hoop Nature Reserve, as the De Hoop Collection recently upgraded its conferencing facilities. The venue is set in the beautifully historic Langhuis in the Opstal, which has been restored and now includes the latest audio-visual and conferencing equipment. The venue caters for between 20 and 80 delegates, and can be partitioned off to provide a more intimate setting for smaller groups. The De Hoop Collection, which manages the wide range of accommodation types in the De Hoop Nature Reserve, offers specially created conference packages, inclusive of meals, conferencing facilities and accommodation, should conferences run for more than a day. The De Hoop Nature Reserve is a three-hour drive from Cape Town and provides visitors with a complete break from the city. Rich in rare species of fynbos and home to a wide variety of birds and animals, it is famous for offering some of the best whale-viewing opportunities in the world. Some 40% of the world’s southern right whale population arrives on its shores each year to breed. The De Hoop Collection provides a wide selection of accommodation types, from fully- to self-catered options across a broad budget range. Overnight conference groups will find that accommodation varies from the homely and comfortable to the luxurious. The on-site Fig Tree restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner à la carte and will cater for all conference meals. The De Hoop Collection also offers a range of guided walks and ecotourism activities, which are well suited to teambuilding events, should conference groups require these. In addition, the establishment is in the process of developing extra teambuilding offerings.

Within the beautiful landscapes of Pretoria East lies the most prestigious Maotla Boutique Hotel & Spa. This exclusive destination is preferred by high-profile local and international visitors, who prioritise privacy, security, elegance, finesse and tranquillity. The hotel has 12 spacious en-suite bedrooms, finished in classic Egyptian-style furniture. The bathrooms all have frameless showers each with a bath fit for a king. Complementing all the rooms are the 32” LCDs, air conditioners, mini-bar fridges, and open relaxation areas. The interior designer of Maotla has harmonised the feel of this luxurious venue with highly exclusive finishes. The style and taste of decor brings life and esteem reflecting total ambience of the venue. In complementing the accommodation of VIP visitors, the hotel has a five-star chef offering a fine dining experience. Guests at Maotla have been known to include international and local celebrities, business executives, heads of state, leading personalities and visitors who are particular about quality, healthy food, and excellent beverages. Room service is 24/7 to ensure a homely and personalised experience. Maotla is able to fulfil even the most discerning gourmet needs from offering a continental breakfast accompanied by a healthy hot breakfast to a romantic candlelit five-course dinner. Dishes varying from nasi goreng and sun-dried tomato and Emmenthaler quiche for brunch to Rooibos tea-smoked kingklip or dukkah-crusted Karoo lamb. The resident spa offers clients total relaxation, mind and body pampering. The order of the day is starting all treatments with an essential oil sauna session, which helps with blood circulation before proceeding to a treatment of choice. The in-house products used include awardwinning brands, Elemis and Ahava, which are internationally and locally recognised and guarantee professional body treatment based on researched trends.





Price gauging during the Soccer
Brett Dungan, CEO of the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (Fedhasa) Mmatšatši Marobe, CEO of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa

At this stage, what evidence is there of price gauging in South Africa during the Soccer World Cup and who, to your knowledge, are the culprits, if any?

We must be careful not to label certain business practices as price gauging. It should be expected that there will be a general inflation of prices for goods and services wherever major international events such as the World Cup take place. This has happened in other parts of the world where events of this magnitude were hosted. One must note that the tourism industry regards this period as peak season where the demand for accommodation, transport and other tourism amenities will be high. Given the increase in demand, prices are set to increase. Are there situations, across the sector, where businesses are charging prices that exceed the normal peak seasonal prices? There have been reports of such instances in the accommodation and transport sectors. But we do not see a growing trend of established tourism businesses adopting this approach. Remember that the major tourism organisations, for example hotel chains, have contracted their rooms to MATCH Hospitality and are using the MATCH formula for room pricing. There would be detrimental effects on several levels: it will create a negative perception about South Africa as an attractive tourist destination. As a result, the people we want to attract – especially those coming from new markets where they are not widely exposed to South Africa as a tourist destination – will not return after the World Cup. At a country level, we will pay a high price for the negative perception. All the advances the government has paid for the hosting of the World Cup will go down the drain. At a product/service level, the tourists will stay away, which will result in loss of earnings for business. It will spoil our chances of South Africa hosting other major events such as the Olympics. Reactions to reports about pricing issues have been sporadic and have mostly been discussed in the media. Reactions at company or tour-operator level have also been sporadic. This could be because, in most instances, the first port of entry in the purchase of travel packages is through MATCH Hospitality. Through its website www. match-ag.com, it has put together a combination of ticket and travel packages that are competitively priced. I would urge tourists to consider some of the packages they offer and compare with other service providers. The World Cup tournament must be seen as an opportunity to profile South Africa as an attractive, value-for-money destination. We must have a long-term vision and see the broader value of hosting the World Cup. Tourism businesses must provide excellent service and adopt fair pricing models. Let’s us not be greedy and forget that these tourists, especially international tourists, will become our destination’s ambassadors.

Fedhasa categorically states that contracted hotels, which make up the majority of the accommodation provided, do not and will not fall into this category. From the information we have, the tour operators and airlines seem to be the biggest culprits, but we will evaluate every case on its own merit.

What are the consequences associated with price gauging?

It leaves a bad legacy for the country, the possible perception being that is was not value for money and with all the information available to the travelling public, they will know that they have been ripped off. However, the last room in the inn on a busy night will always be the most expensive.

What are the reactions of internationals – be they private individuals, executive travel companies or sports tour operators – in light of the apparent exorbitant prices associated with the Soccer World Cup? What, in your opinion, is the correct way to go about pricing for an international event of this scale to ensure positive experiences for international tourists and a lasting legacy for South Africa’s tourism industry?

These people are feeling frustrated as an overall result of the international economic situation and not specifically as a result of this event.

The hotels, in their normal pricing, have their peak season rate and if your establishments fall in an area where demand exceeds supply, then those rates will apply.





World Cup

There’s been much talk of accommodation and other tourism service providers’ prices sky rocketing as the 2010 FIFA World Cup approaches. Meetings SA draws on expert opinions regarding price gauging and the consequences, should South Africa develop an international reputation of being overpriced.

Michael Tatalias, CEO of the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association

Michael Tatalias forwarded the following evidence of price gouging to Meetings SA: UK journalist Charles Starmer-Smith, wrote in his article in The Telegraph on 12 December 2009, that “Research this week on Hotels.com, the accommodation website, showed that a four-star, centrally located Cape Town hotel, which from 28 May to 5 June charges £68 (approximately R820) per room per night, is raising its rate on 11 June, when the tournament gets under way, to £395 (approximately R4 700). That is a rise of 480% and makes its rate £120 (approximately R1 400) more than the Ritz in London charges for a double room during the same period. Room rates at a five-star boutique hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, will rise from £58 (approximately R700) per night to £312 (approximately R3 700)– an increase of 438%”.

Price gauging is everywhere, from airlines to hospitality. There are many causes and culprits: some accommodation is sold through more agents than normal, who all put up their rates by a certain percentage. In addition, there is such a high demand for accommodation in the host cities that various accommodation establishments in the areas in question have put their prices up. Ultimately, I think we will see that the actual demand will plummet substantially resulting in the high prices having to come down.

The consequences are plenty. The first is the reputational one which, should South Africa be labelled as ridiculously expensive, will take a long time to be undone. Another issue arising could be that those who have already purchased tickets for the World Cup but are finding the trip here working out to be too costly, may in the end choose not to come at all. Tourism providers guilty of price gouging send out mixed messages of a unified tourism front and ultimately do themselves in by annoying and severing relationships with their trade partners (and people in the industry are known to have long memories).

The consequences will be the same as what has happened in all big cities where previous large-scale international events – such as the Olympics and other world cup events – took place. The tourism numbers drop substantially for a marked period after the event. Consequently, short-term greed leads to people inevitably staying away in the long term.

Foreigners are not stupid and most certainly don’t want to pay over-thetop prices. The outlook of international sports tour operators is that they simply won’t send people to South Africa if they’re going to be taken for a ride. People overestimate the appetite of the consumer. Since we’re only starting to recover from the recession, consumers are generally being very careful with their money. This could result in them choosing rather to stay home, invest in a big-screen TV, and enjoy the football with their families and friends. Any accommodation providers not contracted to MATCH need to be realistic about their rates during the Soccer World Cup. There’s no need to go cheap, yet they shouldn’t be excessive either. Regarding airfares, though MATCH was happy with the rates, it’s pleasing to see that government is doing something about the exorbitant prices being charged for domestic flights during the event. It must be noted that international airfares are equally as high. Any tourism provider quoting unrealistically high rates is not going to get business. Therefore, quoting realistic rates will see everyone in the industry benefiting in the long term.

The reactions of internationals have been very noticeable, with 36% of tickets left unsold. People are still suffering from the aftermath of the economic downturn and are not rushing to buy tickets at the given prices. Few will wait for the prices to come down, and many will not come at all.

I feel that everybody should be able to benefit from the Soccer World Cup. However, we are all ambassadors of this beautiful country and we leave a business card that should echo a sentiment of value for money and not scream of a complete rip off. At Kololo, we have maintained our normal pricing during the event. In addition, I don’t feel it right for rates to be fixed by a third party or government. Ultimately, people should have a long-term plan in mind, focused on return business rather than a short-term plan of making a quick buck.

Emlyn Bul, Kololo Game Reserve: sales manager





Getting sustainability into perspective
by Rod Cameron
s with the old pendulum example, issues have a way of running to excess before they come back to something that represents a logical balance between the idealistic and the realistic. For some years, the green movement has been on an upswing and while most people have now adopted a reasonable level of expectation about environmental responsibility, there are always those who, for various reasons, want to push the agenda as far as it will go. In the case of the meetings arena, the odd thing is that there are many of us who are devoting more energy to the green issue than we are to making the arguments about the value of meetings themselves – which is ironic given that this may well result in a drastic effect on our collective future. Many within our industry have become almost obsessive in their promotion of the green agenda, even to the point where there is now a significant gap between what kinds of facilities and programming can be delivered as well as what most client groups are demanding (or, in an even better test of sincerity, are willing to pay for). To a certain extent, this is a good thing as it demonstrates that we are getting our house in order on an issue where there is a lot of public concern. The problem is that in many cases, this has been at the expense of advancing our own arguments as to why face-to-face meetings remain an important element in global economic, professional and cultural development – a factor that needs to be balanced against the inevitable effects associated with the travel required to attend those meetings. That travel factor is never going to go away however green we make our events and facilities. So maybe it’s time for us to recognise that the only meeting that has no environmental impact at all is the one that doesn’t take place – not exactly a great business development strategy. Instead, concentrate a bit more on balancing the discussion about why a certain amount of impact is a small price to pay for what meetings accomplish and the advances they bring about for the global community. This doesn’t mean abandoning our support for sustainability. That’s pretty much built into everyone’s programme these days and will remain a key element for the foreseeable future. But if anyone should be promoting the idea of getting the green issue into some kind of perspective, it should be us. There are and will continue to be lots of people (and self-interests) promoting the green agenda. So shouldn’t we be devoting a bit more time to promoting our own? The fact is, there are a whole host of reasons why conventions, and convention centres in particular, will always be driven to higher standards of sustainability, and these are only partly related to the market. Centres are overwhelmingly government owned and community sensitive, which means that they are likely to be among the first to adopt sustainability measures regardless of what the market demands. Increasingly, they are also adopting standards that demonstrate their environmental qualities as part of building codes, community standards and a host of emerging formal certifications. The bottom line is that even the most zealous among us need not worry that our sector is going to become environmentally regressive any time soon since we have, as both a society and an industry, already gone way beyond that, and will inevitably continue to improve in the years ahead. Something better to worry about is the fact that as the green arguments reach fever pitch in some quarters, it is our industry that will suffer. In fact, there is now a growing list of powerful organisations calling for significant, defined reductions in business travel and meetings participation – music to the ears of those engaged in providing technological alternatives and bound to resonate as well with governments and corporations eager for an excuse to reduce travel-related spending. What is fascinating is that we may have brought this on, at least in part, by our own actions, focusing on the green agenda to the near-exclusion of pretty much everything else. We might instead be arguing about the value and importance of the events that make up our industry. And it’s not as though there aren’t some pretty good arguments. Meetings and conventions are typically where the most significant global exchanges take place, leading to everything from medical and technical advancements to cultural enhancement and the creation of a better understanding and interaction among different groups worldwide. Does anyone really think that the world will become a better place if we all stay at home and communicate via the Internet? Are we really prepared to continue our push for even more aggressive environmental measures when the inevitable result is that fewer people will be able, or even want, to travel to engage with their colleagues around the world? Environmental standards are not going to move backwards. The point has been made, and we are all beyond waving placards and into the stage where responsibility and sustainability are simply expectations that must and will be satisfied. So, let’s start applying ourselves more effectively to the other side of the argument, that the green agenda needs to be tempered by the realisation that life can’t simply come to a halt because that’s the most ‘sustainable’ thing to do, and that we need to accept the fact that there are intelligent trade-offs to be made if we are going to continue our use of face-to-face encounters to progress as a society. Because if we, as an industry, don't make that argument, it's hard to imagine who else will.

About the author
Rod Cameron is the director of programming and international development for AIPC. AIPC is the pre-eminent international association of convention centres, with a mission of encouraging, supporting and recognising excellence in centre management. For more information, please contact marianne.de.raay@ aipc.org or visit www.aipc.org.









Time for a long-term approach
ust a few months from now, we will refer to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the past tense. Strange, but true! The 2010 tourism machine is working and the industry is ready to deal with the influx of supporters, officials, guests and media expected to arrive from as early as April. Every aspect of the tournament has been planned down to the smallest detail and now, it is merely a matter of implementation. I don’t have a single doubt in my mind that South Africa will deliver a top-class event with the warmest hospitality on the planet. What does leave one with a real concern, however, are the reports of overpricing that are coming to the fore. Fact is, international travellers are very informed these days and recognise a rip-off when they see it. This is especially true in the tough economic climate that prevails in most parts of the world. If we have the long-term sustainability of our tourism industry at heart, we simply cannot afford to price ourselves out of the market in the short term. This applies to both leisure and business tourism businesses across the board. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the world that we are up there with the best. The long-term benefits are immense and worth waiting for. Tourism can truly turn into South Africa’s new gold and we can make it happen. Consequently, it is critical that we leave the legacy of a destination that works, that is exciting and that offers value for money, the legacy of a tourism industry that caters

Carol Weaving, managing director of Thebe Exhibitions & Projects Group

for even the smallest request, any time of the day or night. Right now, we are all investing in our shared future. Let’s take care to make sure that our investment is careful and clever.

Johannesburg | South Africa

You’re planning your next event and as always it can be nothing less than perfect. You want a modern facility, plenty of flexibility, excellent service from highly experienced professionals and most of all you need a central location. Then look no further than the Sandton Convention Centre. No matter how big or small the task, our team of highly experienced conferencing operations and hospitality staff will add their passion and commitment to your occasion. Your perfect event is waiting to happen in the heart of Sandton, come and speak to us, we’re ready to listen.

* Proud hosts of Miss World Pageant 2008.
Maude Street, Sandown, 2196, P.O. Box 782553, Sandton, 2146, Johannesburg, South Africa Telephone + 27 11 779 0000 Facsimile + 27 11 779 0001 Email info@saconvention.co.za Web www.saconvention.co.za A Tsogo Sun Development


HKLM 3095



Meetings Africa 2010 is bigger and better

forum to debate and discuss the impact of mega-events – particularly sports, culture, exhibitions and entertainment – from a tourism perspective. Karin White, general manager: sales and marketing at SCC, had this to say about the array of events that took place at the premier convention centre: “We have had a memorable week in the history of business tourism in South Africa. I am particularly encouraged with the yearon-year growth of this segment of the tourism industry. Our track record in hosting major international and domestic events is recognised around the world, and we are looking forward to hosting Meetings Africa next year in our world-class venue. This event provides a great opportunity to network and learn and, this year in particular, we have used it as a platform to set the tone for the much-anticipated soccer spectacular. “Meetings Africa is a must-attend event on the tourism calendar for anyone involved in the conference and meetings industry. If you are a conference organiser, meetings planner, corporate travel agent, run a destinations management company or are involved in securing and coordinating events, Meetings Africa will set the stage for you to acquire knowledge, extend your business contacts and become energised for the exciting year that lies ahead,” concludes White.

eetings Africa 2010, a South African Tourism initiative, saw industry players from across Africa and further afield coming together for the biggest event of its kind on the continent. Meetings Africa, now in its sixth year, took place from 24 to 26 February 2010, and showcased top Southern African conference and event venues, incentive travel destinations, various industry support products and services. This annual event caters for conference, exhibition and events organisers, meeting planners, corporate travel agents and incentive travel specialists from across the world. The arrival of a number of hosted international buyers from South Africa’s major international business tourism markets – including the UK, the USA and Germany – added a global flavour to the event and enhanced the experience

for local corporate visitors. Sandton Convention Centre (SCC), together with other key partners – including the Gauteng Tourism Authority, the Johannesburg Tourism Company and the Department of Trade and Industry – saw an influx of approximately 3 000 visitors over the three days, which included local corporate buyers, an estimated 150 hosted international buyers and a large contingent of local and international media representatives. Two other high-profile tourism events ran parallel to Meetings Africa at the same venue. The first-ever meeting of tourism ministers of the G20 countries was held, with the theme: ‘Travel and tourism: Stimuli for G20 economies’, together with the UN World Tourism Organisation/South Africa Summit on Tourism, Sport and Mega-Events. The summits, with CNN as an international media partner, provided a

Karin White, general manager: sales and marketing at SCC





Cape Town and the Western Cape

SA’s hottest meeting’s destination
The Pavilion Conference Centre

Join Meetings SA as we head down to the south-western tip of Africa, to the Western Cape, a province that is recognised as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

ccording to David Frandsen, executive manager: international marketing at the Cape Town and Western Cape Convention Bureau, “Cape Town is gaining global ‘talkability’. Our value for money and cutting-edge conference facilities – complemented by the expertise of the local business tourism industry, excellent accommodation options and one of the world’s most spectacular destinations – have positioned the Mother City and the Western Cape as an ideal host for important association conferences and incentives.”

De Hoop - Jewel of the Cape
• Luxury self-catering accommodation • Weddings • Conferences • Restaurant

Leading venues

Opened in June 2003, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) has undeniably put Cape Town on the MICE map, welcoming some 3 million delegates and visitors since it was opened. A convenient location at the gateway of the city provides delegates with easy access to transport terminals and major road networks. In the last five years, CTICC has grown its reputation across various industries, playing host to major medical and scientific conventions, consumer exhibitions and trade shows. There are a number of competitive conference and exhibition venues in the city aside from the CTICC that offer versatile, world-class infrastructure, services, and amenities, and can host a large number of delegates. These include: • Altantic Imbizo, located in the V&A Waterfront, offers a choice of five air-conditioned venues that are easily adjusted to meet clients’ requirements. The centre hosts conferences, functions and special events from as few as five to as many as 180 delegates or guests. Exclusive in-house catering is provided by the venue’s resident chefs. • The Pavilion Conference Centre, also located in V&A Waterfront, has become a regular venue for many annual exhibitions and corporate events. The Pavilion offers five versatile conference

In partnership with:

www.dehoopcollection.co.za info@dehoopcollection.co.za, 0861 DE HOOP (33 4667) or + 27 28 5421253





rooms, a 300-seater auditorium, cuisine tailored to each group’s specific needs, and an exhibition area. The conference centre also offers Wi-Fi hotspot technology as well as a business centre. • Belmont Square Conference Centre, located in Rondebosch, has 10 individual venues, which can accommodate anywhere from four to 400 delegates. An in-house caterer creates meals, which are tailored to suit the individual needs of each client. • Spier, set in the shadows of the Helderberg Mountains and surrounded by vineyards and indigenous gardens, offers a conference centre only 20 minutes from Cape Town International Airport and 30 minutes from the Mother City. The number and variety of spaces at the venue means that it can successfully host meetings, functions and events. • Aquila Private Game Reserve, the fourstar gem of the Klein Karoo, has gone to massive effort and expense to source and reintroduce wildlife into the Cape region for the benefit of local residents and visitors alike, offering an opportunity to experience a Big 5 safari. Aquila’s conference centre, boma restaurant and cigar bar, as well as the luxury cottages, are built from natural materials found on the reserve such as rocks, river pebbles, reeds, wood and thatch to blend with the surrounding environment.

Useful contacts for conferencing in the Western Cape
Altantic Imbizo
Website: www.atlanticimbizo.co.za

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice
Website: www.proteahotels.com

Website: www.spier.co.za/hotel/conferencing.htm

Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa
Website: www.africanpridehotels.com/crystaltowers

Belmont Square Conference Centre
Website: www.belmontsquare.co.za

15 on Orange Hotel
Website: www.africanpridehotels.com/15-on-orangehotel.html

The Pavilion Conference Centre
Website: www.thepavilion.co.za

moyo Blouberg
Web: www.moyo.com

Cape Town & Western Cape Convention Bureau
Website: www.tourismcapetown.co.za

Aquila Private Game Reserve
Website: www.aquilasafari.com

Newest additions

The Western Cape has seen extensive infrastructure development over the past few years, with Cape Town being a host city

of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and home to eight of the matches. New hotels and other accommodation establishments continue to pop up in and around the Mother City, many of them with conferencing and banqueting facilities included, bringing a more diverse offering to the business tourism industry. These include: • Protea Hotel Fire & Ice, located in the heart of Cape Town, promises that guests will be ‘blown away’ as they step into this ultra-cool establishment. The conference venues include audio-visual equipment and offer world-class facilities with a difference, ideal for product launches, presentations, seminars, workshops and strategic business meetings. Anton Gillis, Protea Hotel Fire & Ice’s GM, says: “We have listened to our guests and using this feedback, we cater for their needs. Some of our new facilities include a place to ‘chillax’ at our pool and relaxation deck, a fun and quirky bar, themed lifts, gourmet meals offered 24 hours a day, bedrooms

with all you need for business or leisure, and conference venues with a difference. Whoever you are, whatever you want, you’ll find it here or we’ll find it for you.” • Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa, African Pride Hotel’s latest five-star deluxe offering, opened in December 2009, in the urban retail, business and residential hub of Century City. This 180-bedroomed luxury hotel, designed with the exacting business traveller in mind, is without doubt, a superb addition to the Cape Town landscape. Offering world-class, state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, the hotel is able to cater for select board meetings, executive get-togethers, as well as extravagant product (including cars) launches with its premium 300seater facility – a major attraction to local corporates as well as their national and international counterparts. On arrival, guests are enveloped in a sense of timeless magnificence that has been effortlessly blended with energetic

Slanghoek Mountain Resort
* Conferences (15 to 80 delegates) * Weddings (20 to 120 guests) * Catering for groups * Chalets * Safari tents * Camping Team building: • Scenic putt-putt • Lookout point for • sundowners • Potjiekos competition • Lapa for braais • Test your farm talents • 1 hour from Cape town

Tel: (023) 344 3138 | Email: info@slanghoekresort.co.za | www.slanghoekresort.co.za





Photo by Bruce Southerland: City of Cape Town

Green Point Stadium

Crystal Towers bar

moyo Blouberg

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice restaurant

radiance through the clever use of modern design, decor, lighting and sheer attention to detail on every level. • moyo Blouberg, situated at Eden on the Bay in Blaauwberg, is a mere 20 minutes from cosmopolitan Cape Town. Located along the unspoiled shores of the West Coast, Eden on the Bay is inspired by the natural rhythms of the Atlantic Ocean. With views of the two most acclaimed iconic site – Table Mountain and Robben Island – “moyo will look over them as a loving African ancestor”. The venue offers a la carte dining and set menus for groups; buffet menus are available by prior arrangement. Although only offering lunch and dinner sittings, breakfast can be arranged, for groups of 20 guests or more. Apart from gorgeous gourmet

menu offerings, guests can enjoy live entertainment, face painting and handwashing ceremonies. • 15 on Orange Hotel, also an African Pride property and the latest addition to Cape Town’s booming luxury hotel culture, is now open to the public and guests. Situated on the border of the historic Company’s Gardens, this stylish and sophisticated hotel is set to become the place to be seen for luxury travellers as well as those who are of the ‘who’s who’ of the city’s social circles. The quintessential hotel is the ultimate statement in designled lifestyle hospitality. Individual design, exquisite luxury and first-class service make way for a superior guest experience. This dramatic hotel offers 129 exquisite, ultra-spacious suites, which are

appropriate for leisure seekers and astute business travellers alike. Unparalleled public areas such as the seven-storey atrium, a spa, the Judges Lounge, Savour Restaurant and the Murano Bar – a few of its many features – will definitely be absorbed and appreciated by the discerning guest desiring an opulent experience beyond the norm. With Cape Town being one of the top business destinations worldwide, and the Western Cape being home to so many incredible attractions, delegates attending conferences in the province really are spoilt for choice. And Meetings SA recommends hosting your next meeting or corporate event in what is sure to be South Africa’s hottest business tourism destination.



Boutique hotels

Style & intimacy revealed
by Abby Wintgens
he boutique hotel phenomenon has hit South Africa in massive waves over the past five to seven years, with scores of properties currently in operation countrywide. Ranging from beautiful and bold to quaint and quirky, our country’s boutique hotel offering is most certainly on par with those the world over. What’s more is that most of these boutique hotels now offer world-class meeting facilities for small to mediumsized conferences and events.

Sophistication, extravagance and sheer style are the essence of a boutique hotel, from the gorgeous furnishings and finishes, to the intricate details and sumptuous layouts evident from room to room.

Banksia Boutique

At Banksia Boutique – a luxury boutique hotel located in the vibey suburb of Rosebank, in Cape Town – director, Shelley Kingston brings to life a new and sophisticated concept in urban living, providing guests with an oasis of serenity and a lifestyle experience. She explains: “Luxury is revealed at every turn in this eight-roomed gem, while handsome architecture and interior design deliver a satisfying blend of cool European minimalism and rich classic contemporary warmth. The individually designed and decorated rooms are sun-drenched sanctuaries, most with a private balcony or terrace overlooking the pool, garden

The Grand Daddy, located on Cape Town’s Long Street

Fast fact
‘Boutique hotel’ is a term popularised in North America and the United Kingdom to describe intimate, usually luxurious or quirky hotel environments. Boutique hotels differentiate themselves from larger chain or branded hotels by providing personalised accommodation and services or facilities. Sometimes known as ‘design hotels’ or ‘lifestyle hotels’, boutique hotels began appearing in the 1980s in major cities like London, New York, and San Francisco. Typically boutique hotels are furnished in a themed, stylish and/or aspirational manner. They usually are considerably smaller than mainstream hotels, often ranging from three to 50 guest rooms. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boutique_ hotel

or the beautiful mountain.” Banksia also welcomes conferencing in either of its two intimate conference rooms, both of which provide stylish and highly individual corporate experiences. “Our conference facilities are fully equipped with all the amenities a discerning business person might need, including a choice of pre-selected buffet lunches and teas, enjoyed in the dining area alongside the indoor swimming pool,” adds Kingston. The hotel’s excellent location means that delegates and guests are in close proximity of a number the Mother City’s most sought-after attractions, including the Newlands sports stadiums, a number of popular restaurants, the CBD, shopping precincts and beaches, the Baxter Theatre, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch

Botanical Gardens, and mountain trails in the Newlands and Tokai forests.

Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel

From the gentle trickle of water in the koi pond surrounded by natural stone, to the rim-flow pool beside earthy tiles, each element at the Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel is artfully selected to promote harmony and simplicity in a minimalist, uncluttered environment of sheer elegance. Situated high above Durban North on Umhlanga Rocks Drive, the hotel has a contemporary zen feel, with peaked roof structures, wide rock-clad columns, timber detail and double-volume spaces. It offers its discerning guests the personal service and privacy afforded by smaller accommodation establishments, yet with state-of-the-art facilities. The





Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel

which includes a stage, 70 seats, LCD stage lights, a data projector and sound system. Although high end and more suited to an international clientele, the accommodation offerings at Casta Diva are varied and include the Main House rooms, which are located in the old mansion; the Pool Cottage, a separate building located just above the venue’s enormous pool; the Westside Cottage, a separate building tucked away in the hotel’s gardens; and the self-catering cottages, three beautifully decorated and fully equipped self-catering units. Casta Diva’s gardens and water features, bird life and indigenous bush all lend to the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the resident chef, Thabang Raditla, serves up a mouth-watering spread at the on-site restaurant, Charisma. The menu offering is set yet can easily be customised to suit the varied needs of a function or special event.

The Grand Daddy

Abalone House boardroom

hotel includes 10 magnificently appointed luxury rooms, each tastefully decorated in their own unique contemporary zen style, inviting guests to restore their energy in complete comfort and privacy. These rooms include: • The dining room at Endless Horizons is served by cordon-bleu-trained chefs who have devised a menu, which changes frequently, to ensure that dishes are freshly made with seasonal ingredients. • Public spaces such as the reception area, dining area, lounge and bar flow into one another and spill out onto an inviting pool terrace with magnificent 180º views of the Indian Ocean. • Well-equipped conference and function facilities are available, with expansive glass doors to enjoy the magnificent surrounds. The high-tech audio-visual systems and 12-seater boardroom table make Endless Horizons the ideal venue for crucial meetings, medium-sized corporate conferences or strategic planning and teambuilding activities for

up to 80 delegates. The hotel’s on-site professional conference organiser is available to coordinate clients’ every detail, from accommodation to seating arrangements, menus and entertainment, to ensure that an event runs seamlessly.

The Grand Daddy, located on Cape Town’s Long Street, has the ideal spaces for conferences, meetings, launches, events, presentations and more. A beautiful enclosed veranda, simply called the Venue, offers a blank canvas for creating a perfect gathering. It has comfortable upholstered seating for 65 delegates, which makes it ideal for a small conference, meeting or presentation. The Boardroom brings a sense of professionalism to the hotel’s venue offerings. Located alongside the Daddy

Casta Diva

When driving through the somewhat ‘rougher’ end of Pretoria North, one is pleasantly surprised to happen upon the oasis of peace, serenity and sheer elegance that is Casta Diva. Run by Charles Fridsma and Alejandro Medina-Reyes, this magnificent four-star boutique hotel is set on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg Mountains within a historic mansion located on 2 ha of lush subtropical gardens with sweeping palm trees, massive cycads and an array of ferns. The venue is ideal for small to medium-sized conferences, which can be hosted in the rustic outdoor chapel/conference facility or in the unique ‘underground’ theatre,

Casta Diva, situated on the northern side of the tropical majestic Magaliesberg, peaceful and tranquil surroundings offering stunning views. Only 15 minutes of Pretoria City centre, ensures the peace and ambiance, we offer a true mixture of the African, European and American hospitality. Exclusively for meetings and conferences up to 70 delegates, this to guarantee the highest level of service.

Contact Details Tel: +27 (0)12 542 4449 Fax: +27 (0)12 542 3082 Email: info@castadiva.co.za Web: www.castadiva.co.za



Within the beautiful landscapes of the Pretoria East lies the most prestigious Maotla Boutique Hotel & Spa. Maotla Boutique Hotel & Spa is an exclusive destination preferred by high profile local & international visitors who prioritize privacy, security, elegance, finesse and tranquility. In complementing the accommodation of VIP visitors the hotel has five star chefs , offering fine dinning experience. We offer • Accommodations • Conferencing • Spa treatments • Executive Business Meetings • Exquisite dinning, lunch & wine experience • Day tours • Golfing packages

Maotla Spa uses products available at only the most exclusive spa`s and salons around the world. Elemis & Ahava professional spa –therapies are world renowned for their efficacy, results and powerful massage sequences, combined with the most dynamic actives available in the world today. Some of the treatments offered. • Advance Facials for Men & Women • Essential Dead Sea Slimming Body Therapy • Full Body Massage • Aroma Stone Therapy • Advance Manicure & Pedicures • Artifical nails • Bathing Ceremony Maotla Boutique Hotel and Spa now offers 40 % discount on all Spa treatments to Hotel Guests. Please enquire about our year end function as well festive dinner and lunches.

Email: reservations@maotlahotel.co.za or spa@maotlahotel.co.za Physical Adress: 323 Rosemary street, Grootfontein Country Estate, Pretoria



Cool Bar, the Boardroom seats up to 16 and includes a state-of-the-art plasma flat screen with the ability to connect to most laptops for use during presentations. Daddy Cool is not only a great spot to rub shoulders with Cape Town’s elite but also offers an elegant venue for a variety of functions, birthday parties, part of your wedding reception, end-of-year office party or general get-together. And for dinner parties hosted beneath the African sky? Grand Daddy offers the Airstream Trailer Park, as a package for any occasion, with a beautiful Sky Bar looking up towards Table Mountain. Events hosted here will not easily be forgotten. Regarding the decor at the hotel, the Grand Daddy echoes the

Useful contacts for conferencing at boutique hotels
Banksia Boutique Luxury Boutique Hotel
Tel: +27 (0)21 689 2992 Fax: +27 (0)21 686 2861 E-mail: info@banksiaboutique.co.za Web: www.banksiaboutique.co.za

Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel
Tel: +27 (0)31 564 0360 Fax: +27 (0)31 563 9387 E-mail: info@endlesshorizons.co.za Web: www.africanpridehotels.com/endless-horizonsboutique-hotel.html

Casta Diva
Tel: +27 (0)12 542 4449 Fax: +27 (0)12 542 3085 E-mail: info@castadiva.co.za Web: www.castadiva.co.za

The Grand Daddy
Tel: +27 (0)21 424 7247 Fax: +27 (0)21 424 7248 E-mail: info@granddaddy.co.za Web: www.granddaddy.co.za
Banksia Boutique

Abalone House
Tel: +27 (0)73 844 7722 E-mail: info@abalonehouse.co.za Web: www.abalonehouse.co.za (under construction)
Casta Diva

Grand Daddy The Venue Image credit Ant Smyth

Grand Daddy Boardroom Image credit Ant Smyth

sentiment that ‘luxury shouldn’t exclude playfulness’. Consequently, its rooms and communal spaces are infused with magical creative touches to ensure that guests are pleasantly surprised by the unexpected, the humorous and the interesting. The Grand Daddy’s big talking point is its ‘penthouse’ trailer park, where a collection of vintage Airstream caravans nestle beneath the backdrop of Table Mountain. Each of the seven two-sleeper trailer suites have been conceptualised and designed by local artists, and make for an accommodation destination like no other.

Abalone House

On 8 February this year, Paternoster’s newest five-star boutique guesthouse – Abalone House – opened its glamorous doors for business. It boasts 10 magnificent suites, designed around a tranquil, central courtyard. Eight of the rooms have sweeping sea views and many have intimate outdoor relaxation

areas. There’s even a rooftop jacuzzi with a panoramic sea view. Owners Johan Jansen van Vuuren and Stef Venter’s love of decadence and grandeur is seen throughout Abalone House in the rich colour palette and opulent furnishings. They are inspired by the vibrancy of Tretchikoff and the surreal quality of orchids, and both are in every room. Renowned interior designer, Dawid Strauss, is responsible for the richly layered decor that includes eclectic treasures from the owners’ personal collection of global memorabilia. The guesthouse’s intimate boardroom overlooks the languid pool and tranquil courtyard, and can seat up to 16 people in plush high-back chairs. The walls are lined with books and the venue is fitted with all the technical and audio-visual equipment necessary for a successful board meeting or executive workshop. There is also wireless Internet connectivity throughout, as well as a small charming business centre that also

offers Internet access. Regarding dining, Irish chef Nickie Lawson has crafted a menu to showcase the very best of West Coast cuisine and fresh local foods. A special chef’s table also sits to 10 people comfortably in the kitchen, where guests can enjoy dining in situ as Lawson creates tantalising dishes. The sea view Orchid Room is the setting for breakfasts and high teas. Overlooking indigenous gardens in the foreground, the Orchid Room is washed in sunshine where a myriad of different orchids flourish. Wherever possible, the guesthouse is eco-friendly too. Water is solar heated and all kitchen refuse is separated for easy recycling. There’s even a worm farm to generate fertiliser for the surrounding gardens. And of course, waste is kept to a minimum. So whether you’re looking for a unique venue or individual event location, Meetings SA recommends that you surf the local boutique hotel scene for somewhere that is sure to suit your needs and leave your guests or delegates wanting much more.





All the balls are set in motion
outh Africa is geared up for its greatest reveal with the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. What’s more, the MTN Expo Centre had an overwhelming end to 2009; with the refurbishment complete, we bid the year farewell in true style. And with the Soccer World Cup being the main focus this year, the centre is privileged and we look forward to being the communication pulse of the rest of the world during the tournament. The infrastructure within all the halls is currently undergoing completion as an estimated 3 000 international journalists will be bring the rest of the world up-todate coverage on the event. The MTN Expo Centre not only looks forward to hosting the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), but also a number of other events showcasing South Africa’s cultural diversity. The first event to kick off the year was Oasys Innovations’ first official family day with more than 560 people attending. This event has become recognised as a day honouring all Oasys employees as Brain Kennedy, chief executive, positively stated: “We owe our achievements locally, and in international markets, to the contributions our staff have made over many years. To celebrate this very special occasion, a team

was appointed to arrange an event where staff had the opportunity to share in the joy of the fellow employees who all received certificates for long-standing service. Our industry is branded as one where workers come and go, and this event certainly underscored the stability that we have maintained through our employee loyalty.” The MTN Expo Centre also exhibited at South Africa’s leading business tourism exhibition, Meetings Africa. Having a presence at the show for the past five consecutive years has enabled the venue to bring parts of what it has to offer to the exhibition. “The potential international business ventures represented at the show increase every year, proving that South Africa remains a key business ally in Africa,” says Craig Newman, the centre’s CEO. Showcasing its truly proudly South African brand, the centre has an array of innovative events lined up for the rest of the year. The annual Rand Show, Joburg’s Easter Festival, has an amazing line–up, including the world’s strongest man, South African Lipizzaners and representatives of the Stellenbosch Wine Route, to name but a few of the exciting activities. Following the MTN Expo Centre's parent show is one of the leading building services and construction trade exhibition

Oasys Innovations’ first official family day

The centre is privileged and we look forward to being the communication pulse of the rest of the world during the tournament

in Africa, Interbuild Africa. Exhibiting to a niche market, Interbuiild Africa provides a benchmark for the building services and construction industry across residential, commercial and industrial development. After this, the centre hosts Electra Mining Africa, the second-largest mining show in the world. The event provides optimal opportunity for all stakeholders within the mining, construction, industrial and powergeneration industries to meet and showcase pioneering ideas within the industry. The MTN Expo Centre looks forward to an exhilarating year ahead and welcomes everyone to enjoy and experience the venue in all its glory. “We are all about connecting people; let us connect you”.




Signature Life Hotels
Signature Hotels is fast becoming one of Southern Africa’s leading hotel management companies, having recently added a number of premier properties to its flagship brand.
The Villas at Le Franschhoek

The Bantry Bay Luxury Suites

The view from Leisure Bay Luxury Suites


ignature Hotels is a collection of stylish and elegant properties, each accommodation establishment is a “headline brand” in its own right and is endorsed by the reputation of Signature Hotels. The group already has hotels in Johannesburg, Irene and Franschhoek that are operational, with more planned for the future.

Signature Hotels’ portfolio
The Villas at Le Franschhoek: Set on the Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa estate, the Villas are made up of 16 two- and three-bedroom self-catering units, which are superbly finished and have breathtaking views. Extensive meeting facilities are available within the establishment and on request can be arranged to be used. Sea Five: Located in Camps Bay, the premier tourist destination of South Africa, Sea Five offers seven exclusive rooms. The upstairs rooms all have private terraces while others have garden suites. The penthouse suite boasts 360º views of the surrounding mountains and ocean. Sea Five has a private meeting room that seats up to 15 delegates. The Bantry Bay Luxury Suites: Situated on Cape Town’s Platinum Mile close to the CBD, this hotel is ideal for corporate and leisure travellers alike. It offers 41 luxury suites, several overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and world-class beaches. The Green Point Stadium and V&A Waterfront

are located nearby. The business centre includes Internet, faxing, printing and photocopying facilities with the boardroom accommodating up to 12 delegates. Leisure Bay Luxury Suites: This luxury suite hotel is set right on the dunes with panoramic views of Table Mountain and Robben Island. The hotel’s terrace runs directly onto the beach and is minutes from the Cape Town city centre, V&A Waterfront and Green Point Stadium. The fully equipped business centre and boardroom accommodates up to 15 delegates. Harbour Bridge Hotel suites: Perfect for both business and leisure travellers, Harbour Bridge is ideally positioned on the border of the V&A Waterfront within the Cape Town International Convention Centre precinct. The hotel boasts 40 quality rooms and 18 luxury suites. The business centre incorporates Internet, faxing, printing and photocopying facilities. The executive boardroom accommodates up to 18 delegates. Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel: Set on the edge of the Simon’s Town yacht basin, with breathtaking views over False Bay and the Simon's Kloof Mountains, the Quayside Hotel is only a 45 minute drive from the Cape Town city centre. The hotel is suited to business and leisure travellers; 21 of the 26 rooms face the Simon’s Town yacht basin. The hotel offers two fully equipped conference centres – the Drakensberg

Conference facility caters for groups of up to 60 and boasts the most advanced of equipment. Life Hotel – New Kings: Located in Sea Point, this sophisticated boutique property offers guests 42 spacious designer rooms. New Kings boasts views of Lion’s Head, Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel has a private boardroom and state-of-the-art conference facilities for up to 80. Adderley Hotel: Set in the heart of Cape Town’s city centre, the Adderley Hotel blends gracious urban historic facades with chic luxury interiors. Each of the 27 suites are spacious and tastefully decorated. The hotel is conveniently situated close to the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town International Convention Centre and Green Point Stadium. The fully equipped business centre and boardroom accommodate up to 16 delegates. Quarters Hotel – Hermanus: Situated in the heart of the Cape Whale Coast, Quarters Hermanus is located on the historic Hermanus Harbour. The hotel offers many leisure facilities and modern room amenities. The hands-on management team ensure efficient service delivery to all the guest’s needs. The hotel meets many business executive requirements with a private boardroom and conference/banqueting facilities for up to 60.

Contact details: Tel: +27 (0)31 312 6250 E-mail: info@lifehospitality.com Website: www.signaturehotels.co.za





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World Cup wellness
by Celynn Erasmus
t’s a fact. Many of us in the Western world can be described as ‘over fat and under fit’. Did you know, in a group of 100 adults in the USA, almost 70 will be overweight or obese, a quarter will have pre-diabetes, and only three are non-smokers, not overweight, physically active and eat a healthy diet? Quite alarming, we know that healthy living is the best revenge. Findings from a 2009 study indicated a 80% lower risk of developing a chronic disease if you are a non-smoker, if you exercise four hours a week or more, if your body mass index is <30 and 4, and if you eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Studies worldwide have shown the positive impact of increased activity levels and improved nutrition habits on energy levels, overall health, general mood and productivity. What’s more, people who are more active may live longer. 5. Exercise helps you manage your weight. This one’s a no-brainer. When you are physically active, you burn kilojoules. The more intense the activity, t h e more kilojoules you burn and the easier it is to keep your weight under control. Exercise also helps manages your appetite and food cravings.

About the author
In a fast-paced world, with exhausting demands on our time and performance, Celynn Erasmus vibrantly presents hands-on, real advice that will help you to work better, live smarter and get the most out of every day. For more information on these and other wellness-related teambuilding activities, contact Celynn on +27 (0)83 656 3096 or visit www.celynnerasmus.co.za.

So, with the Soccer World Cup right on our doorstep, why not score your own goal and become a little more physically active yourself over the next few months? Easier said than done? You know you ought to get moving off the couch, and even though you may hate the idea, you know it will do you the power of good. Once you have a ‘why’, you’ll find a ‘how’, so here are five reasons why performing more physical activity will directly affect your bottom line earnings and improve your financial position: 1. Exercise will improve your mood. Everyone knows just how contagious a happy outlook can be, and your clients will love you for it. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that leave you feeling happier and more relaxed than you were before you worked out. Get moving and watch those feel-good endorphins come out and play. 2. You'll also look better and feel better. Regular exercise may boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Feeling good is exactly what keeps worldclass event planners at the top. 3. Exercise will boost your energy levels. In fact, regular physical activity helps your entire cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Big deal? You bet! When your heart and lungs work more efficiently, they deliver oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to your tissues so you'll have more energy to do the work you need to. 4. Exercise wards off a plethora of illnesses. Concerned about heart disease or diabetes? Hoping to prevent osteoporosis or even cancer? Physical activity might be the ticket.

Some healthy teambuilding ideas

Energise and inspire employees by incorporating innovative wellness teambuilding activities such as those mentioned below. 1. Meditainment: This 20-minute interactive audio-visual relaxation experience uses multi-sensory meditation techniques to open and focus your mind. The session includes interaction, auditory and on-screen imagery. There are over 70 different combinations of meditation experiences to choose from, allowing group meditation to be suited to the unique preferences of the audience. This unique relaxation experience is acclaimed as the ‘ultimate nerve-soother for a punishing lifestyle’. 2. Cook up a storm: Bring interactive lifestyle activities to the workplace. A healthy corporate cook-off is the perfect hands-on approach that promotes communication and motivation. 3. Lunch ‘n learn energiser presentations: By securing talented and informative speakers, staff will have the distinct privilege of learning how to eat better and be healthier without having to leave the workplace.




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Exhibiting during 2010
ccording to Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading events organiser, in an increasingly digital age, exhibitions are the only medium where the buyer, seller and product physically come together. “Exhibitions provide a highly flexible environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, from generating sales leads and launching new products, to building brand image, maintaining customer relations and appointing new agent.” Exactly how does one achieve all these fantastic objectives with a conventional exhibition stand and having to watch where every is penny spent? Scan Display’s MD, Justin Hawes explains: “The Modulbox is a new cost-effective ‘exhibition stand in a box’, which is proving very popular among our clients. They like its quick set-up time and versatility, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The product is manufactured locally, which ensures that prices are kept competitive in relation to conventional exhibition stands. We used the Modulbox to create Scan’s stand at last year’s Markex World of Events show in Johannesburg and its innovative, modular design received rave reviews.” COO of Oasys Exhibitions, Carl Woodland, offers some varied advice: “While custom shell schemes provide for pretty standard solutions, custom designs truly set the brand apart from all the others in the same environment. Innovation comes through design while the allied products extend from creating an ambience through lighting and the strategic positioning of props, of which a great assortment can be hired on the open market, or new ones can be created in support of the overall message. Every supplier has their own inventory, yet at Oasys our ownership extends from new totally enclosed and safe electrical distribution boards, to long-arm spots and a huge assortment of furniture, which was launched on 28 January 2010 at the Sandton Convention Centre.”

Exhibitions continue to remain a rather costly business, yet they’re also one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. Meetings SA gets in touch with leading industry experts to find out more about maximising your ROI when exhibiting.

Oasys Innovations: Mamelodi Sun

Scan Display: Stand with colour washing

that both fabric and LED lighting on stands are becoming increasingly popular. Hawes reveals: “Both are cost-effective materials that can be used to dramatic effect on a stand. Fabric is being used more and more to replace traditional stand materials such as wood and laminates. It saves clients money, as they are able to reuse fabric panels over a couple of exhibitions. Fabric is also very tactile and draws people to a stand – many people cannot seem to resist touching or brushing an eye-catching piece of fabric. “Lighting has become a key design element when creating an exhibition stand with many stands using light colour washes over the whole stand for maximum effect. LED lighting provides a warm, white light, which is very appealing to the human eye. It is also a greener option as LED lights are low cost and burn at a lower temperature, making them safer. They also use less electricity than conventional lights. Although the initial cost is slightly more, LED bulbs last significantly longer than conventional options, making them cost effective in the end.” According to Woodland, there is nothing that beats the PR efforts of the end-user, with their clients or prospective markets, attending the show and viewing whatever is on offer. He adds: “Unfortunately, many endusers believe that by exhibiting at a particular show, the onus is on the organiser to direct visitors to their stands. The organiser is merely a facilitator and the more innovative the PR programme of the end-user in drawing the decision makers to their exhibits, the greater the opportunity for success. This may come at an additional expense for the end-user, but if professionally done it will be an investment.”

Consider this
Oasys Innovations: GautengTourism

Generating stand traffic

Ultimately, all exhibitors want to attract quality visitors to their stand in hope of developing long-term sales and marketing leads. With each year come new trends in generating stand traffic, and in 2010 it seems

Scan Display: Modulbox on the beach

Prior to booking a spot at your industry’s upcoming trade show and putting the abovementioned advice into action, Hawes strongly recommends that one considers the following five points: 1. What is your objective behind exhibiting at this particular exhibition? For example, if you are looking to generate leads, what procedures will you have in place to qualify and collect leads on your stand? 2. What pre-show promotions do you have





Fast market penetration
At an exhibition, you can reach a large proportion of the market in a short space of time. Whether you are looking to raise your company profile, change market perceptions or generate sales leads, you can achieve more in the days at an exhibition than you might otherwise achieve in months. Source: www.reedexpo.com

Scan Display: An example of use of fabric panels

planned? You cannot rely solely on an exhibition organiser’s marketing efforts to get visitors to your stand. You need to tell your existing and potential clients that you will be at the show and why they should visit you there.

3. Does your stand design match your objectives? Your stand design must help you fulfil your exhibition objectives. For example, if one of your objectives is to meet and talk to clients face to face, you need a meeting area on your stand where

you and the client can sit and talk. 4. Is you staff properly trained? Your staff need to be specially trained to operate an exhibition stand. For example, they need to know how to interface effectively with visitors, how to qualify leads at the show and how to manage any electronic equipment on the stand. 5. What post-show follow-ups are scheduled? Exhibiting is a wasted exercise if all the leads collected are not followed up timeously. Likewise, any networking connections that were made need to be explored and strengthened to reap the full benefit of exhibiting. So, are you still thinking you simply can’t afford to have a presence at that all important upcoming industry exhibition? Woodland offers some sound advice: “Exhibitions are about managing ROI and the better the measurement tools, the more confidence marketers will have in this medium, even if they scale down on booth sizes and the cost of their presentation. As long as they have a presence, they can still make their brands shine by selecting less expensive designs without doing any harm to their image.”



Upholding excellence

Industry associations
For anyone new to the business tourism industry, or those who find it all rather confusing, there are a large number of associations that govern the industry. Meetings SA gets in touch with four of SA’s leading industry associations to find out more about exactly what they do.

Conferences and events
South Africa’s conference industry is becoming increasingly dynamic, with the country being recognised internationally as a premier conferencing destination. With the incessant growth of any industry comes the need for regulation and a body that ensures the required standards are met. This need led to the formal establishment of the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) in 1987, which is dedicated to maintaining and improving the standards of efficiency and professionalism for the conference and events industry in Southern Africa. SAACI is a Section 21 company managed by a national coordinating board elected every two years. Active committees are in place across four branches in KwaZulu-Natal, the northern territories, as well as the Eastern and Western Cape. The association has formed the following special interest groups (chapters): the conference and events chapter, the service provider chapter, the venue chapter,

the youth chapter. SAACI currently has over 1 200 members, which include conference coordinators, event organisers, venue managers, exhibition organisers, conference

trainers, conference buyers, professional speakers, as well as media and service providers to the business tourism industry. The association encourages its members to play an active role at all levels within the organisation to help improve the standard of the conference industry in South Africa. The association offers its members a range of benefits. They subscribe to a code of conduct and can display the SAACI logo – a symbol of professionalism – in their communication. Any individual or company wishing to become a member needs to complete a membership application form, which is considered at board level. Regarding professional conference organisers (PCOs), SAACI has a very stringent accreditation process in place. This assures the end user of quality service and the highest professional ethics. Similar accreditation processes for members of all SAACI chapters are currently being devised. The association has also taken the initiative to move towards the formation of a structure that will represent all companies in the business tourism sector that, in all probability, will be formed in 2011.

Live entertainment and events
From concerts, festivals and clubs to theatre, theme parks and corporate events, South Africa’s live entertainment industry moves to an intense beat. However – as in the conferencing, exhibitions and events industries – with movement comes growth and so, based on the UK’s Production Services Association, the Technical Production Services Association (TPSA) was born. In 1997, a number of wellestablished technical production services companies and individuals came together to form an association to serve the needs of both the live entertainment industry and its clients. Launched officially in February 1998, the TPSA is also non-profit Section 21 company.

SAACI national chairperson, Nina Freyshen-Pretorius

The objectives of the association are to: • attract members who provide services – specifically technically related services – to the live entertainment industry • represent these members’ interests within the production services industry • introduce and maintain international ethical and safety standards • uphold and ensure delivery of service • promote the advancement of knowledge and skills of its members and the production services profession. The association invites membership from anyone employed as a professional in the technical aspects of the live entertainment industry, companies supplying technical services for the production of events, as well as conference and event organisers. Associate membership is invited from the retail,

wholesale, manufacturing and distribution sector, as well as venues. Comprehensive details on how to become a member are available on the association’s website.
TPSA chairperson, Barry Snow





Exhibitions and events

With exhibitions and trade shows providing immense business opportunities and excellent prospects in investigating competitive products and services side by side, these events have become highly valued by business decision makers. It is for these and many other reasons that the exhibition industry has become highly lucrative. The need for regulation and industry alignment saw the development of the Exhibition and Events Association of Southern Africa (EXSA) in 1980 as a non-profit organisation representing organisers, venues, suppliers and contractors. The founding objective of the association, which remains today, is to sustain the interests of its members, exhibitors and visitors to exhibitions. A name change was confirmed in 2008 to include events into

the fold. One of the main objectives of the association is to increase the significance of exhibitions and events within the marketing/communication mix to promote and grow the industry. The EXSA board is made up of elected members from each of the forums representing organisers, venues, and suppliers, as well as regional representatives from the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. There is also a chairperson, an immediate past chairperson and a treasurer on the EXSA board. Regarding its members, the association provides a forum for participants across the exhibition and events industry, and strict codes of ethics and conduct have been set for them. Consequently, clients can make use of a member’s services with extreme confidence. Any company or individual wishing to become an EXSA member must note that there is a process to be completed prior to accepting membership – application forms are available on the association’s website.

Outgoing EXSA chairperson, Rina Fortmann


South Africa’s hospitality industry is a vibrant and constantly growing part of our tourism sector and the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA) is the only official voice and lobbying body for the industry, Also a non-profit Section 21 company, FEDHASA has – since 1949 – been representing the South African hospitality industry on a local, provincial, national and global level to protect the interests of all stakeholders of the industry, enabling members to achieve their objectives. The association’s direct representation on various influential hospitality industry bodies ensures marked negotiating muscle. These bodies include the TOMSA board, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, South African Tourism, the Department of Tourism, the Tourism Empowerment Council of South Africa, the Department of Labour and the Tourism Business Council of South Africa. FEDHASA operates as a trade association, lobbying on members’ behalf and negotiating tangible benefits. It also serves as an employers’ body, giving employers direct representation at CCMA level. Nationally, FEDHASA is led by chairperson Eddy Khosa and CEO Brett Dungan. Regionally, it functions with three

autonomous regions – FEDHASA Cape, led by chairperson Phillip Couvaras and executive officer Rema van Niekerk; FEDHASA East Coast, led by chairperson Gerhard Patzer and operations manager Warren Ozard; and FEDHASA Inland, led by chairperson Caleb Mabaso and executive officer Nikki Muvodzi. Regarding its members, they receive daily updated hospitality headline news and FEDHASA headline news via the association’s website. FEDHASA also negotiates various tangible benefits for their members, including: • discounts of 25% on SABC TV licence fees • credit card discounts • special rental on machines • group schemes and financial assistance • special industry-specific packages on short-term insurance, among other things. Additional benefits include memberto-member discounts and access to industry suppliers and service providers, networking opportunities and sharing of information at hospitality days, as well as golf days and networking events. Access to other important industry links and information, representation on behalf of members on industry forums and government departments are other benefits. Visit www.fedhasa.co.za and click on ‘join FEDHASA’ to become a member.

FEDHASA chairperson, Eddy Khosa




The role of EXSA is to serve the exhibition and events industry in Southern Africa. Our core strategy is to actively grow and develop the exhibition and events industry within Southern Africa. This is achieved through promoting the unique benefits offered by exhibitions and events, and raising the profile of our members who include venues, organisers and suppliers.

Tel: 011 805 7272 Fax: 011 805 7273 Email: exsa@exsa.co.za




E is for
xperienced event planners worldwide would agree that the key to a successful event is to ensure that the guests share an experience that is fun, personal and memorable. That is why it is so important that the event planner focuses their attention on providing a comfortable environment to get the guests relaxed, talking to each other and enjoying themselves as quickly as possible. It really doesn’t matter how elaborate or

Working with experienced

Marcel Oudejans uncovers the fun and easy way to make your event a memorable experience.

professional event
entertainers is essential to create an entertaining

atmosphere that will directly
contribute an event’s success
outrageous the venue, how inventive the cuisine, or how much there is to drink. While these things can be important to spark the kind of spirited atmosphere guests need to have a great time, you want to ensure that they are quickly able to create lively conversations. Working with experienced professional event entertainers is essential to create an entertaining atmosphere that will directly contribute an event’s success. The benefit of working with experienced entertainers outweighs the potential problems that can be encountered when dealing with the cheapest, amateur or inappropriate entertainment. Selecting and hiring professional entertainment for the first time can be quite daunting, particularly if there is no plan or not enough information available. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose the right entertainment for your event:

Consider the kind of type of event

If you are hosting an intimate dinner, you might not want to hire a troupe of dancing showgirls. Think about the space available for your event, when the entertainment will take place, and whether or not you require a stage and/or additional sound equipment. For smaller events you’ll want a mobile entertainer who engages each person directly. Appropriate entertainment would

From Johannesburg or Pretoria: Take the M1 South. Take the Eldorado Park/Nasrec off-ramp and join the Golden Highway – R553. At Union Road turn right and continue straight for 4.5km until you reach the Soweto Tourism Information Centre at the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication. From Soweto: Take the Old Potchefstroom Road. Turn south into the Klipspruit Valley Road. Drive straight until you get to the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication.

Walter Sisulu Square facilities include: • A multi purpose conference hall • Dinning foyers • A four star hotel

• A fully furnished conference area • Banks • Retail and Commercial business • Tourist information Centre • Museum & Eco Museum

www.waltersisulusquare.co.za • tel: 011 945 220 • fax: 011 945 2230



be a charismatic and fun individual who everyone can get to know as he or she moves around the room. For large events such as award dinners, year-end functions or launches, you may still want several mobile entertainers but you could consider a performance that everyone can focus on at once. This could be a humorous after-dinner speaker, a comedian, stand-up magician or illusionist, a singer, or a band. In this case, you will be using the performance as the main feature of your event. It’s very important to consider what stage, audio and lighting the performer/s may require when planning this kind of entertainment.

About the author
South African corporate magician and ‘infotainer’, Marcel Oudejans is recognised both locally and abroad as one of the busiest corporate event entertainment specialists in Africa. Oudejans specialises in integrating his amazing sleight-ofhand and engaging personality with compelling presentations on marketing, customer service and sales. He serves as the current vice-president of the Cape Town chapter of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, and is a regular guest lecturer at the UCT Graduate School of Business. For more information, visit www. corporatemagician.co.za.

Is the entertainment appropriate?

How important is interaction with the entertainment?

Do you want an entertainer that incorporates everything into his/ her performance, or do you prefer background or static entertainment? Background entertainment will contribute to the vibe and a fun atmosphere. Non-intrusive performances can help fill the room with energy but don’t require that everyone pays full attention to them. However, their performances could be forgotten because they lack direct personal contact with your guests. Engaging entertainers such as comedians, humorous keynote speakers connect directly with the audience, making everyone feel part of the show. In this case, your entertainer will be remembered as the personality at the event.

It is important to select the entertainment based on what you think the majority of your guests would find enjoyable, and not on what you personally enjoy. If the guests already know each other well, then you may consider something a little more informal. However, you’ll want to be sure to work with a professional, reliable and consistent entertainer at any event where your company is represented. Be aware of differences in culture and language and make sure to give this information to your prospective entertainers in your brief. Some forms of entertainment could contain humour based on innuendo, offensive language, gender, stereotypes, religion or race, so it’s important to consider the fine line between what is and isn’t appropriate. A good rule to remember is that there is a difference between a performance that you would pay to watch and what a non-paying audience enjoys. In the latter case, you’ll want to select something that everyone can enjoy.

Always work with credible entertainers


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Budget Management and Financial Reconciliation Conference Transport Service Pre- and Post- Tour Services Abstract and Speaker Management Cape Town: Tel: +27 21 9142751 Fax: +27 21 9145493 Tyger Park 3, 1st Floor, Of ce 103, Willie van Schoor Avenue, Belville.

nina@confco.co.za www.confco.co.za

When meeting with your entertainer, ask as many questions as you like. Do not hesitate to make specific requests. If you feel that the entertainer doesn’t care about you or your event, you’re probably right. Keep looking around until you find someone you feel comfortable with. Find reference letters on your entertainers’ websites and do a web search, to find any additional positive or negative comments. Taking a moment to read through your prospective entertainer’s list of previous clients gives you the best indication of the level of experience your entertainer has. And do not hesitate to call previous clients to ask them for a

personal recommendation. If your desired entertainment is not available, ask them who they recommend. Genuinely professional performers should know other entertainers who would be suitable for your event, and should be able to give you suggestions and/or recommendations. If you know what qualities you’re looking for, selecting and booking the right entertainment for your event or function can be a lot of fun. You’ll be interacting with interesting personalities who love to laugh, are passionate about their work, and who are eager to be in front of an audience. When you’ve confirmed the right person for your event, you’ll be certain to have just as much fun as your guests.






Dining with angels
by Abby Wintgens
’ve never been a fan of heights and when I received an invite to ‘dine with angels’ at a Dinner in the Sky event, I was rather nervous. Yet, on arrival at the new location of the experience, situated on the corner of Montecasino Boulevard and William Nicol Drive, you’re met with a rather impressive set-up. A glamorous red carpet leads the way to the ‘table’, which seats 22 guests in seats resembling something similar to those of a roller coaster. Yet, this was no rollercoaster ride, but rather an amazing and unforgettable experience towering above mundane formalities of everyday life. After grabbing a plate of eats and a couple glasses of champagne to calm my nerves, I walked the red carpet to my seat where the Dinner in the Sky team strapped me and the other 21 guests in. Soon we were ready for lift-off. Suspended high above the Montecasino entertainment complex, I wasn’t scared but truly astounded at how awesome the experience really is. If Dinner in the Sky can ‘wow’ me, it will certainly leave any prospective business client wanting more. As a fully equipped, state-of-the-art business and corporate entertainment facility, the experience can transform an ordinary conference or meeting into a thrilling moment that will leave a lasting impression. Dinner in the Sky South Africa’s director, Tyl Hannemann, explains: “The sky table allows you to take the ‘bored’ out of the boardroom and add some excitement to your presentation. Any conference or strategic business meeting can be held at over 30 m in the sky. This incredible opportunity can be used for product launches, confidential board meetings and teambuilding sessions, to name but a few.” The company provides all the necessary infrastructure for an event – such as LCD TVs, a PA system, headsets, and laptops – “anything that client requires to enhance the overall experience”. Each event is put together to achieve client-specific targets and desired outcomes. Not only can you host your event in the sky, you can also have it fully branded. “A billboard in the sky is a powerful branding opportunity. It is sure to be the most unique billboard in Africa and the envy of all your competitors,” adds Hannemann.

If you’re looking for a truly unconventional, yet unbeatable experience suspended over 30 m the air, look no further than Dinner in the Sky.


Dinner in the Sky fast facts
• Dining and entertainment at over 30 m in the air • Launched May 2006 • Operational in over 32 countries across the globe • Over 2 500 lifts worldwide • 100% safety record • Built to German TÜV certifications standards • Fully mobile operation

Dinner in the Sky was launched in May 2006 in Belgium. In November 2007, South Africa became the second successful operation in the world. Proudly, the experience now operates in over 32 countries across the globe. The South African division of Dinner in the Sky has been a true pioneer of the brand by introducing elements like Sports in the Sky and Business in the Sky. “Regarding safety, this is top on the experience’s list of priorities,” says Hanneman. “That’s why the table is built according to the German TÜV certification standards. This is regarded as one of the toughest safety certifications worldwide. Every aspect of the concept, from the seat belts to the type of crane used, has been scrutinised and carefully considered to ensure maximum safety for our clients and staff.”

For more information visit www. dinnerinthesky.co.za.

Dinner in the Sky is ideal for product launches, confidential board meetings and teambuilding sessions, to name but a few






Experiential marketing
xperiential marketing is one of the four key methods of engagement with a prospective customer – this is according to marketing gurus, Derrick Daye and Brad van Auken, as expressed in their blog, Branding Strategy Insider. They’re not talking about the sensation when that first mouthful of Coke bubbles hits your palate, or how great you feel when your rear end sports a designer label. They mean freebies, like having a good time at an event that is paid for by the business host, or getting a sample of a product to try out. Experiential marketing is all about touch points – the more your brand physically or literally touches on your consumer’s experience, the stronger your brand impact becomes. Experiential marketing is not a new concept and could require a large budget, which is not acceptable during a recession where marketing budgets are being cut dramatically. It is accepted that marketing strategies now have to do more with less and focus on a single and powerful integrated marketing solution. Cost-effective experiential marketing is the order of the day. Marketers need to focus on effective communications with their target market. This can only be achieved when the target market is well defined and, once defined, the needs of

Not on your pocket, but in your pocket

by Geoff Saner

the market have to be determined. The more traditional forms of experiential marketing are: • test driving a car • tasting stations at super markets • a free dinner at a hotel or restaurant • month’s subscription at a gym for free. The real value of experiential marketing, especially in a bear market, is the direct interaction with a potential customer. All waste is eliminated. When embarking on experiential marketing campaigns, the marketer is forced to identify potential buyers and interact with them directly.

Enhancing the experience

There are some new and innovative products on the market that enhance

The real value of experiential marketing, especially in a bear market, is the direct interaction with a potential customer

the experiential marketing experience. One such example is the new debit card technology that was harnessed in Europe and the US some years ago to produce gift cards that could not only be loaded with cash, but would also be accepted at any retail outlet. Standard Bank was the first to market this in South Africa, and a range of newage gift cards is now available which can be swiped anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. The cards provide a freedom of choice, which is not possible with store gift cards that may only be used at the issuing retailer’s store. Best of all, the cards make it possible to offer the recipients of the gift cards a ‘shop-tillyou-drop’ experience, arguably one of the most coveted activities for today’s consumers. The positive connotation with your brand is innumerable, and the card will possibly stay in a consumer’s wallet for a long time. The great marketing advantage of these gift cards is that they can be branded, placing a brand in the hands of






the consumer on a continual basis. The cards can be issued as incentive rewards to employees, as gifts to clients, or as company debit cards for managers. You don’t get a closer touch point than in your consumer’s own wallet, and this is exactly why the cards offer such great brand value. The status value is also attractive – managers can display the brand every time they use the card to entertain clients. And with a literal carte blanche of possibilities for branding gift cards, it can be ensured that they have a visual appeal that reinforces messages to the likes of ‘luxury’, ‘pamper’ or ‘indulge’. The clinching factors are convenience and cost savings. For instance, gift cards can be issued in advance, but loaded or reloaded when you are ready to distribute them, with the minimum hassle possible. They can even be ordered and loaded online while the supplier takes care of all the admin, allowing you to eliminate payroll costs of issuing bonuses.

test drive that car or download free software until all the technical problems have been ironed out. Using a gift card as an experiential marketing tool provides all of the advantages of experiential marketing, but separates the marketing campaign from the actual product or service, avoiding possible failure. Providing a person with a gift card, rather than inviting him or her for a free meal, will avoid the possibility of something going wrong and the potential customer having a negative experience. That said, any marketing campaign – no matter how cost effective – would be a waste if the company is not geared to deliver on its offering to the market. In providing a positive experience, it is even more important for brand building that quality policies are in place and that every interaction with the company is a similar experience for every customer.

About the author
Geoff Saner is the managing director of Gift Bucks, a company that produces innovative debit cards for corporate and individual use, providing a cost-effective and convenient solution to recognising and rewarding any person, at any time, with whatever they desire. Saner is also the managing director of Creative Incentives, one of South Africa's longestablished and leading full service incentive and rewards companies. For more information, call 0860 392 737, e-mail geoff@giftbucks. co.za, or visit www.giftbucks.co.za.

Get more R on your I

Measurement of ROI is much easier with experiential marketing than traditional marketing. This is owing to the close contact between the marketer and a potential customer. The link between experience and sale can easily be tracked. Experiential marketing also offers the marketer the opportunity to extract data about the potential customers, allowing them to define future marketing campaigns further. It is also true that while experiential marketing is highly effective, the experience can easily become negative should the quality of the experience not live up to the expectations created. Embarking on an experiential marketing exercise brings a complete new dimension to ‘walk the talk’. If you let people taste your new drink on the market, it is important that it the drink’s taste is at its optimum. Experiential marketing, when directly linked to a product, should only be embarked upon when the company is sound operationally and can deliver at a high standard at all times. For example, do not let someone






An unrivalled incentive destination
Knysna’s Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, host of the 2010 French football team, offers an unrivalled incentive destination on an exquisite 1 000 ha resort with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, the Knysna Lagoon and the Pezula Championship Course.

ocated on the Knysna Heads, on the scenic Western Cape coast, just a 40-minute flight from Cape Town, the hotel is an ideal getaway for executives with a taste for luxury. With its outstanding facilities and personalised service offered by professional and experienced staff, the hotel is able to cater to the special needs of businesses, incentive groups and corporate meetings. It offers a wide spectrum of leisure, sporting and business facilities.

gymnasium and the hot zone area of the multi-award-winning Pezula Spa & Gym, including the 12 m heated indoor pool, sauna and steam room and outdoor jacuzzi. There is also a medi-spa facility, a sunbed, hair salon, men’s barbering facility and nail bar. A team of highly trained professionals provides various treatments, including scrubs, wraps, massages, steam baths, milk baths, and hydrotherapy.

thatched structure houses a bar and log fireplace where guests can relax at the elegant safari-style table while the staff prepare and serve meals.




Provided in 78 spacious and beautifully appointed suites, accommodation at the hotel is designed to be utterly indulgent and completely private. Decorated in a contemporary African style, the interiors exude a sense of luxury and comfort, from the real log fireplaces to the underfloor heating in the sumptuous bathrooms. The suites have private balconies or patios, individual climate control, satellite television, a DVD player, walk-in wardrobe, electronic safe and direct telephone. All suites have Wi-Fi connectivity. A wellstocked pantry kitchen and drinks cabinet complete the facilities.

Spa and gym

Delegates staying at the hotel are encouraged to use the state-of-the-art

Whatever the food preference, Pezula will create a menu to suit any budget. In the hotel, Zachary’s gourmet restaurant is a warm, elegant space that reflects the five-star luxury of the hotel. Here, executive chef, Geoffrey Murray, serves up local produce in his inimitable global style. The restaurant’s impressive wine list features local and international wines, and has twice been awarded an Award of Excellence by Diners Club International. The Champagne & Whisky Bar and Cigar Lounge offers superb settings for predinner drinks or a nightcap. The Castle on Noetzie Beach offers guests access to one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in South Africa and is a stunning venue for private functions or picnics. The Boma is the ideal venue for a meal with an authentic African feel. A rustic

Delegates and guests can enjoy beach activities; guided hiking trails through the indigenous forests on the resort; canoeing on the pristine Noetzie River; a game of tennis, archery or pétanque at the Pezula Field of Dreams; or an outride on the resort’s specially bred Cape riding horses. A number of other activities – such as lagoon cruises, paint ball, fishing, sailing, water skiing, bungee jumping and abseiling – can be arranged in nearby Knysna.


Pezula is easily reached on road from Cape Town International Airport (520 km), or Port Elizabeth Airport (260 km). There are also daily flights from all major South African airports to George Airport, which is just 70 km from the hotel. Pezula also provides transfers by helicopter or luxury vehicle.

For more information about incentive packages at the Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, visit Pezula’s website at www. pezularesorthotel.com or call +27 (0)44 302 3333.






Keep it simple and profound
onferencing can be the most powerful way to get and keep everyone on track. It can be expensive but well worth it if done properly. Then you need HR solutions, innovative and creative leadership tools, and some sort of framework to hold everything together over the next 12 months and beyond. Hopefully, what you settle on will be simple yet comprehensive. People need to speak the same language, grow together, and bring who they are to the business in an uncomplicated yet robust way. And you need to be innovative to inspire innovation in them. You need an approach that puts people before profits and empowers them in an inventive way that sustains well-being and profits. People need to feel connected to the business and they need to grow in themselves to bring their best to their work. You need to show them that who they are is important for the success of the business and that they are in the right place with all they need to shift onto the next level. Then they need to shift onto the next level and keep going. Process is paramount. And you yourself need to grow and thrive, keeping your emphasis on leading rather than managing. You need to feel inspired by your vision for the business and the people to the point of living it. Your sponsorship of all initiatives is at the heart of them. Increasingly, I am working with clients from

What do you need to achieve with your annual conference? How will you implement your strategy through the coming year? What are major objectives and how are you going to unify and then sustain your team to realise these? Robin Wheeler investigates.
their annual conference throughout the year and beyond to inspire, develop and brand their people and business, and I am using simpler, yet more profound tools to do it. Here are some insights and suggestions on keeping it simple, profound and together: 1. Promote intelligence Knowledge is not power because it is freely available and contradictory. What matters is insight, which is a function of overall intelligence rather than just intellect. People need to exercise their own ability and discretion to be happy, fulfilled and optimal contributors. 2. Shift from competitiveness to creativity Struggling over limited resources is very 20th century, and quite childish and cheap. Shift to the creative approach instead. What can your team bring into being? How can their love for life; enthusiasm for business, innovative thinking, and relationship skills make your business singular and spirited? Your state of consciousness determines your success. 3. Listen Each of us is a genius in our unique way. If you listen to what everyone has to say, you validate and stimulate their expertise rather than industrialise them. Everyone in a workshop has as much to offer as I do at the front of the room. Hearing helps tremendously whereas speaking can be just more of the same. You can achieve almost anything by simply listening. 4. Wake up! Alert awareness is the real key. People who take life experiences as an opportunity to understand themselves, and who combine personal and business growth, also flourish in relationships with others and become increasingly

THRIVING! Running a Sustainable Business in the New Wave by Hotel Formula 1 South Africa, is the outcome of the ‘fully booked’ process. It contains 33 chapters written by hotel general managers and support office specialists, covering all aspects of business and people management from the experience of people running a thriving business. It is available from book shops and Formula 1 hotels around South Africa.






Photos by Pol Ramalheiro

About the author
Robin Wheeler is a transformation specialist, publisher, and the author of Insights and Further Insights. Visit www.fully-booked.co.za for more information. Robin Wheeler and Formula 1 team at THRIVING! launch

responsive. Hardship has gifts hidden behind it. Creativity carries gifts within it. 5. Innovate In today’s rapidly evolving climate, you never do the same thing twice. Get comfortable with always being somewhat mystified, and be open to surprising yourself with what you come up with next. It keeps you in your sweet spot, which is delicious for you and your customers.

6. Integrate See how you can achieve everything by doing one thing. Find elemental ways to incorporate multiple facets and functions. This is the overriding intelligence in your business, your ability to see the modest in the multifaceted. Trust the process. By integrating all of my services into a process and product called Fully Booked in response to client needs and requests, I have developed a combined people development and branding tool that forms the backbone

of business growth from conference to conference. In the first year, I facilitate transformation and key contributors write a chapter of a book, which I then publish, distribute and market for them. In the following year, I use the book to promote the people and business for the value they add through it. Everything hinges on the book and the experience of becoming authors. Conference and business building tools need to be singular, sound, and filled with the genius of simplicity.


Who’s who?
Fancourt appoints new head of sales and marketing
Fancourt welcomes its new head of sales and marketing, Carl Reinders, who joins the team with some 15 years' experience in the field. Chief operating officer, Niall O’Hagan, says that Reinders’ all-round experience and strong leadership capabilities will add great value to the Fancourt brand. Born and educated in Pretoria, Reinders has a B.Com marketing degree (cum laude) from the University of Pretoria. He started his career at British American Tobacco in 1995, obtaining experience in several different divisions within sales and marketing before being promoted to regional and national management roles. In 1999, he relocated to Cape Town to join Gilbeys/Guinness UDV South Africa, the beverages marketing company now known as Brandhouse, which is responsible for the promotion of global brands such as Bells Whisky, Johnnie Walker, Amstel and numerous other leading global liquor brands. “The Fancourt opportunity provides a wonderful challenge for me to provide leadership through the marketing and sales function at a more holistic level, and I look forward to being part of a committed team that will extend the brand’s presence in both the domestic and international markets to attract visitors and property investors alike,” says Reinders.
Fancourt’s new head of sales and marketing, Carl Reinders

More magic and expertise added to Kadoro’s storybook
Angelique Levin has been appointed as new business development and relations manager at Kadoro Events and Communications, a leading event management and brand activation company. Levin’s position of bringing in new business, while maintaining current relationships together with owner and MD of Kadoro, Amanda Rogaly, will allow the company to continue its phenomenal growth while ensuring that strong customer ties are formed. Levin has the ability to create magic out of possible opportunities and looks forward to working with new and existing clients. Rogaly comments: “Growth will be

driven by our team of dedicated specialists, which will secure our competitive and creative advantage through service excellence and ensure that high levels of customer retention support our growing client base.”

Angelique Levin, new business development and relations manager at Kadoro

Guvon appoints key staff for the Fairway Hotel

Christopher Trimble, most recently at the five-star Asmara Intercontinental Hotel in Eritrea, has been appointed as the general manager for the Fairway Hotel at the Randpark Golf Course, due to open in May. Trimble has more than 30 years of hospitality experience, and is known for high standards, attention to detail, teambuilding skills and getting the job done. His career spans some highprofile units throughout South Africa and Mauritius, including the St Geran Hotel and Country Club, Cascades Hotel at Sun City, the Carlton Hotel and the Sandton Sun International Hotel. “I believe that Trimble possesses all the right skills to develop our new hotel in the years to come. He brings valuable experience and a fresh perspective to the group and I am convinced he will take the Fairway to reach great success,” said Leon Bosch, Guvon Hotels operations director. Other key personnel that have been

appointed for the new hotel include Salome Knoetze, rooms division manager, and Warren Forster, head chef. Knoetze was previously involved with the opening of the four-star Holiday Inn Hotel in Sandton and Forster assisted with the opening of the first five-star hotel in Limpopo, the Fusion Boutique Hotel.
From left to right: Salome Knoetze, Warren Forster and Christopher Trimble





Countdown begins to a world of travel and fun
The World Holiday and Travel Fair (WHTF), presented by international banking from Absa, is the only outbound travel exhibition in South Africa and will provide the ideal platform for the retail travel trade to interact with existing and potential customers, offering them valuable advice and allowing them secure bookings there and then. The fair takes place from 16 to 18 April 2010 at the Coca-Cola dome in Johannesburg. “WHTF has been designed to offer consumers the best deals in town and real value-for-money travel options, therefore providing a cost-effective, high-impact marketing platform, and we are delighted at the diverse range of exhibitors who have already reserved their space. These range from tour operators, travel agents and other travel product and service providers to tourism boards and destination representation companies,” says Glynis Anderson, of event organiser Thebe Exhibitions and Projects. To ensure a great day out for visitors, the show boasts various value-adding activities for young and old, including: • trade-related workshops held on the Friday, including ‘Money matters while abroad’, hosted by international banking from Absa

The team behind WHTF includes, from left to right, Belinda Unterslak, Glynis Anderson and Lizzy Mokhudu

• cuisines of the world at The Theatre of Food, hosted by The Star and Saturday Star in conjunction with the Angela Day Kitchen • World of Beer pubs hosted by South African Breweries in association with Tavern Promotions • exciting youth travel options on offer at the STA Travel Youth Pavilion and non-stop fun for the young, showcased by Royal Caribbean

International at the kids’ zone • the travel agents corner, hosted by the Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA), with presentations aimed at sharing first-hand travel insights and tips by ASATA members

WHTF has been designed to offer consumers the best deals in town and real

value-for-money travel options from a
diverse range of exhibitors
•destinations from as close as our next door neighbours and as far as the imagination can stretch will be hosted by Association of National Tourism Office Representatives pavilion. In addition to the show being a costeffective, high-impact marketing and sales opportunity for the travel trade, there will also be great educational workshops with industry experts sharing their knowledge and insights on the latest outbound travel and tourism trends. For more information, visit www. worldtravelfair.co.za.





Hostex Cape promises non-stop action

Hostex Cape 2010 is sure to be an even greater success than the 2009 show

With over 220 exhibitors in one jam-packed hall, Hostex Cape 2010 is not to be missed this year. In addition to the plethora of products and services that will be showcased by the exhibitors, Hostex Cape 2010 offers more features and entertainment than ever before: • The SA Chefs Experience proudly presented by Nestlé Professional: This village will once again be a dynamic hub of activity, with demonstrations on the latest culinary products and trends, as well as various competitions. • Greenstuff Village and Green Hotel: In response to the overwhelming international move towards a more environmentally conscious approach to all aspects of hospitality, Hostex Cape will feature a Greenstuff Village – a first for the event. The Green Hotel, taking the form of a series of rooms typically found in a hotel, will showcase green products from floor to ceiling, inside and outside. • Wine Circle: Designed in the shape of a circle to facilitate networking and catching up with colleagues, this novel addition to Africa’s foremost hospitality exhibition will feature a select number of winemakers who will showcase their brands and cultivars to the hospitality industry in a targeted and informal environment. • Global Pizza Challenge: Will draw participants from restaurants and coffee shops all over the Cape, organisers will be pre-selecting approximately 20 passionate, independent pizza makers who can demonstrate their gastronomic masterpieces first hand during the competition’s national cook-off. • HomeGrown/SME Village: This village will provide a showcase of proudly South African goods and services, and niche service providers. Hostex Cape takes place from 8 to 10 March 2010 at Cape Town International Convention Centre, from 10:00 to 18:00 daily. Visitors can avoid registration queues by pre-registering on www.hostexcape.co.za. Log on to www. hostexcape.co.za to keep up to date on all the latest activities, competitions, demonstrations and highlights happening during the event.





Back2Business sheds its staid reputation as a formal gathering

The business tourism sector gets some attitude in 2010
Against an austere economic climate Back2Business 2010 was a bold statement that business tourism in the Western Cape remains fresh, dynamic and in the forefront of innovation. There is something about Cape Town’s history, diverse architecture, natural beauty and culture that radiates confidence. However, few delegates at this year’s event expected to see a red topless sightseeing bus parked along Castle Street in St George’s Mall. Back2Business

2010 came with a lot of attitude. Shedding its staid reputation as a formal business tourism gathering, dignitaries arrived kitted out in sunny Bafana Bafana T-shirts. “It was an invigorating afternoon. A combination of engaging exhibition booths showcasing new business tourism products and good presentations, and delegates had one great party. "The cherry ontop was definitely the unfolding of a giant Back2Business banner over the side of the bus. Young performers from Afrika Ablaze dance company streamed out of the stationary bus, offering a spectacular performance," said Calyyn Gilfellan, CEO of cape Town Routes Unlimited. Back2Business 2010 was a strategic decision to lead the meetings industry in support of the 2010 FIFA World

Cup. Warming up the audience, Dr Platzky’s presentation highlighted the province’s priorities leading up to the World Cup, together with its social and cultural legacy after the games. The Western Cape is maturing as a province and is punching far above its weight. Back2Business 2010 did its part in partnering with students from UCT RAG to raise funds for an art initiative for disadvantaged children in Manenberg. Guests were invited to buy a piece of recycled plastic for R10 or more to use to complete a mixed media picture depicting Cape Town Stadium with the backdrop of Table Mountain. Rachel Colenso, the event’s motivational speaker, encouraged the industry to make a resolution persevere. She likened business to her own life-threatening experience climbing a mountain in Switzerland. With a strong resolution never to be defeated, the South African-born adventurer qualified as one of four women ever to have completed the rigorous British Army SAS selection process and her story left the delegates inspired. Speaking after the event, executive manager for international marketing at the Cape Town and Western Cape Convention Bureau, David Frandsen, had this to say: “2010 offers a watershed moment for the business tourism industry in the Western Cape. It was important for Back2Business 2010 to display that we can engage in business in very unusual ways, while maintaining our excellent delivery. On behalf of the Western Cape stakeholders, I would like to thank Cape Town Tourism for their generous support of this event.”

Organisations expect superior service and efficient delivery from event venues. To meet this demand, VodaWorld Events provides a Five Star-rated venue, a highly professional service as well as exceptional attention to detail.

Conveniently located alongside the N1 in Midrand within Vodaworld - the country’s biggest one-stop cellular mall - the exquisitely refurbished Vodaworld Events boasts a Five Star Grading from the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa. The property comprises a selection of diverse venue options, suitable for a variety of functions - from small, intimate board meetings, seminars and cocktail parties, to conferences, exhibitions, corporate awards evenings, gala banquets, fashion shows and concerts. The versatile facilities include the Vodadome, Talk 500 North and South, Talk 100 and 200 tiered-auditoriums and four new breakaway rooms - which can also be converted into a sweeping ballroom.

Complementing our newly refurbished kitchen, a second kitchen has been added directly off the Vodadome, boosting catering capacity to 750 for a seated banquet. Our magnificent venue is expertly run by an experienced team of professionals, who are able to assist with an impressive list of service options. Talk to us if you’re looking to take your event to a different level.


What, when and where...
March 2010
AIME, the Asia-Pacific Incentives & Meetings Expo Date: 2 to 3 March Venue: Melbourne, Australia Hostex Cape Date: 8 to 10 March Venue: Cape Town International Convention Centre SARCDA International Date: 11 to 14 March Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre SABC Education Baba Indaba Date: 19 to 21 Mar Venue: Durban Exhibition Centre The Star Workplace Expo Date: 19 to 21 March Venue: The Coca-Cola dome Mega Media Expo 2010 Date: 24 to 25 March Venue: Sandton Convention Centre

Gardenex & Green Living Fair Date: 26 to 28 March Venue: The Coca-Cola dome GIBTM, the Gulf Incentive, Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition Date: 29 to 31 March Venue: ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates The Rand Show Date: 31 March to 11 April Venue: MTN Expo Centre

April 2010
Cape Town International Jazz Festival Date: 3 to 4 April Venue: Cape Town International Convention Centre World Holiday and Travel Fair Date: 16 to 18 April Venue: The Coca-Cola dome Durban International Boat & Lifestyle Show Date: 30 April to 2 May Venue: Durban Marina PSASA National Conference Date: 30 April to 2 May Venue: Emperors Palace



3D Group of companies OFC, 4 & 5 Aquila Private Game Reserve 19 Asara Wine Estate & Hotel 18 Belmont Square Conference Centre 18 Casta Diva 21 CTICC OBC De Hoop Collection 17 Durban ICC IFC Everglades Estate 7 EXSA 34 Knysna Tourism 13 Lesedi Cradle of Living African Culture 14 Maotla Boutique Hotel & Spa 22

Marlene Ward MTN Expo Centre Oasys Innovations Peermont Sandton Convention Centre Signature Life Hotels Slanghoek Mountain Resort Southern Sun Elangeni Markex World of Events The Better Business Trust The Conference Company Three Cities Vodaworld Events Walter Sisulu Square




Standing strong in 2010

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We s t e r n C a p e’ s h o t t e s t p ro p e r t i e s

s s • To p t i p s f o r e x h i b i t i n g Wo r l d C u p w e l l n e

R32.00 (VAT incl)


ISSUE 30 March/April 2010

For advertising sales contact:

MEDIA Caroline Martin T +27 (0)11 454 6051/2 F: 086 660 2024 C: +27 (0) 72 235 5725 E-mail: caroline@pinpoint.co.za

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