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Tourism English

Instructor: Hsin-I Chang (Christine)

E-mail: chsini@ydu.edu.tw
Course website:
Office: 203-4
Office Hours: Tuesday 1 & 9, Wednesday 1 & 2, Thursday 1 & 9 and Friday 6& 7
(Please make an Appointment in advance via e-mail.)

To broaden students vocabulary bank and sentence patterns in Tourism

To improve students oral communicative skills and survival English to
function effectively in English-speaking countries when they travel abroad.
To provide students with real-life situations and authentic materials.
To help students learn how to introduce their home culture and to appreciate
other culture.
To facilitate their acquisition of intercultural communicative competence.
To enable students to exploit tourism culture resources independently.

The course is conducted through lectures using multimedia aids and devices,
group activities, and student presentations. Students will be provided with
authentic and culture-rich materials. A course website will be used as a
supplementary for students to self study at home and also train the students to be
more active learners.
Course Materials
Live ABCs 3-D Animated Dialogues: Sightseeing and
Travel(2004) by LiveABC Interactive Corporation. (Required)
Course package: Class handouts
Course website:
Course Requirement and Policy
Each student is required to attend each class and engage in discussions on
readings or other class activities. If you absolutely must miss a class because of an
emergency, please notice me beforehand via phone or e-mail. You are still responsible
for the information covered in that class. Three absences without any reasons will
result in failure in the course. Please submit all of your assignments within the
Students will be divided into groups with 5 to 6 people, each of which need to be
responsible for the final project as laid down in the course syllabus. Each group will
discuss readings on a given topic and present their findings or submit their assignment
in a specific class meeting. In the final project, group members will integrate what
they have learnt from the course with their own thinking.

More than 3 classes of absence (3 calls) may result in your failing of the course.
Absence (-10), Late arrivals or early departures (-5), Leaves with approval(-2),
with approval (-0)
If you are aware of dates that you might or must miss, let me know as soon as
Active participation is essential in class.
Your participation grade will also take into account class discussion and in-class
activities as well as your attitude, effort and improvement over the course of the
You can earn grades each time when you actively participate into the class such
as answering or asking questions, role plays, or reading-aloud in class.
Final Project


Course Schedule
Week 1

Course orientation and Warm-up

Week 2

Departure (Airport, On the plane, Immigration)

Week 3
Week 4

Arrival (Hotel Check-in, Eating out, International Calls)

Arrival (Hotel Check-in, Eating out, International Calls)

Week 5

Transportation (Bus, Taxi, Renting a car, Asking for directions)

Week 6

Transportation (Bus, Taxi, Renting a car, Asking for directions)

Week 7

Sight-Seeing and Shopping

Week 8

Sight-Seeing and Shopping

Week 9


Week 10

Emergency Survival English

Week 11

Emergency Survival English

Week 12 English Tour Guide and English Tour Manager Certificate

Week 13

English Tour Guide and English Tour Manager Certificate


Week 14 Taiwan Tourism

Week 15

Taiwan Tourism

Week 16

Hosting a Foreign Friend in Taiwan

Week 17 Final Project Presentation

Week 18

Wrap-up and Party