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INTERNAL MEMO REGARDING REQUEST e TRANSALINK INTER-OFFICE MEMO March 1, 2016 TO: Sabina Kunkel Manager, Information Access FROM: Jeff Busby Director, Infrastructure Program Management SUBJECT: FOI Request: 2016/113 The attached reports are the latest working drafts and information within are subject to change as preliminary engineering activities continue. Should the project proceed to implementation, these materials will be used to develop procurement documents and is comprised of commercially sensitive information that should remain confidential in anticipation of commercial negotiations. 000004 B steer davies gleave Hatch Mott MacDonald 000002 ropa Prope for +1 4608)629 2610 Tasteerdavenginvecom steer davies gleave y Hatch Mott MacDonald Design Workbook ow et 22778101 Glontat O70