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Weekly newsletter of


Website: www.tootps.vic.edu.au
Telephone: 5985 2864

Email Address: tootgarook.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Issue 10 21st April,



Friday 22 April
Saturday 23rd April
Monday 25th April
Tuesday 26th April
Wednesday 18th May
Friday 10th June

Tootgarook Market 5/6M + 5/6Q rostered
ANZAC Day Public Holiday
House Cross Country @ Tootgarook PS
District Cross Country
Curriculum Day

All students will be participating in the Tootgarook

Spellathon sponsor sheets have been returned the
Spellathon will take place on Friday 22nd April. Children
may come dressed in black and yellow Spelling BEE
colours on the day.


A reminder that the school will be closed on Monday 25th April for the annual ANZAC Day
Public Holiday.
To commemorate this special day, the Rye RSL has organised a memorial
service on Monday 25th April. Our School Captains Miah Taylor and Bailey
German will proudly carry the Tootgarook banner down Nepean Hwy on
Monday to the Cenotaph for the service. A wreath in our school colours will
be laid to honour of our veterans. An open invitation is extended to Tootgarook PS parents,
teachers and pupils to attend the Commemorative Service and to march which will
commence from Rye Pier at 12.15pm.

Attitude to School Survey (ATSS)

All students in Years 5 and 6 will complete a state wide survey next week from the Department of Education and
Training (DET) called the Attitudes to School Survey. This survey aims to measure students feelings whilst at
school, with a particular focus on their wellbeing & safety, their levels of connectedness to their peers/school as
well as their engagement with their learning.
In term 3 we will receive a report from DET which will show how students at Tootgarook feel in comparison to
all other schools in Victoria. Empowering our senior students to have a voice at school is an important focus for
our school and to this end we do analyse this feedback closely and modify our programs accordingly. I will share
an overview of these results in the newsletter as they become available.

Our annual School Cross Country will be held on Tuesday 26th April. Children
may come dressed in their house colours to support their team.
The times are as follows;
11.30am-1.30pm Grade 3-6 (running for district)
2.30pm-3.30pm Grade prep-2 (running for house points)

Thankyou to the following parents and friends who have offered to help
Karen Woodford, Andrew Wallace, Dianne McKenzie.

A Student Emergency Contact Details letter will be sent home next week with your
child. Please check all details and if there are any changes such as phone
numbers, address, emergency contacts - please return to the School Office
so records can be updated in case of emergency thank you!

Today some children will bring home a Student Absence Letter outlining the unexplained days
your child has been absent from school. Please fill in the Reason for the Absence and return to
school to enable our records to be kept up to date. If at any time your child is absent
from school please either phone the school or send a note with your child when he/she
returns thank you for you co-operation.

Student of the Week

Students will be presented with certificates at next Thursday afternoons assembly.
Prep R Mrs Read Jeremy Whitten in celebration of the progress you are making with your book work.
Your cutting, drawing and writing skills are really improving. Well Done!
Prep S Miss Staley Summer Rogers - You are doing such a great job of working independently Summer!
Keep up the terrific work!
1A Miss Arnold Sinthyah Hopcroft - Sinthyah has been showing Integrity in all of her learning. She has
been working hard to learn how to spell the high frequency words and is able to identify them on signs around
the school. Well Done for BEING responsible for your own learning.
1P Miss Perkins Swae Quarrell- Thank you Swae for challenging your teachers this week during our inquiry
lesson. You asked a question that helped everyone to learn that a Seahorse is a fish! Well Done on BEING an
investigator and a challenger.
2B Mrs Baird Alivia McGrath always listens carefully and works hard to achieve her goals. Its good to see
you contributing more to discussions.
2J - Mrs Johnstone Alfred Tomakin-Barrett well done Alfred, on always talking about your understandings
and using mature vocabulary choices. You add a lot to our discussions.
3B Mrs Bos Jordan Carver in Celebration of the extra work you did at home when you researched the
Hooded Plover.
3W Ms Walton Charli Vis for your great attitude to learning Charli completed extra research at home on
Hooded Plovers which she will be able to include in her project. Well Done Charli
4B Miss Broomfield Taylah Hawley-Morsillo Taylah has had a great start to Term 2. Taylah arrives at
school with a positive attitude and ready to learn. She always demonstrates great listening skills. Well Done
4F Miss Kain Ashtyn Williams Ashtyn is such an amazing member of the class, she always tries her
hardest and completes her work to such a high standard. Great start to Term 2- Ashtyn!
4/5K Mr Kitchin Taya Lobo You have developed an improved level of confidence and are contributing well
to class discussions. Keep up the great work.
5/6M Miss McGhee Niall Harbour - Youre an enthusiastic, thoughtful student who has achieved excellent
results this week. Thank you for being so co-operative and helpful for Mrs. Clements this week.
5/6Q Miss Quintin Youve worked very hard to achieve excellent results Sarah Wallace. You put 100 %
effort into everything you do and youre a pleasure to have in our classroom.
Art / Craft Miss Davey Music - Mrs Young Ike Taylor 3B welcome to the school band! You have finally made it and your try-out
was fantastic! Well Done, Ike, it will be great to have you playing the guitar in the band.
P.E. Miss Daley Makenzie Cooke 2J well done Makenzie for persevering in sport this week. Makenzie
had a fantastic jump over the high jump rope. He persisted and never gave up until his technique was perfect.
Well Done Makenzie

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