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1. Title of the project:

Concurrent Version Schema

2. Objective of the project:

Concurrent Version Schema (CVS) is a Version Control Management System,
an important component of Source Code Configuration Management. Using this
you can record the history of sources code and scripts. CVS stores individual file
history. It can run scripts which you can supply to log CVS operations or enforce
site-specific polices.

3. Project category:
The Project category is Web based developed in ASP.Net with MS-SQL Server.
Language used is C#.

4. Language and software tool used:

Front End : C#
Operating System : Window 7
Back End : Microsoft SQL Server 2008

5. Modules:
Administrator Module: This module helps the administrator to get the source
code from the user and register it into the server database. Depending on the
information given by the data management group the data or code would be
stored in the system. If the client wants to know the status of their files then
they can get it from the administrator. The Administrator would get the
requested data from quality analysts database.

Login (Cryptography): This module is used for authentication purpose. Any

registered employee who is trying to enter his work area is checked for his id
and password .If he is authorized then he would be allowed to enter into his
work area.

Token Rising: The main motivation of this module each employee should
contain task and other employee not allow doing same task The project leader
assigns each task by the tokens. Each employee gets the task based on the
token raised and the status of the token. Each token will be allocated to the
employee as per the previous work allocated and time duration of the work and
the work details of the employee.

Task Allocation: This module helps the employee to track the current status of
the project on which a employee operator is working on. Task will be allocated
on a concurrent basis to the employee as per the work completion criteria and
work duration criteria. Any updates in the new task will be updated as per the
process and this will be updated before assigning the work to the specific
employee. This module also ensures that the same task should not be shared
with some other employee so as to reduce the communication gap between the
employee and to complete the work within the time frame and ensure error
free completion. Each task allocated to the employee will be monitored and

updates in the work will be notified and recorded for further tracking.
This module ensures that the work allocated should not be altered after assign
of work to the employee to re-assign to some other employee as it may cause
critical errors in the project. Only with the redundant situations the task may be
re-assigned to some other employee but make ensure that the work assigned to
the new employee is in the same technology and with having the knowledge of
the given work so has to avoid confusion and critical errors in the project.

6. Hardware requirement:

Operating system: Window 7

Hard disks: 40GB
RAM: 256 MB

7. Software requirement:

.Net Framework
MS SQL server 2005