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1) Sun is powerful in signs 1,4, 5, 9; in lagna and in 10th House.

2) Sun in fiery signs gives ambition, anger; in earthy signs gives pride and
makes one head strong; in airy signs makes one noble and given to learning;
in watery signs makes one fond of opposite sex.
3) Whenever Sun gets weak or afflicted, native's general health is affected.
4) A strong Sun or unafflicted Sun rules out serious heart condition.
5) Sun dasa gives easy glories and achievements to Taurus lagna natives.
6) 9th or 10th house from Sun tells about father
7) Sun if afflicted by Mars as lord of 3 rd, 8th, 12th - major accident
threatened, in Mars' dasa.
8) Sun confers vitality, Saturn conserves it.
9) Sun's conjunction with other planets in Libra is harmless as Sun is
10) Sun remains unafflicted in Virgo (like Jupiter in Taurus).
11) Stronger Sun gives will, force and individuality.
12) Sun, Rahu, Saturn and 12th lord have "separative effects". They
separate one from the traits of the house which they influence. If influence is
on 7 Lord House husband and wife separate.
13) Positive Sun gives radiance, energy, intuition and integrity. Negative Sun
makes one haughty, reckless, dogmatic and eccentric.
14) Sun with Mars gives medical profession and with Kethu gives
15) If Sun in 4/10 the identical with Aquarius heart disease to father.
16) Sun Mercury in 8th-sudden political prosperity.
17) Sun in angle late bed goer, early riser.
18) Sun Jupiter in 4th-legal expert.
19) Sun Saturn in angle to Mars - operation on privities.
20) Sun Moon in 2nd or 8th denies wealth.
21) Sun's conjunction with both Mercury & Venus - native adopts his father's
profession and has landed property and is wealthy.
22) Moon within 72 degree from Sun is a malefic but maleficience goes away
if Sun is weak. Moon does not lose its luster in the vicinity of a weak Sun.
23) Moon possesses maximum strength from suklapaksha ekadasi to
krishnapaksha panchami ( 11th day of bright half to 5th day of dark half).
24) Venus trine to Moon gives eye defect.
25) Full Moon in kendra aspectcd by Jupiter or Venus - even a low born native
is raised to kingly status.
26) Moon Vargottama in 10 th or in 11 th gives a contended life.
27) Moon in Cancer normally makes native a beloved of friends.
28) Moon aspected by a trik(6,8,12) lord - the native fails to overcome

29) Greater the influence of malefics on Moon, more will be the worried
30) Moon in neecha cancellation gives restless and ill tempered mind.
31) A weak Moon gives changeable and clastic nature.
32) Positive Moon makes one responsible, imaginative but variable in
33) Moon in 2nd or with lord of 9th gives charitable disposition, liberal broad
34) Moon in Aquarius or Capricorn does not make very liberal.
35) Moon aspected by a malefic makes one neither.
36) Moon aspected by lords of 6th, 8th, 12th gives weak mental strength.
37) The Moon placed between Mars and Saturn causes breathing problems.
38) A weak and afflicted Moon gives chronic ailments to mother.
39) Moon in debility aspected by Mars gives blood diseases including
40) Favorably disposed Mars gives alert mind and makes one quick to act.
41) Badly placed Mars gives aggressive temperament.
42) Neecha Mars aspect on lagna causes shyness and obstinacy.
43) Mars aspect on Mercury can causes break in education for entry into
profession or marriage.
44) Mars in Scorpio gives boils in anus, and conjunct lagnesh(lord of 1st
house) gives piles.
45) If Mars is in a trik (6,8,12) house native is always concerned about his
own happiness.
46) Mars conjunct or squaring Jupiter gives anemia and low blood pressure
47) Neecha Mars as 8th lord in 5th with Moon gives mental illness.
48) Mars in lagna, 4th or 10th in a dual sign leads to prosperity in his dasa.
49) Mars in 2nd from Venus gives prosperity after his marriage.
50) Mars in 10th house gives good status and authority in work place .
51) Mercury if aspect 6th or 8th gives swelling in arm pits.
52) Dispositor of Mercury in 6th, 8th or 12th makes educational career
53) Mercury in 1 st, 4th or 10th in own house makes a very tactful person
(who may not be frank and forth right).
54) Mercury in 6th in Virgo confers prosperity through patronage of cousins.
55) Mercury conjunct 6th lord can give heart problems.
56) Mercury in 3rd for Aries and Cancer lagnas gives good and high
57) Mercury in Virgo for Sagittarius lagna gives good and rich wife, native

prospers professionally.
58) Mercury's sambandha with 4th or 9th lords gives interest in astrology.
59) Mercury in 8th in Virgo gives fame, success and distinction.
60) Mercury with a node in 6th, 8th or 12th gives nervous disease .
61) Mercury and Jupiter in mutual kendras gives success in
62) Mercury ahead of Sun longitudinally and quite close, the native will be a
scholar but will not enjoy much financial prosperity.
63) Mercury behind Sun longitudinally and quite close, the native will be
learned, fortunate and have luxuries but will have less reasoning power.
64) Strong and unaff'llictcd Mercury gives great power of concentration in
studies and in his sphere of work. 65) Situation of many planets in the signs
of Mercury causes disturbances in studies due to family circumstances.
66) If 4 th lord is strong in a Mercurian sign, the native achieves much
success in student life.
67) Mercury in Jupiters house indicates good handwriting.
68) Jupiter alone in 11 th unaspected by malefic shows God 's grace and
good fortune.
69) Jupiter Venus conjunction or mutual aspect shows that love and
goodness oozes, from the native.
70) Jupiter with a node makes native to scoff at religion.
71) Jupiter in 4th from Moon gives longevity to mother.
72) Jupiter Venus in 7th or 10th from Moon gives comfortable profession ,
happy marriage.
73) Jupiter in next sign to Saturn gives good start of career at a desired level
and if no planet is,in between Jupiter and Saturn then success is clear and
74) Jupiter in next sign to Venus gives a capable and devoted partner.
75) Jupiter in 12th to Venus 1st marriage unhappy.
76) Jupiter Saturn in 6/8 or 2/ 12 position give hard work.
77) Jupiter aspects Mercury - smooth and meritorious educational course .
78) Jupiter 's association with Saturn is good for spiritual life
79) Jupiter as lagnesh in eighth gives much wealth.
80) Jupiter as lord of 11th in Capricorn does not allow one to accumulate
81) Jupiter's aspect on 8th removes chances of scandals and gives teerath
82) A Jupitarian is more attached to his issues than his wife.
83) A Venusian is more attached to his wife than issues.
84) Jupiter in 12th in respect to Venus or vice versa makes a man very

85) Jupiter in Aquarius is considered to be in exaltation by some seers.
86) Jupiter a karaka of friends having sambandha with 11th gives good
87) If Jupiter aspects 10th, then the funeral rites would be performed by son,
(meaning that native must beget a son) .
88) For Aries Jupiter in 12th or neecha is good.
89) Jupiter in 4th in own sign makes a woman pure and happy
90) Retrogression deprives Jupiter of its kendradhipati dosa.
91) Weak and afflicted Jupiter in 6th causes putradosa.
92) A retrograde planet in 4th from Jupiter hinders progeny happiness.
93) Jupiter's aspect is always more beneficial than stay even when weak.
94) Jupiter in 5th or 9th gives high intuitive power.
95) Any retrograde planet in 4th from Jupiter will check progeny happiness.
96) Jupiter's transit on natal Rahu posited in Jupiter sign- disadvantage in
that year.
97) Jupiter in 2nd long life to native: in 11th long life to father.
98) Jupiter in 1, 9, or 11th houses makes life prosperous .
99) Jupiter as kendra lord in kendra gives auspicious results .
100) Jupiters aspect on Moon does not allow mind to do wrong things .
101) Jupiter in 4th, 6th or 8th from Moon is not conductive for financial
102) Jupiter normally weakens the house it occupies.
103) Jupiter in houses 1, 2, 5 or 9 indicates persistent flow of money,
104) Negative Venus makes one mean-minded, licentious, unscrupulous and
having illicit love.
105) Venus is auspicious in 12th except in Capricorn and Aquarius.
106) Affliction to Venus has an adverse effect on morals,
107) Venus in own house gives indulgence in sex, a little in excess but with
life partner.
108) Malcfics in 4th and 8th from Venus can give widowhood.
109) Powerful Venus in 2nd to Saturn gives prosperity in profession afte r
110) Venus in debilitation makes one to have access to low born women.
111) Venus in enemy's house gives little happiness from sex and marriage.
112) Venus in 8th in Cancer/Scorpio aspectcd by Mars or Rahu gives kidney
disorder or urinary diseases. 113) Combust Venus gives one a vulgar and
charmless married life.
114) . Venus in upachayaya or 7th makes one 's bhagya after marriage.
115) Venus in own trimsamsa makes one very passionate.

116) Venus in movable rasi in fema le's chart shows that her husband has
affairs with other women.
117) Venus in 3rd, 7th or 11th from Moon gives vehicles.
118) Malefic Venus brings alcoholism and diabetes.
119) Afflicted Venus in a dual sign gives many girl friends.
120) Venus in 2nd from Sun makes one aristocratic, of virtuous disposition,
121) Affliction of Venus in a Man' s chart (affliction of Mars in a woman's
chart) makes marriage full of problems.
122) Venus in Leo close to , in many vargas of Sun. gives malefic effects in
fields like marriage. fidelity, sexual fulfillment and acquisition of wealth.
123) Venus is auspicious when ahead of Sun.
124) Marital bliss is wiped off: If ( 1) Mars in a Jupitarian sign aspectcd is by
Jupiter; or (2) Venus is surrounded by Sun and Moon in reference to 7th
house ; or There is mutual exchange of lords of 4th and 9th; or (4) Lords of
4lh and 9th are debilitated.
125) Venus Rahu Mars in 3 successive signs in this order mars happiness in
married life .
126) Venus in 6th in a watery sign makes one addiction to vices.
127) Venus in 12th in aspect of Jupiter or vice versa gives wealth .
128) Venus occupies the varga of Saturn or Mars and is aspected by Mars or
Saturn respectively, the native will be a profligate
129) Jupiter and Venus as angular lords in 2nd or 7 th house become real
130) Saturn's aspect is always bad and is more powerful than occupation.
131) Saturn cools down when he joins his depositor or is in own house .
132) Combust Saturn gives an insignificant and miserable existence.
133) Rahu in 7th, Saturn in 8th and Mars in 6th house- one loses his wife.
134) Retrograde Saturn aspecting retrograde Mars is doubly evil but get
mitigated if lagna lord is very powerful.
135) Saturn in 3rd from Mars -little happiness from brothers.
136) Saturn in 12th from Sun - checkered prosperity to father.
137) Saturn in trik(6,8,12 houses) -native faces initial disappointments and
frustrations in the matter of employment and earnings.
138) Saturn in 12th in neecha gives wasteful expenditure, frictions in family.
139) Saturn in 8th or 12th -l ittle domestic peace, much wasteful expenditure
, family circle inimical.
140) Saturn related to 10th - more work . less gain
141) Saturn aspects lagna - loathsome, sluggish.
142) Saturn and Mars aspect lagna irascible(ANGER) temper.

143) Saturn with debilitated lagnesh - inferiority complex.

144) Saturn in 3 rd, 6th or 10th - devoted to one's mother.
145) Saturn Mars Rahu's sambandha in 2nd or 7th - obstruction in early
stage, hard work, no job satisfaction, irritable.
146) Saturn in 12th, Sun in 6th -diseased body.
147) Saturn Moon in 7th make the native normal but highly ambitious.
148) Saturn's affliction to Moon and its influence in sign Cancer gives
inferiority complex.
149) Saturn 's affliction to Mercury, and its influence in sign Gemini or Virgo
gives nervousness.
150) Saturn's affliction to Venus and its influence in sign Taurus or Libra gives
love of luxury and carnal pleasures.
151) Both Saturn and Jupiter if strong, one is balanced, composed.
thoughtful, prompt in taking decisions. 152) Saturn in lagna with a malefic in
7th - impotent, no conjugal happiness.
153) Saturn in kendra to Moon - delays and obstacles in life's progress,
mental depression, sluggish response to joys of life.
154) Saturn as' atamkaraka in Pisces navarnsa- resignation of worldly
155) Saturn gives wealth and prosperity in lagna coinciding with Libra, Pisces
or Sag.
156) Saturn in Aquarius adversely affects the life prospects of the relation
represented by the house where Aquarius sign falls (Saturn in 5th or 7 th in
Aquarius harms child and wife respectively).
157) Saturn in Lagna coinciding with signs 1,2,3. 4, 5, 6, 8 is not good.
158) Saturn in 2nd from Moon makes one vigorous and dashing.
159) Saturn in vargottama in Leo - influx of wealth.
160) Transit Saturn when retrograde comes on a planet in 6th gives illness.
161) Saturn or Rahu behind Moon either in rasi or navamsa by a rasi or
longitude, it generates mahashakti yoga. One is destined to go far in life and
progress in whatever activity one is engaged. It results in abundant courage
and tolerance and immense success in one's efforta.
162) If Sun is in 5th from Moon. All is better.
163) Saturn in swati, poorvabhadra. aswini constellation- stay in foreign
164) Saturn in magha, poorvaphalguni constellation - stay away from home.
165) Natives born in any of the Sun stars, are raised to zenth of their life
during Saturn dasa.
166) If Saturn transits Capricorn and Saturn period is on - a wiping out of the
past occurs with a new lease on life for the future.

167) When Saturn in transit opposes its own places in natal-climaxing

developments occur along the line witch had been laid down at the time of
junction about 14 years ago.
168) Transit Saturn . in square to its natal position - lesser but important
developments take place.
169) Saturn and Rahu aspect on weak lagnesh- diabetic.
170) Weak and afflicted Saturn in lagna with a malefic in 7th- impotent.
171) Saturn in 8th in female chart- married life unromantic and charmless.
172) Saturn in Capricorn- success in business; in Aquarius- power and
173) Saturn in kendra to Moon - sluggish response to joys of life , mind loses
some of its buoyancy, obstacles in life's progress.
174) Saturn in kendra- nishakama karmi.
175) Saturn or Mars or Rahu or Kethu in 6th, 8th or 12th in watery signdiabetes.
176) Saturn in 12th-fond of sleeping.
177) Nodes in angles with trinal lords or in trines with angular lords become
yogakarkas and give auspicious results.
178) Rahu and Kethu when posited in Kendra or kona become yogakarakas if
they are connected with the lord s of one of these houses . Their conjunction
with the lord of a trikona is beneficial anywhere in the chart. 179) If Rahu or
Kethu occupies the 7th or the 2nd house in conjunction with or aspected by
the lord of the 5th or of tile 9th house, wealth , long life and status will be
conferred on the native.
180) Nodes in a dual sign with or aspected by angular or trinal lords give
name fame and wealth during their dasa.
181) Rahu or Kethu conjoined with the lord of a trikona and posited in the 9th
or the 10th will act beneficially.
182) lf Rahu or Kethu be conjoined with ayogakaraka planet and placed in
the 1st, the 3rd, 4th, the 7th or the 10th, they confer happiness, children and
wealth on the native.
183) The Sun and the Moon suffer the most when they come in close contact
with Rahu or Kethu. Rahu and the Sun combination causes loss of profession
and prestige, adversely affects father' s health. lt checks happiness and
reduces longevity. Rahu-Moon contact without any beneficial aspect gives
rise to hysteria, mental depression , lunacy or religious mania except for
Scorpio lagna natives. It adversely affects native 's mother.
184) Mars with nodes makes a person violent. Such a person cannot control
his anger. Sometimes,murderous tendency appears.
185) Mercury conjoined with Rahu or Kethu will make the person suffer from

a disease that cannot be diagnosed or cured . Even nervous break down or

insanity is caused.
186) Venus in close association with Rahu or Kethu gives perverse sex
outlook and absence of aesthetic sense.
187) Saturn so conjoined gives rise to melancholia, suicidal tendency and
criminal bent of mind, but under aspect of Jupiter he produces a great yogi.
188) If Rahu or Kethu be placed in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces and
conj oined with the lords of 1st, 4th, 5th . 7th, 9th or 10th, the person enjoys
life and gets wealth in their dasa
189) Rahu or Kethu in the above position, and if lord of the sign also owns
1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th house , promotion and prosperity result in their
190) Nodes in the above position posited in:191) Dual signs and conjoined with or aspcctcd by the lords of 6th, 8th or
12th will cause loss of brother or father of the native.
192) Rahu in Gemini in angle or trine gives political power and prosperity.
193) Rahu in Aries. Taurus, Cancer gives wealth, education, and favor from
Government and a good beautiful married partner.
194) Nodes normally produce bad results when placed in the rasis of Sun and
195) It is said that Rahu depicts the state of past sins committed by a person
and Kethu provides means for mitigating the evil effects of those sins and so
acts as a balancing power.
196) Rahu is more earthly and gives mundane prosperity, Kethu signifies
salvation to human souls.
197) Whenever Rahu or Kethu transit the 4th house from the dasa lord, they
cause upheavals, turmoil and other sad results during his transit.
198) lf Nodes occupy the 5th or the 9th house and be conjoined with or be
aspected by the lord of 2nd or the 7th. they are likely to cause death during
their dasas.
199) If Rahu or Kethu is placed in the 7th or the 2nd house and a malefic
planet be conjoined with the lord of the 7th or the 2nd, death will occur
during the dasa of that malefic planet.
200) Mercury-nodes combination makes one eccentric with perverse
intelligence, cunning, deceptive thievish.
201) Jupiter- nodes combination gives destroys satwic qualities of Jupiter
and native scoffs at religion, and makes one an unorthodox, antagonistic.
202) Venus-nodes combination gives perversity in sexual outlook, sense of
beauty and aesthetic appreciation and marriage, it affects native's health
and character, In female chart it gives widowhood.

203) Saturn-nodes combination gives melancholia, pessimism, criminal

tendency, tendency to commit suicide, and makes one rude, angry, impolite,
impotent, quarrel some, and accident prone.
204) Rahu in 6th bestows wealth and longevity while Kethu in 12th gives
moksha after full enjoyment of material benefits.
205) Nodes with Sun in 8th affect longevity.
206) Rahu denotes attachment, Kethu detachment.
207) Kethu or Rahu joining Mars in any sign gives hydrocele, hernia or
bladder defect.
208) Dispositors of nodes are known as "Karmic control planets" and if they
conjoin in a good house, they give rajayoga. Their dispositors in 5/9 position
shows good past karmas.
209) Nodes in marakasthanas if aspected by or conjo ined with lords of 5 or
9th, do not cause death.
210) All major events, twists and turns of the native's life are connected with
the two houses tenanted by Nodes.
211) Lagna or navamsa lagna on Rahu -Kethu axis in a female chart indicates
cesarean delivery.
212) Rahu or Kethu with Mars gives hasty nature and judgement, cruelty and
213) Rahu and Jupiter in 8 the give stomach diseases. If constellation of Mars
or Kethu is involved one undergoes an operation.
214) If Rahu is in Moon's sign or is in 3rd , 9th, 10th from Moon, the native
lives a princely life and becomes unusually rich in old age.
215) Rahu in 6th or 12 th from Moon gives wealth, power, landed property.
216) Rahu in 4th or 10th from Moon makes one sickly and parents are
worried for him.
217) Rahu in 2nd or 11 th from Moon makes one shameless, poor.
218) Rahu in 5th from moon makes one accident prone and gives danger
from water.