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Aloe (Agar Wood)

Santalum album
Hebrew meaning: Ahalim
Scripture references: Numbers 24:6; Psalms 45:8;
Proverbs 7:17; Song of Solomon 4:14; John 19: 39
General properties: Relieves anxiety and brings a deep
sense of peace. Aloe helps in stimulating the secretion of
melatonin. It contains the fourth-highest concentration of
Sesquiterpines, the oxygen bearing molecule that is
responsible for deprogramming incorrect information in
each cell. Anti-inflammatory. Decreases nervous tension
and stress. Great for cuts and wounds, acne, dermatitis
It helps in treating urinary-tract infections
Prophetic meaning: My past has been redeemed. Aloe
highlights the gentle forgiving nature of Jesus. I love the
fact it gives us all a clear message of hope. As you
continue reading about Aloe you will notice that Jesus
always turns our past into a purposeful future. So be
blessed as you enter into the Aloe anointing.
Aloe oil is not from the typical aloe vera plant we are
familiar with. It is obtained from a fungal infection that
attacks the heartwood of the Aquila tree. The infection
causes the trunk and roots to secrete a resin which
preserves the tree. The resin has a beautiful fragrance and
is extremely valuable.The resin embedded wood is
commonly called gaharu, jinko, aloeswood, agarwood, or
oud and is valued in many cultures for its distinctive

fragrance, and thus is used for incense and perfumes. It

was believed in ancient times that it was the only tree
descended to mankind from out of the Garden of Eden.
Legend had it that Adam took a shoot from the garden and
planted it where he settled and that every aloe plant
originates from this shoot. Other names for it are Shoot of
Paradise or Paradise Wood.
There is another mention of aloe in Numbers 24:6 as the
valleys are they spread forth, as gardens by the river`s
side, as the trees of lign aloes which the Lord hath planted
as cedar trees beside the waters. The word for aloes in
this context in Arabic means little tents. This word was
derived from the small tent-like capsules from the lign aloe
tree. The symbolic picture speaks of the blessing coming
for the Bride. We, like Israel are blessed of the Lord and He
comes to marry us to His Son who is preparing a tent or
bridal chamber next to His Fathers house for us. This is
confirmed in John 14: 1-2, I go and prepare a place for
you and when it is ready, I will return for you. Throughout
our preparation time here on earth, the Holy Spirit comes
along side us and helps us to make ourselves ready. He
does this by revealing Jesus and His perfect and complete
gift of grace to us. He lavishes us with many gifts and
provides us with strength to surrender into His powerful
hand of surgery and healing.
An infection can come in many forms. We are all infected
by sin and God provided the blood of His Son to turn our
infection into a treasured fragrance. The Bible says that we
are a fragrance unto Christ. Jesus paid a very high price for
our sin.He came and took the sinful, sick, diseased nature

out of us and gave us a new valuable identity. He

continually transforms us to become a sweet smelling
aroma unto God.
Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But
this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are
being saved and by those who are perishing. 2 Corinthians
2:15. We often experience seasons where our choices and
decisions influence our lives negatively, or the sovereign
hand of God allows us to go through trials and tribulations
for the purpose of strengthening our faith in the finished
work of the cross. God understands our human limitations
and the daily struggles we are challenged with. The
solution to this re-infection is to bring it under grace.
Gods plan is to keep us in relationship with Him. He took
our sin that was destine to destroy us, and placed it all
upon Himself. We should never allow the trials we are
challenged with to overcome us. We have been given
everything we need in Christ to be more than over-comers.
As I reflect back upon my life, I realize that I could have
allowed the re-infections over the course of my life to
have destroyed the greater purposes God had waiting for
me. Allow me to encourage you; Jesus came to give you
life, abundance and fulfilment in all you do. Continue
reading and discover the wonders of His great love.
Aloe is mentioned 4 times in the Bible:
Numbers 24:5, 6"How beautiful are your tents, O Jacob,
your dwelling places, O Israel! Like valleys they spread out,
like gardens beside a river, like aloes planted by the LORD,
like cedars beside the waters. He shall pour water from his
buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters. We are like

aloe trees planted by the Lord. He created us as His master

pieces and is constantly restoring us back to our original
state. We are watered by Him and can only survive in and
through Him.
Psalm 45:8 All your garments are scented with myrrh and
aloe and cassia This piece of scripture is preceded with,
You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore
God, Your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness
more than your companions. The love we are encouraged
to have for Jesus will instil in us a walk of righteousness. It
will be a relationship filled with gladness because we
become aware of the magnitude of His grace toward us.
Once the reality of our destiny without grace becomes fully
known to us, we cannot help to be in awe of His mighty
hand of love toward us.
Proverbs 7:17 I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes
and cinnamon A bed is a place of rest. We enter into the
anointing of His peace and rest, through learning to trust
Him in all circumstances.
Mark 20:39 .bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloe, about
a hundred pounds . . . Jesus was embalmed with aloe,
signifying that He came to conquer the effects of the
infections that come to steal and rob us. He overcame
the curse of death on our behalf. This is why the
infections we experience in life will offer resurrection life
to us if we choose to surrender our lives to Him.
Aloe reminds me of my own life in many ways. I remember
desperately searching for love, acceptance and recognition.

I made unhealthy choices in relationships. I compromised

my moral standards which lead me to feel more and more
guilt and dislike of myself. Have you ever looked into the
mirror and wondered who you are looking at? I knew that I
was doing harm to myself, yet shortly after deciding that I
would never allow myself to walk this path again, I found
my footsteps tracing back into the same direction. Have
you felt like you are going around the same track over and
over again? Have you noticed a pattern in the way you
have lived your life?
To enter into the aloe anointing, means surrendering into
Gods plans for your life. It requires trusting God to turn
your PAST into a FUTURE. Only God can turn the infection
into a sweet smelling balm. Nothing you have tried or are
hoping to try will satisfy the thirst you have for meaning
and deep gratification. Only the unconditional love of Jesus,
who took me into His loving, and forgiving arms, even
though I felt dirty and unlovable, was able to change my
life forever. Everything else I tried only gratified my flesh
for a season. Jesus came and took me as I was, and gave
me hope again.
You may experience days of weakness and find yourself
falling back into your old patterns. Remember, God is
patient and kind. He will pick you up and allow you to try
again. He is always willing to go the extra step with you.
People may say you are hopeless, or you will never make
it. God says, When you are weak, I am strong, when you
cant, I can. The Bible teaches that there is no
condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk
not after the desires of the flesh, but after the Spirit. God

sees your heart and knows the ultimate plans He has for
you. God has intended you to be a winner and so you are
in Him. Allow God to come and overcome the infection of
temptation. You are safe with Him! I know that making a
choice to change unhealthy habits is easier said than done.
I made so many new, New Years resolutions and failed
dismally. This only made me feel worse and more of a
failure. In Numbers 24:6, God describes Israel as aloes
planted by the Lord! Like valleys that stretch out, like
gardens by the riverside, like the aloes planted by the Lord,
like the cedars beside the waters. Aloes is one of the eight
trees in scripture mentioned by name, which the Lord has
The anointing of aloe encourages me, because I am
reminded by the Lord that it is He who has planted me. He
has planted me securely in Him, to be adorned in His robe
of beauty and gladness. Psalm 45:7, describes this
garment of joy as having a fragrance of aloe, cassia and
myrrh. The aloe anointing, amongst other properties,
grants comfort, freedom, victory and the mantle of praise.
I received enormous peace as I began anointing myself
with aloe, because the revelation of God planting me for a
purpose, gave me rest from trying to create my own
destiny. I realized that I was planted by God for His
pleasure. In the new covenant we have been made
righteous and so my own efforts to become more worthy or
make myself feel better before God were all in vain.
The aloe trees infection becomes the most precious oil or
balm. This is hard to understand when we try and apply
this theory to our own lives. Most of the time we try so
hard to keep our pain hidden and away from others. I know
from my own life, I was embarrassed about my self

inflicted illness of anorexia and also the embarrassing path

of failed relationships, and two unsuccessful marriages. My
life was not an attractive tapestry, yet God looked at me
through His eyes of love and much greater potential. As
you are reading this, perhaps you are feeling as though
your life has nothing to boast about or perhaps you have
achieved all you have dreamt of, but are dismally unhappy.
God has made a plan for you, and it is a plan that requires
no work of your own. It only requires a relationship of
trusting Jesus and the finished work He has done for you.
A Prayer of Purification:
Father, I surrender myself to You. I declare that I have
been planted by You as an tree of righteousness, to display
Your splendour and not my own. Forgive me for trying to
achieve my own sense of worth and recognition. I
surrender my successes and my failure to You, and ask for
You to turn my ashes into beauty and give me a crown of
beauty for Your honour and glory. Father please come and
reveal the deepest lies that have held me in bondage, so
that I may surrender to You everything that has kept me
from receiving the fullness of Your gladness and joy. I
receive this anointing of truth into my life and declare that
the truth according to Gods word shall set me free. Thank
you for your truth and I receive Your blessings which You
have stored up for me in heavenly places. In Jesus Name
-Naomi Sheneberger

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