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textures patterns
& Sole Quintana José Alberto Chiew Pang

the feel of a surface



hard smooth rough

the illusion of having physical texture

normally with irregular pattern

© Chiew N Pang

normally with regular pattern

textures can be rough or smooth

smooth by touch

visually, no

a smooth surface produces a static sensation

a rough surface produces an effect of motion

artists and designers use textures and patterns to ³speak´ to their audience

textures add variety without changing colours

elements that repeat


1. Make a booklet of textures 2. Using textures and colour, repaint Pablo Picasso¶s Guernica

How to make a small book of textures?
1. Fold a sheet of A4 paper into half. Fold it again. 2. Cut the edges that are joined. This will give you 8 pages. 3. Prepare 15 rectangles (4 by 2cm) of different textures.* 4. Glue 3 textures to a page, leaving the 1st 2 pages, and last page blank.

4 2

*How to transfer textures to paper?
Place a piece of paper over the textured material. Gently rub a pencil on it until you see the designs of the material appear on the paper.

Paste three textures on each page and label them.

My book of textures
Natural and Artificial
Folder wall

textu res M y book of
Artificial and Natural


7 natural textures 8 artificial textures

Materials used:
To paint:
Colour pencils

Example of a student¶s work
Original format: A3

Back of a brick Mosquito net Classroom stool Plastic mesh Sandpaper

Ainoha 1º ESO B (2009-2010) IES Los Tarahales

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Chiew N Pang

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