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100 flowers to knit

--~ crochet

A collection of beautiful blooms

for embellishing clothes, accessories, cushions and throws




A collection of beautiful blooms for embellishing clothes, accessories, cushions and throws

Lesley Stanfield

Search Press


Published If' 2009 bt Se.rch Press Ltd Wellw:>cd

North Farm Road Tunondge We~s Kel'!tTN23DR

Reprinted 2009

Copyright © 2009 Oiarto Publishing pic

AU lights reserved, No part or this publication may be reproduced. stored In a retnevat system. or trarsmitted in ant form or by any means. electronic, mechaoiQlI. pbotccopying, recording or otherwise. without ihe permission of the cooyrigllt holder.

ISBN: 978-1-8'1448-403-1

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Foreword/About this book 6 4 PROJECTS 108
Project 1: Peg bag 110
1 BEFORE YOU BEGIN 8 Project 2: Evening handbag 112
Materials and equipment 1'0 Project 3: Stationery 114
Crochet symbols 12 Projec 4: Christmas gift wrap 115
Abbreviations 14 Projec 5: Baby's cardigan 116
erminology and aftercare 15 Project 6: Winter scar r 118
Notes on knitting 16 Project 7: Summer shoes 119
Notes on crochet 18 Project 8: Ruffles 120
Project 9: Place settings 122
7. DIRECTORY OF FLOWERS 20 Project 10: Shopping bag 124
Flowers 22
Leayes 42 Index 126
fruit and vegetables 44 Resources and credits 128
3 TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS 46 CroChet instructions Basic esigns Intermediate designs Advanced designs

66 74 92

Knitting instructions Basic designs Intermediate designs Advanced designs

48 S4 62



This collection of flowers, fruit. leaves. vegetables and insects is designed to appeal to anyone who can knit or crochet and everyone who loves flowers. Although the limitations of knitting and crochet have dictated the detail of some of the designs - serious botanists beware - it's a fond, sometimes frivolous, interpretation of the natural world.

The designs are created by simple shapings rather than fancy stitches, so few skills beyond the basic know-how are required. and no wiring is used, so all creations

can be handled quite safely by children. Yarn is a lovely medium to work with and the .satisfaction of making small objects like these cannot be over-estimated - enjoy!



This book provides a stunning selection of 100 flowers and natural designs for you to knit and crochet. Each and everyone of these gorgeous creations can be used to embellish garments. gifts. accessories and much more.


The book begins with some basic knitting ard crochet inforrnauon about yan,s, needles and hOOkS. symbcls, abbrevrations and terrmnotogy as well as some notes on how to work the key stitches featured in the book - much of the know-how you need to get .started,


The Directory of flowers is a showcase of the 100 beautiful desigm that feature in this book. Organ-ized into flowers, leaves, and fruit and vegetables. and interspersed with a few insects. the directory contahs a mix of crochet and knitted designs. Flick through this colourful visual guide. select your design, and then turn La the relevant page of instructions to. create your chosen piece.


. _. "



Eoc" k"'tlCd .,w} «",he! fIow~' .. labtl.'c<i ""tt 0 "",,>be, tho (O{~p<>"di (0 rJ>e 'Ie< 01 J(Ji(nl(tJ9'I$" lf~ T~ch:ocd ins"u<:l'O'lS c1>;)PIe~ (poges 10-107).

Eocll deSIgn is shown Q[ oauol SIZe.


SECTION 3: TECHNICAL INSTR.UCTIONS (PAGES 46-107) Here you'lI find mstructiors on now to create each and every design featured in tne Directory of Flowers. Organized into separate knitting and crochet sections. andthcnsubdivided into basic. mterrnediate and advanced skil leve:s. lhis chapter contains full instructions to aid you in the cr.cation of ~our chosen design.

AU milled GM ClOChe! a, iM oro o'l~"n,Z(jd 1>{ ,loll 1"",/: bo .... "",m«l>ute or orNanced.




....... ~. · ... :.. .. ~'""'·I

~_"'~_,co. .- ... ~ .... -_.

... --"""'~ ....... .. q_"''' _'l--_l

... _ ,.,_, .....

~ -~

.... _ , ...

"'_"k" ~-;;--' ...... , ...

i'HI ..... """;:~~ ........................ -

!:~ .... !:. ..

_r . .., .. ,Hof!o

... ~,..~.,.,..w...c. ~ ........ ,.,...--

::...7.".~;~=-,_ .......

"",""-" ~ .... """" .... 4 ... A



The beauty of tbese deSigns is:tl'1at all can be-used to ~I;)ellish.a number of items. from garments and

a <essories. to gift wrap and Drace settings. This chapter presents a selection or ideas to IhsFire and ercourage y'ou_to use lhe featured designs ill a variety of ways ·-the dilemma is whethel" to make a flower and then fi nd <! us~ for it .• 0" vice versa!

,..~~ ..,."" .... " ........ ,.""",,_,10,..1.

~:::.~.::.~'. ,~

",",_", .. ).-, __ ... _f:IOso ......

........ IJo).I_.-..II..,._~.~··:.;.'" t-o._, ... ,,-. ......... _,fl. ti

. -:.,a. ••

'"'_lJ ... u .... ~ .. ,. ~_oII"_fltd~ .... .,..,

,,,.-~ .. ~""" ...

, __ . .--_4 .........


::=~::=.; ..

... _~,_ ... ._...., ...... .,.7foI. "- .. .".A .... ., ' •

:.--:.~)O.1 "',,..

,..._. ",.'),h. ,' :«

"..tIofot ._t, _",~.

""'t .. _....,_~, .:rr.. ..

, ..!'=~~~~ '!'"~~ '.\Or._

u.r.,<:._.' .....




......... ...,,~


I_~ __ ""v\.-.


..... ~---+-1he type of 'f3'I> ,eqwed fot ecch ceSlgn and 0111 olner ne<ess~ry 6xrms- CrE spe'':ljied.

Coo_ , •• ,--'i ...... " ••.

foo'_l'Ol~._r ....


7-~~'·' .-, ..

.. -Y'..,.., ~ I .........

, .... _> ".IJ'_'''.''''''''''''''''_ ~ _".""~110""''''~' .. _ ....

Q',._.::...._ .... -00 1'0. .......... _

:"-'"I"''''\''d'<t'''''I.'1''' <lt''f_~_

•• ..,. ... ,\,.,.~ __ 'CJ"1W • ..,

~,.. .. ·w_ .... v _.~

-_,"", .. I~·'-""..,.....,. ... ~- .. ~ ... -, .... ~. _"'J .. _"""~ _·"""I-~"·'" ..... ,, __ -.0\ ~_..

;!~~~,:;;~;__--1f-I'1lI1 'nscp..1C'tb.ns ere provkt!:d (oreeCh lc!lIue/l 000 croche: design. "0 the ClOCh?t sea"", ch<lf($ ore aJro Jl'o',ided w am,"'~1Y the illS{fllCl/ooS,


Inspl"'~O/101 /IJro; 011 how ;0 ",Pit your J(tIl:ted 01 C/!Xhet dcs'gi15 c;re Pr'Ol>de:J.


Before you get started, here is some useful information about yarns, needles, hooks symbols and abbreviations, as well as some notes to help you brush up on your knitting or crochet skills.


As already mentioned. no neede sizes are specifed In this book. but you will want to vary your choice of needle cepending on the yam you are u,ing. Pairs of knitting needles-are made in a variety of lengths. Most are aluniinium. although larger-size needles are made of plastic to reduce their weight. For most of the designs in this book, a conventional pair or needles is used. but. two double-pointed needes are needed to make a (oKI, and four double-poInted needles where the"C is knitting in the round. Bamboo needles are available in milny sizes.



Few materials and minimal craft skills are needed for the designs featured in this book. Obviously, changing the type of yarn and colour will produce a different result and scale. so it can be very rewarding to experiment.


Yams are available in a range of weights from 3-P~1 to extra chunky. Because yarns may vary from one rnamnacnrer to another and

c I-.ainly cNinge ri-om one fibee to ;jr.otnt?(, only generic yam types are Indicated in tbis book although smooth yams are recommended for crochet - and no needle or hook sizes are gIVen. You should be aware of me propel ies of different yams, however, from the fullness of cotton to the elasticity of wool, because the coostruction of a yam will affect its behaviour and characterisf s. and so will influence the end result. Experinentation is key. Try uSII'1g different tensions aod, r in doubt. use a smaller reedle/hook size than usuel

If you real.ly want to reate a 110 'ist's shop (or a greengroc~s counterl) separate your yams II1to colour groups and keep these in transparent plastic cortainers so that you have a pale e of colours to work with. Don't limit yoursef to knitting yam and look for interesting colours among embroidery threads.

A varf~ of qirre, erlr ra, n types and Weights.



Crochet hooks are available in a wide range of SIzes and materials. Most hooks are made from allrmhium or plastic. Small SIZes of steel hooks are made for wornilg Vvit very fine yarns. Hand-made wooden, bamboo and horn hooks arc also available.

l-look sizes al-e quoted differentry

in Europe and the United States,

and some brands of hook are

lab6Jed with more than one type of nurrberirg. Choosing a hook is largely a matter of personal preference, The design of the hook affects 1he ease of 'W01i<irg considerably. Look for a hook lI'vt1ic;h has a comfortable grip,

Pairs of knitting needles. and double-pointed needles, in vanous materels and sizes.




Tape measure Essential in measin g lengthS of yam. choose one that features both inches and centimetres on the same side.

Markers and row counter-s Ready-made markers can be used to indicate a repeat

or to help count stitches

in a chain (see page 17

for the use of yam

markers). Similarly, a,

row counter may help

vou to keep track of

{he number of rows

you have worked. but in knitting this is usually easy

rf you remember 10 include the stncbes 0 the need.e as a now.


Choose a small sharppointed pair to ctJt yam and trim yarn ends.








Work in the single fiunl strand of me stnch below - this concave curve w~1 appeal- underneath the stitch symbol.

Slip nng


• Slip slitch Work i the single back
strand of the stitch below
this convex CUI~ will
appear underneath the
stitch symbol.
+ Double crochet
T 'Nork around the stem of a
Half tl-eble crocnet stitch - the instructions \Mil
i,d,cate wheitler this is to
be done from the back or
f the front
Treble crochet
f An arrowhead indicates
Double treble crochet the beginning of a co» or
round wnEl"e ths is rot
immediate!y epparent,
Tnple treble crcchet INCREASES

symbols joined at the base show stitches \/\fOrked in a single strtch or space to make an increase. They are usually described as 'work so many stitches in tne next stitch', or at the beginning of a row'work m many stitches in the stitch below',

2-51 dc increase

V \V

2 -st tr mcrease

3-51 tr increase


2-51 dtr increase


Symbols joined at the top show stitches gathered into one stitch to form a decrease. Each stnch of lhe group (,,; dtl; etc, according to the symbol) is made wrthout working the

st WI'ap (a wrap is: yam round hook then pu,1 yam-through loop). This leaves one loop on the hook for each incorrolete stitch plu he criginal loop. The decrease is completed by ta~Jng the yam round me hook and then

1.~ling the yam through all loops on the hook


A A\


2 -st de decrease

2 -st 11- decrease

3-st tl" decrease

2 -st dtr decrease

3-st dtr deo-e<lse

As above, each stitch (one dtr around stem of stit h then one r in next stitch) is worked Without making the last w p. yam round book and pull yam through all 3 loops 01'1 hook.




A cluster is made exaCtly like a decrease (see left) except that the stitches are all wol'l<ed in a smgle stitch or space before being gathered .ogether at the top.

2-st tr dusters

3-Sl tr duster

2-st dlr cluster

3-st dtr cluster

'lOst dtr cluster

2-st lrlr closter







kfb knit In front and back of stitch 0 make two stitches from one


make a strtch by lifting strand in front of next strtch and knit in back of it

p pun

plb purl in n-ont ard back of stitch to make two stitcnes from one

psso pass slipped sti,ch(es) over

RS right sidejs)

skpo slio one stitch knitwse, knit one. pass slipped st ch OJ

ssk slip two stitches one at a tune knrtwise. nsert point of left-hand needle into the fronts of these two strtches and knit them together (this is interchangeable with skpo above)

s2kpo slip lWO stitches as if to knit two together; knit one. pass the slipped strtches over

sk2po slip one kJ1ilVlisc. knit two together; pass slipped stitch o~er

st(s) stitch(e)

st-st Sleeking stitch


hrough the back of the loop(s)

cog rogetner

wylf Nilh ydlll in »vIIl

WS >MUng side(s)

yo yarn forward and over oeede to make a stitch

[] work Instl icticns In square brackets the number of times stated




ch sp chain space

dec decrease


double crochet


double treble crochet


half treble crochet



sp space
ss slip strtch
St(s) st1tch(es)
tr treble crochet
trtr mple treble crochet
yrh yam round hook ( )

round brackets indicate a group of stitches to be worked together

[ ]

square brackets enclose a

group of sutches to be worked the number of urres Slated after the brackets






The patterns in this book use English terminology. which differs somewhat from Arnencan tef11'lkiolo&l.YOu may fir.d this list of English terms ard -heir American equivalents useful.


doolje crochet (de) half treble crochet (her) treble crochet (er)

doulje treble crochet (dtr) tnple treble crochet [trtr)


single crochet (sc)

half double crochet (hde) double crochet (de) treble crochet (uo)

douule lr-eble cr'Ochet (dtr)


Hand Washing


Do not wash by hand or machine

Hand washable in warm water at the stated temperature

Machine Washing




Machine washable in warm water at the stated temperature


Bleacning not permitted


Bleaching permitted (with rhlonne)



Machine mshable I warm vater at the stated temperature, cool rinse, and short


Machine washable In warm water at the stated temperature,

short spin

It fs a good idea to keep a ball band fro

eath project you complete as a reference for washine lostructlons. or altematively make a note of then. Standard laundenng sym':lols arc glVerl below, athough you may prefer to wash your knrtted or crocheted item by hardo If so. this should be gently done in hot wale~ with a mild. detergent -frec cleaning agent, Most purpose-made woo or fabric shamooos are ideal, but creek the one '/ou choose does not cortain opnca brighteners whict'! Will cause yarn colours to fade. Always nnse the piece thoroughly and allow to dry naturally.


Dry Cleaning


Do not press


Do not dry cI an


Press with a cool Iron


May be dry cleaned with all solutions


Press with a warm Iron


Maybe dry cleaned with perchlorethylene or fiuorocarbon or petroleum-based solvents


Press with a hot Iron


May be dry cleaned with fluorocarbon o~ petroleumbased solvents only




This section is not a lesson in knitting; it is simply a reminder of a few basics, together with a few suggestions and techniques that might be new to an inexperienced knitter.


1 Putting a slipknot on the needle makes the first stitch of the cast-on Loop he yarn around two fingers of the left hand, the ball end on top. Dip the needle into the tcop, catch [he ball end Of the yarn. and pull it through the loop.

2Pull the ends of the yarn to ghten the knot. Tighten the ball end to bring the knot up to the needle.

Ends The end of yarn left after making the Slipknot should be a reasonable leng ) .so that it (an be used for sevving up. It can also be very userul for covering up «nperfecuoos, such as awkward colour changes, The same applies to the end left after casting off. End~ lefl when new colour is Joined in should be darned in along a seam or row end 00 the wrong side. In these proJe, s. endslefl at the tip of petals or leaves wll' be better darned in before the main making up.


There are several cast-crt methods, each with their own merits.

Thumb method

Thrs uses a single needle and produces a knitted edge like a rON of garter stitCh.

1 Leaving an end about three times 1he lengtll of the requeeo cast-orr pot a sl pknot on the needle. Holding the yarn end in the left hand. lake the left thumb under the yarn and u wards. I sen: the r>eedle in the loop made on the thumb.

2use the ball eod of the yarn to make

a knit smch, slipping the loop off the thumb. Pull the yam end to close the stitch up to the needle. Continue making stitches in this way.

Cable cast-on

This two-needle I ethod gives a firm result wi Ihe appearerce of a rope edge.

1 Put a slipknot on one needle. Use the other needle and the !>all end of (Ile yarn to knit into the loop on the left-hand needle without slipping it olT. Transfer the new stitch to the . It-hand needle.

21nsert the right-hand needle. between the new stitch and lhe next stitch and then make anothe stitch as before. Continue making stitches in this way.

Knitted cast-on

Make a cable cast-on as above, but instead of knhting between stitches insert he righthand needle in the front of each stitch in the usual way. This gives a softer edge than [he cable method.


AlSo known as cuolicate st1ch. tins

l!> used to lna:<e colour changes in st(Xkhg ~cn after trc knitting has been wmpeted.Thread the comrast coiouon to a wool neede, bmg oer at: tile bare of one V-shaped sti·ch. take behind he two threads. of the stitch above. Mng out II) front, and trcn take down .nto the base of the stitch. It shoold cOler the stitch exaC1ly. For emtroldery and SeMng up. use a wool needie. This has a large e}E! and a rounded point SO that it doesn't split the yarn.


M a Shpl<rtot 011 toe needle. '" Knit ore stftch. Transfer the sutch just made -rom the nght-hand to the left-hand needle. Repeat (rom for-the length required. A similar fine chain can be made using a wool needle and starting ~., the last stitch of a cast-off. Bring iheyarn end !hrougl the sti eh from back to fl·ont. Loop the yarn. Insert the needle 111 the sutch 1000 from front to back and then in 'the new loop from back 10 front. Continue In this way, making loops (rom left to right and right to left altemaiel),.


If markers al-e needed to count rows or repeaiS. use a length of contrast tbread. Insert It between stitches from front to bad< and then from back to front of the VfQrk. It «In be pulled out when il is no longer needed.


A very use:ul round cord can be made ~Slng wo double-pointed needles.

Cast on three (or requ red oumber of) stitches and knit one row In the usual way.

'" VVithout turn()g. slide the stitches 10 the opposite end ofihe needle. Take the yarn frmly across the wrong ~ide from left to nght and knit one row. Repeat from ~ for toe required length.





Chain cast-off

A srnple knit stitch cast-off is used in all these projects. except where a purl stitch cast-off

is mdicated. Knit WIO stitches. With U>e

left. hand needle. lift the first stitch over the second. Knit the next stitch. Repeat from "-

until one slit remains. Breil'< the yarn, take

the end through this stncr. and tighten.

When a rON is only partially cast ofT. the co nl of sntches to be worked usually inckrdes the stitch already on the needle.

The licatclt WD:f to sear» is to U5C mattrcS3 (or ladder) stitch, With "gil sides acing and starting at the east-on, take tbe wool needle under the strand between the lirst and second stitches of one edge. Repeat at the o her edge. Contnue workinS into al ernate edges. tigh1.cning the stitches as you go. to close up an invisible join.




Understanding how to make simple stitches is the key to constructing interesting shapes in crochet. Here are a few reminders of some basics and some suggestions for building on them.


1 Pult~g d slipknot on the hook makes the first loop of the chain that will hold the stitches of the Erst row or round. loop the yarn arouod two fingers of the le't hand. the ball end to Ole front. Insert the hook in the loop, catch the tall end Of the

yarn, and pull it throogh the loop.

2pull the ends of yam to tighten the knot Now tighten the ba! end to bnng the knot up to me hook.


Hold the slipknot (and later the chain) between the thumb and rorefinger of the left hand T~ tr~ yam over the second finger of the leA. hand so it is I)eld taet.Iake it around the little finger as we] if neressary'The tiglll hand IS then free to manipulate the hook With a tum of the wrist guide the tip of the hook under the yarn. catch the yam and pull it through the loop on the hook to mak.e a main.

Hookrng and (atchi'1g IS

re erred to as yam round hooc (abbreviation yrh).lt is the acton used in making a chait\ a slip strtch and. in various combinations, aU other crocbet stitches.

Note Unless the instructions stale otherwise. the hook should be inserted under t' e two strands of yarn whIch form the front of the chain. or the top of the stitch.


Rounds e stal-led ill a cham ring. or in a slip ring for a lighter centre. and are worked ,n an antidockwrse direction without turning over

Chain ring Join a number of chain stitches into a ring with a slip stitch in the first chain. Work the first round of stitches around the chain a ... d inlO the centre. If the yarn end is also worked around. the ring IS Ilghtly padded ana this end can be pulled to tighten It.

2working under two strands of yarn each time, make the stitches as direc ted and then PJII the free yam end to close the ring. Join the ring INtth a slip stitch in the first stitch,

Slip ring

1 To make a slip ring, first coil the yarn around two fingers and then use the hook to p I

th ... ou~ l loop of the ball end of the yarn. as if making a slipkrpt (see step 1.lert). However, do not then puJl the yarn tigtn. Holding the ring nat between the 1humb and forefinger of the left hand. catch the yarn and pull it through the loop on the hook

to anchor it.

1 Using chain as me base. with a stated rumber of chain nearest the hook forming the first stitch. work a stitch in eacn subsequent chain from right to bfl The Illustration snows a fi~ row of treble crochet. with three dlain as the first stitch.

2Tum the work Chain again forms the first sf en of c next row. but be careful 10 make the second stitch in the right place. It should go i to the 11p'.vI; stitch of the pr-evioo.l$ rON and not into the stitch immediately Wow. Working into me stitch below is the equivalent of making two stitches in the same stitch and re,u/ts in an increase.

3 The last stitch of d row

is made in the top of the chain forming the first stitch of the previous row.

Note Crochet stitches are not symme1rical as the chain that fonns

he top of the stitch lies to one side of the. main part of the stitch

(see the illustrations of rows of treble aoove). A; a beginner. yw may find this disconcerting Wlen Irst working In rellls. Rounds are easer to lInderstand because the stitches all lie in the same di··ection. usually on the right side of the crochel




1 For a smooth finish to a final rou d. ~imply break the yarn ~cuving an end long enough to sew with) and pull it Lhrough the loop of the last stitch. Thread it on to a wool needle and take the needle under the two $tr.lnds or th~ first stitch

2Then take it. back into the last stitch to Corm a new stitch. or alternatively pull it tight until it disappears. Fasten off by darning in the yarn end along the chain edge.


Featured here is a collection of stunning knitted and

crochet creations. Rifle through the pages of this beautiful directory to find exactly the design you are looking for. Each is labelled with a number that corresponds to the Technical Instructions section (pages 46 to 107). Once you have selected your design. turn directly to the relevant page for full instructions, and begin.




A vast herbaceous collection of designs. from sprigs through to single blooms. The palette is dictated by

the flowers themselves. the names of many - lavender. cornflower. periwinkle, etc. - evoking colour. Interpreted in a variety of techniques ~o look naturalistic: or stylized. the flowers are also punctuated with a few insects.






























































































.. ,

f •

























From the oak to the citrus, and the ginkgo to the ivy, leaves can be just as interesting as flowers in their shape and design - and they needn't always be bright green. The crochet oak leaf (17) is in two autumnal shades, and the knitted one (22) is in three. With the exception of the holly, most of these leaves could be striped or variegated.














32 B!,.ACK\)ERRY



The decorative possibilities of fruit and vegetables are many and their colours, some slightly enhanced. can be bright and varied. Perhaps a lemon must always be lemon yellow. but if {he radishes were to be rnade white with mauves they would become turnips. Adapt and enjoy!









Organized into knitting and crochet, and ordered by skill within each section, this chapter contains full instructions on how to create all of the designs featured in the Directory of Flowers. For the crochet projects, charts are provided to be used in conjunction with the instructions.





Knitting Abbreviations: page 14

Notes 011 KniUing: pages 16--17


(jJrenory \'lOW _page 35

Yarn: OK wool in scarlet (A), green (6) end black (C)


Petals (make 4) LJsihg A cast on 7 sts

1 st row (RS) K.

2nd row Kfb. k to last: 2 sts, ,db, kt. 9 sts

3 rei row As 2nd row, 11 S"IS. 411'> rOW As 2nd row, 13 sis, Sth-Bth row. K.

9th row Ssk tWce. k to last 4 sts, k2 og twice. 9 sts.

10th-12th rows K.

13th row As 9th row. 5 sts. i 4d,-16th rows K.

17th row K'l. sl<2po, kt. 3 SIS. 18th row K. Cast dlf.

Centre Usirg B. cast. 0>1 16 sts, u<:toff.

Making up Jointng cast-off edges, sew petals t~gether in pars, then place one par over- me other in a (ross formation and secure, Coil centre.

into a tight spiral and sew base In the centre of petals. Using C. work a nog of straighntitcheS' around the centre, then work French knots around hem. Maintain the petals in a cup shape with a small stitch behir¥l pars of petals,

Specific abbreviation

sk2po - slip one knitwise, l:21oS pass shppcd st ovcc

POINSETTIA t/rI!:ctozy Vte91 page .34

Yarn: 4·piy wool-cotton trI red (Ii). DK wool In li'TI€ green (8) dOd yellow (¢)


Petals (make 6) Using A. cast on 1 sL K in front back ard fi-oht of st. then k 1 row. 3 sts,

1st row (WS) Kfb. k1.Idb. 5 sts,

2nd and 4th rows K.

3rd row Kib, k3. kfb 7 sts. 5 th row Kib. k5. kfb. 9 sts.

6th, 8th, 10th, 12th and 14th row," K2, p2. k1, p2, ~.2. 7th, 9th, 1 j th, 13th and 15th rows K4, p'l, k'l.

16th row K2, p5, k2,

17th row 1(2, ssk, kt, k2tog, k2. 7 sts, 18th and 20th rows K2 p3. k2, 19th row K.

21st row K2. sk2po. k2. 5 sts, 22nd and 24th rows K2. pt, 1<2, 23rd row K.

2S th row K 1. sk2po. k1. 3 sis, 26th and 17th rows K,

28th row Sk2po. Fasten off r'emainng st (for 'lip of petal), Centre Using B, cast on 5 sts,

1 st row K 1, (yo. k1] 4 times, 9 SIS. 2nd row K.

lrd row K1. [yo. k1J 8 times. 17 S'tS, Cast off

Making up Leaving a small hole in the centre.jcin 3 petals, Do the same again, then sttch the 2nd set of petals on the 1 st to Icrrn a star shape. Coil the centre strip into a spiral, secure the base, and sew In me centre of lhe star USing C rrake a nng of French knots around centre.

Specific abbreviation sk2po - slip one knitvtlsc. !Qtog, pass slipped st ever;


dlre(cory lie\'. t><:Re '4

Yarn: DK "tOol or stranded tapestrywool in orange (A) and gnlen (B) Needles: :1 dotble-poir ted knitting needles

Extras: Wadding


Carrot (worked from the top downwards) Using A. cast Oil 'I SIS. ht row (R$) Kfbf 4 times. 12 sts,

2nd and WS rows P.

lrd row [K1b. k1) 6 times. '18 sts. Begimirg with a p roN, work 3 r'()NS $l·st

7th row [K1. k2tog] 6 tfmes. 12 sts. Work 3 I'ONS st-st lIrl1 row [K2tog. k1] 4 times. 8 sts. Work 5 roNS st-st, 17th row K2tog ·1 tmes.'I sts.vvork 5 rows st-st,

23rd row K?tog twice. 2 sts With f15 facing. slip sts on to doublepOinted needle. Make 2-st cord (see page 17) for 'I rcM'S. Take yarn across back k2tog. Fasten ofT. leaving an end fOI- the root.

Tops (make 5 for each carrot) Using B. make a 1()..rt

k!litt~d chain (see page 17). Fasten off.

Making up DMcIe end of DK ortapestry wool

A to leave one strand for root Seam carrot irserting wadding before completing. Knot ends of tops and i~ before closing seam

Specific abbreviation

Idbf - k in front. bad< and "'On1 0< st to make 3 sts &-om 1.

RUDBECKIA dtrectory ·ew lX1ie 37

Yarn: OK wool in orange (A) and yellow (3)

Extras: Domed button, 2.5on (1il) In diameter


Centre Using A. cast on 7 sts.

1 st row (RS) Kfb. k4. kfb, 1:1. 9 sts 2nd and WS rows P.

3 rd row KIlJ, k6. Idb, k1. 11 SIs. Work 7 rows 51-st

t Ith row Kl, k2tog. 1<5. ssk, k1. 9 sts, ·f 3th r(lW K1. k2tog. k3. ssk, k1. 7 sts, Cast off perlwise.

Petals Using B.make a slipknot on lett-hand needle. *Cast on 3 sts by cable method (see page 16), cast off 3 51 knitwi~e. gJip remaining st on to left·hand needle; repeat fi-o"T'l

10 times (or number or times fOi requred length). rasten ott.

Making up Stretch cover over button and jOin coposte corners underreath. Take tn fullness for a smooth finish.

Ph petals around co-ered button and backstitch in place.




d l'(IOfy,1!'.v ("'ge 36

Yarn: 4-ply wool


Cast on 20 sts leaving an extra-long end fer wing 4).

t st row (RS) Cast off 16 sts, k to end 'I sts.

2nd row K4, tum. cast on 16 S1S by cable method (see page 16).20 sts, Rer:eat flr<;t and 2nd rows 29 times. then work first row again. Cast off. Making up Beginning at the cast-on edge 2nd with the R.S to the outside, coil the .strip of petals ti!trtly. Use tbe first end of yam to secure ihe base of the spiral as you go.



PRIMROSE cbre<t0'l' Ii~,v poge 39

Yarn: 13K col in pale yellow (A) and bright )ellow (B)


Peta Is Using A. cast on 8 sis. 1st row (\IV'S) P.

2nd rowK

3t-d row Cast off 4 sts kpftyJise. k to e"ld.4 sts,

4th row K4. turn. cast on 4 sts 8 sts Repeat 1st-4th rows 4 times .. ending with a 3rd ow. It sts. Cast off, leaving an extralong yam end.

Centre USIng B. cast on 9 sts. 1 st row (WS) P-

2nd row K1. Lvo. k1]8 times. 17 sts, Cast off knitwisc.

Making up Reverse 51-51 to the outsioe, join petals into a rirg..ano 5eI"I cast-off sts to first 4 cast -<J1'l sts St-st to the outsioe, coil centre into a tight ring ano senre cast-orr base. Insert centre in fIowE!f'

and such i~ place.

LARGE LEAF <i:ttctorY'l\ew poge 25. "2015

Yarn: OK wool

Needles: 2 dotble-pointeq ~ittjng needles


Using 2 double·pointed ~eedles-. cast 00 3 sts and rnake a 4.5cm (1 ~in) long ccrd (sec page 17). Ccnnncc on these sts in rows m t'1e usual wZlf.

tse row (RS) K1, yo, k1, yo. 1:1. 5 sts. 2nd row IQ. p1. k2

lrd row Kl yo. k1. yo. 14. 7 sts

4th, 6th, 8th, 10th. 12th and 14th rows K. wot1<ing centre 51 p1.

5th row K3. yo. k1. yo. k3.9 sts. 7th row K4. yo. k1. yo, k4.11 sts, 9th row KS. yo. kl. yo. kS. 13 sts. 11 th tow K6. ),0. k1 , yo. kG. 15 sts. 13th row K7,yo.k1.y.o,k7.17 sts, 15th row K17.

16th andWS rows K

17th YOw Ssk, k13. k2tqg. 15 s 19th row Ssk. \<11. k2:tog. 13 ill. 21,( row Ssk. k9. k~tog. 11 sts. 23 rd row Ssk, k7, k2t:og. 9 sts 25 th row Ssk 0; kltog. 7 sis. 27th row Ssk, D, kltog, 5 sts, 29th row Ssk k1. k2tog. 3 sts,

31st row Sk2po. i:a..<len ofT remaining sj,.

Specific abbreviation

sk2po - slip one lmitwlSe. !Otog. pass slipped st over.

DOUBLE DAISY dll1.'Ci<)()' oMN I'.¢.lle 4 1

Yarn: DK cotten b white (A). 4 ply cotton ill whhe (B) and yellOW (C)


lower petals UStr.g A. cast 01 9 sis by the cable method (see page 16).

ht row (RS) R

2nd row K

3rd row Cast of 5 sts purlwise. p2. tum. wi'.h yam at back slip 1 st purtwise. bmg yam to front. p2. 4 sts,

4th row K.

5th row P.

6tn row Kfb. slip these 251s on to left·hand needle, cast on

4 sts by Gable method pall 9 sts Repeat 2r.d-6th rows 8 times and then work 2nd and 3rd rows again. 10 petals, Cast off. Upper petals Using B, work as lower petals.

Centre Using C. cast on 5 sts by thumb method

(see page 16).

1st row (1'5) Kfb. 1<2. kfb, k1. 7 sis. 2nd and WS rows K

lrd row Kfb. k4. kfb, k1. 9 51.'. 4th-10th rows K.

11 th rOW K1 .. 2tog. kJ. k2l0g, k1. 7 sts.

I :2th row [1<1. k2tog) twice. k1. 5 sts. Cast off.

Making up jon ends of each strp of petals and nghtly gather inner edges 0' nngs. leaving a space in the centre Place upper ring of petals on lower one and stitch together leavll'lg petals free. Padding it sRght.'y with spare yarn. set the centre 11) place and 'sew on the right. side with smail'Unnlog stitd1es. 1 st

in from the edge. Work a few stitches across the space at

the back


Yarn: '!-ply wool in white (A) and pale green (8)



Petals Using A. cast on " SIS. 1st row (RS) Slip 1. k3.

2n(l row SliD 1. p3.

3.'CI row Slip 1. m1. k2. m1. ~1. 6 sts 4th rdw P.

Sth row Slip 1. m1.k4.m1. k1.8 SIS. Begnring_ with a D row. VIOrk') rows Sl-SI. 11 th row I<2tog 4 times. 4 sts.

12th row P. Break )9rn and leave $IS 00 a spare needle. M~~e 2 more e ~I~.


NelCt row (RS) Using .A.., ~ the '1.$IS Of each pe\al. 12 sts Beglnn.,g with a prow. v.:orX 3 !m'YS a-st. then chan.2e to B and work " rows st-st. Cast off. working k2tog atong row.

Stem Using B. cast on 18 sts, Cast off. Making up Do not press. Join side seam of base, Insert stem in opering and secure.


Yarn: DK wOOl

Needles: 2 dcu~e-oomted knJttl"lg neeoies


Usmg 2 double-pcmted neeoles, cast on 3 SIS Mid make a 3(111 (1 Y.in) cord (see page 17). Connnee on these $IS in rows In the usual way: 1 st row (RS) K1. }O. k1. yo. k1. 5 sts.

2nd and WS rows K

3 rd row 1<2, yo. k1. yo. k2. 7 SIS. 5th row K3. yo. k1 yo. k3. 9 stS. 7th row K'I. yo, k1. yo. k4. 11 sts, 9th row KS. yo. k1. vo. 16. 13 sts, 11th row Ssk. 1<9. k2tog. 11 sis 13th row Ssk, k7. k2tog.9 sts. 15th row Ssk 16. k2tog. 7 sts, 17th row Ssl<, k3. k2tog. S sts 19th row Ssk, k1. k2tog. 3 sts.

21st row Sk2po. Fasten off remalring st.

Specific abbreviation

sk2po - slip one knitwbe. k2log pass slipped st rNe(:




Yarn: DK wV'OI In l)J'own (A). belg . (8) and green (C)

Needles: 2 double-pointed knitting needles Extras: Wadding


Acorn Using A. ca st 0'1 6 sts. ht row (RS) KIb 6 times. 12 sts. 2nd and 4th rows K.

lrd row <::Ib 12 bmes.24 sis. 5th row K2 og 12 t meso 12 sts,

6d1 row K Change to Band continue in SHt. Beginn ng with a. ..ow. work 6 rows st-st,

13 th row K2tog 6 trnes, 6 sts,

14w row P.

15th row K2log 3 trnes. 3 sts, F(b-cen offby taking y;un through all 3 sts,

Seem Using double-pointed needles and C. make a Scm (2in) long 3-st cord (see :>age 17). Making up Taking in 1 st from each edge, seam 'the acom from the top, iflSerting wadding and the end of the sterr' befcre closing <he seam.




Yarn: OK wool


Small petals Cast on 8 st.:.. 1st row (VVS) P-

2nd row K

3rd row Cast off 4 sts kr>ltwise. k to end. 4 sts,

4th row )(4, urn. cast on 4 sts by cable method. 8 sts. Repeat 1 st th rows 7 times. ending with a :3rd row. 'I SIs. Do not treak varn,

Medium petals Next to« k4.tLm,cast on 6 sts.10 sts. • tse row CWS) P.

2nd row K

3 n:I row Cast off 6 sis, k to end. 1 sis.

4th row K4, ru-n, cast on 6 sts '10 sts. Repeat 1st-4th rows fron 5 times, ending with a 3rd row. 4 sts Do not bneak yarn. I ~ rep. petals N!>Xi lOW k4. irn rasr on 8 ill. 12. sts.

*1<- 1st and 3rd rows P.

2nd and 4th rows K.

5th row Cast ofT 8 S1,S, k to end. 4 sts.

6th rOW 1(4, tu-n, cast on 8 sts 12 SIS. Repeat 1st-6th rows from

5 times. ending with a St1 row. Do net break yam.

W<Xk 10 more medium petals, ending WIth a 3rd f\JW. 4 sis. Cast off.

Making up Beginning at the cast-on edge and reverse st st to the outside. ceil petab. securing them s you go.


Yarn: DK wocl m pt.Jrple (A) and ~row(B)


Petals (make 6) Usirg A. cast on 8 SIs. 1st row (RS) K2tog. 1:.4, kfb. kl.

2nd row K

Repeat first a'1d 2nd rows 3 nrres, then work first row ~a n. Cast offknitwise. Centre Using B. cast on 12 sts,

f st row (RS) Make a loop on each st: k1 bet do not sIP st rom neede: bril'lg yam 'orwerd betweeo needles. take It dcckwise arcund left thumb and bad between needles: k st on left-hand needle again, slipping tt off in me uwal ,way; on right-hand neede slip 2nd st over st ust mace. Cast off. worbn2 k2tog llCI'OSJ; the co»

Making up Leaving the Ca1tre open. join' petals to halfv,dY along irw:r ~ge$. Pinch a tuck at the lmer corner of each pe,al and stitch. Join ends of centre 0 make a nng and sntch it closed. Set centre on petals,


d ve ao·y 't<><Y jx)ge 23

Yarn: Dj( wool in deep pink (A), !)(lie pink (8) an:! green (C) Needles: 2 double-pointed knitting needles


Flower Using A, cast on '13 sts,

tse row (RS) K1, ]<2tog. k'l. mt, k1. m1. k4. ssk, kl] ) times,

2nd and WS rows P.

Repeat first: and 2nd rows 5 times. Using B, repeat first and 2nd rows once more, then work first row again.

Cast orr pt.JI'. vise.

Stem Using C and double-pointed needles. m~ke a 12cm (4~in) long 3-st cord (sec page 17).

Making up Pin out porus and press. Takmg 11'1 half a st from each ecge, jon side seam. On cast-off edse pinch a feld <l point formed b)' seam join

tYlO di~golkl's of cast-off edge as far

as the ilcreases of lest row Pinch two remainng points and Join the two paws of diagonals, 1e.t"Ving a srnall opening In centre for stern, Insert and attach stem

CARNATION (f,rec.1Dfi' "jew fXlge 2)

Yarn: PK wool in pink (A) and green (B) Needles: 2 double-pointed knitting Medles


Flower UsngA cast on 7 sts, • 1st rOW (RS) P.

2nd row Cast on 3 sts by cable method

(see page 16). cast ofT 3 sts k to end.

Repe~ from 2B times. Cast off puri'Nlse. Pin oct picot petals and Dress. With reverse st-st to the outside. reI! remainder ightl>, and stitch dosed.

Sase USIng B. cast on 9 sIS .,; tst row (RS) P.

lnd row Cast on 1 st cast off 1 st, k to end. Repeal from ... 6 meso Cast off purlwise. Rexerse st-st to the outadc. join into a 1JJbe around tne base or the petals.

Stem USing ~ arc! dO.Jble-polnted needles, make a 6cm (2Y. in) long 3-51 cord (see oage 17). Gather the base of the newer around t1e top of the stem.

FLORI BUNDA ROSE dlroctOtY Ye\Y pogc 23



Petals leaving an extra-long yarn end. cast on 10 sts, 1st tow K1. pS. k4.

2nd row K8. kfb. k1. 11 sts. Jrd row K1.p6.ki.

4th and 6th rows K

5th row K1. p2tog. 1)4. k4. 1 0 SIS.

7th row as! off 6 sIS . nitwise. k to erd. 4 sts,

8th row K4, tum. cast on 6 sIS by caote mct'iod (see page 16). 10 sts.

Repeat 1 st-ath rows 16 nrnes, ending with a 7th r<1N. 4 sts Cast off.

Cen re Leaving an e-xtra-iong end. cast on 4 sts. Work 38 rows ga'-ter stitch (k every row). Cast off. leavhg an extra-long end.

Making up ~glnnl~ at tne cast-on edge, coli centre into a tight spiral. :Ising the first end 0 secure it as you go. Beginning at tre cast-co edge and with st-st side to the outside. co~ the pe<al strip around the cenlre U;e the f rst yam end to secure the petals and stretch tl-e last rew petals $0 that they ere positored between the petals of the prevois roind End by catching down the cast -off ecge,



HOLLYHOCK dre(iOl)' YltW p<J)Ie 15

Yarn: 4-ply cottoo in deep ::>irk (A) and pale pmk (B)

Needles: 4 double-ponted I<n tling needles



Flower Using A. cast on 6 sts Slip 2 sts

on to each of 3 double-pcioted needles and continue in ro nds:

K 2 rounds.

lrd round Ktb 6 times. 12 sts, K 2 rounds.

6 th round Kfb 1'} times. 24 sts. K 4 rounds.

11 th round KIb 24 times. '18 sts . K 6 rounds.

18th round KIb 48 times. 96 sts Change to B. K 8 rol.lfld . Cast off. Making up Press lightly. Fold circle in hair. pnth at centre. dn roll to form nowec Latch stncn folds In place.





Knitting Abbreviations: page 14

Notes on Knitting: page 16-17

CHERRIES dM!cccry VI(!r¥ (>Jge ~5

Yarn: 4-pty wool-cotton in red (A) and green (13)

Needles: 2 double-pointed knrtting needles, 1 '1001 needle Extras: Waddirg


Cherry (make 2) Using A, cast on 12 sis by cable method (see page 16).

1st r<YW (RS) K12.

2nd row P 0, wrap 1, turn, 3,'d row K8, wrap 1, tum. 4th row P6, wrap 1. turn Sth row K4, wrap 1. tum 6th row P to end,

Repeat 1st-6lh rows -I tmes, Cast off.

Stem Using Bard doube-pomted needles, and leaving extra-long ends, make two Scm (lin) long 3-st cords (see rage 17).

Making up Seam each cherry and insert wadding oe'ore rtp<inll the seam. Trread a yam end from one stem 0 to a wool needle and take it through the centre of a Cherry, pull It tig'1t eno:Jgh to 5hape the Cherry. then take It back throu!<h to the top and fasten off. JO'n me 2 s-ems at he top by krottng the nds and then IBng ern to make a short chain (see page 17).

Specific technique

Wrap 1 - to minmize the hole made by tumirg in mid-row; slip next s purlwise, take yarn to opposde side of work. slip st back on to left-hand reedle r-eddt [0 turn and work next short row.

LADYBIRD dt,ecl1lfl"'(!\' pc;ge 36. ·1 !

Yarn: OJ( wool n red (A) and black (1.1) Ext~; Wadding


Upper body Using A. cast on 3 sts. I>t rov« (RS) Kfb twice. 1:1. 5 sts. 2nd and WS rows P. 10

3td row Kfb. (k1, rn ] twice kfb. k1. 9 s ... s.

Sth row Kih. k3. 011. k1, rnt, k2, Id>. kl. 1 J SIS. 7th row K.

9th roW ·K1. s<:k] twice. k1. [k2tog. kl] t'Mce. ~sts.

11 th row K1. s21<po. kl, kltog. slip S1. just ade hack on 0 eft-hand needle. pass next st over It. sip st back on to right·hand needle. k1. 5 sts. Change to B.

12th row P.

13th. row K1. ~21<po. kl. 3 sts.

14th row ~ p 1. oztog pSSC. Fasten 00:

Underside Using B. 'NOr!< as upper bod)' to 3rd row Kfb. k2.I:Ib. k1. 7 sts.

5th and 7th row< K.

9th row K1 ssk. kl. k2tog; k1. 5 sts, 11 th row K1. $2~p~ k1. J sis.

nth row Sip 1. p210g. psso Fasten off.

Making up USIng S, Swiss cam 5 spots on upper bcdy. WS together and cast-on edges together, lise A to join upper body to underside. inserting wadoing before closing at head. If any A stitches show on Ole tnderside, cover them Vlnen fasT.ening off B.

Specific abbreviation

s)kpo - slip 2 sts as if to k2tog. k1, pass slipped sts over:


Yarn: 4-ply wool n pale pink (A}.

mid·pink (B). red (C) and gree~ (0) Needles: 4 double-pointed knftting needles. plus crochet hook


Flower Using A cast on S1 sis.

1st row (RS) .'<1. ssk. • k2, [k1, yo. k1] in next st. 2. ;;2kpo; .. epeat f.·om 4 ·lll"es.k2. [k1. yo. k1)

in next st, k2, kLtog; k1. Change to B. 2nd row P.

Co~tinuing with S. work 1 st ruw again. Change to A. work 2nd and 1st rows. Change to B. work 2nd and 1st rows. Change 0 C. work 2nd and 1 st ''O'NS.

Ushg crochet hook. continue with C. Cast-off row Ss In .Irst st. Jch. ss In sane st, " 5S in next st 3ch. ss in same st; repeat fiorn * to enc, F.~en off.

Stem U;ing D and 2 doulj,c ponted needles, mase a 2.Sem (lin) 1c..~lg 4.;,[ WI(J (~<:!t: 1M!>'" 17). Cup Continue V/ith 4 double-pointed needles:

1 st round Ktb 4 times. 8 sts. K 5 rcerds,

7th round K In front. back and front of each st, 24 sts Cast olf.

Making up Keeping points of c~wcn together, rou lower Edge of nower tightly. curving oute r row ends Clown an::! stitching In place. Sew on cup. using yarn ends to fll i: cot,

Specific abbreviations ch - chain (crochet);

S5 - Slip stitch (crochet) s21<po - slip 2 SIS as

If to k2tog. k1. pass slipped sts over



CITRUS LEAF <ilecw) 'I!~IV pelle 38. 43. «

Yarn: 4,p1Y cotton

Ne.edles: 2 do 'ble-pointed knJ!1ing needles


Stem With cauble-pointed reedles. make a 2.5cm (1 In) long 3·st cord (see page 17). Now work O~ these 3 sts In rows:

tst row (RS) Cast on 6 sts by cable method (see page 16). k to last st, p1. 9 sts,

2nd row cast on 6 SiS as before, k to end. 15 sts,

3 ~d row Kib. <4. SS,<. wyif slIP 1 purtwise. k2tog. k3,kIb. k1.

4th row K Repeal Jrd and 4th ro\'IIS 3 times. 11 th rQW K I. sss; k2. ssk wyif slip 1. k21og, 2. k2tog. k1. 11 sts,

12th and WS rows K.

t 3th row KS. wyif slip 1. 1<5.

I S"II ruw K1, s$' twice. "'7;( "ip 1. k2tog twice, k1.7 sts,

f 7th row K3, wyif slip 1, k3.

19th row K1. ssk wyif sfp 1, k2tog. k1. 5 sts. 21st row K1.sk2po. k1. 3 sts,

23rd !"OW Sk2po. Cast olf remaining st,

Speclflc abbreviation

sk2po - slIP one st ltwise. kltog. pass slipped st ove:



OAK LEAF Core<lOf I Vltw po~ -13

Yam: OK wool ill olive green (A). odre (B) and lemon (O) Needl s: 2 dcobe-porued kntting needles


Note A strtch coint after a cast-orr includes the smch already 00 the r.eedle.

Using A and double-pointed needles, make a 2.5cm (1 in) long J·st cord (See oage 17). Now work on these 3 SIS in roM:

1 st row Cast on ~ sts by cabe method (see page '16). 1<7. pt. 8 sts,

2nd row (RS) Cast 00 5 sts as before. k6. wy;f s>ip 1 purlWlSe. k6. 13 sts, On 211 subsequent RS row; slip me centre st in this way

3rd row K

4th row K6, slip 1, k6. Repeat 3rd and 4th rows. 7th row Cast 0 sts. k11.11 sis.

8th row Cast oir 2 sts. k4. slip 1. k4. 9 sts, Wo-k 2 rows straight. t1 th "01'01 Cast on 2 sts, k11. 11 sts,

t 2th row Cast on 2 sts. k6. slip 1, kG. 13 sts.

WJ; k 2 f r..,w~ ~ts dil:l II, llklflgillg 0 B on 2nd FOW. 15th row Cast off 3 sts.kto. 10 sts.

f 6th row Cast off3 sts. k3. sl p 1. 1<3. 7 sts. Work 2 rows st'aight 19th row Cast on 2 sts. k9. 9 sts,

20th row Cast on 2 sts, 16. s~p 1. 16,11 sts, Work 2 rows straight. changing to C on 2nd row.

23rd rcr« Cast off 3 sls, ka 8 sts,

24th row Ca,1: off 3 sts.k2. sip 1. k2. 5 sts.Work 2 rows straight 27th row Ssk. sip 1. k2tog. 3 sts. Cast off.


Yarn: 'I-ply cotton

eedles: 4 double-permed k.,rrung needles Extras: Wadding


Cast on 3 sts.

1st row (RS) l<;b twice. kt 5 sts lnd row P.

3rd row K1. [m1. k1]4 times. 9 SUo Slip 3 sts on to each of 3 ooobe-porued needles an:! coruirue in rounds:

1st round K

2nd round" K1. [m1. k1] t'Nfce: repeat from * twice. 15 sts. Jrd round K

4th round K1, (m1. k1] 4 tmcs; repeat from" 1'o\llCC. 27 sts. K 3 rounds.

8th round K2, ml, 16, rn'l, ; repeat fro-n . twice. 33 sts. K 3 rounds.

12t.h round K3.m1, 16, m1, B; repeat from twice, 39 sts. K 8 roends.

z tse round' K2, K210g 1<5. K2tog. k2; repeat (r'om .. twice. 33 $IS. K 3 fOunds.

25th round K2. kltog. 1<3. k2tog. k2; repeat from twice. 27 sis. K 3 rounds,

29th round'" K1. k210ll 4 times: repeat from ~ lwce 15 SIS. K 1 round

31st round ~ K1, k2tog twice: I epeat fr-om " lWice. 9 sts K 1 roind Insert wadding.

33rd round '* K1. k2tog repeat from * twce. 6 sts.

34th round K2tog 3 times. Fasten off by taking yam 1hrough 3 remaining Its. Close row ends at the beginning,


~teC("'Y ,',,,.. pogo 4 4

Yarn: 4-ply cotton In white (A) and yellow (6)


Peta' s Using A cast on 'I sts. 1St row K4.

2nd row (K1, p1, kt, pl. k1) in first st. tum, 16, tum, pS. tum. 16. turn. p2tbg twice. pt. take yam to bao; and on ng1)t·hand needle slip 2nd and 3rd sts over fi,>t to complele pet?l. p~. "turn, s~p 1. k2.

3rd row P'I.

Repeat tst- 3rd rows 3 trnes.iheo work 1 st and 2nd rows 10 . Cast off purlwise.

Making up With st-st to olJlside. jon Q'\~-on and cast-olf edg2s. Slight~ gather centre. Using B. stitch a ring of smaJl loops arOund centre. anchoring each wilh a backstitch on WS. Cut loops am 1rim them.




Yam: OK wool in pale green (A), white (B) and yellow (C) Needles: 4 doubie-pOJnted knitting needles


Stem Using A and 2 double-ponted needes, make a 2.5cm (1 i ) long 3st cord (see page 17). NON '.vork one row:

f st row (RS) Kpk :0 each st 9 sts. OlVlde SIS. putting 3 sis on each of 3 double-pointed needles and continue in rcords with B:

1st round K.

2nd round (K1. kpk ,'1 next st, k1) 3 times. 15 sts. K 4 rounds. RII iI-is c.l"'ty with spare yarn. 7th round [K1, szkpo, k1] 3 times. 9 sts.

Spathe K 4 rounds, turn, Continue in tONS but still usng double-pom ed needles: t st and WS rows P.

2nd row K1.[m1. k.1] Slime 17 sts,

4th row K1. [m 1. k1] 16 times. 33 sts. Beginning wIth a p row. work 3 rows st-st,

8th row (K2. k2togJ 4 tmes. kl, [ssk, 1:2) 4 times. 25 sts. t Oth row fK2, k2t0l1.1 Himes. kt.] ssk k21 3 times, 19 sts. 12th row [K2. I<2to&1 twice. k3. • ssk k2] tWJce. 15 sts.

t 4th row K2. kltog. k2, s2kpo. k2. ssk. 1<2. 11 sts.

16th row K2 k2tog. s2l<po s~ k2. 7 sts,

t 8th raw K2 s2kpo, )(2.:> sts,

20th row K1, s2kpo. k1. 3 sts.

22nd row S2kpo. Fasten off remaining st.

Spike Using C. cast on 10 ill. K 1 ow. Slij:ping 'IrS': st. cast off. Making up Insert. sp ke and secure,

Specific abbreviations

kpk - k in ront, p in back. in front of st to make 3 sts from one.

s2kpo - sl~ 2 sts as if to k2tog. k1. pass slipped sis 0\Ier.

58 I



Yam: +ply wool in !:lIve (A) and green ($) Needles: 2 double-poJntedKnittlng neeo1es


Flower USing A, cast on 15 sts, 1 se row (RS) K.

2nd row P.

3rd row [K2tog yo] 7 tines, k1. Beginning 'Nith a p.row work 3 rows st-

7th row (RS) join hem: [Insert nght t-.1rd needle in next 51, then n back loCI? of correspoodng Sl of cast-on row and k2tegJ 15 times. Be~nning with a p row, work 5 ccws st-st,

13th row S2kpo 5 times. 5 sts, P 1 rON. Break yarn and run end through sts to gather them

Stem Usil'lg Band double·polnted needles, make a 6~m (2}~ in) lon~ J.st cord (see page 17).

Making up joinseam of tlower;$etb~ in stefl (It base.Wrth B. make a 5m(I1i tassel and attach inside nower.

Specific abbreviation

s2l(po - slip 2 sts as if to k2tog, k1, pass slipped sis over


Yam; D« "''001 In deep bloe .()._\). mid-blue (6) aiidbnght blIJe (C)


Centre Using A cast on 4 sis. Do not bre,:lk yam.

1 st row (RS) USing 8, k3. 1JJm. with yam a back slip 1 purlwise, k2. Do not break yam

2nd and Jrd rows Using A. k 311 4 sts,

Repeat 1st~3rd rows 9 times, then work tst and 200 rows again. Cast off w th A.

Petals With RS fucing and usng C. pick up and k 1 st from each stripe along long edge. 22 sts, 1 st row Ktb 10 end .. 44 sts,

Cast-off tow em on 3 sts by cable method (see page 16), cast off' 5 sts. transfer remaining st to left-hand needle; repeat from ... ending cast -off 4 sts.

Making up join ends of centre into a ring and gather the shorter edge tightly. Pin out petals and press.


Yarn: 4-plrwoolln mauv~ ( ano green (6) Needles: 2 aooble·pomted knitting needes


Flower head (worked from the top downwards) Using A. c~t on 3 sts,

1 st row (RS) Kfb twice. k1 5 sts

2nd row P.

3rd row Ktb 4 times. k1. 9 sts, 4th row P.

5 til row K1, [caston 3 SlS by krilted ast-on method (see page 16). cast off 3 SIS, k1]4 times. Gentry 1ug ~ch tall to strcighten It

6th row P.Repelt 5th <rid 6th rows 5 trnes. 17th row Sk2po 3 times. 3 sts. Chan!;-e to B. P3. Using 2 double-panted needes, rrake a 10em (411) long 3-Sl cord (see page 17), cast off. MakinJ( up Working on the RS (see invsii::le seamng. page 17) and taking in air a st rrem ea:h side. join tile row ends of the flower head.

Specific abbreviation

skzpo - slip one knitwise. k21Og. pass slipped 51 over:

<ZAMPANULA aiteCtOrynew P4ge 2'1

Yam: 'i-pi)' 'AQd in ~ue (A) and green (B), D[( wool Wl relbw (C)

Needles: 4 double-pointed mltting ree<lles


FloY'er Using A. cast on 7 sts.

bt round Slip sts on to 3 aoilile-pointed needles and <:ofltlnue in rounds, K 2 rounds. Jrd TOUnd Kfo 6 times. kl. 13 SIs. K 4 rounds. 6th round j(fb 12 ti-nes, 1. 25 sts. K 6 rounds. 15th round K2tog. [k1. yo. k1. yo. k1.yo. k1] IP ne.><t. st. skpo: repeat from 4 times. 4S sts, K 1 round. Cart off.

Stem vs_-ng B and 2 c!Dlble-pointed needles, make a 25cm (1 in) long 3·st cord (see page 17). 00 not. break yam.

Base USl~ 4 double-pointed needles. work in rounds:

tst roun'd !<fbf 3 times. 9 sts, K 1 roond,

3rcf round [K2, klbQ 3 times. 15 sts, K 1 round. Sepals (1(3. tem p3. tum, s2kpo. fasten oft] 5tim~.

Making up Sew base to flower and. using ends. catch each sepal to flower. Make 3 double knots on a length of C yarn. Coil and SlitCh them tegether. then. attach insice bell of Ro'M'!r.

Sped ftc abbreviations

kf@f - k In front, back and front of $I to make 3 srs from one.

s2kpo - slip 2 sts as ii to k2~0g. kt, pass s~pped sts<Jiie!;

PETUNIA diteCtory View page J 1


Yarn: 4'. ply \11001 in l?'(Jrpl~ (A) and. pale n1avve (S). tll( w001 in g-een (C) Needles: 2 double-pointed knitting needles


Flower Us:ngA.casi on 10 sts.

',t row (RS) Kfb. k('. tum. vAth yam at back.. slip 1 ktiitwise, k to end. 11 StS.

2nd row Ktb, 16. tum. slip 1 as before, k to end 12 sts.Change to B.

3rd and 4th rows K

5th 'rOW Kib. k4, tum, slip' 1, k to end, 13 sIS. 6th row Kfb, k3. torn, slip 1, k to end. 14 StS 7th row K2tog, k4, turn, Slip 1, k to end. 13 sts, 8th row K2tog, kS, turn. slip 1, k to end. 12 sts Change to A

9th and 10th rows K

11 th tow K2tog. k6. turn, slip 1. k to end. 11 sts. 12th row K2tog, k7. tum slip 1, k to end. 10 SIS. Repeat 1st-12th roNS 4 times. Cast oU.

.Sepals Using C. cast on 6 sts,

• 1st row (RS) K4. turn, wftJl yarn at back. slip 1 knitwise, k3.

2nd row 1<5, J<ib. 7 sts.

3rd row Cast off 6 sts T ransfe~ relnairing Sl to teft -hand needle, cast on 5 sis by cable metl10d (see page. 16),kall 6 sts.repeat from lI' 3tjmes. then worl< 1 st and 2nd rows again. Cast off all Sis. PS facin~ along straight edge pic ~ and k 3 sts from each sepal. 15 sts. K 1 row.

2n d row Sk2po S tmes, 5 as K 3 I'OWS.

6th row tatog; k1, ssk. 3 SIS. Transfer there sts to a double-pointed needle and make a 3cm (1~in) long cord (see page 17). em off.

Making up Pin out petal points and press lightly. Seam 0 outside. join cast-co and cast-off edges of f1owel: Darn in ends of A and B along fine .

snipes on oulsict!.joln base of sepals and attach to base of nower. Using C. makea $mall knot in centre of flower;

Specific abbreviation

sk2po - slip me knitvllse. kltog. pass slipped S1. ayer:

60 I



tAA!<tory """'" pa£e 26

Yarn: OK wool in bla<:k (A), wRite (9) and purple (t)


Centre Using A. cast on 5 sts

1st row (RS) [1<1, yo. "1) in each st 15 sis. 2nd row P.

3rd row (Kfb. t>1 , !db] 5 times. 25 sts, 4th row P r1A. 3B.1A] 5 times. First petal

bt row (RS) K1C, usi~g B !db twice. k1 B. k1C, tvn. 7 sts. 2nd row P2C. usir'lg B pfb twice. p1B. p2C. 9 sts.

3rd row Using C kfb. k2C, [l<1B. k1C] lw.ce. uSing C kib. k.1C. 11 sts, Continue with C.

4th row Pfb. pS. plb. p1. 13 SIS.

5th row K1. (kfb. k2] ~ times. 17 SIS. Beginnng p. work 5 rows st-st, 11 th row Ssk twice, k9. k2log twice. 13 sts.

12th and 14th rows P.

13th row K1. ssk k7. k2tog, k1. 11 st:s.

15th row K1. ssk k1. s2kpo.k1. k2tog.k1. 7 srs

Working p2tog at each eno of r(HI and pulling yarn thro,Jgh la~ st for a s:11ooth ~nish, cast off.

2nd. 3rd, 4th -and 5th petals With RS racing. join yam ard work as first petal on each of 5 sts

Making up [on row ends of centre and gather cast-co row. Work a few rumirg sts around each boobe and pull up firmly.

Specific abbreviations

b1 - make bobble: [1<1. yo, k1. }'O. k1) in next st. tun, pS. tum, 16. slip 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th sts O'ler first st.

s2kpo - slip 2 sts as if to k2tog. k1. oass slipped sts ove:


Yam: Thpef#y wool In dark purple (A) and green (B)

Extras: 54 black beads v.llh holes large encugfl to :take )am: wadding


Notes Use needles smaller than usual 'Of the yam weight to make a firm fabric. Thread beads on to yam before casting on.

Berry (make 1 beck and 1 front) Using A cast. on 3 su 1 se row <:M) Kfb, p1. klb.S sts,

2nd row [1<1.b1) twxe, k1.

lrd row Kib. p3. kfb.7 sts,

4th. 6th. 6th and 12th rows [K1. b1) to last st.kt. Sth row Kfb. pS. kfb. 9 sts,

7 th row Kfb, p 7. leb. 11 sts.

9th. 11th and 13th rows K1. p9. k1. 10th rcw K2. [b'l.kl] 4 times.kl.

14th row Ssk, [b1. k1] 3 tmes, b1. k2tog. <) sts. 15th row K1. p7. k1. cast off.

Calyx (make 1) Using S, cast on 6 sts, 1 st row (RS) Cast 0 if3 sis, k2 3 sts.

2nd row K3. tum, cast on 3 sts usingthe cable method (see page 16).6 SIS. Repeat first and 2nd rON> 3 times, ooding with a r'I'S! 1'(yoN and casting off all the sls on this row.

Making up Sew bacs and frOl'll together. nserting wadcfirg before joining cast-off edges at top. Wrth RS to outside, roll calyx cnd SOClJre cast-on and cast-off ecges at stra:ght edge. the<l sew to top of blackberry.

Specific abbreviation

b1 - bring yarn to front. s p next st pur1v.isc, slide bead along yam so that it sits snugly against work. take yam to back rea::ly to knit next Sl.


Yam: D ' wool in red (A) and green {S) Needles: 2 dooble-pcntec knlttln& needles



Petals Using A cast on 4 sts

1 It and 3rd rows KIb, ~ to en .

2nd and 4th rows P to last 2 sts, pfb, p1. Beginni'1g wrth a k row, work 4 rows st-st 91h rOW k1 , k2tog. k to end.

lOt" row P to last 3 sts, p2:tog, p1. 6 sts. Repeat 1st-10th rows once, 8 sts.

Repeat 1st-10th rows once more, 10 sts, Cast ofT, Base Using g, cast on 4 S:S.

1 ee rOW (RS) P.

2nd roW Ca,,'1. on 3 sts by knitted cast-on method (see page 16), cast off3 sts, k3, 4 sts,

3rd row P.

4th row K. Repea 1 st-4th rows 4 tines. Chi off

Wrth AS faong pick up and k 12 sts along straight edge, P 1 row. Nexr I'Ow I<2tog 6 'limes. 6 sts. P 1 row.

Next row I<2tog 3 'times.3 sts. Do not break yam, Slip sts on to doublepointed needle and make a 4cm (l Xin) long cord (see pc!ge 17). Cast off. Making up Press petals and coil them frorn the cast-off end, with reverse st-st to the outside, Gather along strai~t edge and stitch, Join the side seam of base to make a cup and sew bUG insice il





Cast on S sts. Small petals

1 st row Kfb, k4, 6 sts.

2nd row P4, pfb, p1. 7 sts, 3rd row 1(7,

4th row P7.

5th row Kl, k2tog. k4, 6 sts.

6th row P3, p2tog, p1. 5 sts Repeat 1S1-6lh rows 3 times. Do not break yarn.

Medium petals

t.t "lid ll'd row' KIh k to erd.

2nd and 4th I'()W$ P 10 laSl 2 sts, pfb, p'l. Sch and 7th rows K9

6th and 8th rows 1'9.

9th and 11 th rows K1, k2tog. k :0 end.

10th and 11th rows P to last. 3 sts p2tog. pt. 5 sts. Repeat 1st-12th rOIlJS wee. Do nOI break yarf\.

Large petals

1st, 3rd and 5th rows KIb, k 10 end.

2nd, 4th and 6th rows P to last 2 sts pfb, P 1, 7th, 9th and 1 hh rows K11.

8th, 10th and 12th rows P11.

13th, 15th and 17rh rows Kl, k2tog. k to end.

14th, 16th and 18th rows P to ast 3 sts. p2tog. pl. 5 sts. Repeat 1 st-18th rows twice.

Next row K1.k2tog_ k2

Next row P1,p2tog.p1.

Next row K1, k2tog.

Nert row Pllog. Fasten oli

Making up Press, With reverse st-st to outside, roJi up loosely f(Oro the cast-on end. ughlly stItch the straight edges together to form

a flat base. and then push cp centre. Ga:he.' and sbtch outside edge at base, Tum back petals ard stearr if nec:es!Wlry.





Knittin~ Abbre~iations: page 14

Notes on Knittinf pages 16-17


Yarn: DK wool in pink (A) and pale pink (B)


Outer petals (mcke 5) U",ng A cast 011 6 sts, 1st and 3rt! rows (RS) K

2nd row Kfb 5 times, k1. 11 SIS.

4th row [Kfb. k2] 3 umes, 1Gb. k1. 15 sts. 5th-12th rows K.

13th row [K1, k2tcg) 5 limes, 10 sis, 14th row K.

15th I'OW K2tog 5 times. 5 sts Leave sts on a spare neeole.

To join petals; slip sts back 0"1 to working oeedle, k each set or 5 SiS, 25 st . K 1 row. Next row K1. [k2tog. k2] 6 times. 19 sts.

K 1 roW.

Next rCN( K'l, k2tog 9 times, 10 sts. Cast off.

I nner petals (make 5) Using A. cast.on 4 sts, 1st and 3rt! rows K,

2nd row Kfb 3 times, k1. 7 sts.

4th row Kl, [!db, kt] 3 times, '10 sts. StIJ-10th rows.

11 th row K1. Lk2tcg. k1] 3 Urnes 7 sts 12th row K.

f3 th row K2tog 3 times. kt, 4 sts, Leave sis on a spare needle.

To join pebll.ls; slip sts back on to working 'teedle, k each set of .. S1S. 20 sts

K 1 row.

Next row K1. k2tog. 1] 5 times, 15 sts, K 1 row.

Next row K2tog 7 times. k1. 8 sis. Cast off. Centre Using BF cast on 5 sis.

tst row (RS) K1 '" loop 1. k1;repeal fi'om" to end.

2nd row Kfb. It to last 2 sts. kfb, kt. Repeat &-st and 2nd rows orce. 9 sis.

Work 1 Sl row agai,1.

8ttl row K

9th row Loop 1, '* k'l, loop1; repeat from to end,

10tt-. row K2tog, k to last 2 sis. k2t06- Repeat 9th and 10th rows on e. 5' sts. Cast off.

Making up Join each set of petals into a ring, Fasten off erlds. ~i"'g those at the base to secu-e one petal behind the next. Sew the inrer- petal ring inside the outer one, Gatl-,e,ing il slightly, stitch 'centre in place.

Specific stitch

LoOp 1 - k1 but do not slip ,tt from needle; bring yarn forward between needles, take it do~kwi.se around lefl1humb and bad<. between reedles; k'SI on Jeff-hand need'e again, slippIng It off in the usual way; on right-hane! needle slip 2nd 51 over st just made.


d<'l!Ctot)' VIew fYJge 1]

Yarn: DK woof in pin (A) arid green (8) Needles: 4 double-pointed mining needles



first petal (make 1) U~ngA,caston 3 sts,

tse row K.

2nd and WS rows P.

3rd row K1, m1R, k1, m1L, (1, S sts 5th row K2. m1 R. kl. m1l 1<2 • ., 515 7th rOW 1(3, m1 R. k1, m11. 3. 9 sts

9th row K'I, m1 R. k1, m1L k1. 11 sts. ** Beginring with a p row, work 3 rows SHL 13th row Ssk k7. k2tcg. 9 sts,

15th row Ssk. 16. I<2tcg. 7 sts,

17th row Ssk, cast off 3 sts, kltog, slip 2nd

st. on right-hand needle over first FastCl'l off. 3rd and 4th petals Work as first petal to *". Work 5 rows st-st then ccmplete as

'rst petal

Sth and 6th petals Work as first petal to • Work 7 rows st st. then complete as frSt petal.

Stem Using 8 and 2 cocole-pointed reedles. m~e a 3cm (1 ~in) long 3-51 co-d (see page 17).

Cup With 1 double-pointed needles:

1«t round Kpk 3 tiMe., 9 sts. K 4 rounds, 6th round Sk2po 3 times. 3 sts.

7th round [K1. yo. k1, yo k1] h each of 3 sts. 15 sts,

First sepal

bt I"OW (RS) 1(5. urn. 2nd and 4th rows P.

3rd row Ssx, k1, k2tog. 3 sts, 5th row Sk2po. Fasten off.

2nd and 3rd sepals With RS facing, join )"'dT1 ard work as first sepal on each of 5 SIs,

Making up Roll first petal lightly and secure. Arrange other petals in a spiral around this, stitching each in turn, r- end point of each sepal by unfastening last st and working a few d'lain sis, Strlch cup in place,

Specific abbreviations

kpk - k in Poot, P In back. k in fron of 51 to make 3 sts frem one.

m1 L - wiU) tip of left-hand oecc.e,lift. strand between sts so !hat it lies t'le same way as other sts, and k in back of it

m 1 R - with tip of left-Iwld needle, lift strand between sts so that It lies ihe opposte va}' to other 51$, and k ir'l front of it.

sklpo - slip one st knltWise, k2tog, pass slipped stil<h ever.




Yarn: DK wool 10 khaki (A) and yellow (B)


Centre U;;in3 A. cast on 5 ;1$.

ht row (RS) Kpk, p1. kl, pkp. k1. 9 sis.

2nd, 3rd and 4th rows K1, '" pt. k1; repeat from' to end.

5th row 1<,)1<, [pi. k1] 3 times, lXP. kl, 13 515. 6th-14th roWS As 2nd row,

1Sth row K1,p3tog. [1<.1, p1] tv.icc, kl. p3tog.k1. 9 sts. 16th, 17th and 18th rows A; 2nd row,

Cast off. working k'1, p)tog, kl, p3tog. k1 across I'ON. Petals With RS faci~ and using B. pick up and k 1 st frem edge, transfer this st to left-hand needle, GIst on 3 sts by kritted cast-orr method (see page 16). cast ofT 3 sts .. pick up ard k 1 st from edge, sip st h-eady on right·harrd needle over rt then trans1er new st to left-hand needle, GIst on 3 sts as before, cast olf 3 sts; repeat from ". around edge. Fasten off.

Specific abbreviations

kplc. - (k. in front. p in from, k In back) of st to make 3 sts from one.

pkp - (p in fi'Ont, k in back p in front) of st to make 3 sts from one.




Yarn: OK '{\Ioolln pale blue (A) and deep blue @) Needles:'2 ool.ble-poir1:ed knitting needles


Right upper wing Using A cast on 4 sts, 1st rQW (RS) Kfb 31imes. kt. 7 sts,

2nd row P1tl:ll. [kt, p1tbl) 3 times.

lnl row K1tbl. [p1. 1tb~ 3 tirres, Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows (rib) 3 times. ;j 10th row fY'/$) Rib 5. torn Slip 1 pcrlwise, rb to er d.

11th row Rib 3.1urn, slip 1 puriww, rib to end. Break yam. Slrp sts on to

other neede, WrJ'l RS acing and using B, working in back strand only of sts at row IOncls. pick up and k one st from shorter side edge. k 7 from needle, pick up and k 3 sts from longer side edge. (If necessary. pick up side edge sts on separ;lfe need'e_lhen tlip them on to working needle). 11 sts,

Slipping fi,'S! st. cast off loosely knrtwse.

Right lower wing RS facing and usng A. working in back strand only and starting at first row. pid< up and k 5 sis along first half or shorter edge of upperwollg.

1 st row Pf1cb in r,rst st, p 1tb!. k1 ,pikb in next st. p 1tbL 7 sts 2nd row K1tbl. [p1, k11bIJ 3 times.

lrd row P1tbl [1<1. p1tbt] 3 times. Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows once.

6th row (RS) Rlb 5. turn. slip 1 puriwise. rib 2. turn, s[p 1 purlllofise. rrb to end. Break yam, Slip sts on 10 other needle, Wrth RS facing and u91ng B. wornng in back strand at row ends. pick up and I: 2 sts rrom side e(jge.1::7 frorn needle, pick up and k 2 sts from 2nd side edge. 11 SlS. Cast off as before.

Left upper wing Vlork as right upper wing to "', then work 2nd row again. 11 til row (RS) R.b 5, tum. sffp 1 purwse, rib to. end.

12th row Rib 3,1um, slip 1 purfwse, rib to e"ld. Continue as right upper Wing from =, pld<mg up 3 sts from longer side edge and one st from shorter edge. Left lower wing WOrk to match right lower wing. pidQng up ~ along second half or sborter eoge of upper wing.

Body Using Band doeble-polmed needles. cast on 2 sis. Kfb twce, hrn, p2 og twice, tum, ow make a 3cm (1~in) long 2-st cord (see Pilge 17). Skpo. Fasten off'.

Making up Press to sbape. join pairs of wings in centre and attach body. Use single strands of B for arrtennae.

Specific abbreviation

plkb - purt m front then k in back of st to make 2 sts from one.

ASPARAGUS <frectOry view pose ,/5

Yam: DK wool in WOrte (A). pale green (6) GAd mauve (C) Needles: 4 double-pointed knfttirg needles

Extras: Wadding


Stalk Using A cast on 9 sis. SSp 3 sts on to each of 3 double-pointed need es ard continue in rounds of k, Work 2.Sc;m (1 in) ending between needles. Do not break yam. Change to B.

First bract K 3 sts on next needle, tun.p3, tum, s2kpo. F'lstcn off. Resume A and. working mto A SIs beHnd and beoenh first to« of B sts, pick up and k 3 S1S. Connnue on all 9 SIs, working bracts on each needle in tum and at approximately 2.Scm (1 in) intervals unul work measures 13cm (Sin). Break off A and continue with B.

Tip of asparagus 'to (K1. m1. <1. ml. k1) in next 3 sts.turn. Continue on these 5 m: pS, 16. pS. tun,

Next row (RS) K2tog k1, ssk P3.

Next roW S2kpo. Fasten off remaining st Repeat fi'Ofl'1 twice. Using B. pick up and k 3 SlS rrom b lind each brad as before. Contl~ue in rounds on tnese 9 sts K 2 rounds.

31"(1 round (K1. mt, kl, ml. kl m next 3 SIs] 3 times. 15 51s.

K 3 rounds. Change to C. 7tt. round [K2tog, k1,ssk] 3 times.9 sts, K 1 round Fill tip with wadding and yarn ends,

9th round S2kpo 3 times. Fasten off by threading end through rema ning 3 SiS.

Making up catch down tips of bracts usrng ehds, Use a pencil to push wadding into stalk Close base of staik by weaving end across cpeqing.

Specific abbreviation

s2kpo - slip 2 sts as ,f to k2tog. kt, pass slipped SIs over.

MORNING GLORY d,eaor.y ... ~, lJCl1e 40

Yarn: If·ply wool in white (A) and greeJ'l (B) Needles: 'I double-pointed I<nitting needles





Flower Usi'lgA cast on 5 sts. Sip sts on to 3 doube-ponted needles aod

continue in rounds: K 1 round.

2nd round Kib 5 Limes. 10 sts, K 4 roonds. 7th round Kib 10 tmes, 20 sts, K 8 rounds.

16th round [K1. kfb] 10 ~imes.30 S'tS. K 4 rounds. 21st round [IQ. ktb] 10 times. 40 sts. K 2 rounds. 24fh round (1<3, kfu] 10 tirres. SO sts, K 2 rounds. 27th round [K'i, kfb] 10 urres, 60 sis. K 3 rounds.

Cast-off rou nd cast off 5 sts. • relul1' st 'On (~ht-hand reede to left -hand ,needle and QISt: on 2 sts ~'*. cast off 8 sts ~ .repeat from ~ to *' 8 times, repMl ft:om .. to . cast of!' 2 sts. Fasten oil.

Centre Ushg B. cast on 1 st,

tse row [K1, yo, k1, yo, k1] 111 1 Sl 5 sts, B~inning vli\h a p row. work It&Mt

4th row P5tog. Fasten off.

Stem USing B and 2cbuble-pointed needles. make a 4.5cm (1%n) 10n£ 4~ cord (see page 17). Do not break yam.

Sepals (1<1, yo, kt, yo. kl, yo,k1] in each st, 1.\JJ11. 28 sts. Castoff. Making up Sew centre inside nONerand join sepals to flO'M:f.

Leaf Usrng B and pair of knit~ng needles. cast on 3 sts, htl'()wK.

2nd andWS rows P.

Jyd YOW Kfo twice, k1. 5 sts,

Sth row K1, kfb twice, k2 7 sts, 7th row K2.1db twice. k3. 9 sts, 9th row K3. I<Ib lW(CC, k4. 11 sts. 11 th row K4. kfb twice, 16. 13 sts, 13th row KS.1db twice. k6. 15 sts, 15th row K6, kfb twice. k7. 17 sts. 17th row K7. kfh twice. k8.19 sts, 19th row K8. kfb twice. k9. 21 sts.

21st roW K3. slip 1 knilVl.;setwice. * lilt 2ndSt on left-hand neede over h.t st and silp ihis st pul't\·/lse. IITt 200 sup st on rignt·hand needle over plJ"II-\1Se slip st and return st to left-hand needle <!:_,; repeat from once '*. k2. kfb

twice. k3: sip 1 kni~Nise twce, repeat from" to tWce. k3. 15 sts,

First side

Next row S) P7.-turn.

Next row K1, slip 1 knitwise 1.Wi~e, repeat from" to *. of 21 Sl row tWice, k2. 3 sts, Cast off, With WS faong, slIp centre st and work 2.I'Id side as first side on remaining 7 sts.

Stem Join B to centre 51 and make 6 chain sts (see page 17). Fasten 011 r'hking up Join leaf stern to fower stern daming end in chain to 5trcngthcn leaf stem.





= Chain

• Slip stitch

T DoalJle crochet

Half treble crodlet

Treble crochet

Double treble crochet


Crochet Sympols: pages 1,2-13

Crochet Abbrev;ations: page 15

Notes on Grod!et:

I>ares 18-19


Yarn: 4-ply cottl,)n in yellow (A). ochre (B) and pale green (C)


Centre Using A. make Sch, jOin wjjh ss into a ring.

tse round (RS) 3ch. 2-st tr duster; 2ch, [3-st tr duster. 2ch) 4 times. with B S5 to top ch of 3ch. 5 clusters and 5 ch sp. Conti nue with B.

2nd round [5dc in ch sp} 5 times. with C ss to frst dc. 25 sts. Continue with C.

3rd round [5s in rext de, 3(h.2dtr in each or r~xt 3dc, 3ch, ss in ext de 5 times. ss to lirst SS. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).


d,~to'Y ,"!I\' pt;ge 38

Yam: 4-f>1y cotton in green (A), lime (B) and yellow (C)



Using A. mal:e 4c:'I, join with 55 into a nng.

1st round (RS) 1ch, 'Ide n ring. with B ss .n 1 co. 5 SIS. Continue with 8. 2nd round 1 ch, 2dc in ch below, Jdc in each of next 4dc, with C 55 in 1 ch, 15 sts, Con nue with C.

lrd round [2ch. 2-tr dec in next 2dc. 2en ss in next de] 5 times. ending ss m ss of previous round Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).




dJ'ectOfy view pogt 31

Yarn: DK wool



lot double row Miss 2ch. 1dc in each of next2ch.17ch, tun.1dc i'l each of Zdc. ldc in top ch of 2ch.

2nd double row 1 ell, 1 eX: ifl each of next 2dc, 17ch. tum, lde in each of 2dc. 1dc in 1 ch. Repeat 2nd double row 34 times, fasten otf.

Making up Pin out loops an<i press. Coil the straIght edge.

stitching as you go.

000000000+++ ] oc>oc>c>c>c>c>+ + 0 Repeal


-=-===-=-=-==++0 ==0



LAZY DAISY dreaory _v page 41

Yarn: DK cotton ,n yellow (A) and vmite (B)


Centre U~ing A make 6ch, jon with ss into a rirg.

1st round (RS) 1ch. 11dc in rog, using B ss in 1ch.12 sts, Petals Continue WIth B.

2nd round [11ch,55!n next de] 12 times. ending ss in ss of first round. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).

FLARED ROSE directory \'iCN p:lge 22

Yarn: DK wool


Leaving a long end of yam. make 41kh.

I st row (RS) Miss 4ch. 1dtr in each of next 43ch. 1tr in last ch. 45 sts, 2nd row 3ch. 3dtr Ifl each of next <Betl; 1 tr in top ch of 1ch, Fasten olf. leaving a long end.

Making up Extend Increase edge (2nd row) and press, Coil chain edge antclockwise. strting ... Jith lhe beginning of the first ro'N and USing the long end to S'!itcn as you go. When the coil is completed. catch the yarn end of the 2nd ro« end take it down through the centre of the rose.

.vv "'T

f f f f ~

.~ c:::> c:::> <::::> c:::> c:::> c:> 0





a.fPrtory v/!'.v page 25

Yarn: DK wool in deep pin (A) and pale pink (B)



L;ng A. make 99ch.

Petals 1--4 Miss 3ch.1tr i each of next 2ch. 2ch. ss in next ch [3ch, 1lJ" in each or next 2ch, 2eh. ss u) next ch] 3 times. Continue with B. Petals 5--8 [4co. 1dtr In each of next 4ch. 3ch. ss in next ch) 4 times. Petals 9-12 [4eh.1dtr n each of next 6ch, 3ch.55 in next ch) <I times. Petals 13-16 (5ch. 1 trtr in ea.ch of next 8ch. 4ch. $S in next chl 'i times. Fasten off. Making up Press petal to shape. Starting wi-th the sma~er petals and stitching as you go. coil jhe r(MI of petals to give a Oat base abng tne chain edge.




• <::>cx=x::::x::x::x



Small rose

Using B. make 48(h,

Petal~ f -3 a, petals 1-4 abcve. but. work ostnxtions in square brackets twice.

Petab 4-6 as petals 5--8. but work irstrvc-Jons in square brackets 3 times.

Petals 7-9 as petals 9-12, but work in$1.ructions in square brackets 3 times.

Making up As. above.



MICHAELMAS DAISY oreaOt) YTe.v t>Cge 30

Yam: 4.p:y wool n mauve (A) an<;J green (B)

METHO:D ~~------------------------~

Petals Using A. [make 9ch.mss 1cl1. 55 in each of next Ben] 37 mes. • • • • • • • • 0

Fasten off. Pin out row of petals and press. pooooooo

Centre With same side facing and using B. join yarn i the space between 00 1.... • • • • • • • 0

first and 2r.d petals. 3ch, 3-st tr dec In next 3 spaces. -t-st tr dec In next 4 ~o p. =. =. =. =. =. =. =.0

spaces; repeat from '" to er:d. Fasten off. leaving a long end. \....

Making up Coil the centre so tha there are 3layef"\: of petals. Gath nng pooooooo

centre slightly. stitch ir place.Take yam end rrom centre and make stem: 1.... • • • • • • • 0

1Sch,miss 'lch. ss in each of next 14ch. F~ten off. p=======

\.... • • • • • • • 0 pooooooo

\.... • • • • • • • 0 poo=o===

l. • • • • · • • 0 --- pooooooo

\.... • • • • • • • 0 POOOOOQO

\... .




Q"w.1YY >le ... · ~e 29

Yarn: Dj( wool ~1 yellow (A) and purple (B)



Using"''' make 4ch, join IMth ss into a nng.

tse round (RS) 3ch, [1de. 2ch) twice i ling. with B ss to first of 5eh. 3 sts and 3ch sp. Contnue with B.

2nd round ['kh. 3-st dtr cluster In ch sp, 4ch. 1 de in top of cluster. 4ch. ss in next de of first roond) 3 times. erxling ss in 55 of first round. Fasten ofT.




dro<:ory ""'I' IJORt 33

Yarn: 'I-ply wool .n yelbw (/lV. blue (8) aod green (C)


Flower Using A make 4cnjoin With 55 into a ril)g.

1st round (RS) 2ch. 9dc in ling. with B so to top ch 0' 2ch. 10 sts, Cmtlnue with B.

2nd round Seh. 1trtr in each or next 9ck. ss to top ell of Seh. Fasten off.

Stem Ustng C. make 12ch.m' s tch in each of next 7ch leaf Sch.miss

2eh. 1tr In next ch, 1 de in !"ext ch. ss rn next en: 5S in each of remaining <leh. f asten orr.

Making up Press stem 2nd leaf only then attach to back of flower.



MECONOPSIS direaCY)! \lew P<ifIC 32

Yam: OK wooi h ),ello'" (A) and blue (B)


U,lng A. make 6ch. join With 55 into a I;,g

ht round (RS) 'lch, 9dc in ring, with B 55 to 1m. 10 sts, Contirue With 8. 2nd round [4eh. 2-st dtr ckster h next cc, 4eh. ide in next de) 5 limes, ending ss in 1 eh (If first round. Fasten off II'Ivisib'y (see page 19).


Yarn: DK wool in shades of blue (A) and pale green (8)


Flower (make 7) Using A. make 6<:h, join with 55 in 0 a ring.

1 st round (RS) [2ch, 2tr. 2ch, S5 il nng] 1 times. ·1 petals. Fasten off.

2nd round Using B. join yam between petas, (ide between petals and into ring 1 eh behind oeta!l 4 times. ss in back of first de, make 1()c1) for stem. Fasten off Invisibly (see page 19).

+ Specific symbol

1 de worked over de and +s into (entre space.


Yam: +ply wool



~ lobe Malee Sch. RS facing, miss 2ch. 1dc in nex ch. 'ltr in next ch,

10dtr ill last ch;working in remaining strand of each en: 1tr in next ch 1dc in next ch. 55 in next en Fasten of[

Make two more the same but without fastening off the last one.

Stem Usirg attached )'<':Tl and with RS facing. make 9ch. miss 1 ch. ss in each of next echo $S in fi,'St st of attached lobe. ss in first st of2nd lobe. ss in first st of first lobe. ss in 9th ss of stem. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).




cifetlo:r view 1lO~ 4 j

Yam: DK wool in gr-een (A) and wi'>ite (6)


Leaves (RS) Usif.lg A * make 14ch. miss Sch, 1trtrin each of next 2ch. 1 dtr in each of next 2eh. 'ltr in each of next 2ch. 1 htr in nest ch, 1 de n each of next 2ch; repeat from orxe, 55 in r~ning strand of frstch Do rot fasten off.

Stem Make 9cn miss 1<h. 5S in each of next Seh. Fasten off invisbly (see age 19).

Berry (make 2) Using B. make 2eh. miss 1ch. (1tr.1dc) in next ch. Fasten ofT Invisibly.

Making up Press leaves. Tie both yarn eods of each oorry, then sew on to leaves.





o Choin

• Slip stitCh

+ Dooble ~r&!l!ef
T Half treble, crochet
1 Treble crochet
1 Double ,treJile crochet
* rri~/e treble- crochet SEE ALSO

Croahet S~mbo/s: pages 12-13

Croc~~t Abbreviations: pages 15

Notes on Crochet: pages 18-19

LILY OF THE VALLEY directll)' view me 40

Yarn: 4-ply cotten in white (A) and green (B)


Flower (make J) USing A. make a slip ri~ (see FGge 18).

1st round (RS) 3eh. 9tr in nng. pull end to clQse ring. 55 to top ch of3ch. 10 sts,

2nd round 2ch.1tr in n-ext tJ; 1et" [tr dec in next 2tr. '1 ch] 4 times, ss n top of first tr.

3rd round 4ch. ss in fi-st of 4ch. Iss in 1ch of 2nd round, ss n next dec. -tch, ss in fir~ of 1ch) 4 times, S5 in next crt Fasten off invisibly (see page 19)

Stem Using S. make 31 eh. Miss 1ch. ss in e.lch of next 15ch. {3ch. miss first of 3<h.;s in each of next 2ch. on rnain stem ss in each of next 7ch] twice, 1 de in last en Fasten off invisibly.

Leaf (worked In one round with RS fc1cing) Using B. make 14ch. Miss 1 en. 1dc in each of next 3cn. 1 htr il next en. 1tr in each of next 6ch. 1 htr in next ch, lde in each of next 2(0. 5th, miss 3ch, 1 de in next en. tch Worki~ in the remaining strands or original base ch: 1 de in each of first 2cn. 1 htr in next ch, 'ltr n each of next &h, 1 ht, in next ch, 1 de in each of next 3ch. Working in both strancs of each eh: 1 de in next ch, 15th miss 1ch. ss in each of next 14(h, 1 de in next eh. Fasten off invisibly.

Making up Sew a flo......er to the top of the stern and one to each side branch. Jo;n stem and leaf.

O~ 0+0 O~O +0+ +0+

I-O-l 1-+-0--1-1 1-+-0--1-1 1-+-0--+-1 1-+-0--+-1 1-+-0-+-1 f-+-O-f-l

I-O-l +0+ +0+ +0+



O· 1;)- •


.<:::::,~ • • - - • - • -0 C:>=======


<P/¢aoty ... 'CW pcge JJ

Yarn: OK wool ,n pale blue (.'\) and deep blue (B)


Centl'e Using A. make a slip ring (see page 18).

1 st round (RS) 3<:h, 1Str in ring, pull end to dose ring. ss In top ch of 3ch. 16 sts

2nd rl)und 'len. [SS '" the front strand of next r; 3ch] 1S times. 55 in first of 4.ch Fasten off invisibly (see rage 19).


3rt! round (RS) Working behind 2nd round and i"lto tile first round: join B in the top m of 3ch 6ch. vvor1<ing in the back strand of eaeh tr: [ss in next 11: 5ch 15 tmes, 5S n ~rst 0' Geh. F(b"ten offiO\isibly (see page 19},




Yarn: 4-pl)< cotton in pale blue (A), deep blue (S) ~Q pale greer- (C;)


Flower Using A, make 4ch. join with ss into a ring.

he round (RS) 4ch, 4dtr in n.-g. ss to top eh of 4ch. 5 sts,

2nd round 5<:11. [1oc in next d!J; 4ch} 4 trres, ss in frst of Sch. 5 ch loops. Fasten off.

3rd round With centre of flower fadng. join B in first ch loop. 3ch. 2-st tr duster aromd ch loop. 3ch. ss In same loop, [ss, 3::h. 2-st tl" cluster. 3cn.

55 in next loop) ~ times, ss to first en. Fasten ofT irvisibly (see page 19). Stem Usng C. Il'ake 1'1 ch. miss 1ch 55 in each of next 10<:h. Fasten off. Making up Press petas.Thread one-yarn end hm the stem through the centre of the flower from belcw. Knot it close to the flower and Inm. Use seeond end to attach S1em to base of flower



GERANIUM dre<tOrj' vi,w poge 28

Yarn: 4-ply cotton In orange (A). yellow (B) and purple (C)


Centre Using A. make Sch, join with ss Into a ring.

1st round (RS) 1m. 7dc In ring. with S ss to 1ch. 8 SIS. Continue with B. 2nd round 2m. 1 dc n 1ch below. 2ch. [2dc in next dc. 2ch) 7 times. ss In too ch of 2ch. Fasten off.

3rd round Join C in a ch sp. 2ch. make a popcom ,n ch p below. 2ch 55 in same ch sp. [55 in next ch sp, 2ch. make popcorn. 2ch. ss in same ch sp J 7 times. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).

Specific stitch and symbol

Popcorn 4dtr, take hook out ofloop at top of last dtr, nsert hoek under 2 strands at top of first. dI.!; then in loep. yrh. pull yarn through sts on hook


Yam: OK wOOl in Shades of purPle (A) and olive (B)


Grape (make 19) Using A rrake Sch Miss 4ch. n next eh mal< iI- 6-st dtr duster; Pull yarn tight so that stitches curve wrth smooth side (RS) to the outside. Make 4ch. from the bad< ss into ell al base of duS1l:!J. raster! off. Stem Using B, make 18th. Miss 1eh. 1<1<: in each of next 6ch. 5eh. miss leh. 1 oc in each of next 4ch. 1 de In each of remaining 11 eh. Fasten off invi5ibo/ (see page 19).

Making up Sew grapes in a forrnatioo of 1.,4 as shown in diagrarr. varying d~-eCtion of sts.AtLach me shortest branch or the stem behind the bunch.

Specific abbreviation and symbol s-st dlr duster - a duster made up of 6 double trebles: yrh twice. insert hoal< and pull loop through. [yrh and pull;rum through 2 :oop~ on hook) twice; repeat from * 5 times. yrh and j:XJ1I yam through all 7 loops on 1'001<.

AURICULA dre<rory V1«.>N 1Xl2€ 28



Yarn: Srigle strand of embroidery wool cr ~.pIy wool in r,me (A). cream (B). purple (C) and mauve (D)


Flower Using A and leaving an end of appro 'r1"ately Scm (2in). make 4ch. pill with ss into a ring.

bt round (RS) 4eh. 6dtr, ring. ss to lop ch of 4 h. 7 sIS. Fa e olf iwisibly (see page 19).

2nd round Wrth inside of cup fad~ join B in a dtr. (4th. 2dlr in st below). [1 en. 3dtr io next stJ 6 times. 1 (n. with C 55 t.o top ch of 4ch. 21 sts CoAbnue with C.

3rd round 3ch.)lf in nextdtr.1tr i~ next dtr.(miss 1ch. leh. 10" in next dtr. 3tr in next dtr. 1 tr in next dtr] 6 times, 1 eh. with 0 ss to top eh of 3ch. Continue with D.

4th round 1 eh.ltr in next Ir, 2dtr in next tr. 2 "in next 1r.ldc in next o: lde around 1 en oOrd round and len oflnd roJncl. [1 de in next tr, 20" i) next tr. 2dtr in nexll .211' in next Ir. 1 de in next II; 1 de around 1<11 of 3rt! roind and 1 ell of 2nd rourd) 6 times. 5S to 1 ch, Fasten off InVlsibly.

Stem Using A make 15ch. miss 1 ch. lde in each of next 14ch Fasten off. Making up Hook first A end into centre 0' ftOIher: knot the end close to the flower and trim. Attach stem

+ Specific symbol

I 1 de around 1ch of 31'd round and

, 1 ch of 2nd round




,lrectory vJ<!W pagt 29

Yam: 4-ply cotton in dark green (A), pal~ green (S) and mauve (C)


Flower Leaving a long end. use A to make a slip ring (see page 18). t st row (RS) 3<:11, 4tr In ing. pull end to close ling. 5 sts,

2nd row 3ch,2tr in each of next 3tr.1tr i,.. top ch of 3ch. 8 sts, Fasten off.

lrd row jo n B in fi'Ont strand of top of last tr. [5eh. S5 in front strand of next ir] 6 meso 5ch. ss in front stJ-and of top ch of 3(h. 7 loops,

Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).

4th row With RS facing, fold loops rOI'.vard and jom C In back strand of end tr of 2nd row, [8ch. miss 1ch, 1dc in next ch 'lhtr In next ch.11l in each of next 3 ch, 1htr in next ch, 1dc in next ch, 55 in back strand of next tr]

7 fines. endinl: ss in back strand of top dh of 3ch 0; 2nd raw.

Fasten off invisiblt

Stem RS facing. nsert hook in sip ring a- base and puij long end throl.gh Ma!(e 1 Och. miss 1 ell, ss in eacn of 9ch. Fasten otT invisibly.


Yarn: <I-ply cotton in grey-green (A) and pale mauve (S)


Usi'18 A. make Seh. join with ss into a ring.

1st rouJ)d (RS) 2eh. 70e in ring. ss to top en onch.8 sts,

2nd round 1 dh. [2dc in next cc, tdc in next de] 3 tmes, 2dc in next de, SHO 1 en. 12 SIs.

lrd round 1 ell. [2dc In next dc.1dc in next de) 5 times. 2dc I next dc. ss to 1 ch. 18 sts.lnsert a marker and work 3 roinds of d:: continuously.

7th round [Pee in next 2dc. 1de in next de) 6 meso 12 >ts.Work 2 rounds straight. ending 51 in next de

10th round" 2ch. ss i1 first ch, ss tn next st repeal fi'Om ". ending ss in first ch. Fasten olf inviSbly (see page 19).

Top Cut strards ofB approximale1y 13cm (Sin) long and erough to fill thistle head when doubled. Fold n half and tie in a tassel. Insert tassel along vith a little spare yam for paddirg. Secure and tri'Yl.

Stem Using A make 12ch, miss ten ss in next 11ch. turn, 1ch, miss 1 ss, ss in single strand of each remainng 55. Fasten off. Sew to base of thistle.


OffXtofy ew pal1e 23



Yam: +-ply wopj in deep pir1k (A). Q'lidcprok (8) and pale pink (q


__ -------------------------

;-;:ound (RS) USIng A make a slip ring (see page 18). 2ch.

70c in rOg. pull end to dose ring, S$ to iop en 0: 2ch. 8 sts, lnd round 2ch.1d:: in base of Irst ch, 2dc in each of next 7 stS. 55 to too ch of2ch. 16 sts.

3rd round 4ch. [m5S 1 cc, 1 de in oeX! c:k. 3ch] 7 times, ss to first ch of 4(11. Bch $p.

4d, round [1dc, 1 htr.1 tr.1htr.1 de] in eaeh en sp. B petals. Fasten off wrth B. Connnue with B.

5th round Fold ng petas forward and wOrkir.g nto e back of petals. S$ 1 the 2 strands that form the base of each of first 3 sts of next -al.[3ch. 1 de in base of tr at centre of next petaij 71imes, 3ch. 5S in Ird of 3ss.

6th round [1ete. 1 htr; 3tr, 1 htl; 1 de] in each ch sp. Fasten off with C. ContJnLe with C.

7th round FokIng petals forward and working into the back of petals as before. ss in base of each of next 4 sts. [5ch. 1 de in base of centre tr) 7 tmes. 5ell. 5S in 4th of 4si.

8th round [tdc, 1 htr. 5tr, 1htr.1 de) in each c sp. Fasten off.

Specific symbols

• 55 in the base at the I back of c st below.



ROLLED ROSE AND ROSEBUDS dre"tlI) lo1ew page 25

Yarn: Embl"Oldery cotton in pale pink (A), mid-pink (B), deep pirk (C) and green (D)



Picot row Using A rr.ake 5cl\ miss 4ch, 1 de in next ch, [Sch, miss 4cl\ 1 de in next ch] (; times, turn. 7 picots.

tst row CNS) 1ch. 7de In first pcot so, [1ss Oller 3ch, 7dc i1 next picot] 6 tmes, Fasten ofT. Do not tum, join B in first ch.

2nd row 1ch, [1dc in eath of2dc, 2htr in each of next 3dc. 1dc in each of next 2dc, ss ewe 3ch between picots] 5 times. Fasten of[ Do not turn, join C i"l first ch,

lrd row 1 ch, [1 dc in each of 2d~, 1 htr in next hlr, 111" in each of next 4htl: 1 htr in rext htr, 1 de in each of next. 2dc, ss over 3ch between picots] 3 times, Fasten off,

With smallest petals at centre. roll a nd stitch.

Stem leaving an end approxirmtety10::m (4in) long. join 0 at base of rose Weaving end across between each en, make 11eh, Miss 1ch, 1dc in each of next 1 Och, Fasten off.

Sepals Make 5ch, wrap ch aroino stem and 55 in first ch, 1 st round 1ch,9dc in 5ch sp, ss In first de. 9 sts,

2nd round 1ch 1 dc In each de, ss in first dc.

3rd round 1ch, [2dc in first de, 1 ck: in each of next. 2ck:) 3 time" ss In first de. 12. sts. Fasten off. .eaving an end to stitch sepals to base 0: rose, Rosebud (make 3) Using A work. pcot row as for rose until 6 picots have bee completed, lUm. Work 1 st to« repeating instructions in brackets 5 times. Fasten off,

Noting that first row is RS, roll and stitch to form rosebuds.

Stem Using D, make 12cl\ ss in base of first rosebud. tum and ss h each of 'kh, make 4ch. ss in base of 2nd roseoudtorn and ss in each of '1ch, make 4ch. ss in base of 3rd rosebud, tum and ss in each of 4ch and first 8ch. Fasteo off.

Sepals HoldiIl& rosebud in ieft hand. wrap )12m once arouod finger and base of rosebud to form a ring.

1 st round 1 ch, 6dc in ring, pull end to dose ring. ss in firsL de.

2nd round lch,2dc i1 each de, ss in first. oc, fasten orr, finish 2nd and 3rd rosebuds in same wat Stitch sepals to base of rosebeds,

WILD ROSE dil\!ClOlY v~ pa£e 24

rarn: DK "''001 in yellow (A). wlite (B) and pink (C)


cen~re ~ing A. rna e a slip ring (see page 18).

1st round (RS) 2dl.9dc in ri~g. pull end to dose ring. using 8 ss in lop ch of 2ch. 10 sts, Continue wth B.

2nd round 1ch. [2dc: in next de 1 de in next dc:) 4 times. 2dc: In next: de. usng C S5 in 1 en. 15 sts Fasten off. Contin e with C.

First petal

1 st row (RS) 1 ch, 1 de in each of I'ext 2dc. 3 sts. 2nd row 1 ch, 1 de in next de, 1 de II") 1 ch

3rd roW 'len (ttru: 1dtr) i'l de be'ow, 1rr n next de, (ldtr.1 trtr, 1 dtr) in 1 ell. 7 sts, Fasten off Inv6itiy (see page 19~

2nd petal (RS) Join C in next de of 2nd round ard then work as first petal. Make 3 more petals as the 2nd petal

Stamens Cut 4 lengths of A each approxinatcfy 12cm ("I}4in) long. Thread one on a wool needle. leaving an end long enough to knot, take it through the edge of the centre ring. make a backstitch on the WS and bring it to the front Do tre same wr,n remahing lengths of A. then knot them and trim them.



OLD-FASHIONED PINK 6tt<ltYy ulll> po~ 16

Yarn: 4-ply cotton In pink (A). magenta (S) and white (C)


Centre Using A. make a slip ring. (see page 18).

1 $t round (RS) 3ch. % in ring. pull end to close nng. ""ith B ss in top ch of 3ch. 1 0 sts. Continue with B.

2nd round 1 ell. tee in st below, 2dc in each of next 9tr. willi C ss in 1 ch. 20 SIs. Contoue with C.

First petal

1 $t row (RS) 4<:h. 2dtr If) each or next 3dc. turn, 2nd ''OW 1ch, 1dc in each of next Setr:

3rd row ["Im.5s h next cc) 'I times, 4ch. SS n 1cr, do not turn. "Id)' ss 'n next de of 2nd murdo Without fastening off. work 4 more petas In tniS way. ending 55 in first ch of iim petal. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).




Yarn: Stranded epibroidery w.odJ or 4-ply Woo! i white (A). ~Iep.irik (B). deep pink (C) and 2 shaoes of green (D)

6xtras: Wadding


Radish USlllg A <1M leav.ng all end of approximately Scm (2ln). mak 6ch. mss 3ch.55 in next ch.

1st round (RS) 2ch. Soc in ring. ss in lop ch of 2eh. 6 sIS.

2nd round 2el"l. 1de in st below, 2de in each de. with 655 in top ch 0 2eh. 12 sts. Continue with B.

3rd roun.d 1 de in each st.

4th round (2<;Je irl next dc.Jdc in next <;Jel6 times. 18 sts, Change to C. 5th-8th rounds 1 de in each oc.

9th round ('I dec in next 2dc] " times. 9 sts. Hook first end to RS. hm insertwadding into cavity

10th round 1 de in next st [1 ec iil next 2 sts] 4 times. 5 sts. Fasten off. Leaf (make 3 for each reoish) Using D. make 9ch. miss 1ch.1dc in each of next 6c.h. 1 ch, worng in remaining strand of ch, 1 de in each of next 6ch, nrn, 'lch, 1dc in ea.ch of rext 50c.3dc In 1ch sp, toe in each of next 6clc. Fasten 0ff. Attach le<lf to- radish.



++0++ ++0++ ++0++ ++0++ ++0++ =+0++

0+ 0+


APPLE BLOSSOM ()feetOf'( view page 25

Yam: DK.,vool in lime (A) and pink (S)


Centre U$ing A. make a sfip ring (see page 18).

tse round (RS) 2eh 9dc: i, ,"ing. pull end to dose r.ng. using B 5S in top ch oOch. 10 sts, Continue with B.


2nd round 1eh,'" ("1 dtr. 2trtr.1 dtr) in next de. ss In next de; repeat from 3 knes mere. (1dtJ: 2trtr.1dtr) in next de, ss in 1ch. 5 petals.

Faste~ oli nv.5ibty (see page 19).



PELARGONIUM direauy wev. page 23

Yam: 4-ply cotton In pink (A) and greer (B)


Flower (rna<e 5)

Petals (RS) Using A, [6ch. miss Sch. 3trtr in next ch. Sch. 55 in first of 6ch) Stimcs. join into a mg with SS In first d'l. Fasten off invisibly (sec page 19). Centre RS faong and holdi'lg yarn underneath. join B by pulling a loop through the base of one petal. ss in the base of each of ext 4 petals,

5S in join. Leaving a long end of appro>dmately 20cm (8tn~ fasten off invisib~ Thread thrs end on to a wool needle and t.1ke th"Ough the centre to the WS. Fruotcn ofT all ends except this one.

Stem KnOt 1he 5 long ends close to the flowel'S- Starting at me knot. use one end to werk 16dc over the other 'I eIlGS. Fasten off invisibly. One at a time, thread an end on ,0 a fine wod neede.teke it CNer a de and then through the stem to the ~ower. work 2 or 3dc above the knot to secure the flo vel: Fasten of.



RED ADMIRAL BUTTERFLY directory vew poze 32. 39

Yarn: DK wool h khaki (A), O!"!nge (B) and b:ack (C)


First pair of wings U,ing A make 5ch. join with 55 into a ring. 1 se row (WS) 3ch. 4tr ,n ring. 5 sts.

2nd row 3ch.2t,. n each of next 3u:working last wrap with G 'ltr in top ch of 3ch. 8 sts Conunee with 8.

lrd row tch 1 htr in next tr. 3tr in next tr,l htr n each of next 211: 3tr in next tr l htr in next tr. working last wrap with C 1 de in top ch of 3ch. 11 sts. Conmue with C.

4th row 1ch, 1 de in htr. 2dc n each of next 2tr; toe in next rr, ss un~r

3 strands of next u; 'Idol next htJ; 2dc in next If, (1tr, ldtr.ltr) in next tr, ltr in next II; 1dc in htr. ss in 1m. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).

2nd pai r of wings Wilh WS fadng. foin A in 5ch ring and work 1st ,0 3rd rOlNS as first par of wil"lls,

4th rOW 1ch.ldc in htr.ltr in next tr. (1tr.1dtr.1tr) in next tr, 2dc in next tJ; 1 oc 11 next htr, ss under 3 strardsot next htr. tee in next tr. 2de in each of next 2tr. ldc in htr. 55 in ch. Fasten on irwisbi):

Body Using A. make lOc" moss 2(h. 1 de in next ch, le11. S5 In each of l-enaining 7ch. Fasten ofT.

Making up Join wings in centre and stitch bocJy over JOIl'1.

BUMBLEBEE di(e(rory v~v paf;E 34

Yam: DK wool in black {A), yellow (B) ana white (C)


Body kJsing A. mi<e a slip ring (see page 18).

bt i'Ound (RS) 3ell. 7tr in ring, Pl'U end to close .ing, with B 5S to top eh of 3.ch.8 sis. Continue with B.

2nd round 2ch, [2de in next lr. 1 de in next trl 3 times.2de in next lr. w.th A 55 to tOP ch of 2ch 12 $IS. Conthue viTth A.

3rd round 2ch, 1 de n each of next '1'1 GC, with B 55 to top ch of 2eh. Con1inue with B.

4th round As 3rd round, working ss whh A Continue with A

5tt1 round tch, [dtr dec in next 2de, 'Ide in next de) 3 tines. dtr dec in ned: 2(Y.; ss to tch. 8 sts, Fasten e irNisb!)' (see page 19).

Wings Using C. [make 6ch, miss Sch. 2-st tt1r duster in next ch, Sch ss in same en as cluster) tvtic;e. Fasten off invisibly.

Making up Use yam to fill body. With colour jons unda-ncath. Batlen

the body a lillie and wid) A join the two sides of the opening for the head .. A1tichwings wnh A.




dtfe({or( "'" w pose J8

Yam: OK cotton in pale green (A). orange (8) and yellow (C)


Centre Using A. make 4ch. join With ss into a ring.

1st round (RS) 1m. Sdc i .ing.using B 55 to tch. 6 sts, Continue with B. 2nd round 3ch. wornng in the froot strand of each st 1tr in 55 below. 2tr in each of next Sdc, 55 In 3rd or 3ch. 12 sts. Fasten off invisibly

(see page 1~).

Petals left thumb inside the centre and RS lilcing. work in the back strand of each st of the first round: joir. C in a de of first round. [6ch. mss 1ch. tee in next ch.1htr in next ch, 1tr in Mid c~.1dt r in next eh. 'ltrtr in next ch, 55 in next st of fir'S! round] 6 times, ending 55 in same st as joJn. Fa en off.



SANTOLINA dteaOl} VoW page 39

Yam: DK ccttonn ye~oV/ (A) and green (B)


Flower Using A make a slip ring (see page 18).

Working in a found with RS facing. make 5 c~. into ring work 2-rt trtr cluster 7 times. pull end to close ring, moss 5ch and ss in top of frst cluster. Fasten ofT l~aYing an end leng enough to gather top of dosters,

Stem Using S. make 12m. miss '1 ch, S$ in each of next Sch 1Och. miss 1 ch. 55 III each of next 4ch. &h, mss 1eh. ss i'l each of next 7eh. 1ch. ss in each of next Sch 'lch, 5S in each of remaining 6ch.

Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).

Making up The long clusters will have cur1ed to the back naturally. so use me yarn end to gamer 1I1em a IIttfe more and secure them Attach a stem.

HELENIUM dK«!ory ~v ~e 38

Yam: DK wool in orange (A). yellow (S) and ~emon (C)


Centre l)sing A. make a slip ring (see page 18).

1st round (RS) 2ch.7dc in mg. pull end to dose ring. ss i top ch of2ch. 8 sts,

2nd round 1cn.2de In next de, [1 de in next dc.2de i1 next de]3 times. with B ss in 1ch. 12 sts. Contnoe with B.

3rd round [4ch. 5S in front strand of next de 12 trnes, ending 5S in ss of previous round. 12 loops. Fasten off i1Wisib:y (see page 19).

4th round Join C in the back strand of first de in 2nd round.

[10ch. 1dc in back strand of next g:J 12 times, end:ng 55 in first ch. 12 loops. Fasten off in~isibly.

;t, Specific symbol

I de in back strand of de of 2nd rOO1d


Yam: 4-ply wool in yellow (A). ~en (B) and white (C)


Centre Using A. make a slip ring (see pag 18)

1st'rolJPd (RS) 2ch.Sdc in mg. pull end to dose ring. S5 in top ch of 2d1. s sts

2nd round 1ch.lde In st below. 2dc In each of next 5dc. 55 in ·lch.12 sts. 3rd round 1ch. [2dc in next de. 1 de 11 next de) 5 times. 2dc In next de. 55 in 1ch.18 sts

4th round 1ch, [2dc in next dc.1 de in each of next 2de) 5 times. 2dc in next de, 1 de in next. de, with B 55 in 1 ch 24 sts. Continue with B.

5th round 1ch. [2dc in next de. 1 de 1\ each of next 3dC] 5 times. 2dc In next dc. 1 de in each of next 2dc. with C ss ir 1 ch. Do rot break yam B. ;lO·$1s.

6th round Using C. 3ch, [ttr in each of next 2dc, 7ch. miss 1 de] 9 times. 2~' in each of next 2dc, 3<11. 55 in ksl ch c;( 3cn Fasten ofT.

7th round Using S, insert hook in st below join and make a de over this, (;kh, folding petal forward insert hook in empty de of previous round, pull yam through then take hook oVer 7ch 10 mike a dc enclosing 7ch) 9 times. 3ch. 55 In ~m dc. Fasten ofT.



Specific symbol

+ de worked OVE" ch and irto + de of previOUS round.




<f~cory Wl\v ~e Tl


Ya,rm DK ".001 in yellow ifo) ar'l0 lime (B)

Yarn: DK V\'0d



Make itch,

1 st row (WS) Miss 1ch, 1 de If) each of next 10<h, 5 de in nex< cb, vlithout turning over and v/ol"klng tn "the remaining strand of base ch: 1 de in .each of next lCch. 3ch. working ur-der both strands of each st toc in ~ach of next 9c(::,tum.

2nd row 1ch. wOrking in back strand only: 1 de in each of next 8dc. [1 dc in back strand of next ch, 1ch) twice, 1de in rext ch, tdc in each of next 9dc. turn.

3rd row lch, IniSS 16::, wori<Jng under both S"~ands: ide in each of next 9dc. [1 ch, 1 de in next st] 4 times. 1 de in each of next 6dc, tum.

4th row 'kh mss 1 ct, working in back strand only. 1 de in each of next 20sts,tum.

Sth row 1ch mss 1<;1::. working in both strands: Ide in each of next 9 sts, stem: 7ch, mss lch. ss in each of next 6::h,ss in lastck of 5th rON.

Fast€fl off invisibly (see page 19).

Petals (RS) USitlgA. [fmke 7en r ris 3ch. tr in next ch. rnss 2ch. sin next ch] 9 times. 9 petals .• asten ofT.

Joining row RS facing. place petals flat, straight edges poerrrost, and join A with a de n 4th ch Of first petal, working oehnd petals, ['I ch. ide in 4U) ch of next petal] 8 times, 1ch,55 to first de. Fa;ten off.

Centre Using B. make Sell. join with ss into nng. Workmg over yarn end for additional padding. 1 ch, 9dc in +s ss to 1 ell. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19), leaving an end to sew with.

Making up Dam m ends of petals. Tum centre 10 Ws and using backstJtch over edge crain. s1ftch to centre of flower.

x+x +It-+ +0

o-K+O++ 0 ++C+O++)+ ++(+0+ +)+

o+C++C+O++)++ <::> ++C++C+O++)++)+ +-K+-K+O++)t+)t ++C++C+O++)++)+ ++C++C+O++)++)+ ++C+-K+0++)t+)t

X--'0~O~ -\-~~ ~ ¥O' 0-;"')";" >f-l~~+O~)~ X )C}'¥i-:J<

)( +


~ .... ~ ~==o






tot row (RS) Using A. make 1Och. miss 1 eh. ss in each of next geh; 7el\

miss 3ch. 1tr in each of ne'<l 2ch. 1 cc in each of next 2ch; 9ch. miss 3eh.

1 tt In each of next 2ch. toe in next en; 8eh. miss 3ell, 1 tr in next eh, 10c in ne'<l eh; 6eh. miss 3ch. 1tr in next ch: 1 de In each of next 2eh: 5eh. miss 3ch,1tr in next eh. 1dc in next eh: tee in each of 3d'! stem: 6ch. miss 3(h, 1tr rl each of next 2ch.1dc in next ch.1dc in each of 3ch stem; 7ch. miss 3th. 1 tr in each of next 2ch, 1 de n each of next 2ch. S$ in top ch of stem fasten off.

Yarn: DK wool i1 rust (A) ard oli\.oe (B)




++0+ +0)( ++++0 TOX

X 00 + IO"X

o I + 0 0 X

:Q>01+ +0 ++

xO++ +0+ ++0>< ++++0 +110A X 000 + r rO'X 'K0' ,+ 000 "I-


><°++++0+ ++0)( ++++ +0 +JTOA Xo 0 000 + +l I 0 'X

'K , ,+ + 00== "I-

~o 11 +. ,10· ~+++

><0++ ~ O. ~


2nd row (RS) Working in single remaIning strand of eh a base of sis from now on: join B ,n first c of first 7ch, 1cn, Ide in each of next 3 sts: working into 2 strands of 3 (,1;!tl ch and tops of sts from now 011: 1dc in fin,l eh.

2de n 2nd ch. tee m 3rd eh.1 ddl each of next 3 SIs; 1 de in centre ch of stem 1de in each of next 3 sts, (1 de, 2dc.1dc) In 3eh,1de in each of next 3 sts, 1 de in centre ch of stem. 1 de in each of next 2 sts, (1 de. 2dc. 1 de)

in 3eh, 1 de in nex: 51, miss 1 eh of sten, 1 de h cam of next 2ch, (1 de. 2dc. 1dc) In 3ch.1dc in each of next 5 sts, (1 de. 2dc. 1 de) in 3eh.1dc in each of the next 2 sts. miss 1dc, 1de In next de, miss next dc. tee in each or next

3 sts (1dc, 2dc, 1 de) in 3eh, 1dc ir each of next 3 sts, miss 1 de, 1 de in next dc. miss n xt de, tdc in each of next 4 sts. (1dc. 2dc. tee) in 3ch. 1dc in each of next 3 stsss in next st. Fasten ofT invisibly (see page '19).



GINKGO LEAF ,,~ic<{ory lOew IXJ~ 42

Yam: DKw«IJ


Leaf M~ke 11ch.

I st row (RS) Miss 1 c:h. 1 de in each of next -lch, 1 htl' In next ch. 1 tr in each of next Seh.11 sts From now 0"'1, work in the back.strand of each st

2nd row 3d\ 1tr in each of next 4tI; 1 htr in 1htr, 1dc in each of next 4d:, 1 de in 1 eh.

3rd YOW 'lch, 1 de "" each of next 'Ide. 1 htr in 1 htr;'1 tr in each of next 4tr.1tr in top eh of 3ch,

4th row As 2nd row.

Sth row lch, klc in each of next 4dc, 1hv in 1htr.1tr in each of next 3tr.tIJm

6th rOw 4ch, niss 3ch, ttr in next ch 1tr in each of next 3tr; 1htr in 1hll; 1 de in each of next 4dc. 1 d:: in tch

7th row As 3m raw,

8th row As 2nd row.

9th row As 3rd row. Fasten offmvisibly (see page 19).

Base Tum to RS. Working under 2 strands. join yam in 1ch at beginning oftil'st row, 2ch. 1·st cluster in 1 ch of 3rd, 5th. 7th and ~tn roNS. Do not rasten oil:

Stem ["lake 1Och, miss 1ch. '1 de in each of next 9ch. Fasten off.

IVY LEAF dirocrcry .-ie.,. poge 43

Yam: 4-ply woe! in dark green (A) and pale green (B)


Stem Using A. make 1/ch. miss 7~h.1 de in next ch. 55 in each of next 9ch. Do not fasten off.


1st row (RS) [5ch, miss 4ch, 1 de In next cb] 3 umes S$ in remaining strand of top eh of stem, tum 3 eh loops.

:uod row In DI'st loop: (2dc.1eh 1tr.1ch. 2de); in 2nd toop: (1 de. ltr. lch.[1dtr, 1ch'J twice, 1tr; ldc);in 3rd loop: (2dc.1ch.1 :r.1ch. 2dc). tum Fasten off

lrd row ,loin B in last de of 2nd row; first lobe: 1 d1, Ide i next de, ide in 1eh. 1 ch, 1tr in 11:1 ch. Ide in 1 ch. 2ee in next de, S5 () next de; 2nd lobe: 1 de ill de, (tdc, 1 tr) in tr; 211' in 1ch, 1 cb, (2dtr. 1ch. 1 trtr) in dtr, miss 1 ch. 2tr in next dtr.ltr in 1ch. (1 . 1dc) i next tr: 55 in lee: Jrd lobe: ldc n dc.2dc in next dc, 2dc in 1 ch. 1 ell, tv in tc lch, 2dc in 1 en, 2dc in de. 1 de in next dc. Fasten off irvi:sibly (see page 19).



FERN LEAF cfl"l!cwryv.e.·, ~Re 22. 33. 43

Yarn: DK cotton


First leaf 11ake 12ch. miss lch. ldc in next ch.1htr in next ch ltr in next en. 1 dtr n next ch. 1 tr in next ch 1 htr in next eh. 1 de in next ch. 2nd leaf Make'r2ch. miss 1ch.ldc n next <h.lhtr in next ch.ltr in next ch, 1 dtr b each of next 2e 1 tr in next ch, 1 htr in next ch, 1 de in next ch, flo

3 rd leaf As 2nd leaf.

4th leaf Make 11 ch, then work as first leaf from to 5th leaf Make Bch, then work as first leaf from" to 6eh leaf As Sth leaf


+0 1-0 1-+-0 .--0 1-+-0

OOOOOOO:'-~+ T f l f T +0

+ 1 111 + -0=======

Stem 55 in each of next 4 ch, r. 0

Fasten offinvisib,y (see page 19). 00000000.0+ T f f f f T +

0+ 111 i 11 +:~ 000000000

0========·0+ T f f f 1 T +0 + 11 t t 11 + :f'ooooooo

0=====000 .0+ T 1 f f T +0

+ 1 J i 1 + .0==00000

1 .0

·0 ·0

Seem Ss in each of next 3m. 7th leaf Make 9ch, then work

as 2nd leaf hlm . to *". Stem Ss in each of next 3th. 8th leaf ~ 7th leaf.

Stem S5 in each of next 3ch. 9th leaf As 5th leaf.





= Chain

• Slip stitch

Double crechet

Half treble crochet

Treble crochet

Double treble crechet

Triple treble crochet


Crochet Symbols: pages 12-13

Crochet Abbreviations: poge 15

Notes on Crochet: pages 18-19

MARIGOLD dreclDry VIeW pafl! 37

Yarn: 4-pty cotton in orange (A) and green {B)


Using A. make a slip ling (see pall 18)

1st rounel (RS) 2ch. 9de in ring. pull end to close flng. S5 to top dl of 2ch. 10 sts,

2nd round [5ch, miss 1 ch. ss in each of next 4ch, 55 in front ,J(Ir)d only of next st) 10 times.

10 petals.

lrd round Bending petas IOrward In orderto work into the remaining strand of each st of first round, S5 in first st, 2d\ 1 de In each of next 9 sts, ss in top ch oq,h. 10 sts

4th round [Sch, miss 1 eh. ss in each of next 4<:h, 55 in ffOnt strand only of st below, Sch, miss 4ch, 55 in each of next -tch, S5 in fi en! ~il and of the next st] 10 times. 20 petals.

~ ~ /1

·~tl :~

.<:1", /


~ 'CiO":'-----

_'C ').--

~',~ q,.~


5th round Bending petal. Iorward In order to "Vorl< into the remaning strand ef each S! of 3rd round. S5 in {rst st then work as 4th round ending 5S in first 55. 20 petals. Fas1en off.

Stem and sepals Using B, rnake 11ch, miss 1 ch. ss in each of next 1Och. sen 7t,. i remaining strand of top ch of stem. ss in top ch of Jch, tum to work arcund inside of cup: (2ch, miss 1 eh. 55 in rext eh, ss in rext st] 8 times. Fasten cIT invisib'y (see page 19).

Making up Wrth A. make a small tassel aod string ltw~h B.Thread B on to a wool needle, take it thrcu!t' the centre of the flower and use it to secure the sepals ard stem. Trim tassel.

3 and 4



di:l1(wy",elV fXiR<! 36

Yarn: DK wool in yellow (A). O"ange (B) and green (C)


Centre Using A rrake a slip ring (see page 18).

1St round (RS) 1cr. 12dc in mg. remove hook. insert fi'om back ,n first dc. Gatch loop and pull througi1, pull end 10 close ring.

2nd round 1 ch, 1 de around the stem of each dc. remove hoOK. insert from back irt first de, catch Iocp and pull through.

Fast.en off invi~ibly {see page 19}.

First round of petals Join B in a de of2nd round of centre.

1 st petal Make Bch loosely. worl<mg into the back loop OI'lty of each ch each lime, miss 1 &,55 in next ch. 1dc in each of next 2cII. 1hlr in each 0' next Ach, remove hook. ilsert from back in same de of 2nd round, catch ioop and pull throogh

2nd-12th petal. Remove hook, insert fi'Om frort In next de or 2nd round.

Il:h loop and pull through. then work as 1st petal.

Specific symbol

t 'ldc around the stem (from

the back) of t"e stitch indicated.



2nd round of petals

Next round INc:rkhg behind first round of petals. remove hook insert from from" strand at base of 1 st petal. catch loop and pull through. 1ch. 1 ck in same strand, [1ch, 1dc in strand between next 2 petals] 11 times. remove hook. insert in front or first de. catch loop and pulllhrough.

Petals WOO< one petal L1 each dc of previous round as petals of first rouna. Stem Joil C in a strand between pe~s of 2nd round.

Itt round Working behind petas. tch 1dc n same place as jcin.[1de In 2 strands between next 2 ;>etals] 11 tirres.ss in irst dc.12 sts,

2nd round 1 eh. 1 de in each de, 55 in first dc.

lrd round 1 ch, [1 dec in next 2dc, 1dc in next de] 4 times. 55 I first st B sis, 4th round 1 ch. (1 dec In next 2 sts] 4 . meso 4 sIS.

Work 5 rounds dc. Fasten off.



DAFFODIL Orr«lOlY \'e\V poge 38

Yarn: OK cotton



1st ring (RS) Make 12ch. pin with ss into a ring. Seh.2-, TV dec in next 2ch of nng. 2eh. miss 1 ch, 55 in next eh, 5ch. 55 In next ch of nng [ss in next ch, 5ch. 2-st trtr dec In next 2ch. 2eh. miss 1m. 55 i'l next ch. 5ch. ss I next ch] twice. Fasten off Inv,sibly (see page 19).

3 petals.

2nd ring A first ring.

Trumpet Join rings: RS uppe-rnost, place one nog of petals on top of the other. the top petals lying at an angle to those below. Holdng tre yam underneath and u;lng a smaller Size hook. Insert the hook fi'Om the top in a remainil1j'; single strand of a ch in the op ';1g and in the remaining strand of the eh 11'1 the ring Immediatel, below. yin. pull loop th-ough both ch, inserting hook in centre sp. catch yam and pull it throult' 2 loops on hook to make a de. Work Into each pair of ch in l)lis way un 12dc have been completed. Leave loop.l.l.lt yarn to app"Oximately 4m (4l1yd} length and pull this ttrough centre rirg b order to work into the oc just made.

tse round (RS) 1ch.1dc in eacr of next l1de. 55 iii 'lrh,

2nd round 3ch. 'ltr in each of rex!. 11dc. ss in top ch of 3th.

3td round [2eh. miss 1 ch, S5 in next ch, ss in next trJ 12 times. er'lding ss in first ch, Fasten olT invisiby.

C> ·0.

0.0 .\::::::,

• 2?

• 0··

0.". \ ~! .~

<. xO·)".. /

)".. X

O~ ·1 I + +-+--l. ~O

.>. e-:

c>.~j +1 \~.

~. ~~

• •

~ • 00




Yarn: DK wool.n whlte (A). pale oral"\ge (B) and black (C)


Note: The butt6ily is worked in rows. but these are all right side rows, Both pairs of wings Using A, make Sch.

1st rOW (RS) Miss 5ch. 3w in next ch, 'lch, 111' in rcxt en, 2ct>. 2trtr in next ell. ldtr if) next en. 3ch. ss in next ch. 3ch. 1 dtr in next ch 2u1r in next ch, lch. 111' i !1ext ch. 2ch. 3trtr in next ch. 5cl1. ss in next ch. Fasten off.

2nd row (R$) Using B. jo.n yam in 2nd ch of 2nd wing. 1ch. (1dc, 1tr) in next ~ (If.; 1 ch, 1dtr, ltr) in next st. (1tr,1dc) in next st. 1 ch. ss in top ch of 3eh. Fasten off invisbly (sec page 19).

lrd row (RS) Using B, join yam in 3rd ch 0( 3rd wing, 1 ch. (1 de. llr) in next st. (1 tr. 1 dtr.1 ch. ltr) in next st, (1tr.1 de) in next st. 1 ch. ss in 1ch. fa en olf invisibly.

4th row (RS) Using C. join yam in 2nd tr of 2nd \Mng ip. tch, (1dc. 1 ch, 1&) in dtr. 1 ch. so In tr. Fasten ofT invisibly.

5th row (RS) Using C. join yarn in 2nd If of 3rd wing tip. 1 eh. (1 de, 1 d,. tde) in dtJ; 1ch. ss in next tr. Fasten off invisol)!

Body With C. make 6ch. rrsss 1ch, 2dc in next ch. Fasten off invisibly. Making up Gathering up sligh Iy.join wings in centre. Sew body in place. leaving 2 ends of C for antennae; split the yam and cut 3W'i1f excess strands. With C, embroider a spot on each upper wing.



SUNFLOWER <!<te;:oty vew page 37



Yam: 4.pl), wool in dark olive (A) and yeilow (S)


Centre USIr:gA, make a slip rirg (see page 18),

1 rt round (RS) 2<h.7de in ring, pull end to dose ring. ss In top (h of 2ch. B sts.

2nd round ~eh. (1 popcorn, 1eh, 1 de. 1 ch) in next de: repeat (rom • 6 brnes 1 popcorn In S5 0' JXe ious round leh. ss in 2nd of 3ch.

8 poocorns and 8 sts,

3rd round 2ch. ?dc in eh below. (3dc in n xt de] 7 times, 55 In 2nd of ?eh. 24 sts,

4th round 3th. [1 popcorn in next de, 1 ell, 1 c in next de. 1 ch ]11 limes. '1 popcorn I next de. ten, $5 in 2nd of3eh. 12 popcorns and 12 sts,

5th round 2ch. 2cc ~ same ch below. [3clc in next de] 11 times. 5S in 2nd eh of 2eh, 36 51s,

6th round 3ch, [1 popcorn in next dc. tchtdc in ext dc.1ch] 17 times, 1 popcom in next de, 1d1, ss in 2nd or Jch, 18 popcorns and 18 sis. Fasten off.


7th round (RS) J(jn B in a clc. [4ch. miss leh, ldc in r1€xt ch.1h1r in next en 1 r in next ch. S5 ., next sc of 6th round] 18 times. Fasten off irvisbly (see page 19).

O Specific stitch and symbol Popcorn - 3tl' in next st withdraw hook avi~ loop free. insert:

hook In ihe top of irst tr. tho") in free loop. yrh

and pull yam

mrough both,

ACORN cJjre::lory vew poze 41

Yam: DIi: wool in d_al'k_ olive (A) and light olil.e (B


Ac;orn Using A make 5ch. join with 55 into a ring. 1 st round (RS) 1ch.7dc io ring. 55 in 'lch. 8 sts,

2nd rounQ 1ch. [2de in next de. 1 de in next de] 3 times. 2dc in next de, ss in 1<h.12sts.

3rd round 1ch. 1 dc U'l each cess in 1 cl\. Fasten off invi~ib,y (see page 19). A~ow 'the <t.p shape to c(wl so hat the WS of the sts is facing.

4th round f'liow working in the opposite direction to the previous round and inser1ing the hook in the single back strand of each st join B,4di.

3,st utr dec in next 3 sts, (4-s'[ mr dec in nexl4 SI5) (wice. 55 in top ch of 11m. Fasten off.

Gati'er the top. stuffing the acorn with B yam.

Stem Using A. make 1 'lch miss 1 ch. ss n each of next 1 Och. Fasten off irwisibly.A1tach to base of acorn.



TULIP TREE LEAF rl,r~IOty liew page 4 J


Make 10eh.

1st row (RS) Miss 2en, 1 de in each of next Bch, Schss in first of Sen. 2eh. working in ~mnjning 5t1md of base ch; 1 de in each of next 8ch. Me in top ch of 2en 3th; working i back strand only hum now on: 1 de in 1ch. 1 de in each of r.ext 3dc. 1 htr in next dc. 1tr in each 0 rteXt 4dc. turn.

2nd row 3m. 1tr in each of next 3tr. 'lhtr in htr.ldc in each of next 4Cc. 5dc in 3ch sp, 1 de in each of next 4dc. 1 htr in next de, 111' in each of next 4 sts, turn.

3rd row 3ch. ttr in each of next 3tl; 1 htr in hu; lde in each of next 6dc, 3ch.mss lee, 1dc in each of next 6dc.lhtrin htr, ltr in each of next 'i sts. tum.

4th row 3co. 1tr in each of next 3tr.1 htr in hb; 1 de in each of next soc. Sdc in ch sp. 1 de in each of next 6dc, 1 htr in htl; ltr in each of next 4 sts. Fasten off il1\lisibly (see page 19).

Stem 10m ~af to W'J. Join yarn 10 back: of centre de oj base, ';Id1. mss 101. 1 de in each of next 8ch. 55 in base of leaf. Fasten Qff.




Yarn: DR wool ir. f'r.id-st'eEln (A) and 4-ply WOI1l) in pale green (8)


Pod front * Using A nuke 28eh.

ht rOw (RS) MISS 1 en; 1dc in next en. 1 htr in next ch 111- in next en. 1dtr

In next d1.1trtr in each of next 15eh. 1 dtr h each of next 2eh. 1 tr n each of next 2el1. 1htr i each of next 2~h.1d~ in ~ en, ss in next ell ,.. ... Make 2Och. Fasten offin-.1sibly (see page 19)-

2nd row Tum work to WS and using a snaller sze hook. join B h 'lch at base of pod. Working in the remGining strand of original base ch, ss in each of next 4<:h.

1 st pea 2m, unn to 1\5. insening hook from right to left ss in tOP \l'1T"ap

of dtr. 2ch. tum to WS and 5S in same base ch as before. 55 in earn of next 4 base ch.

2nd pea [3ch. 2·st db- duster in same bose ch turn to RS, ss in top wrap of.trtr above. 3ch. torn to WS and 5S f\ first of 3ch. then S5 in same base ch as beore. S$ in each of next "I base c ] 3 times, ma<.e last pea as first .. 55 in each 01 ext 6 base rh, f-asten 0.1 invisibly:

Back Work as pod front from )j to ~. Fasten off irMsibly.

Making up Pla~e back l.T1demeath pod. edges matching. insert a stilf paper cutout if needed. stitch the two together vvith backstitch underneath the

ch edge on RS. Curl chafl stem by tv-..isti"1g it around a pencil.

_____. Specific symbol l. -

55 ,n top wrap of st Indicated.




Yarn: DK wool


S em f1akc 1 '1el1, miss 2en. 1 de in each of next 2ch. S5 in each of next lOch. Do not fasten Q.fr.


tse round (RS) 1st lobe 11ch. 11 miss 3ch.ltr in each of next 3ch, lhtr in ne'xt ch. 1dc in next en; 1 fib" in next ch.1tr in n1'x:t en. ld1r in next c.h. • 2nd lobe 12ch, miss 3ch. 1 dtr in each of next 3ch, 1 tr in next ch, 1 htr in next ch, tdc in next ch, 1 Ii If' in nexl eh. 1t" i next ch, tdtr in next ( . M'" 3Id'/obe '14ch, miss 3ch, ldtr in each of next Sch. ltr in each of next '1m, 1MI' In next ch, tdc In next ch, [3dc n-stem of next dtrJ twice.ss 'r116p c of stem. tum. Now continue first roind in opposite direction;

4th lobe (WS) '11ch. work as first lobe fi'orn to .... ss In first of 3dcin stern or dr or 6rst lobe.

Sth lobe 12ch. work as 2nd lobe fron #< to -.5S in ~rst of 3dc 10 stem 0' dlr of Znd lobe. Fasten off. From n(!)w on work in sinl<le remaining strand or.cb where neces.xry. otherwise under 2 strands of each st. including eh.

2nd round (RS) 1$( lobe Rejoin yarn in 2r.d (h of first lobe. lch.1dc in next ch. 1 rnr in next ch. 1 tr in r:eX\ eli, 1 atr in each of rexi 2ch, 2dtr if I each of next 5 sts, 1 tr In next tr.l htr in next tr, 1 de In htr. 55 in eacn or next 3 sts.rnss dtr.

2nd lobe Ss in earn of next 3ch. 1 de in next ch. 1 htr in next ch, 1 tr in next cb, 1dt r in each of next.2ch. 2dt r in each of next 5 sis, 1dtr in next dlr,1tr in next clrr.lhtr in 11'; 1dc in 11lr,(z- l d dec in next 2 st) twice.

3rd lobe 2-st de dec in next lei), 1dc in next (h, 1 htr in next eh, ltr In each of next 3ch, 1 dtr in each of next 3ch. 2dtr in each of next 5 SIS, 1 dtr in each of next 3 SIs. 1Ir in each of next 3 sts, 1 htr in nexttr l c in next tr.

2-st de dec in next 2 sts,

Sdl lobe [2-st d: dec in next 2 SIS] twice. tdc in h1l: 1htr in 0; 1:u- in dtr; tdir ill next cltr. 2dtr in each of next .) sts, 1 dtr meach of next 2eh, "ltnn next en, 1 htr in next ch 1 de in next ch, ss in each of next 3eh.

4th lobe Mis~ dtr. in each of next 3 sts, 'Ide in htr; thtr-in tr.11r in next tr. 2tr in each or next 5 sts, 1tr- in each of next 3ch. 1 ht,. in next ch

1 de in next ch, ss ,n next eh. Fasten off iovlSibIy (see page '19).




0(000<)' \fj~V me 35. 42

Yarn: PK '-"001 in darkgrem (A) and 1-plywoolln red (8)


Leaf f st round (RS) Usng A. make 12ch, miss 1ch, 1dc in n!!XI ch 1hlr In next ch, 1 tr in next cr., 2tr n next ch, 2da' h rext en, 1 dtr in nex,: eh, 2dtr In next eh, 2tr in next ch 1 J n r ext ch. 1 hll in next cit de in next eh ''', '1ch, miss 1 ch 55 in next eh. 1 de in next ch, 1 en: vlarking in remaining srand of 11 original base ch, repeat from to .

Stem 9(h. miss 1ch. ss i each or next 7(h.1ch Continue along sts of first round: 1 cc in de, 1 de in h;r. Jch, miss 1 ch, ss in next cb, 10c in next en, 1dc tn each or next 3 sts, [4ch. miss 'lch.ss In next chtdc in next ch, 1htr ~1 next en, miss next.st 1de In each of next 3 sts] t\vice, 3ch. miss tch ss in next ch, 1dt in nexl ch, 'ldc in ht;; ss In 11: ',*" Fasten off In\~sibly

(see page 19).

2nd edge Turn ,0 WS to work along rc"aining Might edge of first round join A in 1 eh above stem. then V\ork fr'O!I'i "" * to """'. Do not fasten off. Pin out and press points, then rol::! leaf along centre and on WS, using a smaller size hook and A. work 1 cc in each bar of origtnal base ch. Fasten off. Berry (make 3) Usjng B. make 4ch. miss 3m. 4-st dtr cluster in first ch 2ch. from bark ss in frst ch, Fasten of!: Use one yam end to pad the berry and the other to attach it 10 the leaf.


Yarn: DJ< wOol in blaek (A) and red (B)


Centre Using A make ;t sip ring (see page 18).

1st round (RS) 3ch. (2-5t tr dec in ring] B urres, pul end to dose +s S5 In top ch of3eh. 9 su

2nd round 3ch, ltr in each or next 8 Its, With B 5S In top ch of 3ch. Continue with B.

First petal

1st row (RS) 1 ell. 1 dc in each of next 2tr. tU11\ 3 sts,

2nd row 3ch, 'I tr II' de below, 'ltr in next de, 2tr In 1 ch. 5 sts,

lrd row 3ch, making last 'Map with A 111' in V beloN, with A 1tr in each of next 2tr. making last wrap with B 1 tf in rext tr. ""ith B 7tr in top eh of3ch. 7 sts. Continue with B.

4th row 3ch, llr in II WO'll, 1 tr n each of next. 5tr. 2tr in top ch of 3ch. 9 sis.

5th row 3m. 2-st tr dec in next 2tr; 3-st tr dec In next 3tr. 2-st tr dec

trI next 2tr.1tr in top ch of3en. 5 sts. Fasten oifinvisibly (see page 19). 2nd petal RS facing. join B in next st of centre, complete as 1 st-Sth rows of first petal

3rd petal As 2n:t petal.

Bars to hold remaining 3 petals RS faaog and V.'OI~o<Jrg bermd petals, JOin B in back of centre de at base of first row of one petal,4d\. (1 d:: in back of centre de of first rOIl of aext petal. 3ch] twice, 5S in first eh of -tch 4th petal Around neld: bar worle 'lch. 7dc. Comple:e as 2nd-5th rows 0' frsl petal.

5th and 6th petals As 4th peta. 11\

Stamens Thnead a wool needle with It{'\, / 1 -, A~

A and mike loops. around the centre, I \t f 1 { \ \)

anchonng them with backstttches. J 1 T I V

Trim the loops and use the need'~ '-1. l f Ii-

to fray the strands of yarn. "J~ 1 \Y

-, 1 /~

,__ ~h/. _---~O==""

.... V'4'~~"-,. /

I \

RUFFLED ROSE <irrKlay '",W fX~ 12



Yam: 'I ply wool ir pale pink (A) and deep pink (R)


- -- ---------

Using A. mace 1 Och, jon with ss Into a ring.

Irt round (RSI 7<h. [Idtr m ring. 3ch] 9 trnes, 55 in 4th ch of 7ch. 10<11 bars.

2nd round 3ch, 3\1- around first 3 h bar. ['It.- around next db; 111" in centre nog 4tr aroJnd rext Ci'r, leaving one 3eh bar free WOIi< '1(1' arocnc next 3ch bar 4 times. 111' around next dtr,1tr in ring. 4tr around 4ch. 5S In top ch 01 3ch. Fasteo off invisibly (see ~&E' 19}.

3rd round Join B around a free 3ch bar; 7cr. [1dlr around bar; 3ch] 3 lmes. around next 3ch oa. work [1dl:. 3ch} 'I times: repeat Crom .. 3 tines. ss in I.th ch of 7ch. 20ch bars.

Specific symbol DII'ecion of work.

4th round 3ch. 3tr around 4eh. 1tr in sp below; [4tr around next du: leiMng one 3ch bar free work 4tr around 3ch bID: 4tr around next dlr. 1 tr n sp helo\V].9 limes. 4tr around next dtr. 4tr around last 3(h par. ss In top ch of 3ch. Fasten off i"visibly. Dam in ends.

5 th round This RS 1'00110 will feld naturally to tbe back of the rose: rejOin B around a free 3ch ba~ 3ch, 2-51 otr dcster around bar. [1(11, 3-Sl dtr cluster around next bar] 9 tmes, 1ch. SS in lop ch oi 3cn. 10 dusters,

6th round 3ch. [l.st dtr duster In next 255 J 10 times. ss in top ch of3ch. Fasten ofT IC:lVIr.g an 20cm (8n) end. RU"l eno thrOJgh top of each dlr>t r and draw up.


1i1!!CIO'Y ,'ew page 34



Yarn: DK wool h green (A). yellow (B) and deep pink (C)



Cenrre Using A, make a slip ring (see page 18),

1st round (RS) 1 ch 6dc in ring. pull end to OOSf' ring, Fasten off irwis;bly (sec page 19). join B in a de of first round.

2nd round 1ch. (1de. 3eh. 1ct:) in each de, remove hoQl(, inser t from back In first dc. catch lcop and pull throug,. 6 picots.

3rd round 1ch. [lose'ting hook from back bew.ee1 2dc of 2nd round each time. work 1dc in nPXI dr of first round. 1(hJ 6 times. 5 in 1 eh. Fasten off. Fir-st petal Jom C in a de of 3,\:1 rocnd

1 st row (RS) 1 en, S c i'l serre de as join, remove hook. insert frolll back in same de of 3rd round, catch loop and pull through. 5 sts,

2nd fOW 1 ch. 2dc in first de, 1 de m each of next 3de. 2de in last de. remove hook inse-t (rom front in same de of 3 rei fOUnd. catch loop and pull throlJgh. 7 sts,

3«1 row tch 2dc in first. dc. 1 de in each of next Sdc.2d:: III last de. remove hook lose; rom back In same de of jrcJ rounC. catch toop and puu through. 9sts.

4th row 1ch. 2de in first de, 1 de In eaer 0 next 7dc. 2dc in last de. remove hook insert fran front in same de of 3rd -ouod catch loco and p,,11 through. 11 sts,

5th row 1 ch, 2dc in first de, 1 de ;, eacn of next 9dc. 2dc in ast dc. remove hook. inSc'>f1 fi'om back in same sc 0' 3rd round. Vltch loop and pull throqgh 13 sis. Fasten off.

2nd and 3rd petals Le2vl1'g tch, 1dc.1ch of 3rd roucd of centre free between petals each tme, work as 1 st petal.

-4(h petal Join C In de between 1st and 2nd petals.

1st row (RS) 1cb. (1 de. 3tr. 1dc) n same de as joi:l. remove MOk. insert

fro..., back ,n same de of Jrd round. catch loop and puO through, S sIS.

2nt! fl!W 'lch, 2dc in first dc, 111' in each of rext 3t,: 2dc In last de, ,nse,i. hock rom front in same dc of 3rd round catch loop and pull through. 7 sts. 3rd row 1 m.ldc in first de.1tr in each 0' next 5 ill. 2dc in last dc, insert hook from back In same de of 3rd round. catch loop and pull through. 9 sts. 4th row 1 cb, 2dc in firrt de, 2tr in each of next 7 sts, 2dc in last de, insert hook from ro ... t In same de of 3rd roond. catch loop a-id pull through. 18 sts, 5th row'l en zoe in first de. 'Ide in eacn of next 16 sls.2dc in tast oc.lnsert hook rom back in same de of 3rd rou1d. eatch loop and pull through. 20 sts. Fasten off.

5th and 6th petals Joining C between rext 2 petals each time. \vorl< as 4th petal

Specific symbol

t de from bad in de of frst round .

.-+- Remove hook, insert in de of 2nd round (fi'OO"l back on RS rows and tram Front on WS rows). catch loop, and pull through.



ROSETTE ,j'I!(;IOIY ,',e," ~ 17

Yarn: DK wool in yell"'" rAj. pink (8). deep pink (G); light win~ (0') and dark win~ (F..)


Centre Using A make a slip ring (see page 18).

1 st round (RS) 1 ch ~ in ring. put end to close ring, ss til 1 c1l.

2nd round ich. 1dc on same ck as.plO. 3ch [ide in next de, 3ch) 5 llmes, 55 in 1ch Fasten off in'lisibly (see page 19).

fim ring of petals Join B in a 3eh sp.

1 st round'" [1 eh, tdc, 3lltr.i de] in 3ch sp, remove hook insert from back in <arne 3ch S . catch loop and r.:ull through. remove hook. insert from from in next Xh sp. catch 10011 and pull through: ~at l'Om ;j; 5 times lore. omitting tast pull tJirough to front

2nd round 1 ell. take hook ~hind petals. mse"ung It from back. make 1 de around stern of fifSl de of 2nd round of centre. 3eh. [ide. around stem of n~xt de of 2nd round of centre. 3cll) 5 times. 55 in ~r'St ct. Fasten off.

2nd ring of petals Join C in a xi') sp.

1st rcund " [lch, ide. iht.; 3tr, 1htr; 1 de] in 3ch sp, insert hOOK rrom back in same 3Ch sp, and pUll toop ll'1rough. remove hOOk, insert nook rrom rront i next 3ch sp. and pull loop through; repeal from * 5 times. omitting last pull lhrough to front

2nd round 1ch, take hook behind petals. insetting It from back. make 1dc around stern of first dc of 2nd round of first ring rJ petals. 4cn. (1 ct aroond stem of next de of 2nd round or first ring of petal;; 4<:h) 5 times, ss i,.,

iirst dc. Fasten off,

3rd ring of petals join D in a 4ch sp.

1st round [1 en. 1dc, 1htr, 1cr, 3dtl: 1tr.1 h\J: 1 de] in 4ch sp, insert hook, fron bild~ In sa e 4e1l sp. pul loop throu&"1. inse" hook from fron in next 4ch sp, pull loop through; repeat Ii'om * S rirr.e s, omitting last pull 1hrough. 2ncl round 1 ch take llock behind petals. inserti1g it '1-0'11 back make 'ldc around stem of first oc of 2nd round of 2rd nng of petals. Sell, [1 cc around stem or next de of 2nd roUM of 2nd ring of petals. Sen] 5 times. ss in first de, Fasten off.

4th ring of petals JOin E 'n a 5ch sp,

Last round " [1ch, 1dc, 1 htr. 1t;; Sdtr; 1tr.1htl: 1dc] in 5ch sp, ;n~rt hook fran baCk In same SCh sp, pu I toop mrouifl. insert hOOK from fi'Onr In next Sa. sp. pull loop through: repeat from ill 5 tu'f'.es. omitting last pull t"lrougn. fasten off.

Specific symbols

- Remove hook insen: fun back in same ell sp. catch loop and pull 1hrough.

remove hook. insert from Iro:)t In next ch sp, catch loop and pull mugho

DIANTHUS dl'J<C:0')' \feW page 27

Yarn: 4.pl" <0 ,or rn j;>ink (A) aAd pJ,pfe (B)

104 I


FUCHSIA (j;.ecfOry VlCO' page 27

Yarn: 4-ply <;otton in pink lA). magen a (B) and white (E')



Centre Using A. make (I slip nng (see page 18).

1 st round (RS) 3ch. <ttl' in nng. pdl enc to close nng with B ss in top C1 of 3ch. 10~. Contirue v.ith B.

2nd round 3ch. 1:r n st below,2ir in each cf rcxt 9tr. with C ss In top ch of 3ch. 20 sts, Contioue with C.


lrd round MIss 2-.:r; ~ 9dtr in next tr. miss 2tr. ss in next tr. take hook behind petal just made and nsert from front to back rn first tr after petal ce'llre. yrh and pull yam through tr and loop on hook;" n'l3ki'lg next 9-st petal

in tr immediately deter ss of previous petat repeat irum to 4 tirres, ending 5th petal WIth ss II' the tr before the ceotre of rrst petal then

take hook behind petal just made and ss in top of first dtr of first petal. Fasten off

4th round Join B ,n the first dtr d a petal. 1 ch, (1 de n ncxt dtr.1 ch] B lilll~, 11.k ill ~:>. f""l';fI vir iJlvi~ilily (see vage 19). Edge eacn petal1hls way.


/" Specific symbols

( • Take hook behind petal just made (see 3rd round above).

Outer flower Using A. make 4th. join with SS Into a ring. 1 se rou nd (RS) 3ch Str ring. S~ in top ch of 3ch. 6 sts,

2nd round 2m. 1 de in st below. 2.de in each of I'ICxt Str. ss n top ch of 2::1 12 sts.

Jrd round '1ch, 'Idtr II' each or ne ttdc, SS In op ch of 4ch.

4th round [5eh, 2·st trtr cluster In next dtJ; 3<11, miss 2ch, ss in next ch. 2-st trtr cluster in next cltr. Srh, s, in n~XI dtr] 4 lime<.ending ss n S5 of previoos round. Fasten off invisibly (see page 19).

Bell Usir.g S, make 6ch. jOlt' with ss into a ling,

1st round (fl.S) 2en 8de In ring. ss in top cr 01 2ch. 9 sts. 2nd round 3'"1, 1tr in each of next 8dc, ss in top ch of 3ch.

3rd round 5ch. 1trtr in rex II: (2b1r in next tc ltrtr in each of next 2trJ 1wtce.2trtr in next tr; ss In top ch 0' <kll. 12 $15. Fasten off invisfblt.

Stem UsingA mike 15d,. miss 'lch ss in each of next 1'lcl' Fasten orr. Stamens G.It 3 snort lengths of A. knOt the ends and tnm.

Making up Sew on stem. Attach bell nsde flower fhen stamens inside ~II.

Final ss of 3m round (see above).