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Easterners are humans. They live in the Easterner Kingdoms and are separated from the Empire by great
mountain chains. A semi constant state of war exists with these various kingdoms, although peace reigns at the
moment. Easterners can also be found in the Empire in 3 places as part of House Teckla as serfs or peasants,
having bought low titles in House Jhereg, and/or in South Adrilankha, the Easterners Section. As all humans,
Easterners come in all shapes an sizes, colours, and backgrounds. Aside from these differences Easterners
practice witchcraft instead of sorcery and have their own style of swordsmanship. Eastern style swordsmanship
is for light blades like the rapier, fencing style presenting on the side of the body. Unlike the heavy sword and
dagger style of the Dragaeran Empire.

Dragaerans are quite different than Easterners. First they do not have the variations that Easterners do. You will
never see a fat Dragaeran for instance. They do not grow beards or moustaches either. However they do stand
around 7ft tall, and they live to be roughly 3000 years old. The Dragaeran style of swordsmanship utilizes
heavy long swords and heavy duelling daggers in a full frontal hack and slash style. It is slow and unwieldy, but
carries great strength behind it, unlike the Eastern style which prizes speed and quick riposte's. The final thing
about Dragaerans is that they are limited by their House in dress, personality, and occupation (so choose
wisely). It is rare to find a Dragaeran that wears the colours of another house, or has a career outside of his
House. Often times they are looked upon with some apprehension, much as cross breeds are. (So you can be a
cross if you like, you must specify which House's and take traits from both in look and personality.)
Currently the ruling House, lead by Empress Zerika. As is custom order is maintained in the capitol city by the
Phoenix Guard (named after the current reigning House). They are led by one Count Khaavren of Whitecastle
and answer directly to the Empress. The Phoenix Guards patrol the city, shut down illegal operations, unless
bribed to overlook them, and man the city gates. Given the size of the city they are the standing army of the
Class: Aristocratic
Occupation: Courtier, Artist
House Colour: Gold
General Appearance: Fine, fair hair, sometimes bright golden; sometimes golden eyes; air of majesty;
sometimes high cheekbones & pointed chin
Personality: either noble or decadent; pure of character
Currently the successor to the Throne. Aliera e'Kieron is the current heir. Extremely impetuous in their youth
(less than 1000yrs of age). All characters are of the line of a prominent ancestor, denoted by an e'. For instance
e'Kieron, e'Drein, e'Lanya.
Class: Aristocratic
Occupation: Soldier, General, Battle mages
House Colours: Black and Silver
Appearance: Strong chin, thin, sharp features, long, narrow face, high cheekbones; rarely, golden hair (e'Kieron
Personality: ferocious, honourable, fairly honest; in youth, careless of life, single-minded
Practice Guest Laws: No person may be harmed in the home of a Dragon. This goes for guests, servants, and
anyone else extended the right to be there.
Each house keeps it's own records. House Lyorn keeps records on all of them. Don't be deceived, they are
admirable hand to hand combatants.
Class: Aristocrat
Occupation: Archivist

House Colours: Red and Golden-brown

Appearance: Straight brown hair often tied back in a knot, dark complexion, high forehead, thin face, small
mouth, hooked nose, graceful movement. The Warrior Lyorn wear a skirt similar to a Kilt, it's a mark of status
within the house.
Personality: Truthful, upright, proper, thorough
Class: Noble
Occupation: Oracle (fortune-teller)
House Colours: Pale Blue & White
Appearance: High cheekbones, distinctive ears and eyes, narrow eyes, thin lips, fair complexion, lean build,
long nervous hands
Personality: inspired, (prescient), resourceful, curious, precise, enthusiastic, ambitious, outspoken
Class: Noble
Occupation: Psychics, Merchants, Scouts
House Colours: Pale Green and Blue
Appearance: Piercing eyes, sharp, well-chiselled features, incl. nose, chin, & jaw line; dark complexion
Personality: Observant, detached
The Dzur are the courageous heroes of old. They prefer fights where the odds are against them so they can
prove their abilities. They are often looked at as being somewhat simple.
Class: Aristocrat
Occupation: Warrior, Battle mages, Soldiers
House Colours: Black & White
Appearance: High cheekbones; fine-boned face, distinctive chin & eyebrows; upward-tilting eyes, pointed ears
Personality: courageous, foolhardy
The Issola embody courtesy itself. They always know exactly what to say, how to address someone, and what
not to do. Their manners are impeccable. They make wonderful hosts/hostess's and are often employed as such
by the other houses.
Class: Noble
Occupation: Courtier, minstrel; diplomat, interpreter
House Colours: Green and White
Appearance: Usually light brown hair & eyes; fine, fair skin
Personality: Graceful, tactful; surprise attack
Class: Bourgeois
Occupation: Merchant
House Colours: Red and Silver
Appearance: round eyes, full face, distinctive nose, complexion olive or ruddy, small size, sinewy limbs
Personality: Persistent; loyal
The Vallista are the architects of the Empire. The lower members of the House often work as construction
workers as well.
Class: Bourgeois
Occupation: Merchant, Craftsman, Architect, Construction workers
House Colours: Dark Blue and Brown
Appearance: dark complexion
Personality: Cold and Rigid

House Jhereg is made up of 3 types of people. Those in The Organization, and those that have no link to the
organization at all. The Organization consists of 2 groups of that have an uneasy alliance. The Left Hand of the
Jhereg is made up almost entirely of females sorceresses, that will cast any spell for the right kind of money.
And the Right Hand of the Jhereg, mostly men, which handle the more criminal side of the house. Thugs,
brokers, dealers, fences, bosses, assassins. etc. The only real rules The Organization has is that you don't go to
the Phoenix Guards, and you don't kill anyone in their own home. Ones home is one's sanctuary. In a money
making scheme House Jhereg has been selling low ranking titles to Easterners for years at considerable profit.
Class: Noble (Criminal)
Occupation: Criminal
House Colours: Grey and Black
Appearance: The Jhereg are a mixture and thus have no defining traits. They often appear to be crosses of 2 or
more houses, or have no prominent house. Rarely is a Jhereg 'pure blood' found (appearing of one house).
Personality: Corrupt, mercenary
The Iorich are the Justicers of the Empire. Judges, Jailors, Lawmakers. The Palace Dungeons are below their
Class: Noble
Occupation: Judge, jailor, desk worker
House Colours: Black and Brown
Appearance: Plain looking, long faces, dark hair and eyes.
Personality: Just, fanatical, literal minded, Stern, Stubborn
Class: Low (above Teckla)
Occupation: Craftsman, tailors, cobblers, carpenters, etc
House Colours: Yellow and Green
Appearance: Short, dark, curly brown hair, flat features
Personality: Shy or easily flustered, creative, cunning, resourceful
A Yendi is always working on some plot or subterfuge, often several at a time, depending on importance. From
overthrowing the Empire, to obtaining something they want/need. Sometimes their plots are short term, marked
by the passing of years or decades. Other times they are long term, marked by the passing of centuries. Socially
they blend into the other Houses, and will often pretend to be of another House if they deem it useful.
Class: Aristocrat
Occupation: Spies, Con artists, Courtiers
House Colours: None
Appearance: Just as House Jhereg the Yendi resemble those of the other houses. This is not to say there aren't
some differences, but a Yendi often pretends to be of another House to further their schemes. Specify upon
creation which House you resemble the most.
Personality: subtle, indirect, manipulative, deceitful
The Orca are the backbone of the Empire. They handle all sea trade, both import and export. Orca between 25100 often form gangs and prowl the less reputable sections of Adrilankha. The Orca build and design their
ships. Their homes, if designed by an Orca often resemble ships in one form or another.
Class: Bourgeois or working
Occupation: Seaman, thug, banker, merchant, architects, shipwrights
House Colours: Pale blue & Green
Appearance: pale, light brown hair, often blue eyes; sleek, pale face, near-invisible eyebrows; somewhat squat
build, tough
Personality: Predatory, mercantile; gadgeteers, superstitious sailors

The Teckla are the backbone of the Empire. They are by far the largest House. They perform most of the lower
class jobs of society, including all agricultural work. They are the only other House that allows Easterners to
join, which is accomplished by swearing allegiance to the crown and thus becoming a citizen. They are
expected to wear the colours of their new House.
Class: Peasant
Occupation: Serf, manual labourer, peasant
House Colours: Yellow, Green, & Brown
Appearance: Round face, stocky build; straight light brown hair, short, stubby fingers; bowlegged gait; no
"noble's point"
Personality: Timid, shy, skittish, fiercely loyal, brace and courageous at times of great strife
Class: Bourgeois
Occupation: Merchant, Construction workers
House Colours: Brown and Yellow
Appearance: Dark Complexion
The Athyra often see the world in 1 of 2 extremes. The first believe the world is not real and thus those in it are
not real. These people are dangerous. The second know the world is real but believe that everyone in it is a tool
for their use. These people are extremely dangerous.
Class: Aristocrat
Occupation: Sorcerer, scholar, philosopher, monk
House Colours: Red and White
Appearance: Thin and gangly, not sturdy
Personality: Cold, intellectual, and distant; single-minded; wish to study the world or change it.
The Seventeen Animals of the Cycle
Dragon: Large reptile which does not breathe fire. Distinguished by tentacles with which it picks up psychic
impressions. House of Dragon represents war.
Lyorn: looks like a medium-size golden-haired dog, except for horn in the middle of its head. Represents
Tiassa: large panther with batlike wings - represents catalyst and inspiration.
Hawk - to a Dragaeran this is anything from a goshawk to an eagle - represents curiosity.
Dzur - large black tiger - represents heroism.
Issola: vaguely stork like, with sharper beak and darker colours - represents courtliness and surprise.
Tsalmoth: somewhat bearlike (of course, I find it hard to relate this to tree-dwelling turtles) - is known for
unpredictability and tenacity.
Vallista - amphibious creature living around streams and ponds - represents construction and tearing down.
Jhereg - small flying poisonous reptile that lives on carrion. Represents corruption.
Iorich - large, slow-moving river-dwelling reptile. Herbivore, but known to follow (sometimes for weeks), track
down, and kill anything which attacks them. Represents justice and retribution.
Chreotha - large foxlike creature which uses its saliva to build a web strong enough to ensnare a Dzur, and
sometimes a dragon - represents the trap.
Yendi - desert dwelling sand-snake. Its bite is so subtle that few animals (or people) will realize they've been
bitten until, a few minutes to an hour later, the victim collapses. Represents subtlety and misdirection.
Orca - mercantilism and the vicious side of business - no animal description.
Teckla - small salt marsh harvest mouse - represents cowardice and fertility.
Jhegaala - lives in swamps - starts as an egg, goes to moth, then large toad - passes through a few other stages in
between - represents metamorphosis.
Athyra - owl like bird. Emits psychic signals which draw its prey to it, or cause fear in enemies - it is the house
of magic.
Phoenix - represents decadence and rebirth - no animal description.

All houses are noble except the teckla.

This is the Eastern form of magic. It is a very time consuming and energy draining process that leaves a witch
exhausted in most cases. Symbology is very important, numbers, ideas, where the ingredients come from or
when they were gathered. There are a handful of stores in South Adrilankha that supply such things.
Witches are essentially shamans or witchdoctors, only they aren't barbarians. It is extremely rare to find a
Dragaeran that has spent any time in the Kingdoms of the East, let alone practices Witchcraft. The Lord
Morrolon e'Drien is one such person.
Witchcraft is for reading the aura of a person or an item, locating people or objects, seeing around corners,
seeking guidance from ones god, altering the elements, reading a persons thoughts or affecting their mood, etc.
Sorcery is the magic of the Empire. Sorcery is derived from each citizens link to the Orb that floats around the
Empress Zerika's head. This link makes limitless power available to the user; they just have to know how to
channel it properly. All citizens can do simple things like tell what time it is, keep the rain off of themselves,
speak psionically (psychically) to anyone they know decently well anywhere in the empire, clean things, makes
trash and debris go away. But to perform more difficult spells training is required. Most everyone outside the
House of the Teckla receives training in their childhood, unless their parents can't/won't provide it for them.
This training allows them to create fire, electricity, teleport, trace a teleport, create food and drink, create light,
hurl a ball of raw energy at something, heal people, revivification or bringing people back from the dead (as
long as the brain, spine and soul are intact), etc.
Morganti Weapons
The Morganti weapons were created by an ancient race called the Serioli as a deterance against war. They were
weapons so terrible that they did in fact end all war in the Serioli society. Then came the arrival of the
Dragaeran. He did not share the Serioli fear of the weapons; to the Dragaeran they meant power. Easterners
share the Serioli hate for the weapons and prefer to not be in the same room with them.
A Morganti weapon is a sentient, albiet primitive intelligence trapped inside of a sword or dagger. They devour
souls. A single cut from a Morganti blade is enough to end ones life and prevent revivification. Their presence
invades ones mind with a cold, hungry hatred of all things. They come in varying strengths, some can be felt
through their sheaths, others cannot, they all have dull grey blades. The number of these blades that exist is
unknown, being that thousands of them are owned in private collections. They are readily available to anyone
who wishes to purchase them and generally frowned upon by the Phoenix Guard. However, just as with all
weapons you can acquire one through untraceable means.
There also exist 17 Great Weapons. These are exceptionally powerful Morganti weapons that do the bidding of
their owner. Sethra Lavode, the Dark Lady of Dzur Mountain, wears Iceflame, a dagger at her hip. Morrolan
e'Drien carries Black Wand, his sword, with him at all times. Aliera e'Kieron has possession of Pathfinder, a
short sword. The locations of the others are as of yet unknown. (Not available to Players).
Warning: The Morganti weapons are available to all characters, the Great Weapons are not. If you are going to
use them against fellow players make sure the person doesnt mind if you permanently kill their character. Kill
as many NPCs as you wish.

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