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Solemn Test Rubric (English Oral Project)

English Department
Teacher Name: Mr. Flores
Student Name:




Shows a full
understanding of the

Shows a good
understanding of the

Shows a good
understanding of parts
of the topic.

Does not seem to

understand the topic
very well.

Uses vocabulary
Uses vocabulary
Uses vocabulary
Uses several (5 or more)
appropriate for the
appropriate for the
appropriate for the
words or phrases that
audience. Extends
audience. Includes 1-2 audience. Does not
are not understood by
audience vocabulary
words that might be include any vocabulary
the audience.
by defining words that new to most of the
that might be new to
might be new to most audience, but does not
the audience.
of the audience.
define them.

Stays on Topic

Stays on topic all

(100%) of the time.


Student is completely
prepared and has
obviously rehearsed.


Student uses several

Student uses 2 props
props (could include that show considerable
costume, ppt, videos,
work/creativity and
poster, etc) that show
which make the
presentation better.
work/creativity and
which make the
presentation better.

Student uses 1 prop

which makes the
presentation better.

The student uses no

props OR the props
chosen detract from the

Speaks Clearly

Speaks clearly and

Speaks clearly and
distinctly all (100-95%) distinctly all (100-95%)
the time, and
the time, but
mispronounces no
more thand two words.

Speaks clearly and

distinctly most (9485%) of the time.
Mispronounces no
more than three

Often mumbles or can

not be understood OR
mispronounces several

Sometimes (70-80%)
speaks in complete

Rarely speaks in
complete sentences.

Uses Complete

Always (99-100% of
time) speaks in
complete sentences.

Stays on topic most

Stays on topic some It was hard to tell what
(99-90%) of the time. (89%-75%) of the time.
the topic was.

Student seems pretty

prepared but might
have needed a couple
more rehearsals.

Mostly (80-98%)
speaks in complete

The student is
Student does not seem
somewhat prepared,
at all prepared to
but it is clear that
rehearsal was lacking.


Volume is loud enough Volume is loud enough Volume is loud enough Volume often too soft
to be heard by all
to be heard by all
to be heard by all
to be heard by all
audience members
audience members at audience members at
audience members.
throughout the
least 90% of the time. least 80% of the time.


Presentation is 10-15
minutes long.

Presentation is less
than 10 minutes long
or more than 20
minutes long.

Presentation is 5
minutes long.

Posture and Eye


Stands up straight,
Stands up straight and Sometimes stands up Slouches and/or does
looks relaxed and
establishes eye contact straight and establishes
not look at people
confident. Establishes with everyone in the
eye contact.
during the presentation.
eye contact with
room during the
everyone in the room
during the


Complete and spotless

Almost complete
uniform, combed hair uniform or somewhat
and polished shoes
wrinkled, uncombed
very professional look. hair or/and unpolished

Some part of the

uniform, but wore
sneakers or seemed
somewhat wrinkled.

Presentation is less than

3 minutes.

General attire not

appropriate for
audience (jeans, t-shirt,

Total points= 44pts.