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Issue 12 5th May,



Friday 6 May
Wednesday 18th May
Saturday 28th May
Friday 10th June
Monday 13th June

Spellathon Money Due

District Cross Country
Tootgarook Market 2B + 2J rostered
Curriculum Day
Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Next week, all Year 3 & 5 students will sit four tests as part of the National Assessment Program
Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). Please note the following dates and times for this
testing schedule.
Tuesday 10th May Language Conventions
Tuesday 10th May Writing before lunch
Wednesday 11th May Reading before recess
Thursday 12th May Numeracy before recess
We hope that all students will be able to sit this important testing, so that we can capture this point in
time snapshot of their capabilities and then use this data down the track to align with our schools
own comprehensive data sets.
Where students are absent for one or more tests, arrangements will be made for those students to sit
the tests on either the afternoon of the test days, or on Friday 13th May. Students who are absent for
the three test days will not be expected to complete these tests on Friday 13th May.
An information sheet for parents with more details about NAPLAN has been distributed to all students
in Years 3 & 5. If you have any further questions about NAPLAN, dont hesitate to make contact with
the school.


Our annual Mothers Day Stall will be held tomorrow (Friday 6th May) for all students
across the school. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to purchase a special
gift for mum or someone special for the upcoming Mothers Day this weekend. We
recommend that students bring along $5.00 to spend at the stall. For junior classes
(PrepYear 2), it would be advisable for students to have their money for the stall in
a named envelope with their class also noted.
Our 2016 stall co-ordinators, Amanda Reeve, Sarah Boardman
and Joanna Hardman have done a terrific job sourcing lots of appealing gifts for
students to select and purchase. Thank you in advance to the many mums who
have volunteered to help with the stall tomorrow (Im sure you will also be surprised
with you gift on Sunday!). So Dads, heres an important job for you to do tonight;
dont forget to organise the money for you to do tonight; dont forget to organise the money for

the Mothers Day Stall!

Student of the Week

Students will be presented with certificates at next Thursday afternoons assembly.
Prep R Mrs Read Patience Willis - In celebration of the progress Patience is making with her reading, keep
up the hard work Patience!
Prep S Miss Staley Grace Bavage - I can see that you are spending lots of time at home learning your sight
words and reading each night. This is fantastic, keep up the outstanding effort!
1A Miss Arnold Logan Gregg - For making connections during English this week. Logan was able to identify
punctuation marks in sentences when learning about persuasive writing and even commented that Penny
would be happy to see them. Congratulations on BEING and investigator.
1P Miss Perkins Rafe Steadman - Rafe you always do the right thing during learning time, we all enjoy your
ideas, knowledge and comments that you bring to classroom discussions. Well done on using your prior
knowledge and making connections when learning about ocean animals.
2B Mrs Baird Aiden Gathercole always does his best. He did very well at the Cross Country and had a
great time at the Rock Pools excursion. He also worked hard to learn his spell-a-thon wordlist.
2J - Mrs Johnstone Bella-Mia Magnano Bella-Mia shows great Integrity as a learner. We are very proud of
her efforts in planning and delivering a confident speech at School Assembly on the Sorrento Rock Pools
3B Mrs Bos Heaven Nicholas Heaven always demonstrates the RICH school values. She went above and
beyond what was expected when she wrote a page rather than a sentence.
3W Ms Walton Mia Karolidis for her diligence in completing all homework tasks. Mia has a commendable
attitude to learning.
4B Miss Broomfield Harry Taralaikov Drewitt- Harry has been working hard this term in the classroom and
completes all activities with a positive attitude. Harry did a fantastic job helping create the poster for the
'Tootstars Raffle'. Very creative Harry. Well done!
4F Miss Kain Yazmin Mullineaux- for showing the RICH school values and always trying her hardest. Great
work Yazmin!
4/5K Mr Kitchin Ben Carroll you have become a positive member of 4/5K. Your leadership skills continue
to develop, keep up the great work.
5/6M Miss McGhee Chelsea Conduit - For always being consistent with her homework. As a result of this
you are smashing your spelling test every week. Keep up the dedication Chels!
5/6Q Miss Quintin I know its difficult to sit still when youre injured Eloise Read. Youve stayed positive and
kept smiling all week. Thanks for helping in the classroom when you sat out of PE and Sport =)
Art / Craft Miss Davey Music - Mrs Young Sarah Wallace 5/6Q for constantly putting in your best effort. You are involved in
everything on offer and you participate with great enthusiasm. Furthermore, you offer your help in the Music
Room on a nearly daily basis. Thank You and Well Done!
P.E. Miss Daley Angela Krtalic 2J Angela never gave up, worked hard on her ball skills and showed great
improvement. Well done Angela!

Raffle tickets to win a pushcart - used last year at RACV

Maryborough need to be returned by Monday 9th May winner will
be drawn at Assembly on Thursday 12th May. Money raised will help
support our teams going to Maryborough in 2016.

On Friday 22nd April the Pelican Learning Centre faced the
challenge of being able to spell 100 high frequency words and
letter recognition. The students dressed in black and yellow
colours to help celebrate the day. In the morning we were extremely lucky to have a visit from
a giant bumblebee (thanks Mr King). They participated in different spelling activities such as
making letters with their bodies with Mrs Baird, lily pad spelling with Miss Perkins and water
spelling with Mrs Prosser. The students were very excited to be able to work with different
and in
After all
our hard
work, all
the students
meet in
the year one
classroom to
The Bee
Movie. It
was a great success and thank you
to all the families for supporting and working with students with their words.

The Students in Year 2 completed a Big Write topic on persuading their teachers what
the money they raised from the Spellathon should be spent on in our Courtyard.
Following are some excerpts from their writing.
Things should be for learning. Tom
There should be a basketball court with loops, when the ball goes in a word will flash &
you have to spell it, the higher the ball goes the harder the word is. Tarkyn
hopscotch, blackboard, water tank, and learning centres Asia
weather station, snakes and ladders, fish pond (so we can catch the fish and count them
up) - Kaiden
We should have a cottage and in that cottage we should do some
comparing. Mia
Our courtyard at school should have a sand-pit, weather station and a swing and all you
can imagine. Bryson
.and a swing with a fence with blackboards around the outside of the fence and, finally,
number mini golf! Delta
and a kitchen and a cubby house. I hope what we would like comes true. I hope it does
with a cherry on top! Erik
We could have a paint station because well be able to paint
our words. Lilah
I think we should have a trampoline because you could put a fence around it. On
the fence there could be whiteboards and you could practise spelling on the
whiteboards. Dont you think it would be good? Jaimy
I would like a look around area with binoculars. Bradley
My idea is a target board that has numbers at different places and we add all of
them together. Angela
I think we should have a music board so when you step on the keys music would play on every key and you
could dance as well. Finally I would like a secret cubby house and you could take
some secret photos and do some secret writing inside. Last of all I would like to
finish off with some little gnomes. Baxta
I think we should get a little cubby house that has some stepping stones to a little
game area that you can play four-square in. Harrison
I think we should have a big hill with dinosaur bones so we can dig them up for fun.
We should have a weather station so we can tell the weather. I think we should
have a dragon that when we come in it blows steam at us. Nash
I think a chair swing is a great idea because you can relax and it will be calm(ing). - Layla

Year One and Two Visit to the Sorrento Rock Pools

Last Thursday the Year One and Two students visited the Sorrento Rock Pools as
part of our Inquiry Topic this Term. We have all been learning about our local
coastal and marine environment with the Year ones focusing on ocean animals and
the Year Two students focusing on the different parts of the coast and tides. We were
lucky enough to see many marine creatures as we explored the rock pools.
The Year Ones walked up to Chinamans hat and we were lucky to have
access to the Sorrento Surf
Lifesaving Clubrooms. The
students were able to witness the
change in the tides and Duncan a
local surf lifesaver spoke to the
students about being safe by the
water and what a surf lifesavers
role is. The weather thankfully
held off for the day and all the students had a great time!

Could parents please check their childrens uniforms to make
sure they have their own there are lots of jumpers that have
gone missing if found please return to school office.

Wish list for First Aid

Coming in to winter we are in need of long pants/ track pants,
undies for boys and girls as well as socks- to suit size 4-10.
Bar fridge with working freezer compartment for storage of
icepacks, cold compresses and medications.