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Course file documents

(Course Files to be submitted only for one Full semester for Even Semester Courses) (For all those courses running in the current semester, there will be two
course file folders, one for the current semester and one for the Previous year semester except the new courses)
Naming Convention (Serialnumber followed by course code followed by even/odd then year and then content of the file)
Folder Name should be e14UCS503 for even and o14UCS503 for odd courses running in 2014
1. Registration list of the students


2. Controlled copy of the syllabus including course outcome 2UCS503_ e14_syllabus. .pdf
3. Copy of the blow up (should be shown hour wise and lecture wise) 3UCS503_ e14_blowup
4. Copy of Time table (Of all Instructors) 4UCS503_ e14_timetable.pdf
5. COs and Mapping of Cos-POs by Course Coordinator 5UCS503 _ e14_co_po_mapping.pdf
6. List of lab exercises . All in one file (If subject has lab component) 6UCS503_ e14_lab_ex.pdf
7. List of tutorials in one file (If the subject has tutorial component) 7UCS503_ e14_tut_ex.pdf
8. All Assignment in one file (if any) 8UCS503_ e14_assignment.pdf
9. Quiz1 (along with answers) 9UCS503_ e14_quiz1.pdf
10. Copy of MST (Along with Model Answers) 10UCS503_ e14_MST.pdf
11. Quiz2 (Along with Answers) 11UCS503_ e14_quiz2.pdf
12. Copy of end semester exam (Along with Model Answers) 12UCS503_ e14_EST.pdf
13. Notice to students for seeing the answer sheets 13UCS503_ e14_check_ans_sheet.pdf
14. Final ongoing performance record indicating detail marks of all assessments. (out of 100) 14UCS503_ e14_perfromance_record.pdf
15. Grade sheet 15UCS503_ e14_grade_sheet.pdf
16. Slip of submission of evaluated answer sheets. 16UCS503_ e14_grade_sheet.pdf
17. Copy of end semester examination sheets (highest, average and lowest marks) 17UCS503_ e14_EST.pdf
18. Course outcome evaluation showing how the course outcomes have been achieved 18UCS503_ e14_CO_evaluation.pdf (Sample given on next page)
19. Student feedback /End of Course Survey 19UCS503_ e14_CO_evaluation.pdf
20. Closing Comments/Feedback by the teacher/Any difficulty / Suggestions/ improvements 20UCS503_ e14_closing_comments.pdf
21 Any Other Material/ Lecture Notes/Supporting Material/Presentations can be zipped 21UCS503_ e14_material.pdf

Following template is only for 1 CO, similarly prepare for all the COs of the syllabus.
Lecture numbers are taken from course blow-up. Similarly practical numbers are taken from practical sheets.


Lectures Tutorials Practical Quiz1 Assignments MST Quiz2


Seminars, Cocurricular events)



2,3,4,5,6 2

6 (b) -

To learn the implementation of

simple C program, data types
and operators and Console I/O
function (printf(), scanf(),
Getchar() and putchar())
Compilation and
Execution of C
program Using
Console I/O
1.1 function
Understanding of
data types,
identifiers, scope,
type qualifiers
1.2 And constants
Grasp the
knowledge to apply
various arithmetic,
Logical and
1.3 relational operators
Capable of
handling string and
1.4 I/O operations
CO2 and so on




9 (e),

10, 11