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The Hungarian Investment and Trade Development


abbreviated to ITD Hungary, was founded in 1993 by the

Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport (now:
MInistry of National Development and Economy) to help
implement the government's investment and trade
promotion policies.

Building on our knowledge of the Hungarian economy and

market, as well as the formal and informal relationships
with government offices and businesses developed through
the years, ITD Hungary is in a position to offer a unique
service, primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises
and investors. Our extensive network of highly skilled
teams located in eight Hungarian offices and 55
international bureaus in 43 countries gathers and distributes
valuable information by maintaining close ties with state
and regional government authorities, local businesses and
international partners.

Our achievements in figures:

In 2008, ITD Hungary

• handled 564 investment project initiatives

• was involved in the implementation of more than 300 investment projects
• organized 118 events to promote FDI
• was involved in the successful completion of 30 investment projects
• helped attract €1.54 billion in foreign capital to Hungary
• helped create 8,094 new jobs
• assisted in the organisation of 30 EEN events in Hungary and 8 abroad
• hosted 20 seminars to promote exports from Hungary
• staged 53 networking events for foreign businesses
• staged five events associated with high-level state visits
• hosted 16 conferences for local businesses
• sponsored 51 trade shows
• supported 302 grant applications
• prepared 523 government funding contracts
TD Hungary's mission is to help Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises
strengthen their position in the global market by fostering entrepreneurial spirit,
promoting regional development and expanding international relationships.

We also actively facilitate the investment process and encourage the import and export of
capital. This promotes new enterprises, expansion and diversification, as well as boosting
activity in existing sectors.

Our goal is to play an active role in generating added value and building a knowledge-
based society in Hungary. To achieve this, we must focus on innovation, economic
growth and employment.

Our values:

• highly qualified and motivated employees

• practical, customer-oriented services
• a highly-developed network of contacts within government institutions and
international organisations and businesses
• further promotion of Hungary's positive image
• effective support for high-quality Hungarian products capable of competing on
the international market

TD Hungary is the Hungarian government’s Investment and Trade Development Agency,

established by the (then) Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in 1993 to promote
international economic relations and business endeavours having direct impacts on the
development of the Hungarian economy.

With representative offices in eight regional centres of Hungary and a foreign network
operating under Hungary’s diplomatic services and by special assignments in more than
50 countries, ITD Hungary is a single point of contact to support decision-makers
looking for new business opportunities in Hungary.

ITD Hungary's main activity is trade development and investment promotion. It

achieves this through a combination of events (networking conferences, seminars,
business tours, etc.), individual consultation and promotional brochures. To help
Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to succeed on international
markets, ITD Hungary co-ordinates the Hungarian activities of the Enterprise Europe
Network supported by the European Commission's Enterprise and Industry Directorate.

Investment promotion

ITD Hungary provides foreign investors with high-quality support for key decision-
making processes and a wealth of supplementary services.

Project preparation

• In-depth, tailored information on the local economy and business climate,

corporate taxation and the legal environment, as well as sector-specific overviews
• Site visits, meetings with local, regional and government bodies and introductions
to local suppliers, service providers and experts
• Information on available incentives


• Site selection assistance, coordination of license procedures

• Finalisation of incentives agreements
• Assistance with recruitment and visa applications
• VIP treatment for expatriate employees

After care

• Intermediary role for future developments between government bodies and

companies operating in Hungary
• Support and generation of reinvestments
Trade development

Through a diverse set of marketing tools and support programmes ITD Hungary offers
substantial logistical, financial and professional assistance to both start-up and
established Hungarian exporters. A major part of ITD Hungary’s trade promotion activity
is carried out by the Agency’s Customer Relations Centre operating under the Business
Development Directorate.

These activities, targeting mainly small and medium size enterprises, include the
following main elements:

• Offering leads on export opportunities in electronic and printed form;

• Organising business networking events;
• Gathering and disseminating information on EU and local funding opportunities;
• Offering advice on export procedures, customs, legal and taxation issues;
• Managing, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Transport, the
Government’s trade promotion application programmes (grant schemes);
• Maintaining regional company and project-specific databases;
• Advising companies on export-related promotional materials and communications

Placing activities with high added value into the focus of its trade promotion, the Agency
concentrates currently on the following priority sectors: processed food, pharmaceuticals
and medical engineering products, precision engineering, automotive parts and softwares.

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

ITD Hungary co-ordinates the Hungarian activities of the European Union’s new
Enterprise Europe Network. The network offers support and advice to businesses across
Europe and helps them make the most of the opportunities in the European Union. The
network’s services are specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
but are also available to all businesses, research centres and Universities across Europe.

EEN’s Hungarian structure currently consists of nine organisations established at regional

chambers, enterprise development agencies and innovation centres operating accross the

Publications and event management

ITD Hungary develops and distributes printed and electronic business guides, trade
directories and information booklets in Hungarian and foreign languages.

The Agency’s prime communication tool is its recently revamped website.

ITD Hungary's weekly business newsletter contains business offers and inquiries ITD
Hungary receives from abroad through trade offices, embassies, trade promotion
organizations or, directly, from various business entities.

ITD Hungary arranges business programmes for individual visitors and delegations,
organizes conferences, exhibitions, product displays and other business events. The
company has substantial mailing lists and databases to support its PR and direct mailing