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Dylan Andrews
Ms. Jizi
Uwrt 1102
28 March 2016

Annotated Bibliography
ExploreHealthCareers.org." Athletic Trainer. N.p., 01 Apr. 2016. Web. 03 Apr.
This source begins to explain what an athletic trainer does, giving the reader an idea
of what is expected out of such a person. This position usually deals with injury
prevention and injury rehabilitation. The article also goes into detail about the different
places an athletic trainer can work. These places included, schools, professional sports
teams, and hospitals. The source also gives the reader an idea of the income that those in
the profession earn on average. Lastly, it includes the education needed to obtain a career
in this field as well as a job outlook in the field over the next few years.
I believe that this source gives adequate information on the topic and therefore can
be used as a primary source to begin my research. While I most likely would not use it as
my only source for the topic, it does a good job at giving an overview for the field. This
article is especially useful for my inquiry because it presents all the facts. Because I am
looking at careers in sports for my inquiry project, a source with an overview on a certain
career is very useful because it allows me to see if it is really something I am interested
in. If I find that the career does intrigue me I can research it in more in depth to use in my

This source is credible as it is a ".org" site. This shows me that somebody has
atleast put a little thought and care into it. The source also seems to be updated regularly,
the last time being April 1, 2016. If you go to the "contact us" tab it displays an email,
phone number, and fax number to reach them at. While it does not give the name of a
specific athletic trainer I still think this is a fine source since the site does not go into
detail on the career. If it had I would say that this would not be a good source.

SportsManagementWW. "Success Story: John Ross, Basketball GM & Scouting."

YouTube. YouTube, 16 Apr. 2010. Web. 03 Apr. 2016.
In the video, John Ross, the Assistant Video Coordinator for the Portland
Trailblazers, details his path to his position. In the beginning of the video he talks briefly
about his college education and the degree that he earned. Then he goes on to explain
how he began to find his way into his profession. He talks about how he went from
working at Liberty University with their sports team, to interning with the Blazers, to his
current position with the organization. He focuses on the importance of making
connections if you are trying to work for a professional sports team. Another aspect he
touches on is finding a way to set yourself apart from others. For him it was taking
classes through Sports Management World Wide.
I thought that this video was extremely interesting and that it resonated with my
inquiry topic. John Ross said at the beginning of the video that he did not like the job he
had so he started looking for potential jobs in the NBA. I related to this because I am
currently trying to find a profession that I would love doing every day. This video was
useful to my inquiry because I got to hear someone else's story about how they got their

job in sports. I gained ideas of how I could go about doing the same thing. It also gave
me a few ideas about how to do some more in depth research on these careers for when I
start writing my inquiry paper.
This is a very credible source because John Ross is currently doing the job that he
talks about in the video. To make sure that John Ross is who he said he is I checked the
Portland Trailblazers official website. On their website I found their front office page and
looked for the position, Assistant Video Coordinator. John Ross was listed as the
Assistant Video Coordinator so I would say this is a very credible source.

Basketball Jobs : The Official NBA Team Jobs Board." Basketball Jobs :
The Official NBA Team Jobs Board. NBA.com, n.d. Web. 03 Apr. 2016.
This article lists the current finance department job openings for NBA teams.
Because finance is my current major I decided to look over these positions and see what
types of finance jobs are available in the basketball world. I found three openings that
interested me. Each one provides a job description, lists the positions duties and
responsibilities, and states the characteristics and qualifications that they look for in those
applying for the position.
To my surprise it is much easier to find jobs in the NBA than I thought. This
website is beneficial to my inquiry because it is helpful in detailing the jobs I can get with
my current major. I have recently wondered if my major is the right one for me. Part of
my inquiry is what major I need to find a career with a professional sports team so it was
exciting to find a few positions that align with my current major.

This is a very credible source because it is derived from NBA.com. This is the
official website of the NBA and I am certain that any information I get about careers from
their website are credible.

Clapp, Brian. "WIS Social Media Good.MTS." WorkInSportscom

Sports Career Blog. WorkinSports.com, 29 Apr. 2014. Web. 03 Apr. 2016.
In the video, Brian Clapp talks about entry-level jobs in the world of professional
sports. The position he focuses on is the organizations social media management team.
Because this is still a rather new position it is a great opportunity to gain some experience
working with the organization. Clapp says it is one of the few jobs that college graduates
can get with a team when they are fresh out of college. The reason for this is because they
can relate to other people like them as well as what is currently happening in pop culture.
This source was useful to me because it gave me a few entry-level positions to
research for my inquiry. Until this video, every position I found required several years of
prior experience to be considered for the position. I want to find a job in sports
immediately following college so I was delighted to find a few entry level jobs that teams
have to add to the list that I have for my inquiry.
This source is credible because of the author of the article. Brian Clapp worked in
the sports media field for 14 years as a writer, editor, and producer. I feel that he has
plenty of experience in the field so the information that I got from seems is credible.
Vilorio, Dennis. "More Than Play: Three Careers In Sports." Occupational
Outlook Quarterly 56.2 (2012): 2-11. Military & Government Collection. Web. 1
Mar. 2016.


The book, "More Than Play: Three Careers In Sports by Dennis Vilorio describes
three different sports careers that one can pursue; other than being an athlete. The three
professions are coaches, athletic trainers, and officials. The book lists the job
descriptions, responsibilities, qualifications, and salary/compensations for each career.
I think that this article is very useful because it provides a brief overview for a
variety of different careers that I could pursue in the sports world. It was a good starting
place for my inquiry project. I got an idea of what careers that I should research more
This is a peer reviewed article. The author Dennis Vilorio also interviewed an
individual in each profession to go along with the research he did on them.