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Yoga in Jyotish

by Gorovani d.

A unique feature of Jyotish - Yoga (Us).Yoga - a combination of the planets, which gives some
concrete results.
In classical literature describes literally thousands of yogas.In India, an astrologer must know them
almost automatically mark significant relationships.Therefore it is said that the first need for the
astrologer, - have a good memory.There will be discussed a lot of the yogi.Studying a horoscope for
the presence of Yogi gives an additional clue to interpretation.Practicing study Yogi birthday card,
you will gain an understanding of all the potentialities of the horoscope.

Pancho Mahapurush YOGA

Moon - an extremely important significator in Jyotish.A sign that the Moon takes - an alternative
lagna (ascendant and the first house).These yoga determined by the ascendant, but can also be a
starting point to take the moon.
For example, if you say that the planet should be in the quadrant to form a Yoga Kendra (quadrant 1,
4, 7 and 10 minutes at home), or calculated from the ascendant or from the sign the Moon.
Example: The Moon in the fifth house birthday card.Kendra - 1,4,7,10 th house.Kendra from Moon in
this example are 5, 8, 11 and 2.
NowPancha(five)Mahapurush yoga and their effects:
1. Ruchaka yoga:Mars in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a quadrant or Trikona - brave, arrogant,
the winner.
2. Bhadra yoga:Mercury in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a quadrant or Trikona - intellectual,
educated and rich.
3. Hamsa yoga:Jupiter in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a quadrant or Trikona - religious (the
principal), very lucky.
4. Malavya yoga:Venus in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a quadrant or Trikona - wealthy, loves
life sometimes condescending to their weakness, a good marriage, a strong sense of justice.
5. Shashya yoga:Saturn in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a quadrant or Trikona - powerful,
strict, position of authority.
In short, Pancha Mahapurush yoga emphasizes the natural characteristics of the planet in the
quadrant, or Trikona horoscope.
Exampleruchaka yoga Hitler had Mars in Aries in the seventh house.Mars is in its own sign and in a
quadrant.How is this manifested ruchaka yoga, obviously.
Many athletes have ruchaka yoga.

Bhadra yoga allows a person to be successful in trade and communications.

Hamsa yoga can be found in the horoscopes of scientists, clerics or those who have high prosperity in

You can expectmalavya yoga in the horoscope of a millionaire or a beauty queen.
It is at the John F. Kennedy.
In his horoscope, Venus is in its own sign, in the ninth house
(Tricon).It gave him great wealth and meeting many beautiful
women, a lot of sexual pleasure.

However, we can see this yoga in

the horoscope of a peacemaker Gandhi.Here Venus in the first house in mulatrikone.
In both examples, we can see the influence of Venus (peace of mind, sexual pleasure, wealth), but in
accordance with other influences horoscope malavya yoga manifested in different ways.

Shashya Yoga for horoscope politician or a director.

Do not forget that Pancha Mahapurush yoga is in the horoscopes of approximately half of the people
and, of course, not everyone is famous.Only one such yoga is not enough to guarantee success.Other
aspects in the horoscope must keep this promise.

Parivartana yoga is formed when a planet A is in the sign of planet B, and planet B is in the sign of
planet A.
For example, if Mars is in Taurus and Venus in Aries, then Mars is in the sign of Venus and Venus - a
sign of Mars.In Western astrology, it is regarded as a favorable condition.It is believed that the
influence that the planets have on each other, like.
Profitable or not, it depends on the nature of both planets and, especially, from the houses they
manage.There are three kinds of yoga parivartana.
-dainya Yoga: is formed when one of the planets - the host of the sixth, eighth or twelfth
house.These houses - dusthany which generally have an adverse effect.
In most cases, the planet-host of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house will be strengthened by the

influence of another planet.

However, the other planet involved in this yoga is always damaged.
Example: When the Lagna Dhana (Sagittarius), Moon - the owner of the eighth house and the Sun the ninth.If the Moon is in Leo and the Sun in Cancer, then formed dainya parivartana yoga.In this
case, the Sun will be damaged because it has to overcome the destructive energy of the eighth
house.The Moon however, will receive increased energy from the influence of a favorable ninth
A possible interpretation for the host of the eighth house when he was favorably affected by: the
person will receive an inheritance (eighth house) from his father (ninth house), or he may be a
teacher (ninth house) of psychology (eighth house).
A possible interpretation for the host of the ninth house when it adversely affect the father of the
man (ninth house) had a problematic life, because the owner of the Ninth House influenced the owner
of the eighth, which is associated with the resolution of all kinds of problems.In addition, it is
possible that his welfare (households. Ninth house) will be weakened (the influence of the host.
Eighth house).
-Kahala yoga: is formed when one of the planets - the owner of the third house.Another planet can
not be the host of the sixth, eighth or twelfth (because then formed dainya yoga).The third - the
house of energy and strength.Kahala yoga shows that people put a lot of effort and energy to
improving their lives.
Example:The ascendant in Vrishe (Taurus), Moon - households.3rd and Saturn rules 9 and 10 m.Moon
in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer.It Kahala yoga.This person will spend a lot of energy (third house)
career (tenth house) and to expand their horizons (ninth house).
-Maha yoga:When parivartana yoga occurs between the owners of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11th
houses, formed a maha yoga.Rulers of 3, 6, 8 or 12 of the houses here can not be taken into account,
because the form or dainya or Kahala yoga.Maha Yoga strengthens the planets involved.

Kartar YOGA
This group of yogas formed planets placed around a house or a planet.This is most clearly manifested
its effect, when two or benefics malifics surround planet or a house.
Venus in Taurus, Saturn (malefic) in Aries and Mars (harmful) in Gemini.Two malefics surround
Venus.Therefore, it will not be able to function optimally.That is, those potential opportunities that
the scope of Venus must be implemented on the basis of other constellations, the forecast should be:
more favorable reduced evil - more accentuation.
Pests surrounding a planet or a house, form adad-Kartar yoga.
Venefics surrounding a planet or a house, formsubha-Kartar yoga.
If Venus is in Taurus, Jupiter (benefic) in Aries, and the Moon (benefic) in Gemini, then Venus will

function exceptionally favorable.It shubhakartari yoga.

The house can be affected by Kartar yoga, even though there was not a single planet.For example,
Mars is in the fourth, the fifth is empty and Saturn is in the sixth.This papakartari Yoga gives bad
influence for children, because two malefics surround fifth.
If the fourth Venus and Jupiter in the sixth - everything pertaining to the fifth house will be
strengthened and improved.Here, the fifth house is strengthened influence shubhakartari yoga.
When Kartar yoga affects the first house, it is very noticeable, because the first house - a
horoscope in miniature.
The map Gandhi can see that the first house is surrounded by Sun (malefic in the twelfth house) and
Saturn (malefic in the second house).This papakartari yoga has made some problems in his life.
In Kennedy's horoscope ninth house is surrounded by Mars (the eighth) and Ketu (the tenth).

Kartar YOGA connected to the Moon

Sunapha Yoga:planets in the second house from the Moon - the richness, financial benefits.The
results are stronger if there benefics.If the second one of the moon or more malefics, the result
will be limited, or there will be no result at all.
Anapha Yoga:planets in the twelfth house from the Moon - religious.This effect increases if there
benefics.But if one or more malefics, the result of weak or non-existent.In Kennedy's horoscope,
Saturn is in the eleventh house from Lagna, in the twelfth of the Moon.He is known, was not a
particularly religious man.
Durudhura Yoga:the planet and in the twelfth and the second house from the Moon - rich and high
morals (especially if there is a favorable planet).
Kemadruma yoga:no planets or in the twelfth or the second house from the Moon.Other planets do
not have a favorable impact on the moon.The person will feel lonely and lead a rather difficult
life.If the Moon is in a quadrant or Trikona from lagna, or in conjunction with another planet, this
unfavorable yoga will be neutralized to a large extent.
At the birth of Gandhi took place kemadruma yoga.However, the Moon is in the tenth house
(quadrant), which greatly weakened the problematic nature of his inner life.


Planets in the second or the twelfth house from the sun will increase it (according to their nature in
the horoscope).
Veshi yoga:When a planet is in the second house from the Sun, it forms veshi yoga.Its effect - the
wealth and high status, at least when this yoga is formed benefics.If this malefics, it can lead to any
Kennedy Ketu in the second house from the sun.Fortunately it, Ketu in the tenth house to function

intelligently as a pest inUpachaya(tenth - Upachaya - House of growth) is good.He was rich and held
a high position.
In the end, though he died, was killed.The good influence of Ketu in Upachaya (tenth), however, are
obvious.But also bad influence veshi yoga formed naturally pest (Ketu).Ketu in Upachaya good for
professional success and career.However, Ketu is still harmful, and therefore, this veshi yoga
weakened sun (natural significator of vitality and well-being of co-significator through the depth of
Louse-Yoga: a planet formed in the twelfth house from the sun.It supports spiritual development
and intelligence, at least when formed benefic.Pest in the twelfth from the Sun will give problems.
Kennedy in the twelfth from the Sun and was benefic and malefic.He was intelligent (the influence of
Mercury), but the fact that he was killed, had some connection with a powerful Mars harmful (in
mulatrikone) in the eighth house from the lagna, which is the twelfth house from the sun.This same
Mars gave him sexual obrayanie.
The eighth house represents death as well as sexual charisma.A powerful Mars here can lead to
death nasilctvennoy (Mars powerful malefic).Louse yoga has strengthened above trend.
Ubhayachari Yoga:planets form in the second and twelfth houses from the sun.This brings good
fortune in many areas, but again only if it involves benefics.Malefics give trouble.
It would be logical to expect a yoga when there are no planets in the second and twelfth houses from
the sun (analogue kemadruma yoga for the Moon).This is not so.Sun - itself a powerful planet, and
can function very well without the support of other planets.Benefic in close proximity enhances its
beneficial qualities, but this is not necessary.
Some of the above Yogi is in any horoscope.Because they appear so often, that lead to outstanding
results only when confirmed by other similar indicators.

It has been said that there are literally thousands of yoga.Who will be listed particularly
important.And this is only a very small part.For those who wish to learn more about this, I can offer
to address the numerous books published in India and in the West in English.The book "Yoga in
Astrology" KSCharak contains especially good descriptions.
-Raja Yoga: the owners Kendra and Tricon are in conjunction, mutually aspected or exchanging
characters.This is - a combination of good fortune (Tricon), and activities (Kendra), which gives
success and achievement.I would like to point out that the Raja yoga can be formed by a planet as
well as two.
Example:The ascendant in Aries, Moon - households.the fourth house, the Sun - four.If the Sun and
Moon are in conjunction, the two planets then form a raja yoga: The Moon rules Kendra (4th), Sun Tricon (fifth).
-Adhi yoga: There must be at least two, but preferably more than benefics in the sixth, seventh
and eighth houses from the Moon - leadership.

Explanation:benefics in the sixth and / or eighth house support the seventh (remember Kartar
yoga).Benefic in the seventh house will of course enhance it.However, the seventh - on the contrary
lagna.Therefore, the ascendant also increase.The planet will be aspecting the seventh first home.
The first house - a horoscope in miniature, in short, a strong first house is of outstanding
importance.And consequently Adhi yoga - a strong first house, which gives positive results as a whole.
Similarly, Adhi yoga on the Moon will enable it to operate more successfully.Moon - the most
important planet in Indian astrology.Strong Moon always gives a strong mind.
-Amala yoga: benefic in the tenth house from the ascendant or the Moon - philanthropic and
benevolent attitude towards mankind, career in the social sphere.
If the pest takes a position, it may be beneficial to the owner of the horoscope (malefics in homes
upachaya become more favorable, and the tenth house - upachaya).However, this can mean that a
person reaches a high position at the expense of others.At least, it will be illegible in the choice of
methods to promote social success.
Gandhi is present Amala yoga and from Lagna (Moon in the tenth), and from the Moon (Jupiter in the
-Ashubha small yoga: When all benefics in the sixth, eighth and twelfth, they become powerless:
misfortune difficult life.
-Budhatiya yoga: The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction with the first, seventh, fifth or eleventh
house - an intellectual.Albert Einstein had this combination.
Explanation: Thefirst house is the most important in Indian astrology;when the Sun and Mercury in
the seventh, they aspect the Lagna.
When the Sun and Mercury in the eleventh, they aspect the fifth house (direct Significator
intelligence).If Mercury is burned, it does not harm budhatiya yoga, but the owner of the horoscope
difficult to convince the public of the rightness of their ideas.
-Chandra Mangala yoga: The Moon and Mars in conjunction or opposition - a wealth of (often by
women).Chandra- Indian name of the Moon, Mangala - the name of Mars.
-Charussagara yoga: Planets in all Kendra - good reputation and good fortune (better when it is
formed benefics).Kendra - the cornerstones of the horoscope.Planet there are extremely
effective.When planets occupy all Kendra, their energy will be very noticeable that in most cases will
give good results (especially when it concerns natural or temporary benefic).
-Chriqui Yoga: is formed when only natural benefics occupy Kendra - comfort, good luck, abundance.
Explanation:natural benefics here will be very influential in life, which of course will give very
favorable results.
-Sharpa- Yoga: Kendra in only malefics - failure, hard life.

-Gajakesari yoga: The Moon and Jupiter in Kendra from each other - good luck, intelligence, and
high morals.Here, the Moon and Jupiter are linked mutual influence.Contact the planets, one of
which is particularly important for social life (Moon), and the other - Significator luck and prosperity
(Jupiter), gives favorable results.
In Kennedy's horoscope, and Gandhi was this yoga.Gandhi - stronger because in his horoscope Moon
and Jupiter were in a quadrant of the ascendant and the Moon in the horoscope Kennedy took
-Sakata Yoga: The Moon in the sixth, eighth or twelfth of Jupiter - a staggering wealth.
This is the opposite of some Gajakesari yoga.When the moon is in dusthanah from Jupiter, the
connection between these two planets is difficult.
-Mahabhagya Yoga:
for a man: The ascendant, the Sun and the Moon in odd signs (male, yang), and he was born in the
daytime - very fortunate;
for a woman: The ascendant, the Sun and the Moon in even signs, and she was born at night - very
Odd signs are negative, it is female (yin) signs, earth and water.Night takde referred to as
"women's" time.
-Saraswati yoga: When Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Kendra, or even better, in the second house,
in their own or friendly signs - scientist, writer, speaker, intellectual.
In a favorable position, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury can provide wisdom.In the horoscope of Gandhi,
these planets in Kendra.Although Jupiter and Mercury in neutral signs, but being in connection with,
or aspect benefices, form an extremely powerful Saraswati yoga.
-Vasumathi Yoga: Benefics in upachaya (3, 6, 10 and 11 minutes) from the Moon or Lagna give
Kennedy Jupiter and Venus in the tenth house from the Moon.Two of the three benefics in upachaya
from the Moon provide a medium strength vasumathi yoga.

There is not a horoscope without Yogi.Favourable yoga frequent.But often people with such yogis
live mediocre, they are not always rich and famous.
The reason for this is only like yoga combined with other factors in the horoscope.
If we want to understand how yoga will manifest itself, the following factors should be investigated.

1. How strong horoscope planet associated with yoga?

Example:Assume that the Moon in Scorpio in the third house, Jupiter in Taurus in the sixth.You can
wait for a favorable influence Gajakesari yoga.However, the Moon is in nichche (fall) and Jupiter in
dusthane.Both planets are weakened.Yoga can hardly be felt.Read my comments about Gajakesari
Yoga Gandhi and Kennedy.

2. What aspects of getting the planet forming yoga?

As in the previous example, c Gajakesari Yoga, Saturn (malefic) aspects the Moon, and Mars (also a
pest) aspecting Jupiter, yoga is almost palpable.Because of the adverse aspects of the planets and
the Moon, and Jupiter weakened.And this is the reason why the effect of yoga weakened.

3. How strong stewards of characters that occupy the planet, forming the yoga?
To influence, promised yoga emerged, it is important that the ruler of the sign occupied by a planet,
forming yoga, had a favorable status in the horoscope.Ruler - the owner of the house.Planet in the
building "leases" it.If the "owner" of the house is mired in problems, while inhabitants of tenants of
the house will also feel these problems on themselves anyway.
Example: when the moon is in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus, it will be very disadvantageous if Mars
(the ruler of the house where the Moon) is in fall in Cancer and Venus (the ruler of the house where
Jupiter) in the fall in Virgo.Again the yoga will become almost imperceptible.
Before you predict great wealth and fame based on one of the yogi, consider the above

Examine your own horoscope for the presence of named Yogi.