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Eletrotcnica Integrado Teacher: Elane Kreile

Students name: _________________________________________ Date: ___/___/___

I. What are the three Rs for in each picture?




II. Read the first part of the text and see if youve ever thought about any of these problems.

III. Now read the second part. Have you ever taken any of these actions?

IV. Check () the correct alternative according to the text.

1. We can infer from the text that:
) Voc deve apagar as luzes ao sair de um aposento. Quanto ao seu computador,
desligue-o noite ou deixe-o hibernando.
( ) A maioria do lixo jogado fora pelos americanos consiste em garrafas e potes de vidro e
latas de alumnio.
( ) Todos ns deixamos, de uma forma ou de outra, pegadas de carbono. No entanto, h
medidas que podemos tomar para diminuir nossa participao no aumento do aquecimento
( ) Se voc pretende trocar as lmpadas da sua casa por lmpadas mais eficientes, troque
todas as lmpadas no faz diferena se voc trocar apenas uma.
2. In ...and this has na important impacto n global warming. (l. 3), this refers to the fact
( ) todos ns emitimos CO2 como resultado das nossas atividades dirias.
( ) as pegadas de carbono se referem emisso de CO2.
( ) o aquecimento global um srio problema atualmente.
( ) ns podemos tentar reduzir nossas pegadas de carbono.
3. In But dont despair: there are many things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.
(l. 4), there are and can express the following ideas, respectively:
( ) posse habilidade
( ) existncia habilidade
( ) posse possibilidade
( ) existncia possibilidade

4. In If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an energy-saving one (l. 7),
just means:
( ) justa
( ) justamente
( ) apenas
( ) h pouco tempo
5. The word prevent in ...and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more
than 800,000 cars. (l. 10) means:
( ) proteger
( ) evitar
( ) prevenir
( ) emitir
6. Observe the use of the word we in the following sentence. Who does it refer to?
we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year (l. 8)
( ) Americans and the reader
( ) Americans
( ) the writer and the reader
7. From the answer above, what can you conclude about the writer of the text?
( ) That she/he is American.
( ) That she/he thought of non-American readers when she/he wrote about the text.
( ) That she/he changed all the bulbs in her/his house to energy-saving bulbs.
8. PHRASAL VERBS: use the explanations in the box to infer the meaning of the underlined
phrasal verbs.
1. stop the operation of a machine (2x)
2. dispose of; discard
3. emit
4. to cease functioning because something has been exhausted or burned up, as fuel
or a filament

Dont wait for old bulbs to burn out. ______

Reduce the amount of trash you throw away. _______
Turn off the light when you leave a room. ______
Computers left on for 24 hours give off a lot of CO2. _______
Shut down your computer at night. ______

9. What do the following numbers refer to in the text?

a) 600 million ___________________________________________________
b) 246 million ____________________________________________________
c) one-third _____________________________________________________




We will throw away 11 million We will throw away a lot of trash.

tons of trash.

This computer consumes a little /

SINGULAR Heres a / one thing you should some / a lot of / less energy.

You can do many / several / a

lot of / some / a few things to
save the planet.
You can do fewer things that
damage the country.

SINGULAR I didnt buy a / one PC.


I dont have any / many / a lot

of computers.
I dont have fewer computers
than he does.

There isnt any / much / a lot of

/ less pollution around here.

1. Are the underlined items count or non-count? How do you know it?
There are lots of ways we can improve the environment. One of the ways to reduce the
amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the air is to buy products that dont use as
much energy.
(From: http://epa.gov/climatechange/kids/difference.html.)






2. Complete with a few or a little.


You dont need to save the world. ______________ help is just fine!
Act now and youll see the difference after _______________ weeks.
Id like to say ________________ words about climate change.
Have _________________ patience. Shell change her habits, but itll take
________________ time.

3. Complete with how much or how many.


______________ times do I need to tell you that you must recycle?

______________ years does it take for a plastic bag to degrade?
______________ CO2 does this factory give off every year?
______________ bird species are there in the Amazon?
______________ money do we need to buy a new PC?

4. Match the columns to form complete sentences.

(a) There are many
(b) How much
(c) How many
(d) I dont have many
(e) We dont have much
(f) Do you throw away


) cars are there in So Paulo?

) jars to recycle. Do you?
) light bulbs in this house.
) a lot of trash?
) water do you consume per day?
) time. We need to act fast.

5. Complete the sentences with different quantifiers. Dont use the same words more than

Do you consume _____________ energy?

______________ trash do you produce every day?
______________ electrical gadgets are there in your house?
There arent ____________ light bulbs in my house. Actually there are just
e) Ive got ___________ money with me, so I cant buy ___________ food.
f) As I have __________ money today than yesterday, I bought _____________ items at
the supermarket.

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