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Workplace Accidents
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Workplace Accidents
News of accidents, injuries and fatalities in the workplace
Curated by HealthSafety


Scooped by HealthSafety

Scooped by HealthSafety

E-Cigarette Explosions:
Comprehensive List

Worker Is Killed in Accident at

Trump SoHo Tower
From cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com Today, 10:40 AM

Officials have confirmed that a

construction worker died at the site
of the planned Trump SoHo hotel
and condominium tower at 246
Spring Street in Manhattan.


Scooped by HealthSafety

From ecigone.com - Today, 10:43 AM

List and deep analysis of more than 160 e-cigarette explosions reported in
the media worldwide to date. The most complete list available anywhere

Manslaughter term for landlord

who covered up employees
scaffold fall


Scooped by HealthSafety

Major frozen food manufacturer

fined for safety failings
From press.hse.gov.uk - Today, 10:38 AM

A major frozen food manufacturer based in Whittlesey, near Peterborough,

has been fined 800,000 for safety failings after an employee nearly lost his


From www.ioshmagazine.com - Today, 10:35 AM

Weedon was carrying out general repair work at the home of Antony
Minehan in Southport, Merseyside, on 26 March 2014. Abacus Scaffolding
North West had erected the scaffolding for some cavity wall insulation work.
There were no guardrails, ladders, trap ends or ties on the scaffold and it
had insufficient raker outriggers to ensure its stability.


Scooped by HealthSafety

Man survives nine hours trapped

Scooped by HealthSafety
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Man survives nine hours trapped

under thousands of tonnes of
From www.msn.com - May 7, 5:49

Man survives nine hours trapped

under thousands of tonnes of

Demolition contractor sentenced

over multiple safety failings |
Media centre - HSE
From press.hse.gov.uk - May 4, 8:13 AM

A Hertfordshire based contractor has been found

guilty for a series of safety failings across two
separate sites.

Scooped by HealthSafety
Scooped by HealthSafety

Didcot update: Coleman and Co

must hand over recovery
operation | IOSH Magazine
From www.ioshmagazine.com - May
4, 8:12 AM

Sign maker sent workers back

onto unsafe roof after fall | IOSH

Part of the boiler house at the

power station collapsed on 23
February during demolition work by
Coleman and Company, killing one
person, leaving three missing in the
wreckage and injuring five others.
In a statement, Coleman and
Company said the move was hugely disappointing. We have now
reached a stage where we will be handing over the remaining recovery
operation to another contractor within the next few weeks. This is of course
hugely disappointing as we all wanted to recover our friends and
colleagues and return them to their families, it said.

From www.ioshmagazine.com - May 4, 8:10 AM

Scooped by HealthSafety

Travis Perkins fined 2 million

after customer run over in
companys yard | IOSH Magazine
From www.ioshmagazine.com - May
4, 8:07 AM

In November 2012, Mark John

Pointer was loading planks of wood
onto his Land Rover when he fell
backwards onto the yard surface
after the straps he was using
snapped. Amersham Crown Court
heard that the man was then run
over by the vehicle that was operating in the yard and died from crushing
injuries. Travis Perkins pleaded guilty to breaching sections 2(1) and 3(1) of
the Health and Safety at Work Act. As well as the fine they were ordered to
pay 114,813 in costs. The company had initially denied a link between the
offences and the death but had later conceded.


As we reported last week, Practical Car and Van Rental Chesterfield

contracted Sheffield-based Warburton Signs to install a large, lightweight
sign to the gable end of an industrial building. Three operators had been
assigned to the task and on 13 April 2015 they were fitting wooden batons
to the building, to which the sign would be fixed.


Scooped by HealthSafety

Employer fined after employee

falls through fragile roof | Media
centre - HSE
From press.hse.gov.uk - April 29, 5:21 AM

Phillip Posnett, a self employed business man has

been fined after his employee fell through a fragile
sky light on a farm building.


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Scooped by HealthSafety

Scooped by HealthSafety

Avoiding Common Office Injuries

| Liberty Mutual Insurance

HSE statement: Alton Towers

owners plead guilty to safety
failings | Media centre - HSE
From press.hse.gov.uk - April 29, 5:20 AM

Neil Craig, head of operations for HSE in the

Midlands said:


Scooped by HealthSafety

From passiontoprotect.libertymutualgroup.com - April 29, 5:20 AM

In office settings, your employees might frequently, and without much

thought, lift stacks of paper, move chairs to and from conference rooms,
carry heavy computer bags to meetings, quickly open supply drawers, and
leave cabinet doors open...

Steelcase Global Report |

Employee Engagement and the
Global Workplace


Scooped by HealthSafety
From info.steelcase.com - April 29, 5:19 AM

Altrincham building contractor

sentenced over block collapse
and multiple unsafe working practices |
Media centre - HSE
From press.hse.gov.uk - April 29, 5:19 AM

A Cheshire building company has been sentenced

for safety failings at a building site in Altrincham
where they were building residential houses and

This report outlines the positive correlation between the work environment
and employee engagement around the world. Download to explore key
findings and data.


Scooped by HealthSafety

First response: asbestos | IOSH



Scooped by HealthSafety

Co-op home delivery van ran over

88-year-old customer | IOSH
From www.ioshmagazine.com - April
28, 11:06 AM

The accident occurred when

Edward Harris was walking from the
car park to the shop on 29 January

From www.ioshmagazine.com - April 28, 11:04 AM

Words: Martin Stear


converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

last year. He passed through a gap

in the railings, which was the only
route between the car park and the
store, and walked behind the
parked van. The van reversed and struck Harris. He was knocked to the
ground and fractured the top of his femur. He also developed several
complications as a result of the accident, including pneumonia, an acute
kidney injury and a probable artery blockage in his lung.


Scooped by HealthSafety

Sentencing after worker dies in

trench collapse

Scooped by HealthSafety

Sandvik divisions pay over 300k

for hand-arm vibration exposure
| IOSH Magazine
From www.ioshmagazine.com - April 28, 10:59 AM

Derby Crown Court heard how workers at Sandvik Mining and

Construction (SMC) and Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and
Screeners (SCMCS) were regularly exposed to hand-arm vibration via tools
they were using to assemble and service crushers and screeners. SMC and
SCMCS did not properly manage vibration risk to their employees between
July 2005 and March 2014, and 2007 and February 2013 respectively, the
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found.
From www.shponline.co.uk - April 15, 12:01 PM


A self-employed contractor has been sentenced after an employee died

when the trench he was working in collapsed on him, at Longstone Farm, in

Rescooped by HealthSafety from OHS Adviser

Bullying in the workplace is still

all too common, survey reveals
- SHP Online


Scooped by HealthSafety

'Worksite of horrors' exposed

workers to asbestos, lead: $700K

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From www.shponline.co.uk - April 12, 11:54 AM

From www.safetynewsalert.com - April 11, 12:32 PM

A survey of 2,000 workers has revealed that bullying in the workplace is

still extremely common.

Renovations at a former New York psychiatric center exposed workers to

lead and asbestos hazards, leading to a huge OSHA settlement for this real
estate development company. Dover Greens

Via Safety Train, Taylor Carran

Scooped by HealthSafety
Scooped by HealthSafety

18-year-old killed on job just

months after graduating high
school; $105K fine

Asbestos banned in construction,

renos at federal buildings

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From www.safetynewsalert.com - April 11, 12:31 PM

"This young man was fresh out of high school with a lifetime ahead of
him," said Mark Hysell, OSHA's area director in Eau Claire, WI. This tragedy
means a six-figure fine and placement in an OSH


From www.cbc.ca - April 11, 5:10 AM

The federal department responsible for the buildings that house 265,000
government workers has banned the use of asbestos in all new construction
and renovation projects a new policy that came into effect April 1, CBC
has learned.

Scooped by HealthSafety
Scooped by HealthSafety

Boys' Throats Cut In Sweeney

Todd Show Mishap

HSE failing to prosecute

construction deaths, MP accuses

From uk.news.yahoo.com - April 8, 4:01 AM

Students at Saint Kentigern College in Auckland were performing the

opening night of the musical when the mishap happened. Headteacher
Steve Cole told radio station Newstalk ZB the razor used on stage was real,
but had been bound in duct tape. Mr Cole said he hoped the show would
resume on Friday,


Scooped by HealthSafety

Dos and donts for working at


converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

From healthsafetynews.co.uk - March 29, 2:25 PM

From www.shponline.co.uk - March 30, 10:29 AM

Workplace injuries can pose very real dangers in our daily jobs,
particularly when the task involves working high up on a building or other
structure. Safety statistics make for grim reading, with accidents on
building sites responsible for more than their proportionate share of all fatal
injuries at work. Sadly, many of these accidents are the results of a fall.

Stephen Hepburn MP has accused the HSE of failing to prosecute"

construction deaths, and for the delay in bringing companies to justice.



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