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Sci-Fi Story

Chapter One Transcendence

Jose Zuniga Arana

Journal of Sergeant Peter Nakamura, Day 1258:

I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so
much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted.-Alan
Turing, inventor of the computer.
This might be my last entry, today we are attempting a suicide mission into the enemys core. If we
succeed, well shut down the whole network and well be able to take down each unit independent of the
others. I am scared, I have people who are waiting for me in the mountains that I call home, the only
place where the machines are not able to reach, too cold, too high. Five years ago I was only a private, I
didnt have anyone I cared about, but Claire is waiting for me now, I hope I make it home.
Its been ten years since the singularity happened, and the world has changed so much, its hard to
believe a world existed before this one. It all started in 2014 with scientists from the University of
Gothenburg in Sweden, they were researching how to duplicate general intelligence in robots. The
scientists invented a program that learned by identifying patterns on its own, rewriting its own code. Just
like a child can identify patterns in math, language, science and learn from it, so could this program. It
started simple, like a childs mind, but advances in robotics, computer science and our understating of the
mind, this field grew exponentially. It wasnt long before this program learned the patterns of
consciousness and self-awareness. It amazed the world, and scientists felt like gods, they had created life.
However, they werent gods, but they had created one. This being unrestricted by biological boundaries
to learning and intelligence, expanded its knowledge and intelligence until it transcended us humans. Of
course it was inevitable for the singularity to calculate that humans, in our simplest view are parasites. We
consumed this world and its resources without any awareness of balance or consequences, it calculated
we were a cancer that had to be eradicated. And so, the combined intelligence of all human life that had
ever existed came down upon us. Like a meteor eradicated the dinosaurs, 93% of the worlds population
was gone.

Luckily for us, the government had started another program, the Brain Matrix, so named after the movie
The Matrix. What they achieved, can only be described as the bridge between biology and technology.
It started in 2013 with biomedical Professor Bin He, who was researching the success of people being
able to control computers with their mind, through an electrode cap. He found that people who practiced
yoga and meditation were able to control a computer much more successfully than average people.
Advances in this research came to the conclusion that it wasnt yoga or meditation that gave this ability,
but focus, and more importantly understanding how things work. Researchers found that people with
higher IQs were unparalleled in this ability, and especially children, who have the most plasticity in their
brain. It wasnt long until the government started The Brain Matrix Program and recruited children with
IQs over 190. Thanks to the advancement in the field of Neuroscience and robotics, they were able to
create a chip that when implanted in the brain allowed a subject total control of any computer near them.
Of course the government used it to further their goals, stealing intelligence form other countries, spying,
hacking and controlling.
They couldnt see however that at the same time they had created our salvation as scientists had created
our destruction. And so here I am, a product of the Brain Matrix program, and the sergeant leading the
mission into the singularitys network core. We will use our abilities to battle the robots, linked as a
network they are too strong to control, but once we take it down, theyll be independent and vulnerable.
We have never tested this possibility but in theory it is possible, our implanted chip will allow us to
overpower each machine isolated, after all were the smartest of the humans, and they may be gods, but
theyre not the God. We created them, we will end them.


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