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Oracle for the

Automotive Industry

In todays fiercely competitive, global marketplace,

automotive companies are not only fighting for
market dominancemany automakers are fighting
for survival. These companies are asking themselves
some poignant questions.

Our new Oracle-based vehicle

order management solution is
the vehicle management system
that is comparable to the Toyota
Production System for ensuring
Lean management and Lean
operations while maximizing
customer satisfaction.
Ludo Vandervelden
Vice President
Finance and Accounting
Toyota Motor Europe

As model proliferation, incentive pricing,

and fickle customers force companies to
rethink their business models, automotive
industry leaders are asking: How can we
reduce development cycle times and respond
more rapidly to customer demand? How do
we synchronize demand plans with build
schedules to reduce inventory and supply
chain inefficiencies?
Oracles commitment to the automotive industry has never been stronger. Whether you
are an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or supplier, the scope and
depth of Oracles applications and technology

Oracle combines well-designed

supplier information management to

Only Oracles applications feature key

functionality built specifically to support the
automotive industrys increasing demands:

support the automotive manufacturers

Lean functionality with sophisticated

customer, product, manufacturing, and

goals for operations excellence.

Bob Barker
Vice President, Manufacturing Insights

Best-in-class automotive order-todelivery capabilities

Most comprehensive manufacturing
solution, supporting both flow and
multimode manufacturing techniques

Industry-leading customer relationship

management (CRM), dealer, and dealer
collaboration solutions
No. 1 demand planning, collaboration,
and manufacturing execution systems
(MES) solutions, tailored specifically for
automotive suppliers
Best value for global corporate administration
and governance, through on demand service
centers and supplier accelerators for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications

Today, more than 400 automotive companies

run Oracle Applications to help them

Accelerate time to market

Optimize demand-driven supply chains

Minimize inventories and eliminate waste

Improve just-in-time (JIT) fulfillment

Enhance the customer ownership experience

Oracle for the Automotive Industry

Fact: More than 400 automotive

companies, including all five of the
top five Fortune 500 automotive
manufacturers, run Oracle Applications.

Accelerate Time to Market

Turn time into a competitive advantage by

shortening product development cycles and
capitalizing on new business opportunities.
Oracle provides the means to source components globally, ensure just-in-time delivery,
and embrace flexible, Lean manufacturing
processes. Oracle is the leading provider of
advanced manufacturing applications that
support automotive-specific processes and
streamline enterprisewide purchasing
and logistics.
Optimize Demand-Driven
Supply Chains

If youre in the automotive industry, theres

a very good chance that you are interested
in reducing inventory and supply chain
inefficiencies. How do you do this while
synchronizing demand plans with vehicle
build schedules? To avoid an unsynchronized
supply chain with excess inventory, you need
to be able to sense demand across market
segments and to correctly forecast numbers.
Only Oracle offers an industry-leading,
cross-enterprise demand planning solution
tailored to the specific needs of automotive
OEMs and suppliers. While Oracle provides
automotive suppliers with best-in-class
order-to-delivery, service-parts planning,
and execution capabilities, it also provides
OEMs with Standards for Technology in
Automotive Retail (STAR)based dealer
integration and management solutions.

Deliver a Superior Customer

Ownership Experience

Count on Automotive Solutions

from Oracle

Automotive OEMs are always on the lookout

for ways to acquire customers and to identify
sources of high-margin product and service
revenue, while still delivering a superior
experience to customers. To keep customers
loyal, you need to be able to manage your
brands, marketing campaigns, and leads.
Oracle has the No. 1 automotive industry
solution for fully integrated, closed-loop
campaign and lead management.

As the No. 1 enterprise software provider

for the automotive industry, Oracle offers:

To ensure a consistent customer service

experience, you want to be able to efficiently
manage service parts operations. Oracle has
the industry-leading service parts planning
solutions that will help you maximize
customer service throughout the entire
vehicle ownership lifecycle.

Consolidate Corporate Administration

As an automotive supplier, you want to

tighten control over financial information,
optimize workforce productivity, and increase
profits. Most of all, you want to maximize
the efficiency and value received from your
IT systems investments. Only Oracle has a
financials solution with tax-advantaged
trading, joint ventures, shared services, and
compliance functionality. The No. 1 provider
of human capital management solutions to
the automotive industry, Oracle enables
OEMs and suppliers to optimize workforce
performance through talent management,
training, and recruitment.

Supplier collaboration, demand planning,

configuration management, and vehicle
Embedded quality, product information
management, and supply chain analytics
Flexible, multimode, flow manufacturing,
and MES
Logistics optimization and global
trade management
Master data management and product
information hubs
Dealer collaboration, customer service, and
targeted marketing
More than 3,000 support engineers in
145 countries

Oracle gives automotive OEMs and suppliers

the most flexible, scalable, and interoperable
solutions to manage their product information.
With a single definition of all aspects of your
business, you can share information across the
enterprise so you can make better decisions.

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