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Inviting Top Performers from IT Stream to our Internship Program

At RakSan, we believe that almost every dimension of our lives is being touched by software these days. Software
has the power to delight, entertain, help us communicate, simplify our work, enhances our creativity, connect us to
friends, and so much more. However, writing good software is still a complex and specialized process that takes
too long, and requires too much expertise.
RakSan Consulting is a 3-year-old startup specializing in software products and services with focus especially on
pharma sector. We are currently occupied in ideating and building world class products/services in mobility,
enterprise and consumer space while partnering with a large pharma company. Learn more about us at
Engagement Type: 2-month intensive internship with 6 months project work with RakSan
Topic: Building Data Science Competency for Pharma Industry
Mode: Onsite and offsite model of participation. Program suits students stationed in Hyderabad Metro Area only.
Duration: 8 weeks of intensive internship and immediate project work of minimum 6 months.
Future: Great opportunity for aspiring students wishing to make great careers in niche practices of IT sector Data
Top scholastic grades preferably from IT background
Dynamic, out-going, articulate, confident individuals who are keen to make a career in IT
Demonstrating multi-tasking abilities, R&D mindset and intense drive to complete the program.
Should be able to juggle academics and internship skillfully
Ability to handle pressure and tough time lines
Program Details:
Participants will be working with Industry experts while building the practice of data sciences
Program managers will be top management of the company
Participants: RakSan, BITS Student & Professors
Take away being startup knowledge, niche data sciences skills and pharma sector learnings
Citations on successful completion of the program with participation letters having market worth
of 12 months of working experience.
Stipend of INR 10K per month
Dates: Start May 2016 last week and ending August 2016 with 6 months of project work post that.
Send a note on bits-internship@raksanconsulting.com with the following:
Your picture and 2 paragraphs detailing your candidature, your family and coordinates
How you will make this a success
Why this will be your choice of internship
Next Steps:
Selection of the participant
Finalization of paperwork
Introduction of the team members
Program start with short training
R&D and competency building in Data Sciences
Project work
Learning and improvements

# 1002, Block B, 10th Floor, The Platina, Survey No 136(P), Gachibowli Miyapur Main Road, Hyderabad, TS, India- 500032
Web:www.raksanconsulting.com, Tel: +91-40 654444430/32, Email: bits-internship@raksanconsulting.com