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Tech Mahindra visited our campus on 23rd and 24th of August.

Written test, essay writing, technical

round and HR round were conducted in just 2 days. So be prepared for the four rounds.
Tech Mahindra has mainly 4 rounds:
Written test (Online).
Essay Writing.
Technical round.
HR round.
Coming to the written test. It mainly includes 3 sections i.e., verbal, reasoning, quantitative aptitude.
But these 3 are sub divided into 11 sections. We can start with any section we want.
Verbal topics: - (100 bits, max spend 20 mins) :
Reading comprehension.
Sentence correction.
Sentence formation.
Direct and indirect speech.
Active passive voice.
Synonyms and antonyms.
Subject verb agreement.
Confusable words.
Guys, please concentrate on verbal as it consists of 100 bits. And the cutoff for verbal is roughly
around 60-70. We can score max of our marks in verbal only. Go with prepositions, articles, tenses,
direct, active, subject verb first. Because they are easy. Won't take more than 15 mins. Lastly go with
comprehension. They are not difficult but takes time. Be fast while reading at the same time
understand the reading comprehension. That's it guys, if you are speed and accurate you can
complete it in 20 mins. If you feel you are crossing 20 mins then you will be at a danger zone. Then
go for reasoning.
Reasoning: - (50-55 bits, max spend 40 mins) :
Figure Analysis.
Blood relations.
Seating arrangement.
Problems on alphabets.
Reasoning bits are easy but we need to do a lot of practice. So that in the exam only by seeing the
question itself we will be able to apply the logic immediately. Figure analysis may take time. So
manage it. Lastly quantitative aptitude.
Quantitative aptitude: - (15-20 bits, max spend 15-10 mins) :

Simple and compound interest.

Profit and loss.
Speed time distance.
Time and work.
Please don't go for quant section first. Though we can do aptitude sometimes it may take time and
also very less bits are given so weightage is low for quant. So it will be better if you attempt it at the
last. Study the basic formula and methods. Reasoning and quants consists of total 70 bits and the cut
off is 35-45. We will have 170 bits and only 80 mins. But don't worry guys this time is more than
enough for us. Because the questions will be that easy. Trust me. I was left out with 10 minutes in my
exam. Remember guys you and the person sitting beside you will not get the same paper. So avoid
things like copying. Fortunately we don't have negative marking and hence answer all the questions.
1000 candidates wrote the written test and only 218 were qualified. So, it all depends on how you
make use of the valuable 80 mins. After written they will ask us to write a small essay on the
respective topic they give. This is just only to see our written skills. It is not an elimination round.
After that we have to submit the documents like 10th to B-Tech certificates, ID Xerox, and essay paper
along with the application which they will give after the written exam. Then comes the technical
Fortunately, my Technical round is awesome as it is combined with HR round. My TR and HR interview
was not too long. It took 20 mins. I was asked questions related to my core (ECE) subjects and C
Programming in TR.
Some of the questions I was asked in TR were:
Differences between Microprocessor and Microcontroller.
Applications of Microcontroller.
TCP/IP Reference model layers.
OSI Reference model layers.
Mention some protocols used in these layers.
What is DMA?
What is Piggybacking?
What is shortest path algorithm?
Some of the questions I was asked in HR were:.
Introduce yourself.
Why Tech Mahindra?
Why IT instead of your core ECE?
Where do you see yourself in next five years?
I was through that round. They check your attitude, how can you manage a situation, how expressive
and positive minded you are. But CSE guys you have to be strong with your basics because they are
ready to put question on your subjects and programs. Non CSE can go with the basics of your
subjects. Prepare your own answers and ask yourself in front of a mirror. Answer them and rate
yourself. So that when you are in HR chamber you will not feel the pressure. And use very simple and
good English which is understandable. No need to use difficult words to show ourselves before them.
Remember guys don't ever try to bluff them. If you are caught then you are out. Know about the
company and if you have done any projects then prepare them also. Because definitely they will ask
question on that.

Out of the 218, 91 got placed finally and I am one. Try to clear the written test, you will have
maximum chances to crack the interview.