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Paper Title: Ethical Conduct

Student Name: XYZ
Course Number: 123
Course Name: ABC
Institution Name: Colorado State University
Instructor Name: Professor
Date of Submission: April 24th, 2016


The core principles for ethical conduct which are selected from the text are listed below.
1. Respecting Autonomy
2. According Dignity
The behavior analyst maintains the high standard of professional behavior of the organization.
These are the standards of behavior honesty, integrity, reliability, confidentiality, and
trustworthiness. The guidelines for Responsible conduct for behavior analyst which are
highlighted in the text are given below.
1. Reliance on Scientific Knowledge
2. Competence
3. Integrity
1. Respecting Autonomy
Autonomy as a principle of ethics assumes a certain level of respect for persons and their ability
to take actions that affect their health. Autonomy meaning is the self-rule or selfdetermination It includes issues of informed consent, confidentiality of information, truthtelling, and promise to keep. At first glance, autonomy seems to be a basic principle that should
remain inviolate but its never too easy in the healthcare industry. In some circumstances and in
relationships the principle of autonomy and make it difficult to follow on a consistent basis.
Behavior analysts responsibility is to be aware of these challenges within your organization and
to do whatever is required to maintain the right of autonomy. For respecting autonomy decision
must be based upon the scientific reasons and integrity. Respect for autonomy must involve the
capacity to think, decide and act on the basis of such thought and decision freely and
independently. By adopting this conduct of behavior power can be exercised to prevent harm to

John (Patient) who was suffering from problems with urinary insufficiency and frequent
urination so he went to his physician for a checkup, Dr. Smith for the evaluation performed the
ultrasound and come up with the fact that he might be a kidney cancer as he saw the shadow in
the kidney area. Dr. Smith recommends his patient to consult a urologist Dr. Michel whose office
is on the same floor Ms. Janie gets an appointment for the patient as he already knows the family
profile of the patient. As soon as patient left the office, she called her cousin and told her that
John had a kidney tumor and it might be cancerous, by hearing this news she hangs up the phone
just as John walked in the door. Only 30 minutes from the time he left Dr. Smith office, he
walked into the hysteria of unknown origin.
Example Illustration:
In the above case, the Dr. Smith decision is based upon the scientific reason as he analyzed the
report of ultrasound and referred the patient to a specialist that action shows the integrity of his
profession. Confidentiality is the most important in the healthcare industry the assistant of Dr.
Smith breach the rule and promise to his profession by sharing information with the family
without any evidence.
2. According Dignity
Dignity is one the core principle of the ethics conduct. The phrase human dignity refers both to
self-respect and to the respect for the other human beings. Each person has the essential right of
appreciation both of himself and of his fellow man. A behavior analysts job is to ensure the
every client is treated with dignity and respect. Behavior analyst provides training for employees
to deal with clients who use non-verbal communication. The three of the ethical conduct

behaviors are involved in a context such as the competence is ought to deal with the clients of
non-verbal communication whereas integrity is always important in each step of the work we
performed because if the employee is not loyal to his job than the others ethical factors are also
not considered to be important. Professional development is maintained by the analyst by
assessment, reading literature etc. Each individual has the privilege to opportunity and to express
his ethical beliefs by utilizing words and actions as he uses his ability to help other people.
Individuals have the privilege to be free of fear. They have the privilege to discover peace in the
understanding and acknowledgment of who they are, however just to the degree that their rights
don't intrude upon the rights and beliefs of others. Every individual's rights end where the respect
of others starts.
A right to life for according Dignity, A women who was suffering from kidney disease visit the
physicians in the clinic for treatment and the treatment which is suggested by the Doctor after
analyzing the reports to remove the stone from the kidney that requires the operation but the
physicians dont have the required facilities to perform that operation but he reacted and decide
to perform without the consent of the women. As a result, patient faced several problems due to
the wrong decision of Physician. The ethical conducts are not considered by the physician.
Illustration of the Example:
Physicians can react in many of the ways of ethical conduct he was not loyal to his job and to his
profession to save the life of human and to the policy to have a consent of the patient to perform
the required treatment where he already knows that the clinic does not have the facilities to
perform such a treatment and ignores the conduct of decision-based upon the scientific reason.

The three of the ethical conduct Integrity, Scientific reason and the competence are not
considered when the physician decided to perform the treatment.