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To: Municipal Planning Commission

Meeting Date:

May 26, 2016


Lemmon & Lemmon

2, 11, 12

Prepared By: Ronald M. Traub, Director

Economic & Community

Status of Applicant: Developer

Requested Action: Preliminary Site Plan & Minor Subdivision

To construct an assisting living facility.

Existing Zoning:

B-1, Community Service


9150 Lakeshore Boulevard


72,404 sq. ft. two-story assisting living facility on 4.05 acres.

Existing Land Use:

Mentor Dental Arts

Surrounding Land
Use and Zoning: North: single-family homes; zoned R-4, Single Family Residential
East: single-family homes; zoned R-3, Single Family Residential
West: single-family homes & St. John Vianny Church; primarily R-4, Single Family
South: single-family homes; zoned R-3 & R-4, Single Family Residential
Zoning History:


Public Utilities:

In January of 1988, the Commission reviewed an informal zoning request to rezone the
property from R-4, Single Family Residential to B-1, Community Service. In April of
1988, the Commission tabled the formal rezoning request and subsequently denied it at the
June 2, 1988 Commission meeting. An initiative petition was filed with the Lake County
Board of Elections on August 9, 1989 to rezone three (3) parcels of land consisting of 4.9
acres at the corner of Lakeshore Boulevard and Meister Road from R-4, Single Family
Residential to B-1, Community Service to permit a professional office building. The
rezoning request was approved by the electorate in November of 1989 by a vote of 4,776
for and 4,695 against.
1127.01 Definitions (11) Assisted Living
1133.05 Preliminary Site Plans
1155.01 Schedule of District Regulations
1162.11 Buffering Requirements
Utility service will be extended from Lakeshore Boulevard and/or Meister Road.

Engineering Comments:
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{B6*} A Building Permit is required for new buildings. Plans shall be submitted for permit review by the Chief
Building Official for conformance with the Ohio Building Code and necessary permits obtained.
Indicate existing barn and any other structures to be removed. Demolition permit is required.
{ST4} Stormwater detention required per City Ordinance. Calculations for drainage and detention required for
City review and approval.
{ST8} Provide emergency overflow for proposed detention facility.
{ST16} Site subject to NPDES Stormwater Permit requirements. Copy of permit or permit application required
prior to start of construction.
{ST17} Site subject to City stormwater quality requirements. Site plan shall detail the installation and long term
maintenance plan of post-construction best management practices to manage stormwater quality per City
{ST18} Erosion control plan including schedule for installation to be included in construction plans. (Refer to
Chapter 1353 of the Mentor Code of Ordinances)
{ST19} Off-site flows entering site to be evaluated by showing and providing for review of existing topography
of adjoining sites and reflecting results within drainage calculations and said flows accommodated in site drainage
{ST-26} Storm sewer design shall be based on a minimum 2-year frequency, with a hydraulic gradient check at a
10-year frequency showing no surcharging. Drainage calculations shall be provided for review and shall be
sealed by a registered professional engineer.
(ST27) BMP Maintenance Agreement for stormwater management practices shall be submitted with permit
application. Typical agreement available upon request.
{CS1} Final site plan to conform to City standards (available upon request) as part of next submittal.
{CS7}* All utilities servicing site shall be bored under Meister Rd. as necessary.
{CS20} Pavement open cut proposed for water line on Meister Rd., will require approval from Mentor City
Council. Right-of-way permit and Council approval to be coordinated through City Engineering Department.
(T2.1) The applicant pursuant to 1133.05(f) or 1113.02(p) of the Mentor Code of Ordinances is required to
provide a trip generation study.
{T4}* Lakeshore Blvd. drive access shall be right in/right out only.
(C6) Handicap parking with van accessibility and curb ramps shall be provided and be designed in accordance
with Chapter 11 of the Ohio Building Code. Handicap signing and mounting heights shall be detailed on the
plans. Signs shall be mounted to a 7 height to bottom of sign.
{T7} Plant material for landscaping shall be low growth type near the drive exit to maintain safe sight distance
for traffic entering public roadway.
{T14} Applicant is requested to provide bicycle parking and access for the site.
Right in/right out driveway shall be signed per City standards. Signing shall be shown on the plans.
Applicant shall provide written confirmation and plan modifications with next submittal as to the disposition
of each of the above comments.
Fire Department Comments:
1. The elevator shall be able to accommodate a cot in the flat position.
2. The FD would prefer to have noncombustible ground cover around the perimeter of the building.
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3. The fire connection shall be located off the building and within 75' of a fire hydrant, and shall have a 5" Storz.
4. The porte-cochere shall have a minimum clearance of 13'-6".
5. A fire alarm system shall be installed per the OBC for an I-2 use.
6. An automatic sprinkler system is required for I use groups.
7. Fire hydrants are required per city ordinance 1505, and all new hydrants shall have a 5" Storz connection.
Police Department Comments:
No comment.
Analysis: The applicant is requesting preliminary site plan review to construct a 76 unit, two-story assisted
living facility (Danbury of Mentor) at 9140 Lakeshore Boulevard. The site is located on the south
side of Lakeshore Boulevard and east of Meister Road and is zoned B-1, Community Service. The
four (4) -acre site consists of three parcels; the Mentor Dental Arts building and parking areas are
located on the 3.37-acre parcel and the remaining parcels are undeveloped. A minor subdivision
request has been submitted to provide separate parcels for the assisting living facility and the dental
office. The minor subdivision request will require the consolidation of the existing three (3) parcels
into two (2) parcels. The site plan shall provide the disposition of the existing storage building and
parking lot and provide a parking calculation for the dental office. A new address, 9150 Lakeshores
Boulevard has been assigned to the assisting living facility.
Per Chapter 1155.01 Schedule of District Regulations (k), an assisted living facility is a permitted use
in the B-1, Community Service district, therefore the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application is not
required. Per 1127.01 Definitions (11) Assisted Living, a residential community with services that
provides, meals, laundry, housekeeping, medication reminders and assistance with Activities of Daily
Living (ADLs), such as walking and moving, bathing, grooming, toileting, oral hygiene, hair care,
dressing, nail care and eating to a minimum of fifty (50) percent of the residents, or such percentage
determined by the Planning Commission. The applicant has provided a cover letter detailing the
residential care use as 76 units of assisted living with 10 memory care units which are licensed
through the Ohio Department of Health. Services provided to the residents include meals, help with
administering medication, a full-time nursing staff and many types of entertainment amenities.
The first floor of the facility includes a covered entrance to the vestibule and main entry hall. The
dining area, bistro, pub and kitchen are located behind the entry hall and provides for an outdoor
dining patio. Five (5) small offices, a nurse station and an employee break room are adjacent to the
entry hall along with the laundry room, mechanical room and restrooms. The first floor plan provides
for 32 units of varying floor areas with 15 memory care units located along the west wing of the
building. Stairways are provided at both wings of the building along with an elevator adjacent to the
main entry hall. The Fire Department has commented that the elevator shall have appropriate space
to accommodate a cot in a flat position. The second floor plan provides for a library, crafts, office and
storage, community room, fitness room and spa and salon above the entry hall. A laundry/trash and
mechanical room are located on the north wing of building with a small office at the west wing of the
building. The second floor provides for 41 units for a total of 73 units; the unit type distribution chart
for the second floor needs to be corrected.
The site plan indicates the building will be set back approximately 63 ft. from right-of-way on
Lakeshore Boulevard and 155 ft. from the right-of-way on Meister Road. The site plan provides for a
fifty (50) -ft. landscape buffer along the east and south sides of the property abutting adjacent
residential uses on Pekin and Welk Court, Meister Road and Lakeshore Boulevard. Per Chapter
1162.11 Buffering Requirements, two-story or higher buildings in excess of 40,000 sq. ft. of floor
area adjacent to R-1 R-5 zoning districts require Buffer Type H. Buffer Type H requires a minimum
50 ft. setback with 14 canopy trees, 12 understory trees, 48 shrubs and 30 evergreen/conifers per 100
linear feet plus a six (6) -ft. berm and eight (8) -ft. solid fence or masonry wall.
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The site plan indicates the first floor patios and second floor balconies extend eight (8) ft. into the 50ft. buffer while the outdoor dining patio extends 15 ft. into the 50-ft. setback. Any waiver to the
Table of Buffer Requirements is subject to review and issuance of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) by
the Planning Commission. The site and landscape plan indicates the existing tree line will be
preserved; additional evergreen plantings installed in the buffer area; and an eight (8) -ft. privacy fence
will be installed along the east and south side property lines. The privacy fence will need to taper
down to a three (3) -ft. decorative fence at the minimum 30-ft. front building setback. It may be
appropriate to taper the fence down prior to the 30-ft. setback.
The Administration is recommending a detail landscape plan be provided for the CUP for buffer
reduction that includes setback information for the patios, balconies and outdoor dining patio along
with tree survey of the existing trees to be saved and detail landscape plan of additional evergreen
planting to be installed in the buffer area. It may be appropriate to table the preliminary site plan prior
to the review of the CUP for a buffer reduction.
Access to the site is provided by a 24-ft. wide access drive on Meister Road and a one-way, right-in,
right-out on Lakeshore Boulevard. The proposed access drive on Lakeshore Boulevard may create a
headlight nuisance problem for the existing home located north of access drive. The applicant may be
required to install evergreen plantings in the homeowners front yard to mitigate potential headlight
trespass into front windows of the home. The City Engineer is requesting a trip generation study to
assess the impact of the assisted living facility.
Two (2) parking garages are located off the access drive to Meister Road providing parking for 16
vehicles. Building elevations shall be provided detailing their proposed construction. The site plan
provides for thirteen (13) spaces at the rear of the building and seventeen (17) spaces in front of the
building. The minimum number of space required is 33 spaces and the maximum number is 40 spaces.
The site provides for 46 spaces including two (2) handicapped spaces. It is recommended a bike rack
be provided within the parking lot for employees and residents of the facility.
Preliminary provisions for stormwater detention indicate the existing basin will be relocated to the
east side of the property. Calculations for drainage and stormwater detention are required to be
submitted for review and approval by the City Engineer as part of the final site plan submittal. An
emergency overflow outlet shall be provided for the proposed detention basin.
The preliminary landscape plan provides for street trees along the street right-of-way, foundation
planting at the front and sides of the building, shade trees along the perimeter of the parking lot, and
evergreen planting within the buffer. The final landscape plan shall provide a detailed plant material
list, underground irrigation system and low growth entrance plantings at the access drives. The Fire
Department has commented that they prefer to have non-combustible ground cover located around
the foundation of the building such as a decorative style slate stone or non-combustible mulch. A
trash dumpster is located at the rear of the building. The enclosure shall be constructed of matching
masonry units with a self-closing gate. The landscape plan/building elevations shall provide
construction details of the enclosure. An electrical transformer is located within the 50-ft. buffer area
south of the building. The applicant is advised that any roof- and/or ground-mounted HVAC units are
required to be completed screened from off-site views.
The final site plan shall include a photometric plan indicating the level of lighting at the property line
which shall not exceed 11 lux or one (1) foot-candle. All outdoor lighting fixtures shall be fully
shielded fixtures and the height of the outdoor light poles shall not exceed the height of the building
or 36 ft. whichever is shorter.
Preliminary building elevations indicate the building will be constructed of face brick, stone veneer,
vinyl lap siding, vinyl shake siding, asphalt roof shingles and white vinyl trim and fascia. The portecochere has four (4) rectangular columns with a base of face brick and wrapped in white vinyl siding.
The hipped roof has five (5) dormer windows located on the front of the building. All of the windows
will be clad with vinyl trim with shutters or a brick rowlock sill and soldier course head at windows.
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The covered porch at the southeast elevation will be constructed of white vinyl, with porch railings,
posts, arches and fascia also constructed of white vinyl. The porch at the northeast elevation will be
constructed in a similar fashion but will have decorative fencing instead of a screen wall. The
applicant is advised to provide a sample board of the building materials for Commission review. No
conditions are offered for preliminary plan review as the Administration recommends the CUP for
buffering be reviewed first.
Exhibits: Cover Letter, Site, Utility & Landscape Plan, Elevations, GIS Aerial Map

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