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I Objectives

the end of the lesson, the students will be able to;

Define momentum
List the factors that affect momentum
Explain how mass and velocity affects momentum
Calculate the value of unknown variables (p, m, and v)

II Subject Matter

Decision making
Grolier Encyclopedia of knowledge

III Materials
Blackboard, chalk, and drawn diagram.
IV Procedure
Teachers Activity

Students Activity

Good Morning Class

Good Morning Sir!

Let us pray first

(One Student will lead the prayer)

Now lets check the attendance

(Students will say present as the teacher calls

in their name)
Ill get bumped on that person.

Class, imagine that you are running as fast as

you can but didnt notice that someone is just
few inches away from you. What will happen?

Because it will be difficult to stop all of a

sudden when you are at the peak of running.

That is because of momentum.

Lesson Proper
In our todays lesson we will study about
momentum and understand the factors affecting
Momentum is the difficulty faced by a moving
You have said a while ago that it is difficult to
object to undergo a sudden stop.
stop all of a sudden when you are at the peak of
doing something. Weve said that it is
momentum. Now from that experience, what is
the definition of momentum?
Very Good. Momentum is affected by two factors
which are mass of the object and its velocity.
Lets find out how these factors affect
momentum. Now look at this diagram. (Teacher
shows diagram no. 1) Which would be harder to

The fast runner is harder to stop because it

has more momentum.

stop, the fast runner or the slow runner?


Thats right. What could be the factor?

Runner 1 because he is heavier.

Very good. Now take a look at this second

diagram. (Teacher shows diagram no. 2) You can
see here two runners, runner 1 and runner 2.
Both have the same velocity but runner 1 is
twice the mass of runner 2. Which would be
harder to stop?


Very good. Clearly what is the factor that affects

the momentum in that situation?
The mathematical formula therefore for
momentum is p=mv where
p momentum
m mass
v velocity
What is the unit for mass?
What is the unit for velocity?
Now what would be the unit for momentum?
Very good! From the formula of momentum,
what can you say about the relationship
between the momentum and the mass and
What does direct proportion means?
That is correct. Now lets have an example.

Mass and velocity are directly proportional
with momentum.
As one variable increases, the other one also
increases, vice versa.

(Students are given time to solve and one

student will solve at the blackboard)

A car is moving at a velocity of 10 m/s. Its mass

is 500kg. What is its momentum?
(Teacher writes it at the blackboard)
V Generalization

What does momentum means?

Momentum is mathematically defined as the product of mass and velocity of a
body which is p = mv. Conceptually speaking momentum is the difficulty
faced by a moving body/object to undergo sudden stop.

What are the factors that affect momentum?

Mass and velocity

What is the relationship of momentum to the mass and velocity?

The mass and velocity are directly proportional to the momentum meaning
whenever one increases the other one will also increase and vice versa.

VI Evaluation/Activity

The students will be given activity sheets to ponder their understanding on the
VII Assignment
Study about impulse momentum.