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May 27 2016


World Praise For PM Bainimarama

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has
been praised in a world leaders forum
for his powerful and unambiguous
statement condemning violence against
women and children.
United Nations Deputy SecretaryGeneral, former Swedish Foreign
Minister Jan Eliasson, who chaired the
World Leaders Roundtable in Istanbul,
Turkey, said: Thank you very much,
Prime Minister. Its reassuring to hear
a head of government taking such a
principled and firm stand on violence
against women and children in a
domestic environment.
It was absolutely wonderful to hear that
from you. The applause that interrupted
you is a sign of appreciation.
Mr Bainimarama made that stirring
speech at the first World Humanitarian
Summits High Level Leaders Roundtable
on Women and Girls: Catalysing Action
to Achieve Gender Equality.
He was given warm applause on two
occasions during his speech, one in the
middle and the second as he ended.
This segmnent attracted the first
applause: I want to make it perfectly
clear what my own attitude is and that
of the Government I lead. There is no
justification, no excuse, for any man to
inflict violence on a woman or abuse her
in any way. Those who do so are cowards
and criminals, Mr Bainimarama said.
The second applause came towards the
end when he said: And we are saying
to the men of Fiji: real men dont
mistreat women. They treat them with
the respect they deserve as our wives,
partners, mothers, sisters and daughters
the bedrock of our families and of our
Mr Bainimarama said: Far too many
men regard women as subservient and as
possessions for their sexual gratification.
Far too many men routinely resort to
violence in a domestic setting. And we
are currently in the throes of a national
debate about whether women are in any

way to blame for this, by provoking their

men into acts of violence or inviting rape
by wearing provocative clothing.
I simply do not accept the argument that
the onus is on a women not to provoke
her partners temper. And that if she does
so, that somehow justifies or excuses the
treatment that is meted out to her.
It is a way of thinking that provides men
with an excuse to justify the unjustifiable
and women to accept the unacceptable.
It is a way of thinking that is totally out
of kilter with the norms of any society
with pretensions to decency.
And it is a way of thinking that
perpetuates a cycle of violence and must
be eradicated with the full force of the
law. Zero tolerance for those who abuse
women and girls.
Mr Bainimaramas statement was an

obvious response to the public debate in

Fiji over a statement by the Speaker of
Parliament, Dr Jiko Luveni.
Dr Luveni, while condemning violence
against women, said women could
also help in solving this problem. She
said: Maybe we women aggravate the
situation. Sometimes we know exactly
what our husbands dont like and still
we go ahead and do it. What do you
expect? She has been criticised by the
Womens Crisis Centre and other NGOs.
Although Dr Luveni said her statement
had been taken out of context, Minister
for Women, Children and Poverty
Alleviation, Rosy Akbar, said she was
saddened by Dr Luvenis statement.
She said her ministry did not tolerate or
condone any violence against women
and children.


New Zealand Prime MinisterJohn Key To

Visit Fiji

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

is expected to make an official visit to
Fiji next month.
Mr Key will be in the country for a twoday visit on June 9-10, an informed
Government source said.
A planning committee is understood to
be working on the visit.
Mr Key is due to meet Prime Minister
Voreqe Bainimarama.
This will be a significant step forward in
the relations between the countries. No
NZ prime minister has made an official
visit to Fiji since 2006.
Mr Keys visit will be a follow-up to his
Foreign Minister Murray McCully who
visited Fiji in February in the wake of
Tropical Cyclone Winston.
In NZ, Mr Key had signalled more aid
may be in the pipeline for Fiji after
pledging NZ$3.2million (F$4.58m)
including defence force assets and
Diplomatic relations between New

Zealand and Fiji soured after the 2006

takeover. Australia and NZ deserted
Fiji and were instrumental in Fiji being
suspended from Pacific Islands Forum.
But the relations were restored after Mr

Bainimaramas FijiFirst party won the

2014 general election.
However, the situation was complicated
when Mr Bainimarama did not attend
the Pacific Islands Forum meeting in
Port Moresby early September last year.
Mr Bainimarama objected to Australia
and New Zealands undue influence
and said he would not attend the Pacific
Islands Forum until the two countries
became development partners rather
than full members. He said he believed
Pacific Islands Forum no longer served
the best interests of Pacific islands.
A few weeks later, on September 30,
Mr Key and Mr Bainimarama posed
together for a photo in New York. After
a quick chat about rugby, the two leaders
withdrew to a private room to continue
their meeting. Their talks focused on
Fijis role in the Pacific and a likelihood
of a top-level visit by Mr Key.
Next months visit would be the icing on
the cake for the restored relations.

Tourism Fiji Announces Winners Of Fiji

Matai Campaign

Tourism Fiji has announced Andressa

Fanganiello from Australia and
Maia Hiini from New Zealand as the
winners of its #FijiMatai Social Media
The two travel agents, who are part of
the Fiji Matai Programme, have won
themselves a return trip to Fiji with Fiji
The #FijiMatai Social Media Campaign
ran from February 27 until the end of
The campaign was initially organised
to populate the Matai page with images
taken by Tourism Fijis Matai Agents
when they were in Fiji for the annual
Frontliners Famil earlier this year.
However, due to the impacts of Cyclone
Winston, Tourism Fiji partnered with
Fiji Airways through the Tourism
Action Group to take advantage of the
campaign and send out the message that
despite the destruction caused by the
natural disaster, Fiji was still open for
Tourism Fijis Regional Director, Carlah
Walton says the annual Frontliners
Famil is a much anticipated event on the
Australian agent calendar.


This year it was more important than

ever to showcase that Fiji was still open
for business and the importance of the
Australian market to Fiji, she said.
I congratulate all the agents who
participated in the social media
competition as there were some amazing
shots taken reflecting Fijis beauty, but
a special congratulations to Andressa
Fanganiello it was an outstanding
The campaign also served as a platform
for the Fiji Matai Agents to share with
their networks the diverse tourism
products and services that Fiji has to
offer and promote the hashtag, #FijiNow.
Ms Walton said: Social Media is
becoming a much more important
medium for our frontline travel agents
to promote their experiences onto their
social audiences many of whom are
Its a fantastic way to showcase a
great holiday experience and make it
an aspiration for everyone who views.
Congratulations to Maia Hiini Great
Vodafone Fiji provided the Matai Agents
free SIM-cards for the campaign.

About the Fiji Matai Programme:

The Fiji Matai Programme has been
created by Tourism Fiji to provide
the international travel industry with
the knowledge to sell Fiji. Matai in
Fijian means to be knowledgeable or
to be an expert in something. Tourism
Fijis Matai Happiness Specialists are
accredited travel agents from all over the
world who have in-depth knowledge and
experience of Fiji to help you plan and
book your holiday. For more information
on the Fiji Matai Programme, please
visit matai.fiji.travel.


Fiji News

Officer Dispels Fears Of Waters Being


A Ministry of Fisheries official has

allayed fears of waters around Savusavu
being unsafe from shark attacks.
The Northern Principal Fisheries officer
Joji Vakawaletabua yesterday said the
rumours were not true and whoever was
spreading them should cease.
No one should believe these rumours
and whoever is spreading these should
stop because it does not serve any good,
Mr Vakawaletabu said.
There are divers who continue with
their business.
Mr Vakawaletabua said the devastation
caused by Cyclone Winston had affected
many families in Savusavu who needed

support to bring back some normalcy in

their lives.
Many families in Savusavu were
affected by TC Winston and they
are trying to live a normal life, Mr
Vakawaletabua said.
We should support them instead of
wasting time in spreading rumours and
creating a fear in the communities.
He said the only reported shark attack
incident so far this year was on March
11 where a Cakaudrove, 45-year-old
diver was mauled by a shark.
There was also a rumour that a resort
owner in Savusavu was raising baby
sharks as pets.

These pets managed to escape when

their cage was damaged during Tropical
Cyclone Winston in February.
Some people in the Hidden Paradise said
a special overseas team in Savusavu was
trying to capture the pets.
Mr Vakawaletabua said there was no
one in Vanua Levu keeping sharks as
pets or doing any business with sharks.
There is no value in doing such things
and why would anyone take a risk to
have pet or do shark business, Mr
Vakawaletabua said.
People would rather do seaweed or
pearl farming because it has great value
and a good turnover.

World Bank Back

AFTER a 23-year hiatus Fiji resumed

its lending relationship with the World
Bank last year with a loan of $50 million
for a transport infrastructure investment
project, which was implemented
together with the Fiji Roads Authority
and Asian Development Bank.
Speaking at the opening of the World
Bank Group liaison office in Suva
yesterday, country director, World
Bank, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea
and the Pacific Islands, Franz DreesGross said just last week, they were
negotiating a $50m emergency budget
support operation with Government to
basically help the Government for some
of the additional expenditure it has had
for the past couple of weeks, particularly
for making social transfer payments for
people affected by Severe TC Winston.
"Fiji joined the World Bank in 1971 and
the first IBRD loan ever to Fiji was for
$2.2m in 1972 for the telecommunication
"After that first telecom project between
1971 and 1992, Fiji borrowed quite
heavily from the World Bank. So there
were about 15 projects worth about $153m
from IBRD between 1971 and 1992. After
that there was a hiatus of about 23 years
without IBRD lending for Fiji."
The IBRD is the International Bank
for Reconstruction and Development,
an international financial institution
that offers loans to middle-income
developing countries.
Mr Drees-Gross said through the IBRD
loan, Fiji financed the extension of fixed
telephone lines, international lines and


Attorney-General and Minister for Finance Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and World Bank
Group country director for Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Pacifc Islands
Franz Drees-Gross touring the new World Bank Group liaison office in Suva.
"The world has moved on and I am
very happy to say that we are having
discussions with the Government of
Fiji to finance a spur to a cable that will
soon be laid from Suva to Apia that will
help connect Vanua Levu to high speed
broadband internet," he said.
Mr Drees-Gross said the World Bank

had people on the ground in Fiji but

they did not have any permanent office
to operate from.
He said they had a permanent office in
Suva which would make it easy for them
to operate from. The World Bank has 108
employees working in the Pacific region
with offices in different countries.


Fiji News

Annual Education Grant Signed For

Needy Students

The Office of the Prime Minister and the

Foundation for the Education of Needy
Children (FENC) Fiji signed the annual
grant agreement yesterday to provide
education support to Fijian children who
face financial difficulties in accessing
The signing was carried out by the
Deputy Secretary at the PMs Office,
Mrs Penina Lalabalavu and the FENC
Fiji national coordinator Ms Mere
Mrs Lalabalavu said that since 2010,
the annual grant of $200,000 has been
provided to FENC Fiji for education
support, workshops in the three divisions
(Western, Northern and Central) and
community learning centres.
FENC Fiji works with underprivileged
children coming from the poorest
families in Fiji. These children are
provided education and other assistance
to continue their education, Mrs
Lalabalavu said.
National Coordinator, Ms Tikoduadua


said providing community-learning

centres is their flagship program and this
would now be available in areas in the
Nasinu-Nausori corridor.
It is an afterschool program where we
create space conducive to learning. We
have identified existing community halls
and structures and encourage local cell
groups to take ownership by offering
services, skills and expertise in molding
children, Ms Tikoduadua said.

Over the years, FENC Fiji has assisted

close to 7000 students. Previously,
assistance took the form of school books,
school bags, sandals, uniforms, exercise
and text books and school levies. After
the Government initiative and grants
to individual schools, FENC Fiji are
providing school books, school bags,
school sandals, exercise and stationery
(one year supply) and launched the
community learning centres Fiji wide.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr

Christopher Pryde, has approved charges
against a financial institution under the
Financial Transactions Reporting Act 2004.
The Australia and New Zealand Banking
Group Limited (ANZ) is charged with
two counts of failure to verify customer
identities contrary to section 4(1) and 39
of the Financial Transactions Reporting

Act 2004.
It is alleged that the ANZ failed to verify
and properly identify two customers
of the bank and established two bank
accounts without proper verification of
the customers identities.
The matter will be called on July 7, 2016
for First Call at the Suva Magistrates

ANZ Charged For Failing To

Verify Identity Of Customers


Fiji News

Men Who Inflict Violence On Women N

Children Are Cowards And Criminals PM
The Prime Minister has made a strong
statement on the need to end all violence
against women and children.
At the Leaders Round table discussion
underway at Humanitarian Summit
in Turkey, he said men who inflicted
violence on women were cowards and
He told world leaders that Fiji had a serious
issue with male attitudes to women and
that rape and child abuse was rife.
Bainimarama added though the government
was committed to ending all forms of
abuse against women and children.
I want to make it perfectly clear
what my own attitude is and that of
the government I lead. There is no
justification, no excuse, for any man to
inflict violence on a woman or abuse
her in any way. Those who do so are
cowards and criminals, said Voreqe
Bainimarama Prime Minister of Fiji.
I simply do not accept the argument
that the onus is on a women not to
provoke her partners temper. And that
if she does so, that somehow justifies or
excuses the treatment that is meted out
to her, he said.
He told world leaders that constitution
ensured the right to be free from

violence and that old laws that required

corroboration in cases of rape have been
We are empowering women by
improving their access to education
through free schooling, scholarships

and tertiary loans. We are empowering

women by encouraging them to start
their own businesses with our small
and micro business grants. And we are
saying to the men of Fiji: real men dont
mistreat women, he mentioned.

Minister Kubuabola Meets With Uae

Minister Of State For Foreign Affairs In
Abu Dhabi
Fijis Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon.
Ratu Inoke Kubuabola held bilateral
talks with the United Arab Emirates
(UAE) Minister of State for Foreign
Affairs H.E. Dr. Anwar Gargash in
Abu Dhabi.
During their talks Minister Kubuabola
thanked Minister Gargash for the
growing cooperation between Fiji
and the UAE. He also spoke on the
rehabilitation phase that the Fijian
Government was coordinating following
the devastation caused by Cyclone
Winston. He also explained the different
initiatives that were being implemented
following this cyclone which including
the Adopt A school Programme and the
Help For Homes initiative.
Minister Kubuabola also expressed
the Governments appreciation for the


UAE-Pacific Partnership fund and the

impact that the fund provided in terms of
sustainable energy initiatives for Fijians
living in Kadavu, Lakeba and Rotuma.
He also thanked the UAE for its support
to the Pacific Islands Development
Forum and spoke on the birth of the
Suva Declaration that was taken to last
years 21st Conference of the Parties in
Paris, France.
In his concluding remarks, the Minister
invited his UAE counterpart to visit Fiji
in the near future.

Minister Gargash commended the

Foreign Minister for the two countries
growing relations and the work carried
out by Fijis Embassy in the UAE to
strengthen these relations. He also
commended the role of Fijis UN
peacekeeping mission in different
parts of the world including the Middle
Minister Kubuabola will travel this
week to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for the
formal opening of Fijis new Diplomatic
Mission there.

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Fiji News

Deportation Order Overruled

A man charged with one count of using
forged documents and another count
of conspiracy to defraud influencing
a public official appeared at the Suva
Magistrates Court last Friday.
Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili noted
that the accused was to be deported to
India last Saturday morning as per the
High Court order after a Habeas Corpus
application was filed by lawyer Parvesh
Sharma on behalf of the accused earlier
this month.
However the State informed court that
after the deportation order was made,
Police submitted a file to the DPPs office
and after looking at the evidence and
charges were laid against the accused.
Mr Sharma argued that when the Habeas
Corpus application was being heard,
State had informed the Court that no
charges were going to be laid.
Chief Magistrate Ratuvili questioned
State that they have a court order to
oblige then why the charges were laid.
The matter was stood down for the
accused to be present in court by 12
noon and State to get instructions.
The Director of Public Prosecutions

Christopher Pryde appeared for the State

when the matter was recalled at the Suva
Magistrates Court.
The DPP made submissions that based
on the evidence in the Police docket,
charges were laid against the accused.
He said provided that the court was
satisfied that the criminal proceedings
were properly instituted and were not
vexatious or an abuse of the process of
the court no civil court may intrude
into the domain of the criminal court.
The DPP said the Habeas Corpus
application was a writ to only test the
legality of the detention.
He said after reviewing the Police file
there were evidence hence the charges
were filed on 19.05.16.
He said the charges were lawfully
brought and there was no evidence
that the DPP has acted in any improper
manner in bringing the charges.
Therefore, he submitted that any order in
another court even though a high court
must be set aside and the court must
direct its mind to the charges before it.
Mr Pryde said the criminal court took
precedence over any civil court.

The Defence submitted that when the

Habeas Corpus application was made,
State had informed that no charges
would be laid hence the deportation
order was made.
Mr Sharma informed the court that there
is no application by the Director of
Immigration to have the order rescinded.
He said the accused was kept in custody
for 10 months in an Immigration safe
house without being charged. He asked
the court to dismiss the charges laid so
the accused could be deported.
However the DPP pointed out that that it
was not appropriate for any other court
to usurp the powers of the DPP under
the Constitution.
He said that he had the powers to review
and see whether an offence had been
committed even after an order had been
The court noted both parties submissions
and made an order that the High Court
be formally informed of the charges laid
against the accused.
The accused has been remanded
in custody and the matter has been
adjourned to June 3.

$275K In Investor Fees

106 Foreign Investor Registration
Certificate applications with a proposed
investment value of $315 million,
expected to create 887 jobs, for the last
quarter of last year.
It also received $275,000 in foreign
investor registration fees for the last
quarter of 2015.
Investment Fiji CEO Godo Muller-Teut

said: "The amount collected in Foreign

Investor Registration fees reflects the
attractiveness of Fiji as an investment
destination because of the pro-business
policies of the Fijian Government.
Investment Fiji is proud to be part of this
success and will continue to market Fiji
with dedication and enthusiasm."
Mr Muller-Teut said sectors that
largely attracted interest were services,

wholesale and retail and tourism.

Ministry of Finance permanent secretary
Makereta Konrote said hundreds of
jobs were being generated throughout
a range of sectors in the economy. Ms
Konrote said the investments not only
boosted the performance of the sectors
which attracted the investment, but
boosted Fiji's economic performance as
a whole.

Captain Cook Cruises Introduces Half The

Price Specials
Captain Cook Cruises has just launched
its Take a Friend Half Price sale on all
three, four, seven or eleven night Fiji
island cruises.
Take a Friend Half Price is on sale
until June 30 and valid for travel until
March 31, 2017.
All four, seven and eleven night cruises
are aboard the newly refurbished
130-passenger, MV Reef Endeavour


small ship cruise vessel which visits

parts of Fiji larger ships cannot access.
You can experience Fijian culture with
visits to remote villages, churches and
schools and take part in traditional
village sevusevu ceremonies and Meke
and Lovo feasts.
Relax on white sandy beaches, swim
in crystal clear waters, snorkel over
amazing coral reefs and dive in

spectacular blue lagoons, all while

being surrounded by Fijis breathtaking
Stay onboard the MV Reef Endeavour
and laze by the pool, in the Jacuzzi, or
be pampered at the ships Senakai Day
Those traveling alone havent been
forgotten with a deal offering solo
travelers 25% off brochure fares.


Fiji News

SODELPA Aiming For High Calibre


Candidates applying for a SODELPA

ticket in the 2018 general election must
be able to think on their feet.
This means they must have the required
level of intellectual capacity to try to
counter what FijiFirst has to offer.
The bar has been raised to meet the new
expectation brought about by sweeping
changes in the partys amended
constitution approved last year.
The changes are designed to position the
party to give FijiFirst a credible challenge
in the next election. High calibre
candidates are part of these changes.
The new candidate selection criteria
could mean that some current sitting
members of Parliament would not be
there in the next general election.
Sitting MP Viliame Gavoka has been used
as an example of the quality of candidates
that the party would be looking for.
Mr Gavoka seldom reads from prepared
texts and has the ability to articulate
issues at the drop of the hat.
He holds his own in the debating
chamber of Parliament and captures the
attention of listeners.
Thats the kind of people we want in
Parliament. They have the passion and
they speak with strong conviction, one
official said.
They have wide general knowledge
and are prepared to counter the points
from the other side.


Opposition MP, Viliame Gavoka

This selection approach, however,
does not take into consideration the
provincial preferences. The challenge

for the selection committee is how to

strike a balance to keep the electorate
happy and field the best candidates.


Fiji News

No Compromise On PAC, Assures New


Having Government chairing the Public

Accounts Committee does not mean it
would be compromised, says new chair
Ashneel Sudhakar.
Australia and New Zealand also
have Government MPs chairing their
respective equivalent of PAC.
He sees no difference here. Its business
as usual.
Mr Sudhakar does not mince his words
on issues he feels strongly about. Thats
the way he was brought up in the cane
belt. He also understands the importance
of the sugar industry to Fiji.
Mr Sudhakar has rapidly risen through
the ranks of the FijiFirst Government
because of his passion about the
grassroots people. As Government
Whip, he is believed to be the youngest
Whip on both sides of the House.
He is believed to be also the youngest
PAC chairman.
His decision to enter active politics
through FijiFirst Party came through
respect for the partys policies.
FijiFirst is the only party that practises
the principles which I also always
believed in such as equality, justice,
merit, social responsibility, equal
citizenry, civic responsibility, racial
harmony, religious freedom, right to
education, development etc.
Even before the party was formed I
greatly admired the work done by the
Prime Minister Hon. Bainimarama
and the Attorney- General Hon. Aiyaz
They together were instrumental
in bringing to us true and genuine
democracy in Fiji for the first time and
taking Fiji to unprecedented heights. I
always believed in their able leadership
from the start and that made me apply
for FijiFirsts candidature.
My father despite being the head
teacher of prominent schools around the
country always kept a cane farm in Ba.
In the afternoons after school and during
school holidays I used to work on the
cane farm with my father who taught
me the skills and knowledge of cane
farming and the value of hard work.
I remember once I planted cane with
my father on Diwali day since my father
said that was the best day to work on the
farm even though it was a holiday.
He liked it because he is also a farm boy
at heart.
We also always kept cows on the farm
a tradition which was passed down the


generations as my ancestors are believed

to be from the area in India where Lord
Krishna used to live.
I also used to assist in cane harvesting
and drove cane trucks and tractors.
I attended and took minutes of gang
meetings. Due to all this, I gained
knowledge in all aspects of cane
It is this cane farm that paid my
fees through law school as in those
days certain groups were not given
scholarships in law. I must add that the
industry needs reforms and the FijiFirst
Government is taking genuine steps in
rehabilitating the Sugar Industry.


PAC is tasked by the Standing Orders

of Parliament to examine the accounts
of the Government and expenditure
of Government. The committee can
examine how public money has been
dealt with according to the rules, he
PAC like any other committee must
remain non-political and put its report to
Parliament in a transparent and unbiased
manner. So as the new chairman for PAC
I will ensure that the committee carries
out its duties according to the Standing
Orders and the committee is not used to
further political agendas.
The perception is of those who think
only the Opposition knows mathematics
and accounting. It is obviously a
Committee as I stated earlier has its tasks
cut out by the Standing Orders which is
to scrutinise Government accounts and
So if the accounts show that the
Government was given $50 to use
and they have used it but they havent
accounted for whole or part of it or
how that money was used then they are
answerable. It is that simple. Whether
the chairman is from the Government or
Opposition the job remains the same.

our chiefs and they have important

traditional and cultural roles to play.
We respect that. However, politicisation
of the GCC by various political parties
in the past produced undesired results
undermining the important value of our

Fiji Times reporting

Fiji Times reporting has an apparent

anti-Government slant for obvious
reasons. The columns they run by
individual writers also have an element
of bias.
I have noticed that even at committee
levels the positive outcomes and
committee meeting is seldom reported
by Fiji Times. When they report
committee matters you will always
see pictures of Opposition members
only. Recently they twisted a story they
covered about my committee and blew
it out of proportion.

Sugar Industry

Sugar industry is a very important

industry for Fiji and about 200,000
people are reliant on it directly or
indirectly. The Government is taking
some progressive steps in salvaging the
industry for the betterment of everyone.
All stakeholders must come on board
and assist with the rehabilitation of the

Religious tolerance

Our Constitution provides the platform

for equal recognition and respect for all
religions. In Fiji we celebrate and respect
each others religions and religious
festivals. In some countries of the world
one is not free to practice their religion
in public. Fiji is a model for others when
it comes to religious tolerance.

Excerpts from his views

Closest group of friends:

A group of cousins who I call my think

tank who have always been with me
and provided me with knowledge from
their respective fields and expert advice
when I need it. They are Arti, Arpana,
Ashrit, Amit Chand, Upasna, Ulash,
Ritesh Sachindra (Raju).


As the Prime Minister correctly pointed

out in his Ministerial Statement we love

Ashneel Sudhakar


Fiji News

PM Leads Fijian Delegation To World

Humanitarian Summit

The Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama,

is leading a Fijian delegation to the
United Nations World Humanitarian
Summit in Istanbul, Turkey.
The Summit is being attended by
representatives of 175 countries,
including 53 heads of state and
government, who will discuss a range
of humanitarian challenges such as the
mass displacement of refugees due to
conflict and natural disasters.
In a series of statements at the Summit,
the Prime Minister will call on the
global community to assist countries

such as Fiji with the funds they need to

build their resilience to climate change
and brief other nations on the relief
and rehabilitation effort in the wake
of Tropical Cyclone Winston. He will
also be speaking about the need for
international assistance to enable Fiji
to give permanent refuge to the people
of Kiribati and Tuvalu in the event that
both nations are submerged by the rising
seas caused by global warming.
In other sessions, the Prime Minister will
speak about the Governments program
to improve the position of women and

girls in Fiji and the steps being taken to

integrate the private sector into decision
making and improve the ability of
the business community to deal with
Among the Fijian delegation are the
Minister for Agriculture, Rural and
Maritime Development and National
Disaster Management, Inia Seruiratu,
Fijis Permanent Representative to
the United Nations in Geneva, Nazhat
Shameem and the Permanent Secretary
in the Prime Ministers Office, Yogesh

JOB creation is one of the major focuses

of the Government because most of the
population is under 40 years of age.
Speaking at the opening of the World
Bank liaison office at the Ra Marama
Building in Suva, Attorney-General
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji's
engagement with the World Bank and
the International Finance Corporation
would give Fiji the opportunity to tap
into the technical capabilities available
at the two institutions.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji lacked

a lot of technical skill sets required
to put in place the foundation for
a modern economy. He said the
recommencement of the loans from the
World Bank signified a renewed focus
on development.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said there was
expected to be a lot of movement in
the areas of microfinance and small to
medium enterprise development.
He said Government was very much

focused on developing the private

sector, particularly with the focus of
divesting some of Government's shares
in state-owned enterprises.
The Government was currently dealing
with the Fiji Electricity Authority, which
shortlisted a number of interested parties.
He said the focus was to get all the
development partners together to be able
to focus on areas where the Government
could get multiplier effects on the

In an effort to better gauge the impact

and results of its project activities and
interventions, the Pacific Island Centre for
Public Administration (PICPA) has embarked
on preparing a comprehensive monitoring
and evaluation framework and template.
Director for PICPA Parmesh Chand said
in line with international best practices,
PICPA had moved away from outputbased reporting to outcomes and impact
and results-based analysis and reporting.
Mr Chand said this was also in line with
reporting requirements of donors and
other stakeholders.
PICPA has engaged technical expertise
to prepare a robust framework and
template. The Consultants engaged for
this project will trial test the prepared
framework and template using data
from PICPA projects implemented in
Samoa and Vanuatu.
Mr Chand said PICPA, same as other
Agencies using donor funds had to be
fully accountable to the resources it was
provided, ensuring there was desired
impact and results and better value for
money for each dollar spent.

Parmesh Chand
PICPA is a specialist centre which for strengthened public administration
responds to the identified needs and to enable improved service delivery and
plans of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) faster economic growth.

State Sets Major Priority On Job Creation

Better Monitoring, Evaluation



Fiji News


Fiji Backs Initiative To Help Climate

Displaced People

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

says Fiji supports a move to build
consensus among countries to protect
people displaced across borders in
natural disasters.
The move is called the Nansen Initiative.
Mr Bainimarama made the remarks
at the inaugural World Humanitarian
Summit (WHS) in Istanbul, Turkey.
He said Fiji supported the Nansen
It is about building consensus among
States to protect people displaced across
borders in disasters caused by natural
hazards, including those linked to
climate change.
The launch of the follow-up to the
Nansen Initiative the Platform for
Disaster Displacement, is one of the
most important events for Fiji at this
conference, he said.
The reason, he said, was that because Fiji
had already made a commitment to give
permanent refuge to many thousands of
people displaced by climate change and
because of its very recent experience of
natural disaster in the form of Tropical
Cyclone Winston.
He said Fiji hoped that the Platform for
Disaster Displacement would build the
consensus needed to establish an effective
international mechanism to protect
people displaced across borders because
of natural disasters and climate change.
He said Fiji had offered to give a

permanent home to the populations of

two of its closest neighbours Kiribati
and Tuvalu in the event that current
scientific projections were realised and
the rising seas envelop them altogether.
We will naturally need the assistance
of the global community to carry out
that mass movement of people when the
time comes, and help them adapt to new
lives in Fiji.
As things stand, he said they had yet
to establish an international legal
framework for this to occur, but with
this initiative, they were at least building
the consensus they needed to adequately
respond to a situation that was unique in
human history.
Entire sovereign nations members
of the United Nations disappearing
beneath the waves and their people
having to be accommodated elsewhere.
He said that all this, of course, was still
some way down the track, although some
of the more alarming recent projections
of global warming could make it sooner
than they thought.
However, with the launch of this
initiative, he said they had at least
begun the process of recognising the
magnitude of the task ahead of them and
for its part, Fiji had allocated funding to
explore the unresearched legal areas of
climate change, including giving refuge
to the citizens of Kiribati and Tuvalu.
In the meantime, he said Fiji had

facilitated the purchase by Kiribati of a

large area of land on its second biggest
island, Vanua Levu, to ensure its food
security. And at the same time, Fiji had
begun the process of moving its own
people out of the way of the rising seas.
Mr Bainimarama said there was no
suggestion of any Fijian having to move
to another country because of climate
change. Nonetheless three entire villages
have been moved so far and they have
identified more than 600 settlements
in Fiji that are threatened by the rising
seas. Fiji has also lost a significant
amount of arable coastal land, including
in its important sugar cane industry, and
are currently mapping the areas that are
most at risk.
But Fijis more immediate concern is the
threat to the welfare of its people and its
economy posed by the extreme weather
events caused by climate change
droughts, floods and cyclones which
are more ferocious now than ever before.
As they build on the Protection Agenda
in the work of the Platform for Disaster
Displacement, Mr Bainimarama has
assured the world that Fijians will
welcome the people of Kiribati and
Tuvalu as Pacific brothers and sisters
with open arms.
However he said they would need the
assistance of the global community
to do so and the search for a proper
framework had started now.

Nasolo Farmers Reminded Of Their Roles

Farmers of Nasolo were reminded of

their roles in the development of the Bua
Province in terms of dalo production.
This follows a 2-day training on
Farm Management by the Ministry of
Agriculture in Nasolo, Bua recently.
The Director of Land Resource Planning
and Development of the Ministry,
Nacanieli Waka during the training
encouraged farmers to work together
with the Ministry in achieving a standard
result in the production of dalo.
The Ministry of Agriculture has
programs that focus on the development
of rural and maritime farmers in areas
such as food security and increasing
exports, Mr. Waka said.
Part of the Divisions role is
Management practices and the training
we are conducting targets farmers and


all areas of Governments production

The Ministry of Agriculture with
the decrease in dalo production from
Taveuni is selectively focusing on Bua
to meet the demand.
Agricultural Development will be
implemented in Bua and it is the hope
of the Ministry that Bua will increase its
production of dalo and yaqona.
Nasolo Villager Ilaitia Verenavanua said
that he has been farming for the future
of his family and his son.
The Farm Management training has

taught me new things and has really

motivated me to start farming as a
business, he said.
Farmers of Nasolo Village have also
formed a cluster group for dalo, a
program by the Ministry of Agriculture
in a bid to boost productivity.
Youth farmer Lepani Rabuli said
the formation of the cluster group
empowered him to plant more.
The training has enhanced my
knowledge in dalo production and how
we farmers play an important role in the
economy, Rabuli said.

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Fiji News


NZ Gives Additional $14M To Fiji


PEOPLE on Vanuabalavu in Lau

whose homes were destroyed by
Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston will
have their individual homes replaced
and constructed by the New Zealand
Government with proper water and
electricity facilities implemented.
Responding to queries from this
newspaper, NZ's First Secretary
Development in Fiji Brendan Sherry
said NZ's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and Trade (MFAT) was developing
a tender for the reconstruction of
public infrastructure for Vanuabalavu,
including Cikobia on Vanua Levu.
Recovery work will be focused on
schools, government, and community
She said MFAT and the High
Commission in Suva were working with
the Fiji government partners to plan
the recovery work, and to ensure that

NZ's contribution was aligned to the

Fiji Government's Severe TC Winston
recovery strategy.
NZ will provide $NZ10 million
($F14.3m) to support Fiji's repairs to
public infrastructure damaged during
the cyclone and the support for the
recovery phase is in addition to the
$NZ5.4m ($F7.7m) provided to support
the immediate response phase.
Ms Sherry said advance notice of the
tender provided interested private
sector companies with an indication of
the package, and notice that the tender
process would shortly be in progress.
"This allows potential tenderers time
to consider their interest in responding,
as well as to seek clarification on the
reconstruction program by submitting
questions to MFAT.
"The full tender is being developed and
will be advertised in the coming weeks."

In other parts of Fiji, affected people are

given $7000 to rebuild their homes if
they were completely destroyed.
Those whose homes were partially
destroyed were assisted with $3000 or
$1500 depending on the severity of the
People are to construct their own homes.
The advance notice was publicly
advertised on the public NZ Government
Electronic Tender Service from May
16 regarding an upcoming design and
construction request for tender.
The notice has also been shared with
local partners for advertising in Fiji.
The notice indicated New Zealand
was looking for a sole agency to be
responsible for the single family dwelling
construction services, heavy construction
services, plumbing construction services,
electrical system services and specialty
building and trades services.

Local health officials are undergoing

disaster response training from the
Australian National Critical Care and
Trauma Response.
The 3 three day training led by the team
of medical consultants includes disaster
relief training and trauma response.
27 health practitioners have been part of
the training.

So the training was done here in 2014

and that time until now there is a big
difference in the level of knowledge
in the local agencies about disaster
management. I have been here since
the end of December and I was here
at CWM during the response to TC
Winston and what I observed from my
position of knowing a little about disaster

management is that the local authority

did a fantastic job there was a really good
system, everybody worked together and
the response was really timely and they
did a fantastic job so what we want to
do is to build on that local expertise and
spread it out even further, said Dianne
Stephens Associate Professor Mimms
Medical Director.

Health Officials Undergo Disaster

Response Training



Fiji News


All Eyes On Tourism

THIS month, two important reports,

on the future prospects of growth and
development in the Pacific region in
general and in Fiji were released by two
international agencies.
One was the annual Economic and
Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific
2016 by the United Nations Economic
and Social Commission for Asia and the
Pacific (UNESCAP) and the other was
the study by the World Bank on The
Pacific Possible: Tourism.
The third report, though not of this
week, was launched early this month by
International Monetary Fund (IMF) by
its regional office based in Suva.
Entitled the Regional Economic Outlook
on Asia and the Pacific, the IMF report
rightly stresses the need for building on
strengths during turbulent times.
One of the strengths is the emerging
tourism sector, which has to be nurtured
and taken forward for promoting growth
and development.
It is apparent that infrastructural gaps
and reducing the risks to minimising
the damage because of vulnerability to
natural disasters would strengthen the
new engine of growth, tourism.
Thus, we have three reports with a single
focus: investing in the tourism sector.
The survey
The Economic and Social Survey of
Asia and the Pacific 2016 says PICs
grew only by 6.5 per cent in 2015, down
from 8.7 per cent in 2014.
Reasons are that PNG, whose output
dominates the total output of PICs to the
extent of 60 per cent, was only at 9.9 per
cent as against the forecasted rate of 15
per cent.
The decrease was attributed to a fall in
commodity prices as well as slowdown
of the Chinese economy.
Fiji's growth in 2015 was 4 per cent
compared with 5.3 per cent in 2014

because of a fall in the production of

sugar, compounded by lower prices of
sugar as well as gold, which brought
down the export earnings from those
two commodities.
Fiji's growth in 2016 was predicted to
slow down to 2.2 per cent because of
the adverse impact of Severe Tropical
Cyclone Winston on agriculture,
especially sugar cane and other
agricultural crops.
The growth is, however, expected to
pick up in 2016, thanks to the ongoing
cyclone rehab works and already
increasing foreign aid and remittance
The growth in 2017 is expected to be
by 3.1 per cent. The survey reminds us
that the preferential access of sugar to
European Union will come to an end
and hence the new driver of growth has
to be tourism.
World Bank tourism study
The Pacific Possible: Tourism report says
PICs received $US1.4 billion ($F2.9b)
by way of tourism generated funds
through hotel stays and expenditure
on meals and tours in 2013, both in
the formal and informal sector, and of
course airport taxes and others.
Fiji's share was $US722 million
($F1.5b), which was nearly 52 per cent
of $US1.4b ($F2.9b).
The per capita earning from tourism was
$US820 ($F1734). This is much less
than corresponding figures of two island
countries Maldives: total: $US2.3b
($F4.9b) and $US6,776 ($F14,333) per
capita; and Mauritius: total: $US1.4b
($F2.9b) and $US1117 ($F2362) per
The tourist arrivals in 2014 in PICs
totalled 1.36 million. Fiji's share was 51
per cent with 692,630 tourist arrivals.
Again, these figures are much less
compared with the tourist arrivals of

Maldives (1.2 million) and of Mauritius

(1 million).
The World Bank study suggests an
urgent need for a long-term, balanced
and manageable tourism growth to
generate an additional increase in the
tourism earnings by $US1.8b ($F3.8b)
per year and create additional jobs by
128,000 by 2040.
The World Bank study recommends
four key strategy areas for attention:
* improving international transport links
to the region;
* attracting higher-spending tourists;
* improving public sector engagement;
* improving linkages between tourism
and local economies.
These recommendations are not new.
But the urgency is new: PICs may miss
out if the opportunities offered in terms
of low commodity prices and oil, which
have contributed to lower inflation
environment with imports being cheaper
than before and with plentiful capital
overseas, looking for higher returns.
Actions needed
The UNESCAP survey calls for
investment in tourism-linked sectors:
* additional investment in hotel rooms;
* investments for upgrading road and
airport infrastructure to withstand the
onslaught of annual cyclones and other
natural disasters; and
* air carriage capacity.
The IMF report stresses the following,
aside from removing infrastructure
* structural reforms for facilitating
growth by removing hurdles involving
land availability that hinders private
sector development;
* reforms to improve business climate;
* broadening access to health and
education; and
* promoting financial inclusion.

GARMENT manufacturers in the

Western Division want a reduction in
import taxes.
This will form a major part of their
request to the Ministry of Finance when
they make submissions on the 20162017 National Budget in Lautoka.
Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and
Industry co-ordinator Mohammed
Salim said while they were happy that
the event was being held in the West,
there were concerns about the impact of
high taxes on businesses.

"We want commerce and industry to

grow but it is difficult with the amount of
taxes being levied and this is especially
true of the garment industry," he said.
His sentiments were shared by FijiIndia Business Council president Swani

"Duty on cotton products should be

reduced. And this is not only in terms of
imported clothing but also for garment
industries bringing in cotton. Cotton
is very good for our weather and yet it
is one of the most expensive fabrics to
import," he said.

Call To Reduce Import Taxes


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Fiji News


Fiji Participates In 52nd Asia And

Pacific Coconut Community Session And
Ministerial Meeting

The Assistant Minister for Agriculture,

Rural & Maritime Development, and
National Disaster Management, Hon.
Joeli Cawaki is leading a delegation
at the 52nd Asia and Pacific Coconut
Community (APCC) Session and
The meeting is being hosted by the
Ministry of Trade of the Indonesian
The Session was opened by the Hon.
Minister of Trade for Indonesia, H.E.
Thomas T. Lembong, who provided
the inaugural address to more than 50
delegates from 18 countries represented
at the Session.
In his opening address, H.E. Lembong
stated that the strategic direction of
the APCC should be to ensure that the
coconut industry continues to portray
the premium nature of the product.
In this spirit, it must be marketed as a
niche product for the high-end of the
market and effort must be taken not to
commoditize it as a bulk product.
The Ministers from the member
countries deliberated on 4 key agenda
items during the Ministerial Session:
(i) Expanding APCC from a Regional
Organization to an International Inter
Government Body;
(ii) International Market Facilitation for
Coconut Products;
(iii) Establishment of International
Centre of Excellence for Coconut; and
(iv) International Collaboration on
Clinical Studies into the Nutrition and
Health Benefits of Coconut Products.
All agenda items were debated
thoroughly and endorsed by the
Ministers. The APCC will work on these
agenda items as part of the forthcoming
calendar of activities.
Hon. Cawaki thanked the Indonesian
government for hosting the Session
and took the opportunity to relay the
of Indonesias assistance in the
rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts
following Tropical Cyclone Winston.
The Fijian delegation also presented an
overview of Fijis coconut industry and
highlighted the impact of TC Winston
on the sector.
The monetary value of the loss in the
coconut industry is estimated at $8


million. While efforts are underway to

rehabilitate the industry, bringing the
industry to full production may take 4-6
years, Hon Cawaki said.
Other challenges in Fijis coconut
industry included the countrys distance
from overseas markets, the distance
between smaller islands within the
country as well as lack of appropriate
infrastructure especially on smaller
Hon. Cawaki reiterated that Fiji needs
to align more closely with big coconut
producers in the Asia/Pacific Region
because of their advanced technology
and in-depth technical knowledge of the
The Assistant Minister added that
Fiji was actively considering fasttracking some key issues such as;
the formation of manageable units
(Associations/Clusters), clearing of
senile palms, planting and replanting
of high-yielding varieties, crop and
product diversification, developing

local demand, improving preparedness

to Climate Change and strengthening
market access through Fijis bilateral
At the Session, the Permanent Secretary
for Agriculture, Jitendra Singh was
also appointed to the APCC Technical
and Policy Advisory Group, which will
provide technical and policy advice,
coordinate the development of relevant
projects and program proposals and
facilitate identification of fund sources
and generate funds to support APCC
approved projects. There are six other
members in the Group.
In addition, Dr. Paula Vivili of the
Public Health Division of South
Pacific Community was appointed as
the Pacific Islands representative to
the Scientific Advisory Group, which
will be responsible for an international
collaboration with multi-country and
multi-ethnic approach on clinical studies
into the nutrition and health benefits of
coconut products.





World News


Korean Air Jet Engine Catches Fire On

Tokyo Runway

An engine fire broke out on a Korean

Air jet about to take off from a Tokyo
airport, forcing the evacuation of the
plane and dramatic scenes of firefighters
extinguishing the blaze.
The Tokyo Fire Department said
19 people were either injured in the
evacuation or felt unwell after it, Japan's
Kyodo News service reported.
Firefighters put out the blaze within
an hour, said Kyosuke Okada, a
government official assigned to Haneda
Airport. He said 302 passengers and 17
crewmembers were on board.
Japanese television broadcast live
images of fire trucks blanketing the
left-side engine and almost the entire
side of the plane with white foam as
smoke came out of the back of the
Emergency exit chutes were deployed
from the plane's doors, and passengers
gathered on a wide grassy area next to

the runway and near the choppy waters

of Tokyo Bay.
Flight 2708 was headed to Seoul. The
runway the plane was using was closed
and all other flights were temporarily
halted, Okada said. He said the cause of

the fire was still unknown.

Korean Air said it will investigate the
cause of the problem with the Boeing
777-300. A different plane was sent to
Haneda to transport the passengers, it
said in a statement.

Barack Obama paid tribute to the

140,000 people killed by the world's first
atomic bomb attack and sought to bring
global attention to his unfulfilled vision
of a world without nuclear weapons, as
he became the first sitting U.S President
to visit Hiroshima.
"Death fell from the sky and the world
was changed," Obama said, after
laying a wreath, closing his eyes and
briefly bowing his head before an
arched monument in Hiroshima's Peace
Memorial Park that honors those killed
on Aug. 6, 1945, when U.S. forces
dropped the bomb that ushered in the
nuclear age. The bombing, Obama said,
"demonstrated that mankind possessed
the means to destroy itself."
Obama did not apologize, instead
offering, in a carefully choreographed
display, a simple reflection on the
horrors of war and his hope the horror
of Hiroshima could spark a "moral
awakening." As he and Japanese Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe stood near an
iconic bombed-out domed building,
Obama acknowledged the devastating
toll of war and urged the world to do
"We stand here in the middle of this
city and force ourselves to imagine the
moment the bomb fell ... we listen to a

silent cry." Obama said.

A second atomic bomb, dropped on
Nagasaki three days later Hiroshima,
killed 70,000 more.
Obama also sought to look forward to
the day when there was less danger of
nuclear war. He received a Nobel Peace

Prize early on his presidency for his

anti-nuclear agenda but has since seen
uneven progress.
"We must have the courage to escape
the logic of fear and pursue a world
without them," Obama said of nuclear

Obama At Hiroshima: 'Death Fell From

The Sky'



World News


Brazil Faces Its Nirbhaya Crisis:

16-Year-Old Raped By 33 Men In Rio

With less than two months to go before

the world's top athletes and hundreds of
thousands of sport lovers head to Rio
de Janeiro for Olympics 2016, the city's
image has taken a severe beating with a
gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl by more
than 30 men in an impoverished favela
(slum) of the city. The girl's nightmare
began last Friday night when she went
to stay at her boyfriend's house on the
western fringe of the city. She woke up
on Sunday morning and found herself
surrounded by 33 men, many of them
carrying pistols and rifles.
Badly shaken by the assault that went on
for more than 36 hours, the victim tried
to escape from a hospital several times
on Thursday. "I just want to go home,"
the teenager has pleaded with hospital
staff and her family.
The case, which has sent shock waves
across the biggest South American
country, came to the light on this
Wednesday after more than 800 people
contacted a hotline in the state public
prosecutor's office to report about certain
tweets in which a couple of men were
bragging about assaulting a girl. Filled
with obscene description of her body,
the tweets had photos and videos of the
girl, who is apparently drugged, naked
and struggling to regain consciousness.
As the victim now undergoes treatment
and counselling at the hospital, her poor
family is completely devastated. "She
is crying and still shaken. They messed
up my daughter. They almost killed her.
I am in pain. She is traumatized," the
16-year-old's father told local media,
asking them not to reveal his identity.
The girl's grandmother too spoke to
a local radio station, saying the girl
suffered a blackout during the assault.
"The video is shocking. I watched it.
She's completely off," the grandmother
told the radio.
After a massive outcry against the crime, the
police have detained four persons, including
her 20-year-old boyfriend who is suspected
of direct participation in the crime. An
18-year-old is suspected of posting the girl's
naked photos on the internet.
When the victim returned to her home on
Tuesday (May 24) the family suspected
something was wrong but she didn't
say anything about what happened to
her. "She came barefoot, dishevelled,
looking drugged and wearing clothes
that were all torn. Probably they left
her naked and she put on whatever she


could to come home," a relative of the

girl told a Rio paper.
The family only learned of the rape on
Wednesday (May 25), when the girl's
photos and videos appeared on social
What is causing outrage in this country,
where the women are 52% of the
population, is the fact that the tweets,
which have now been deleted, had
more than 500 likes and many vulgar
comments which blamed the girl for her
Though sexual crimes are not uncommon
in the favelas where armed gangs operate
and often target their unsuspecting
victims, the brutality of this assault has
completely shaken the country. With
the #Estupro (rape) trending on the
social media, hundreds of thousands of
people have posted messages and videos
against the crime.
With a sudden wave of crimes sweeping
the city that will be hosting the biggest
sporting spectacle between August 5 and
21, Brazil's cultural capital is on the edge
as anger grows against the city and state
governments. "It is an act of barbarity
and cowardice. The attack on this young
woman is also an aggression against all
women. We are seeing an increasing
dehumanization and disrespect for
others. The main victims have been
women. Our solidarity with the young
victim, her family and all women," said
a statement from the Human Rights
Commission of Rio de Janeiro.
Though the crime has revived the
memories of the March 2015 case when
an American tourist was abducted by
three men in a van and raped in front of
her French boyfriend, the mainstream
Brazilian media has almost blacked out

the assault on the 16-year-old girl. This

has sparked anger on the social media,
with thousands slamming the big media
groups ignoring the story. "This crime
deserved to be reported for several
minutes on national news. They did so
when the Swiss tourist was raped in
India. Or when the gringa (American)
was raped in Copacabana, but not now"
Cecilia Olliveira, a Rio resident, wrote
on facebook.
When India was rocked by the Nirbhaya
case in December 2012, the Brazilian
mainstream media - print and television
had covered the incident in great
detail, branding India as a "dangerous
place for women". But as the media here
keeps silent on the Rio case and one
more gang-rape reported in the state of
Piaui last week, it's coming under severe
criticism from all quarters. "People talk
of India and every case of rape that
happens there. But India is here. There
the case generated strong reaction, but
our reality is similar," Silvia Chakian, a
prosecutor of Sao Paulo told the BBC,
adding that crimes against women tend
to be more common in countries where
gender inequality is more pronounced.
In Brazil, a woman is raped every 11
minutes, according to data released by
the Brazilian Forum on Public Security
at the end of last year. In 2015, the
country recorded 47,646 cases of rape.
For Brazil's interim government, headed
by Michel Temer, the crime could not
have happened at a worse time. Already
facing angry protests every day across
the country, the growing anger against
the rape in Rio may bring more people
on the streets against the government
which does not have a single female

Virgin Plane Yours On Ebay For

LADY Penelope, the first 747-400 series Penelope of $US299,000 ($415,000).
jumbo jet to enter service with Virgin
Atlantic back in 1994, has been put on
sale on eBay.
The plane which flew her last
commercial flight in September last year
from JFK to Heathrow has been sitting
in an aeroplane graveyard in Arizona
since then.
However despite being one of the most
glamorous planes when she came into
service, only one bid exists for Lady

However while there is only one bid, the

page is getting about 2000 views per hour.
Before making a bid though there are a
few disclaimers.
1 The price does not include delivery
2 You are basically buying the shell.
The engines and all key avionics have
been removed.
We have all of the capabilities to
disassemble and transport the plane in

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World News


Thai Man Bloodied But Unbowed After

Intimate Attack By Snake

A THAI man is recovering from a bloody

encounter with a three-metre python
that slithered through the plumbing of
his home and latched its jaws onto his
penis as he was using a squat toilet.
Attaporn Boonmakchuay was smiling as
Thai television stations interviewed him
in his hospital bed about the intimate
intrusion, and doctors said he would
But photos of his blood-splattered
bathroom in Chachoengsao province, east
of Bangkok, were testimony to his ordeal.
The 38-year-old told Thai TV Channel
7 that he struggled to remove the snake
for 30 minutes on Wednesday before he
managed to free himself with help from
his wife and a neighbour.
After his wife tied a rope around the
snake, Attaporn pried open its jaws
before passing out.
Emergency workers dismantled the
Asian-style squat toilet, with the python
still twined through it.
The snake was taken away to be
released back into the wild, according
to an emergency responder cited by the
newspaper Thai Rath.
Doctors said Attaporn, bloodied but

unbowed, will recover.

He has a really good attitude even
though his own wife and children were

in shock. Hes been smiling and giving

interviews all day from his bed, hospital
director Dr Chutima Pincharoen said.

Sydney Arrest Over Terrorism Plot - Police

Australian counterterrorism police

said they arrested a 24-year-old man
in Sydney on suspicion of planning a
terrorist attack, the latest in a string of
arrests connected with radical Islamistinspired violence.
"A Bankstown man was arrested today
by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team
(JCTT) Sydney as part of the ongoing
Operation Appleby investigation into

the alleged planning of a terrorist attack

in Australia," the Australian Federal
Police said in a statement.
"It will be alleged in court the man
was one of a number of people - who
have been previously charged regarding
this matter - involved in formulating
documents connected with preparations
to facilitate, assist or engage a person to
undertake a terrorist act."

Virgin Plane Yours

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sections. It is also possible to section

out the plane out if you only require
the fuselage, cockpit or the wings, the
seller, Concord Aerospace, says on eBay.
Lady Penelope, as with all Virgin
Atlantic plane liveries, has a unique

feature that is the large illustration of

their iconic Flying Lady on both sides
of the tail section, the pitch on the eBay
page goes on. This is a 50 by 30 large
scale painting on the fuselage that could
be cut out and can become one of the
most unique aviation memorabilia in
any collection.

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Last week, police carried out raids

across Melbourne in connection with
five men accused of planning to travel
to Syria to join Isis (Islamic State) via
a journey that would start with a motor
boat trip from Australia to Indonesia.
The men, aged between 21 and 31,
were charged with preparing to enter
a foreign country "for the purpose
of engaging in hostile activities", an
offence that carries a maximum penalty
of life imprisonment.
The five, who were not identified, were
arrested after towing a 7m motor boat
almost 3000km from Melbourne to
In an unrelated incident on the same day,
police in Sydney arrested an 18-year-old
man for allegedly planning to obtain a
gun to commit a terrorist act targeting
public buildings or landmarks in the
Australia, a staunch US ally, has been
on heightened alert for attacks by
home-grown radicals since 2014 and
authorities say they have thwarted a
number of plots.



World News

Australia Wants Canada To Take In Refugees Held

In Detention Centres On South Pacific Islands
Canada is being called upon to help
Australia deal with more than 2,000
asylum seekers being detained for years
in miserable conditions on remote South
Pacific Islands.
The issue caused headlines this week
during Australias election campaign
when a Labor MP said the next
government should work with the United
Nations to find safe third countries to
relocate genuine refugees.
Asked during a televised interview
to identify likely countries to send
confirmed refugees, Labor MP Anthony
Albanese replied: There are a range of
countries that are possibilities. Canada,
for example, is an obvious one.
Labor leader Bill Shorten, whose party
is leading in the latest polls, appeared
to quickly embrace the idea, noting that
Canadas recent intake of more than
25,000 Syrian refugees certainly does
make our governments efforts not look
in any fashion heroic compared to that.
He called Canada an excellent settlement
country and we would certainly make
it a priority while working with the
UN High Commissioner for Refugees
to resettle refugees held in detention
centres in Nauru, a tiny South Pacific
island state 3,000 kilometres from the
Australian coast, and Manus Island,
which is part of Papua New Guinea.
The charity group responsible for
protecting refugee families on Nauru
subsequently issued a statement
supporting Labors position.
The Australian government must be
prepared to negotiate with countries like
Canada as a potential permanent place
of resettlement and protection for people
who have fled persecution and conflict,
and spent years detained in Nauru or
Manus Island, said Save the Children
The Canadian government had little to
say about the matter other than note it
hasnt formally discussed the matter
with Australia.
There have been no official talks
between Immigration, Refugees and
Citizenship Canada and the Australian
Government to resettle in Canada
asylum seekers that are currently under
the responsibility of Australia, said
Felix Corriveau, a spokesman in the
office of Immigration Minister John
McCallum. It would be inappropriate
to make further comment on the
election platforms or proposed policies


of political parties during the Australian

election campaign.
Australia launched its so-called Pacific
Solution in 2001 to discourage the
inflow of smuggled migrants, mainly
from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Myanmar and Vietnam, arriving on
rickety vessels from Indonesia.
The new policy, which had the support
of both the Liberal-National government
as well as the Labor opposition, required
them to be detained on islands far from
Australias shores.
The program was ended in 2008, but
four years later it was revived as the
government declared that there would
be no possibility that anyone trying to
land in Australia without a visa would
ever be given residency.
In 2013, Amnesty International visited
Manus Island and said conditions were
tantamount to torture.
Nauru is a black hole. You never get out
Australias hard-line position has been
tested by recent events, including the
self-immolation of two detainees at
the Nauru detention centre to protest
miserable living conditions, including
filth, abuse, and poor access to health
care, food and water.
A second pressure point was the decision
last month by Papua New Guineas
Supreme Court to rule that the Manus
Island centre is illegal and must be shut
Earlier this month, the UN Refugee
Agency, responding to the selfimmolations that left a young Iranian
man dead and a young Somali woman
in critical condition, condemned the
There is no doubt that the current policy
of offshore processing and prolonged
detention is immensely harmful, the
UN agency said in a statement.
Asked where they should be sent given
Australias hard-line position, a UN
official responded: Thats a matter for
the government concerned in this
case, the Australian government.
If Australia formally sought Canadas
help it would present an unusual

situation, since both are western

developed nations and signatories to
the 1951 UN Refugee Convention that
legally obliges states to protect refugees.
Canada is helping poorer countries like
Lebanon and Jordan to deal with the
flood of refugees from war-ravaged
Would Canada then pivot to the South
Pacific to take asylum seekers rejected
by a wealthy western ally and friendly
competitor with Canada for Asian
Save The Children Canada spokeswoman
Cicely McWilliam said the international
organizations Australian counterpart
has also pushed its government to
accept its responsibility under the 1951
UN accord.
But McWilliam said the key priority
has to be the families languishing for
years in detention centres in miserable
conditions, where they sometimes
walk shoeless in human filth and where
women are subjected to the frequent
threat of rape and other forms of abuse.
If Australia refuses to budge from its
hardline policy, then by all means
they should be considered as refugee
claimants in Canada, she said.
The only known recent case of refugees
from one of the islands settling in Canada
took place in November, when Syrian
teen Ali Kharsa and his father Ahmed,
after three years on Nauru, were flown
to Saskatoon.
They had been sponsored by Ahmed
Kharsas wife, who along with her other
children had been accepted into Canada
as refugees.
The family had fled from Aleppo, Syria,
in 2012 and sought refugee status in
Malaysia, but while waiting the son and
father tried to get to Australia by hiring
a smuggler.
An overjoyed Ali Kharsa told an
Australian media outlet in February that
he wants to study in Canada to become
a human rights lawyer in order to help
others escape Nauru.
I dont believe Im here (in Canada).
Nauru is a black hole. You never get out.

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For Woman


Have You Tried The Magical Yogurt On

Your Hair And Skin?

Yogurt has benefits galore and those

who have experienced it have sworn
by the same. This dairy product is
highly helping in keeping your hair and
skin issues at bay. We tell you some
multiple benefits when mixed with other
Removes Dandruff: This trick can
instantly help get rid of the dandruff.
Mix it with few lemon drops and a pinch
of salt. Apply this pack on especially the
roots and see the difference yourself.
Also try mixing a few drops of olive oil
with thickened curd and apply on the dry

scalp, you won't see those embarrassing

flaks on your shoulders ever.
Natural exfoliator: It's no hidden fact
that the lactic acid in the curd helps
removes blemishes and makes your skin
smooth as well. This natural exfoliation
process can be also done with when you
mix yogurt with oatmeal powder and
egg white; you shall start loving your
skin all over again.
Bleaching agent: Curd is a fabulous
bleaching agent. However, you can mix
it with orange peel which is another
bleaching agent that shall lighten the

layers of tanned skin. Thanks to the zinc

element in the yogurt, you won't have to
hold back from stepping out in the sun
Treat chapped lips: Summers also
drastically affect your lips and make
them dry. Don't worry! The star
ingredient curd when mixed with two
or three saffron strands for about 20
minutes shall bring your lips back to
normal. Also try the mixture of yogurt
and mustard oil. Rub gently on the lips
twice a day, you will see a change in the
colour tone of lips.

Easy Ways To Keep Sweat Stains Away

Sweat stains can be unpleasant and

embarrassing, so try using sweat pads or
an antiperspirant to prevent it, suggests
an expert.
Protect with sweat pads
You can steer clear of embarrassing
sweat stains by affixing a sweat pad
to the area of the shirt under your arm
on each side. The pad will soak up the
sweat and keep your skin dry.
Switch to an antiperspirant
Deodorant does nothing to stop the
increase of sweat marks on clothes. Try

antiperspirants instead, as these will go a

long way in keeping you dry on the area.
Go for talcum powder
It will absorb the sweat better before it
soaks your clothes. Additionally, it acts
as an astringent, meaning that it causes
your pores to hamper, which may help
with sweating. Try to clean your armpit
with utmost care regularly while bathing
in morning.
Shave your armpits regularly
It will keep the sweat from accumulating
in your armpits by washing away all the

bacteria. If you clean that area regularly,

it also helps in avoiding unpleasant
smell and, of course, protects from
sweat stains.
Clean it with wipes
Be it wet or dry wipes, both works well
to control the sweat. They are easy to
carry in the bag and whensoever you get
time to go to the washroom just wipe off
your underarms at regular intervals. It
keeps you fresh and you will surely be
able to breathe easier since now you are

Tired of applying chemical dyes to

colour your grey hair?
Here are a few homemade pastes and
mixes that you can use to naturally
colour your hair. Natural colouring
causes less damage to the hair. Skin
care expert Vasundhra Ravi suggests a
few oil massages and herbal mixes to
darken your hair. They will not darken
your hair like a chemical mix, but they
will colour your hair and help keep it
Take 50ml coconut oil, 50ml gingelly
oil and 50ml olive oil. Mix all these and
heat on low flame. In a pot, spurt 10gm
mustard, 20gm curry leaves, 20gm dry
amla and 20 henna leaves. Saute till they
are almost dry. Now, add the oil and
heat this mixture for another 10 minutes.
Store it in an airtight bottle and keep it
in direct sunlight for four days. Let the
ingredients settle at the base. Now, use

this oil and massage your scalp and hair

everyday. This oil helps darken your
greying hair.
Make a paste out of henna and apply
over the hair for two hours and rinse.
After a few hours, mix 100g of indigo
powder with warm water and make a
paste. Apply this paste all over the hair.
Leave it on for 45 minutes and rinse.
You will be surprised to see that your
grey hair has turned black to an extent.
Apply this paste once a week.
Make your own hair darkening pack
by mixing the following together:
henna leaves 50gm, aloe vera gel 20ml,
haritaki or kadukkai skin 5gm, fresh
seedless amla 20gm. Grind all the above
to a smooth paste, add the juice of half a
lemon to this mixture and apply on the
hair. Apply 10ml olive oil on hair prior
to applying this pack. Leave on for 20

minutes and rinse to get a reddish-brown

tint to your hair.
Olive oil is an excellent hair darkener.
Slightly warm 20ml of olive oil and
apply it on the scalp and give a gentle
massage for eight minutes. Leave it on
for one hour. Apply this twice a week to
get back your beautiful dark hair.
Take henna powder 200gm, amla
powder 25gm, kadukai powder 10gm,
tulsi powder 10gm, tea decoction 100ml,
eucalyptus oil 2ml, curd 100ml, lemon
juice 10 drops, and olive oil 2tsp. Mix
all the ingredients in an iron vessel and
soak overnight. Next morning, apply
this mixture on the scalp and hair. Leave
it on for two hours, and rinse. Do not
apply shampoo while washing the hair.
This paste gives a beautiful maroon
tint to your hair. It also prevents further

Herbal Pastes And Oil Massages To Colour

Your Grey Hair, Naturally





What Is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a serious complex condition
which can affect the entire body. It
is described as a chronic condition,
meaning that it lasts for a long time,
often for someone's whole life.
In diabetes, the body does not properly
process food for use as energy. The body
needs a special sugar called glucose as
its main source of fuel or energy. Most
of the food we eat such as breads,
breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes
milk, yoghurt and fruit is turned into
glucose, or sugar, for our bodies to use
for energy.
When our food is digested, the glucose
makes its way into our bloodstream.
Our cells use the glucose for energy and
growth. However, glucose cannot enter
our cells without insulin being present insulin makes it possible for our cells to
take in the glucose.

Insulin is a hormone made by the

pancreas, a gland sitting just below
the stomach. After eating, the pancreas
automatically releases an adequate
quantity of insulin to move the glucose
present in our blood into the cells, as
soon as glucose enters the cells blood
glucose levels drop. Insulin, thus serves
as a "key" to open your cells, to allow
the glucose to enter and allow you to use
the glucose for energy.
When you have diabetes, your body
either doesn't make enough insulin or
can't use its own insulin as well as it
should. This causes sugars to build up
in your blood. This is why many people
refer to diabetes as "sugar." This excess
blood glucose eventually passes out of
the body in urine. So, even though the
blood has plenty of glucose, the cells are
not getting it for their essential energy

and growth requirements.

Unhealthy levels of blood glucose
leads to short term and long term
complications including heart disease,
blindness, kidney failure, and lowerextremity amputations.
There are three main types of diabetes:
a. Type 1- Insulin dependent diabetes.
Less common form.
b. Type 2- Non-Insulin dependent diabetes.
Most common form, 90% of cases.
c. Gestational diabetes- Occurs during
pregnancy and usually goes away once
the baby is born.
All the types of diabetes are serious
and complex. An important point to
note about diabetes is that it does not
discriminate. Anyone can develop
Questions to ask your doctor:
* How do I check if I have diabetes?

Prediabetes is a "pre-diagnosis" of
diabetes-you can think of it as a warning
sign. It's a wake-up call that you're on
the path to diabetes.
Prediabetes means that your blood
sugar level is higher than normal but
not high enough to be classified as type
2 diabetes. It is known as "borderline
diabetes" or Impaired glucose tolerance.
Normally, your body makes a hormone
called insulin to help control your blood
sugar. When you have prediabetes, that
system doesn't work as well as it should.
You might not be able to make enough
insulin after eating, or your body might
not respond to insulin properly.
If your fasting blood glucose level is
between 100 and 125mg/dL, you have
prediabetes. This being the case, further
tests will be recommended by your doctor.
Oral glucose tolerance test & Glycated
hemoglobin( HBA1c) test can identify

persons with prediabetes.

When you're in the prediabetes stage you
may not have any symptoms at all. When
prediabetes becomes diabetes symptoms
like increased thirst, increased urination
, increased hunger along with weight
loss may be noticed by patients.
One possible sign that you may be at risk
of type 2 diabetes is darkened skin on
certain parts of the body. This condition
is called acanthosis nigricans.
Common areas that may be affected
include the neck, armpits, elbows, knees
and knuckles.
Without intervention, prediabetes is
likely to become type 2 diabetes in 10
years or less. If you have prediabetes,
the long-term damage of diabetes especially to your heart and circulatory
system - may already be starting.
There's good news, however. Prediabetes
can be an opportunity for you to improve

your health. Progression from prediabetes

to type 2 diabetes isn't inevitable.
If you have prediabetes, there are
important steps you can, and should,
take. Early intervention in the form of
healthy lifestyle changes- such as eating
healthy foods, including physical activity
in your daily routine and maintaining a
healthy weight can turn back the clock
and return elevated blood glucose levels
to the normal range. Almost half of
the persons with prediabetes may be
prevented from developing diabetes by
lifestyle management.
You hold the key in managing your
prediabetes and preventing progression
to type 2 diabetes and its complications.
Questions to ask your doctor:
* How do I check if I am at risk for
* How can I prevent prediabetes from
turning into type 2 diabetes?

Misinformation about diabetes is

extremely common. A first step in
managing this serious condition is
learning the correct facts. Find out
which commonly held notions about
diet, exercise, weight gain, and more are
true and which are false.
Myth # 1: Diabetes is not a serious
Diabetes is a serious, chronic disease
that can be controlled-but it still causes

more deaths a year than breast cancer and

AIDS combined. Two out of three people
with diabetes die from heart disease or
stroke. Diabetes is also responsible for
other devastating complications and
is amongst the commonest causes of
blindness, of end-stage kidney disease
and of non-traumatic amputation of
lower limbs.
Myth # 2: Diabetes is caused by eating
too much sugar.

Diabetes is not caused by eating too

much sugar. There are two types of
diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Type 1
diabetes occurs when the pancreas
completely stops making any insulin,
a hormone that helps the body to use
glucose (sugar) found in foods for
energy.Type 2 diabetes, on the other
hand, results when the body doesn't
produce enough insulin and/or is unable
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What Is Prediabetes?

Myths About Diabetes As A Disease





Nearly Half Of All Heart Attacks May Be


Nearly half of all heart attacks may

not have classic symptoms, such as
chest pain, shortness of breath and cold
sweats but are likely to be silent, reveals
new research.
A silent heart attack occurs when blood
flow to the heart muscle is severely
reduced or cut off completely.
"The outcome of a silent heart attack is
as bad as a heart attack that is recognised
while it is happening," said Elsayed Z.
Soliman, director of the epidemiological
cardiology research centre at Wake
Forest Baptist Medical Centre, in the

The findings showed that silent heart
attacks are made up 45 percent of all
heart attacks.
Also, these are more commonly found in
men but are more likely to cause death
in women.
Further, the risk of dying from heart
disease increases by three times in case
of a silent heart attack.
The chance of dying from all other
causes rises by 34 percent.
Silent heart attacks are usually
detected when patients undergo an

electrocardiogram (ECG) -- a process to

check heart's electrical activity.
"Doctors need to help patients who have
had a silent heart attack quit smoking,
reduce their weight, control cholesterol
and blood pressure and get more
exercise," the researchers noted in the
paper published in the journal Circulation.
For the study, the team analysed the
records of 9,498 middle-age adults.
For over an average of nine years after
the start of the study, 317 participants
had silent heart attacks while 386 had
heart attacks with clinical symptoms.

Higher long-term fluctuations in blood

pressure readings may be linked to faster
declines in brain and cognitive function
among older adults, says a study.
"Blood pressure variability might signal
blood flow instability, which could lead
to the damage of the finer vessels of the
body with changes in brain structure and
function," said Bo (Bonnie) Qin, lead
study author and a postdoctoral scholar
at Rutgers Cancer Institute in New
Brunswick, New Jersey, US.
"These blood pressure fluctuations may
indicate pathological processes such as
inflammation and impaired function in
the blood vessels themselves," she noted.
For the study, the researchers analysed

results from 976 Chinese adults (half women,

age 55 and or older) who participated in the
China Health and Nutrition Survey over a
period of five years.
calculated from three or four visits to
the health professional. Participants also
underwent a series of cognitive quizzes
such as performing word recall and
counting backwards.
Higher visit-to-visit variability in the
top number in a blood pressure reading
(systolic blood pressure) was associated
with a faster decline of cognitive
function and verbal memory, the
findings showed.
However, higher variability in the

bottom number (diastolic blood

pressure) was associated with faster
decline of cognitive function among
adults aged 55 to 64, but not among
those aged 65 and older.
The findings appeared in the journal
Hypertension: Journal of the American
Heart Association.
While physicians tend to focus on
average blood pressure readings, the new
findings suggest that high variability
may be something for physicians to
watch for in their patients.
"Controlling blood pressure instability
could possibly be a potential strategy
in preserving cognitive function among
older adults," Qin said.

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too! Nevertheless, you are definitely at

higher risk of developing diabetes and
hence, you should bring in healthier
lifestyle changes. Control on diet and a
regular exercise plan to maintain an ideal
body weight and waist circumference (<
90 cm in men, < 80 cm in women) can
be of real help in warding off the risk
of developing T2 diabetes. Despite all
this, if you still turn out to be diagnosed
with Type 2 diabetes, don't lose hope!
Diabetes is a serious disease, but most
essentially, it is also controllable. Don't
let this disease get in your way of living
a long and satisfying life!
Myth # 5: People with diabetes can't eat
There is no reason why people with Type
2 diabetes can't eat sweets as part of their
healthy meal plan. When eaten in small
portions or as a special treat, diabetics can
eat whatever they want. Diabetes doesn't
mean you can never have a piece of cake

again, just a smaller piece, and you'll

have to be careful about what you eat
with that piece of cake. Having a dessert
occasionally in a month is fine, but not
every night. Burn more calories when you
do this and monitor your sugars regularly
to know how that piece of cake did!
Myth #6: If you have diabetes, you can't
do too much exercise.
Many long-term studies have shown
the positive impact regular physical
activity has on lowering glucose. Please
remember that any physical fitness
program needs to be approved by your
diabetes care team prior to starting,
but once you've settled into a program,
being active and healthy with diabetes
is absolutely possible and is definitely
encouraged! In fact, coupled with a
proper diet regimen, exercise forms the
cornerstone in controlling your blood
glucose levels, in addition to helping in
weight management.

BP Fluctuations May Be Bad For Your Brain

Myths About Diabetes As A Disease

to use insulin properly (this is also

referred to as 'insulin resistance').
Myth # 3: Oral Pills and insulin can cure
Till date, medicine hasn't offered us
a cure for diabetes; it can only give
us control at best. But living with
diabetes isn't too difficult these days. A
combination of medication as advised
by your specialist, a healthy meal plan
(that balances carbs, proteins and fats)
and regular exercise does the trick!
Oral pills (which make insulin function
better) and insulin shots are very
effective and can help you lower your
high blood glucose.
Myth # 4: My family has a long history
of diabetes. I can't escape it!
Just because several of your family
members have Type 2 diabetes, it
doesn't mean you're doomed to have it






This week, you will face some professional

fluctuations, challenges, complications
and obstacles. Your financial flow of
income could be tricky and there will be
considerable time wastage and delays.
Please handle the situation creatively and
not by investing temper and talk.
Please adopt a positive attitude and
refrain from any kind of a lazy, laidback
or negative approach. Adopt a long term
perspective and a go getter attitude. Be
prepared for running around and travel.
You can achieve something dignified
this week but your personal comfort and
happiness might be missing and at times
you will be out of your comfort zone.
A lot of effort is required this week along
with setting of your priorities right. Health
wise please take care of all issues related
to any kind of a sharp pain; chest, heart,
lower abdomen, blood and urine. This
is not the time to take a casual approach
towards your health and wellbeing.


This week, Sun and Venus are placed

together in you due to which a lot of
your problems will be resolved and the
situation will be better compared to the
past. Your past efforts will now bear
rewards and your lifestyle will change
for bigger and better.
There will be dignified professional
opportunities for you and new doors will
now be opening. Please look after your
health and be careful of your conduct. This
is not the time to wind up yourself or adopt
an aggressive and stubborn approach.
You will be worried over secret tensions
that you wouldnt want to share but
please seek advice from an expert about
the same. Talk to your well-wishers or
parents or you could feel quite vulnerable.


This week, Mercury is in a fantastic

position and is back in transit and right
on track. Due to this your situation will
be much better than before. Although
your profession will offer you a few
uncertain scenarios you will be able to
overcome them with the help of your
planning, focus and drive.
You will be running around quite a bit
this week. You will be back on track
but please ensure that you do not waste
any time on fruitless activities and are
distracted. Refrain from entertaining any
negative thoughts and adopt a positive


attitude full of creativity which will help

materialize future opportunities too.
You will be able to resolve most of your
problems and complications with the help
of your creativity. Please adopt the attitude
of a go getter and dont be lazy or laidback.


This week, is a prominent week with

Venus being positioned in your 11th
house which is the house of resources,
success and luxuries. Your well thought
out and creative efforts will bring you a
financial lump sum, prosperity, success
and a rise in your comforts, lifestyle,
luxuries, name, fame and establishment.
This week you will travel around quite
a bit which will also be very productive
and bear you rich rewards. You will
celebrate something dignified that you
will achieve this week. A lot of your
major complications and issues will
now be resolved but please make sure
to not waste any time on fruitless and
unproductive activities.
Work hard with full focus and put in 100%
effort which will guarantee success.


This week, there will be a lot of complications,

issues, tensions, misunderstandings and
development of a repulsion factor with your
loved ones. You will have to deal with a lot
of tricky situations. You could be involved
in a deal linked to property.
There will be financial opportunities for
you to achieve success and prosperity
but you got to handle them with due care
and consideration. Your expenditure will
be quite high. Please act properly and
honourably and bear in mind that the
timing of your actions is of paramount
importance this week.
There will be major delays and at times
your peace of mind and personal happiness
will be missing. You will feel insecure but
please do not initiate or participate in any
conflict or argument and avoid adopting
a stubborn or harsh attitude. Be polite,
humble and approachable.


This week, the situation will be better

than in the past. Your profession will
offer you dignified opportunities to
achieve prosperity and success and a
lot of other scenarios will materialize
in your favour. A number of your
unfinished tasks will now be completed
or get back on track.
You will come across one unique

opportunity that will give you success,

status, prestige and honour. You will
develop and establish contact with
a number of powerful people and
professionals. Your health will be fine.
Please try and not wind up yourself
that too in a negative way as that will
have an adverse effect on your health
and wellbeing. If you are a professional
or a student then please make sure that
you use this time in a most productive
manner and are not distracted fruitlessly.


This week, the lord planet of your horoscope,

Venus is placed in your 8th house along with
Sun due to which you got to be very careful
regarding your marriage relationship,
romance, health and wellbeing. You will
come across some domestic situations that
will have to be addressed.
At times it could be that your official tasks
are blocked or derailed. You could be
putting in a lot of effort but without seeing
the expected results materialize. You could
be at times quite fearful and insecure.
If you are stuck please seek technical
support and help to come out of the
situation. You could be involved in
some sale and purchase transactions.
You will be quite worried over money
related issues and flow of income.


This week, Sun and Saturn are facing each

other and are placed exactly 180 degrees
apart. Owing to this you will face hassles,
complications, challenges and will have
to look after your relationships, romance,
health and wellbeing. At this time it is
very important that you do not adopt a
temperamental attitude as frustration and
over excitation will be of no help and
instead it will spoil a lot of things.
Please be careful regarding your
domestic life and family relationships.
Your profession will offer you struggle
but please stay on track and be positive.
Financial gain as in line with your
expectations will be missing. There will
be differences of opinion with your family
members but that doesnt mean that you
initiate any huge arguments and conflicts.
You go to watch your conduct and
dealings and be careful that you dont
hurt anyones feelings, pride or honour
by saying nasty things to them. If you do
this then your own people could become
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your sworn enemies. You need to handle

all scenarios in a strictly non-aggressive
manner and be sensible about it.


This week, you will come across a lot of

complications, hassles and issues. Your
income will see an improvement compared
to the past and there will be some financial
opportunities just lying in wait for you. If
you are involved in a foreign based project
it will be hugely successful.
You could be head hunted by a foreign
organisation which will be quite
profitable for you. There will be a few
family related disputes and differences of
opinion with your family members and
loved ones. You will be involved in buy
and sell of property, assets etc. which will
be the root cause of your complications.
Please take care of your health and
wellbeing. You will be running around a lot
but got to be positive, active, creative and
on track. Your expenditure will be quite
high but some o it will be unavoidable.


Capricorn weekly horoscope this week,

Mars, Saturn and Moon are placed in
your 11th house. The combination of
Saturn and Moon in the 11th and then
Mars and Saturn is quite prominent
owing to which you will achieve
something dignified. If you own your
own business or looking to launch a new
venture or project then this is a good
time to do so. Your profession will offer


you some challenges, complications and

struggle but this struggle will eventually
convert into sweet success.
If you are driven, focused, active and
creative and are willing to work hard to
fulfill your dream then you will be able
to achieve the same. Life can throw a
few hassles your way but please bear
in mind that out of control behavior
and losing temper will be of no help.
Instead use your aggression creatively
and productively. At times family life
could be full of stress and numerous
differences of opinion which you got to
address carefully.
Honour your commitments and look
after your partner. Please dont let
any minor argument blow up out of
proportion and instead of running away
from your problems stand your ground
and face them squarely. Be prepared for
travel and while driving please be extra
careful. Dont adopt a paranoid attitude
and keep your feet planted firmly on the
ground. The more you lose your cool
the more problems you will encounter
so stay calm and composed at all times.


This week, Sun and Saturn are facing

each other being placed exactly 180
degrees apart. Moon and Saturn are in
your house of profession while Venus is
positioned in your 4th house. This week
Saturn is retrograde due to which you
got to look after your health especially
severe headaches. Please be careful
regarding your professional decisions

Cell: 778.378.6474
and choices.
There will be a number of family related
issues that you will have to address
properly. Sun and Venus together will
give a rise to your comfort level. You
will be running around a lot and at times
will be under a lot of tension with your
peace of mind missing.
Please be prepared to travel abroad. Beware
of cheating, deception and fraud. If you are
in a joint venture then you got to be extra
careful. Watch your actions and conduct.


This week, Sun in the 3rd house and Saturn

in the 9th are facing each other while being
exactly 180 degrees away from each other.
Due to this placement you will face a lot of
hassles, obstacles, time wastage, financial
complications etc. Although your efforts
will be there matching achievements and
results will be missing.
This week will offer you considerable
running around and at the same time your
stress level will be quite high. Please be
careful of your health and wellbeing and
take care of all issues related to your
lower abdomen, migraines, blood, urine,
asthma and heart.
There will be a lot of differences of
opinion between you and your family
members but that doesnt mean that
you spoil your relationships. To have
different opinions is normal and part
and parcel of life so please dont make
it in a big living conflict. At times your
expectations will be there but the end
results wont be in sync or matching.



Friends Since 7 Years: Akshay Kumar And

Riteish Deshmukh Share A Crazy

Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh are the only permanent members in the franchise and the duo share a crazy
rapport with each other
After working together in first two
installments of Sajid Nadiadwalas
comedy franchise Housefull, actors
Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh
are coming back to tickle your funny
bones with Housefull 3.
Akshay and Riteish are the only
permanent members in the franchise and
the duo share a crazy rapport with each
other. Both these talented actors have
spent a considerable amount of time
on the sets and have become one of the
craziest duo in the industry. They know
each other since 7 years.
Both of them are also tagged as the
master pranksters in the family of
Housefull 3 as they love putting people
on the spot. Even their promotions and
interviews look like a fun activity rather
than work.
Akshay and Riteishs rapport and Heyy Babyy and all the Housefull 3 also stars Abhishek Bachchan,
chemistry is one of the best in the franchise films. They share a fantastic Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri
industry. Both are extremely popular bond both on-screen and off-screen, a and Lisa Haydon. The movie is all set
when it comes to the comedy genre. spokeperson said.
to treat their fans with a laughing riot on
They have worked together in films like Directed by Farhad Sajid, Housefull June 3.

Priyanka Chopra Will Do Debut Now In

Bhojpuri Movies ?

Priyanka Chopra might be flying

excessive together with her Hollywood
projects but back home her mother
Madhu believes the she would be
willing to do regional cinema as well.
The Bajirao Mastani star has produced
a Bhojpuri movie along with her mom
titled Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi.
The film is produced underneath their
banner purple Pebble Pictures.
When asked if she would like Priyanka
to star in a Bhojpuri film, Madhu
informed journalists, If a person comes
up with a very good challenge, she has
nothing towards local cinema. She has
done Tamil and Telugu films, however
some story should come to her so that it
will develop into an awesome product.
Madhu Chopra stated Priyanka believes
in goodwork regardless of the regionor


boundaries. She besides has said that

I do now not belong to any particular
region. whether or not it is everywhere
in the world or India, she will be able to
do goodtasks.
Priyanka is recently busy withAmerican
television series Quantico' and
is filming the Hollywood movie
Madhu says she is very proud of her
daughter, who has recently honoured
with the Padma Shri. As her mother
Iam very proud of her. She has worked
so hard and got recognition not only for
herself, or her family but for the entire
country. Everyone looks at her as a
representative of India, that people like
her are in the country. I am extremely
proud of her.
Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi features

Bhojpuri star Dinesh Lal Yadav aka

Nirahua as the main lead.



Arijit Singh Opens Up About The Unfortunate

Night When He Insulted Salman Khan!
Arijit Singh offended Salman Khan at
an awards show back in 2013.
The singer finally breaks his silence in
this tell all interview. Read on to know
the full story
Ever since Arijit Singh publicly
apologised to Salman Khan, everyone
has been curious to know as to what
exactly happened between the two.
Although we broke to you that it was a
severe misunderstanding that took place
about 3 years back during an awards
show. However, it is rather shocking to
know that their fight is still on where
Arijit even asserted how Salman has
asked to delete his song from Sultan.
So whats the issue all about? What did
Arijit do to offend Salman to this level?
Well, Arijit reveals it all
In an interview, Arijit recalls to that
unfortunate night when he happened
to insult Salman. He said, I was also
nervous as it was my first awards show.
Salman Khan looked at me and started
to laugh as I obviously didnt look
like a winner in casuals and slippers.
When he asked me if I had fallen
asleep, it slipped out of my mouth
from nervousness and embarrassment.

It wasnt directed at him or anyone in

particular but I knew I shouldnt have
said it. I am a huge fan of Salmans work
and I felt terrible. When he hugged me
on stage, I apologised in his ear and
went back. The same night I texted
him sorry and followed it up with a

long apology note. He replied in the

morning with a rebuke and advised me
on how to behave. But he added that he
was okay, which made me happy and
relieved. It was only later that I realised
he wasnt. I have been apologising for
almost 3 years now.

Who Photobombed A K, A B And R D In


The 'Housefull 3' boys -- Akshay

Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish
Deshmukh -- were photobombed in a
bathtub by this beautiful actress! Can
you guess who?
It's none other than their co-star
Jacqueline Fernandez!
Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to share
the snapshot and wrote, "Doin what the
#Housefull3 Boyz do best! Chillin, in
the Tub.. Photobombed by the one and
only? #1WeekToGo"
The 'Housefull 3' team has been painting
the town red with promotions of the
comic caper.
'Housefull 3' also features Nargis Fakhri
and Lisa Haydon.
The film will release on June 3.





Mongolian-Style Lamb Stir-Fry

1kg lamb thinly sliced
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons black bean sauce
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger
1/2 teaspoon Chinese five spice powder
2 tablespoons peanut oil
1 bunch spring onions, trimmed, thinly
sliced crossways
125ml (1/2 cup) Campbell's Real Stock
1 tablespoon soy sauce, extra
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon cornflour
1 teaspoon water
4 green shallots, ends trimmed, thinly
sliced diagonally
Steamed long-grain rice, to serve
Step 1. Combine lamb, soy sauce, black
bean sauce, rice wine vinegar, garlic,
ginger and Chinese five spice in a large
bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and place
in the fridge for 2 hours to marinate.
Step 2. Heat 1 teaspoon of the oil in a
wok or frying pan over high heat. Add
one-quarter of the lamb mixture and stirfry for 3 minutes or until brown. Transfer
to a plate and cover loosely with foil
to keep warm. Repeat with remaining

lamb mixture, in 3 more batches, adding

1 teaspoon of oil and reheating between
Step 3. Heat remaining oil in the wok.
Add the spring onion and stir-fry for 2
minutes or until soft. Add lamb, stock,
extra soy sauce and sesame oil. Bring to
the boil.

Step 4. Combine the cornflour and water

in a bowl. Add to the lamb mixture and
cook, uncovered, stirring occasionally,
for 3 minutes or until sauce thickens
slightly. Stir through half the shallots.
Step 5. Place in a serving bowl and
sprinkle with remaining shallots. Serve
with steamed long-grain rice, if desired.

Sweet And Sour Chicken

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 boneless chicken breasts, sliced into
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup chopped red pepper
4 teaspoons cornstarch, mixed with 4
teaspoons water
1 cup canned pineapple chunks, drained
with 1/2 cup reserved juice
3 tablespoons light brown sugar
3 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
1/4 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
In a large non-stick skillet, heat oil over
medium high heat. Season chicken
strips and add to pan. Brown chicken
and remove to plate. Add red and green
peppers and cook for 1 minute. Stir in
pineapple chunks, juice, sugar, vinegar
and chicken stock and bring to a simmer.
Simmer until sauce begins to reduce.
Stir in cornstarch mixture and bring
liquid to a simmer. Stir in chicken strips
and cook for 5 minutes. Serve over rice.





Garlic Lamb Stir-Fry With Broccoli

1 pound lean lamb, thinly sliced
3 tablespoons dark soy sauce
4 tablespoons peanut oil
1 tablespoon rice wine or sherry
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon crushed Sichuan pepper
(substitute crushed red pepper if
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 cup broccoli florets
4 scallions, chopped
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 tablespoon sesame oil
Lay the slices of lamb in a shallow dish.
In a bowl, mix together 2 tablespoons
of the soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of the
peanut oil, the rice wine/sherry, salt, and
Sichuan pepper. Pour the mixture over
lamb, and turn to coat. Let marinate for
30 minutes.
In a wok, heat remaining 2 tablespoons
of peanut oil until smoking, then add the
lamb and garlic. Stir-fry for 2 minutes
just until lamb changes color on both
sides, then remove from wok and set
Leave 1 tablespoon of oil in wok and

pour out excess. Add the broccoli and

scallions and stir-fry for 2 minutes. Add
the rice vinegar and remaining soy sauce
and cook for another 1 minute. Return

the lamb to the wok, add sesame oil,

and stir-fry for another 1 to 2 minutes,
until the lamb, broccoli, and sauce are
thoroughly mixed. Serve immediately.

Shrimp And Vegetable Stir-Fry

3/4 cup chicken broth
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoons peanut oil or vegetable oil
1 pound frozen deveined large shrimp,
thawed and peeled
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 (1 lb.) bag frozen stir-fry vegetables,
thawed and drained
4 cups steamed rice
In a small bowl, whisk together broth,
orange juice, soy sauce, cornstarch and
sugar; set aside.
Heat oil in wok or large nonstick skillet
over medium-high heat. Add shrimp and
stir-fry for 2 minutes. Add half of garlic
and stir-fry, about 2 more minutes.
Transfer to plate.
Add vegetables and cook, stirring, until
heated through, about 3 minutes. Stir
sauce again and add to pan, stirring
until thickened, about 2 minutes. Return
shrimp to pan and toss to coat. Serve
with rice.



TS Times Sports

Fiji Still Leads After Vancouver Tourney

AFTER a mammoth cyclone devastation,

by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston
and nasty bout of food poisoning in Las
Vegas, the Vodafone Fiji Sevens team
came away walking wounded out of
Fiji 7s team went down to Australia in
the 3rd and 4th place playoff.
Attention was then diverted to the Kiwis
to stop the Africans from taking a clear
lead. This they did with some well
planned game.
The battle between these two countries
would determined Fiji's stand in the
points table.
The Kiwis led 14-7 at half-time and
they maintained it until the end with
some smart rucking and ball retention
that denied the South Africans the
opportunity to score points and finally

won 19-14.
The Las Vegas and Vancouver leg of
the HSBC Sevens Series saw Fiji retain
the lead and maintain consistency,
something we hardly had before.
Fiji continued to lead the points table.
South Africa was behind with two
Looking back, Dratabu man Kitione
Taliga, who engineered Fiji's gold
medal win in Port Moresby in the
Pacific Games, was the secret weapon
in the Las Vegas final and was a worthy
replacement for injured playmaker
Vatemo Ravouvou in Vancouver.
The Fijians came off with a lot of
positives as Taliga and Jasa Veremalua
were named in the Vancouver Dream
Team, Taliga scoring the highest in the
performance tracker and still leading

the points table.

The positive part of the loss was the
discovery of a speedster in Taliga who
outpaced Cecil Afrika and even caught
up to him during a chase.
New player Masivesi Dakuwaqa also
stamped himself as a frontrunner in
Ryan's team with some impressive
display in both Las Vegas and Vancouver.
Fiji was tested in their final pool match
against Kenya but our galidiators
secured a narrow 24-19 win.
Fiji also scored the highest points
recorded in the tournament 62-0 against
They then beat Samoa 38-5.
The full-packed stadium was almost
covered with the blue banners as
hundreds of Fijian fans cheered the
Vodafone Fiji sevens team.

Fiji Welcomes 19 Countries For

Weightlifting Championships

More than 200 athletes and sporting

delegates from 19 countries have
gathered in Suva for the 2016 Oceania
Weightlifting Championships.
Addressing the athletes and delegates at
a traditional ceremony of welcome at the
Oceania Weightlifting Championships
Congress, the Minister for Youth and
Sports, Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou said it
was a special achievement for Fiji to be
hosting a number of Oceania sporting
events this year.
Minister Tuitubou said the support provided
to the Rio Olympic qualifier for the Pacifics
best weightlifters and the Congress played
a big role in nation building.
committee of this grand occasion, which
undoubtedly will take Suva by storm in
the next five days with over 200 athletes
and officials setting the pace for much
anticipated Oceania sporting rivalry,
Minister Tuitubou said.
He said the ability of sports to bridge
social divide and unify communities
reaffirms the important role sport plays
as a tool for socio-economic prosperity.
Weightlifting Fiji president Atma
Maharaj said the event, which includes
several world-class lifters, will make for
an exciting tournament.


From the last championships held in

Suva in 2010, we now have a bigger
venue and together with the latest
sporting technology, the 2016 Oceania
Weightlifting Championship is going to
be a great success, Mr Maharaj said.
Twenty-five Fijian weightlifters will
take part in the championships, which

ends on May 28, 2016.

His Excellency the President MajorGeneral (Retd) Jioji Konousi Konrote
officiated the opening of the Oceania
Vodafone Arena, where he also
presented medals for the 2nd session of

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