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Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

8283 Greensboro Drive

McLean, VA 22102
Tel (703) 902-5000
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October 26, 2012

Mr. Ranjith V. Keerikkattil
4707 Grand Bend Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21228
Dear Mr. Keerikkattil:
Congratulations! On behalf of Booz Allen Hamilton, I am pleased to extend you an offer to join our firm as a
Senior Consultant.
At Booz Allen, talented professionals find an unmatched opportunity to become their absolute bestto do
important work with exceptional colleagues, in a firm dedicated to the spirit of service. In return, we expect a
high level of performance and passion to deliver enduring results for our clients.
The following factors truly make Booz Allen the best place to work, learn, and grow a career:

Unparalleled workforceOur talented, diverse staff has brains and heart that create value for clients
while supporting our communities and building a sense of family across our firm.


Strong core valuesOur Core Valuesclient service, excellence, diversity, entrepreneurship, teamwork,
fairness, professionalism, integrity, respect, and trustdefine us and everything we do.


Work that makes an impactWe support the health, security, and well-being of our nation by helping
government agencies and organizations solve their toughest problems and achieve their missions.


Heritage that sets us apartOur reputation has been earned over nearly a century of delivering exceptional
management and technology consulting services to our clients.


Rewards to help you prosperBooz Allen staff receive access to an industry-leading Total Rewards package
that provides a comprehensive set of benefits to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.


Commitment to training and developmentBooz Allen employees receive exceptional learning and
development opportunities, internally and externally, that support both their professional aspirations and
personal circumstances.

We believe that you embody the professional qualities, sense of ethics, and commitment to success that we seek
in our staff. We hope Booz Allen will be the next step in your career!
Review the following pages and notify us of your intent to accept this offer of employment by signing and
returning the letter as instructed on the final page. If we do not hear from you within a week, we will consider
you to have declined the offer of employment. If you have any questions, contact Alexa Montgomery at
703-377-7699 or montgomery_alexa@ne.bah.com.
Again, congratulationswe look forward to working with you!

Charles F. Koontz
Senior Vice President

Mr. Ranjith V. Keerikkattil

October 26, 2012
Page 2
You will be a Senior Consultant aligned to the Preserve Parkway office located at One Preserve Parkway,
Suite 200, Rockville, Maryland 20852. Your team and/or contract may require you to work from a client
location. You will be aligned to the Analytics Capability and the Cloud Analytics Center of
Excellence. Your Career Manager will be Wendy Watson and your Principal will be Steven Escaravage.
The total value of a career at Booz Allen includes Compensation, Health & Wellness, Work-Life Balance,
and Career Development. These rewards are outlined below. More specific information about benefits will
be made available to you after you accept this offer of employment.
Your monthly starting salary will be $7,250.00, the equivalent of $87,000.00 if calculated annually.
Any future pay adjustments will be based upon your performance, the competitive market,
promotions, and the firms salary budgets.
Retirement Benefits
The Employees Capital Accumulation Plan (ECAP) offers you an excellent opportunity to share in
the success of the firm and prepare for your financial future. ECAP is a tax-deferred, defined
contribution plan with two components: a profit sharing feature in which the firm makes a
contribution and a voluntary 401(k) feature.
Booz Allen typically makes an annual lump sum contribution to employees ECAP accounts. While
contributions are discretionary and subject to Board of Directors approval, the firm historically has
made annual contributions of at least 10 percent of employees eligible compensation (defined as
salary plus any bonuses).
In addition, the firm traditionally has contributed 5.7 percent of any eligible compensation in
excess of the FICA wage base for the plan year ($110,100 for 2012).
Employees become eligible to receive annual ECAP contributions on the first day of the month
following their one-year anniversary with Booz Allen. The firms initial contributions will be
prorated from the date through the remainder of the calendar year. Firm contributions typically
are deposited shortly after December 31 each year.
Firm contributions to your ECAP account are separate from the voluntary 401(k) portionyou will
receive an annual lump-sum deposit regardless of what you contribute to your 401(k). If your prior
employment terminated after you became a participant in ECAP, your eligibility date will be your
re-hire date, and your first contribution will be prorated from that date. In addition, if a portion of
your ECAP account was not vested at the time of your departure and you return to work before
you incur five one-year breaks in service, a special firm contribution will be made to reinstate the
forfeited amount. Prior years of service with the firm count towards your current vesting.
The voluntary employee-funded 401(k) portion allows you to make pre-tax contributions to a
401(k) account and after-tax contributions to a Roth 401(k) account via convenient payroll
deductions. The combined amount of these contributions cannot exceed maximum annual IRS
limit ($17,000 for 2012).
Your future annual 401(k) contributions may be limited to the lesser of 10 percent of your base
salary or the annual IRS contributions limit ($17,000 for 2012) if you are a highly compensated
employee (HCE) as defined by the IRS (i.e. for 2012, the plan defines an HCE as someone with
prior calendar year (2011) Booz Allen compensation of $110,000 or more).
If you do not actively enroll or decline participation in the 401(k) feature of ECAP within 60 days
from your hire date, you will be automatically enrolled in the 401(k) at a pre-tax contribution rate
of four percent of your eligible pay. During the first 60 days from your hire date, you may elect
your contribution rate or elect not to contribute. If you do not elect or decline within this time

Mr. Ranjith V. Keerikkattil

October 26, 2012
Page 3
period, your automatic contributions of four percent will begin to be withheld from your paycheck
following the end of the opt-out period. The four percent contribution rate will be deducted from
each pay period and invested in the LifePath Fund closest to your anticipated retirement date
(assuming age 65). Once you are enrolled you can always make contributions and investment
election changes.
Awards and Recognition Programs
Booz Allen honors the contributions of its employees by supporting a performance recognition
program and an anniversary award program.
Health & Wellness
The firm sponsors a variety of insurance plans to help protect you and your eligible dependents.
Eligible dependents include your spouse or domestic partner (regardless of gender) and your
dependent children. The firm pays the majority of the cost of these programs with a supporting
contribution from you.
Insurance plans include:

Short-Term Disability
Long-Term Disability
Group Term Life
All-Risk Accident
Long-Term Care

Medical Expense Flexible Spending Account

In accord with IRS regulations, you may establish a Flexible Spending Account to set aside pretax
funds to reimburse yourself for certain medical, dental, and vision expenses not covered by
another plan.
Wellness Programs
The firm participates in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which provides clinical
counseling and crisis intervention over the phone to help you and your family successfully deal
with lifes challenges.
Work/Life Programs
Paid Time Off (PTO)
The firm provides a pool of leave (accrued on a monthly basis) that you may spend as you
choosefor rest and relaxation, but also for the unexpected, such as illness or other matters that
require you to be away from work. As a Senior Consultant, you can take advantage of 16 working
days of paid time off per year; your annual PTO accrual will increase with your tenure and
advancement with the firm. For staff joining on or before the 15th of the month, paid time off is
accrued for the month employment begins and for staff joining on the 16th or any day of the
month thereafter, accrual will begin on the first day of the following month.
The firm observes nine paid holidays each year seven fixed holidays, plus two floating holidays
to be used at your discretion during the calendar year. For staff joining after July 1, one floating
holiday is available during the first calendar year of employment.

Mr. Ranjith V. Keerikkattil

October 26, 2012
Page 4
Leave Programs
The firm offers a comprehensive set of leave programs, designed to help you maintain the balance
of work, personal time, and other commitments that are essential to both your personal and
professional well-being, including:

Bereavement leave
Military Activation leave
Paid leave for jury duty
Paid parental leave
Short-term leave without pay
Unpaid leave

Flexible Work Arrangements

The firm endorses flexible work options, including teleworking, flexible scheduling, and part-time
working arrangements, when the situation allows and with management approval.
LifeWorks Resource and Referral Program
A free, confidential resource for you and your eligible dependents, LifeWorks helps you deal with
the challenges of everyday lifefrom access to a trained health coach to managing elder care
Adoption Benefits
Financial assistance for adoptionup to $5,000 per childis available to cover the costs of certain
expenses associated with adopting a child.
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
In accord with IRS regulations, you may set aside pretax funds each year to pay for the care of your
eligible children or other dependents.
Career Development
Learning and Development
Our Learning and Development teamwhich Training magazine has ranked number 1 in the
nation across all industriesoffers opportunities for each stage of your career.
Development is facilitated through a variety of methods, including mentoring; development
assignments; customized education programs; instructor-led courses; online and mobile learning;
coaching; career planning tools and resources; and structured action learning programs.
Development and Performance Assessment
Your professional performance and development will be assessed annually throughout the course
of your employment with the firm, with an initial 6-month review.
Assessments are based on 360-degree feedback collected from managers, superiors, peers, and
The assessment process yields a personal development plan that highlights your strengths and
contributions, helps in guiding staffing and training commitments, and outlines what you and the
firm will do to enhance your professional effectiveness.
Academic Assistance and Professional Association Membership
Booz Allen provides up to $5,000 per calendar year for approved academic assistance when related
to personal development and the firms business needs, of which $2,500 may be used to obtain
and/or maintain an industry recognized technical or professional certification. In addition, you are
eligible to receive firm-paid dues or similar expenses for membership in a professional association
that is directly related to your area of expertise.

Mr. Ranjith V. Keerikkattil

October 26, 2012
Page 5
Background Screening
Your employment with Booz Allen is contingent upon the successful completion of an internal
background screening that will be performed by the Firms Investigation Services Team in
conjunction with a third-party vendor to determine employment eligibility. This process is
separate from a government personnel security investigation for a clearance and is required as part
of the hiring process. You should have received, completed, and submitted all documents related
to the background screening when you completed your online application. If you have not
received or completed these documents, please contact Alexa Montgomery at 703-377-7699 or
montgomery_alexa@ne.bah.com for further information. If you are not successful in completing
background screening you will be required to repay to the firm any signing bonus or relocation
costs paid to you or on your behalf.
Employment Eligibility Verification
This offer of employment is contingent upon your eligibility to work in the United States. To verify
this eligibility, you will be required to complete the Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)
and provide documentation establishing your identity and eligibility to work in the United States
on your first day of employment.
When you arrive for your first day of orientation, you will be asked to present your documentation
for verification. If you do not present the required documentation, you will not be permitted to
attend orientation or begin work. Should that occur, your next opportunity to present the required
documentation would be the next regularly scheduled orientation.
A full list of acceptable forms of documentation will be included with the paperwork youll receive
should you accept our offer. You may also visit the website of US Citizenship and Immigration
Services at www.uscis.gov to obtain information on the I-9 form and the list of acceptable
If at any time during your employment with Booz Allen you are being considered for a position
which requires a security clearance, access and/or suitability, you will be contacted by the
Program Manager or another appropriate party to initiate the process. Your continued
employment will be contingent upon your obtaining the requisite US government clearance, access
and/or suitability at the level required for you to perform the duties within a reasonable period of
time and maintaining it as required to continue in the role.
Your employment will be on an at will basis, meaning that either you or the firm may terminate your
employment at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice.
For all the reasons outlined in this letter and more, Booz Allen is a great place to build a career. If you
would like to accept this offer of employment, please sign and return this letter within one week of the
date indicated on first page using one of the following methods:
E-mail all pages of your completed documents to our secure inbox:
AcceptOffer@bah.com (preferred optionif submitted via e-mail, you will receive an e-mail
confirmation from Booz Allen Records Management upon the receipt of your offer package).
Fax all pages of your completed documents to 703-984-1496, Attn: Accept Offer at Booz Allen
If you are unable to return the letter using one of these methods, please send an e-mail to
AcceptOffer@bah.com or contact your recruiter, Alexa Montgomery at 703-377-7699 or
If we have not heard from you within a week of the date of this letter, we will assume that you have
chosen not to join the firm, and will consider you to have declined the offer of employment.

Mr. Ranjith V. Keerikkattil

October 26, 2012
Page 6
I have read and understand the provisions of this letter and intend to join Booz Allen Hamilton as



Date of Birth (used for

benefits purposes only)

When you return your signed offer letter, please provide the following information so that Booz Allen may
take all necessary steps to obtain any appropriate export license(s):
I am a US Citizen or Permanent Resident (green card holder) of the United States
____ YES

____ NO

If NO, please indicate your Country of Citizenship ____________________________

If your employment with Booz Allen Hamilton requires the firm to obtain an export license so that you
may access controlled information in accordance with US export laws and regulations, your recruiter may
contact you about a delayed start date. Please contact your recruiter if you have any questions about this