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Microsoft WORD 2007

Practice Letter Instructions

Use these instructions with Practice Letter

Upon completing this class exercise, students will be familiar with the following
Microsoft Word formatting options:

Font size and font face, font color, italicize, underline and bold font
Line spacing
Tab key
Bullets and numbering
Select, Cut, Paste
Spelling and Grammar Check


The instructor created a document called PRACTICE LETTER. You just need to
DOWNLOAD and SAVE the document. You will use this document in this class
exercise. Follow the directions from your instructor to locate and download the
1 Using the SaveAs command:
a. Save the file to your Flash drive. If you do not have a flash drive,
save the file to My Documents.
b. Save the file under the file name of: Practice Letter.
CHANGE FONT (Font face, font color, font size; bold, italicize and underline
1. Go to the Home Tab and the Editing Group. Click the down arrow, and click on
Select All.
2. In the Font Group, click the down arrow to change the text (font) size to 12.
Now change the text (font) face to Times New Roman. HINT: click the down
MS Word 2007: Practice Letter Instructions

arrow next to the left of the font size box. Type Times and click the Enter
key on your keyboard.
3. Select paragraph #2. Go to the Home tab. Under the Font Group, change the
text color to Red and Bold the text.
4. Use the Undo tool to undo or remove the bold and red.
5. Select only the first sentence of paragraph #2, and Italicize the text.
6. Use the Undo button to remove the italics.
7. Underline the sentence: My areas of responsibility included.

CHANGE LINE SPACING (Single space or double space)

1. Select all the paragraphs. Go to the Paragraph Group. Click the Line Spacing
icon and click on 2.0 to change the line spacing from single to double spacing.
2. Use the Undo tool to change the Line Spacing back to Single space.
TABS (to indent paragraphs)
1. Place your cursor in front of the first word in the first sentence of the first
paragraph. Press the Tab key. Did you notice how the paragraph is now
indented by 1 inch? Use the UNDO button to undo the tab.
2. Change the tabs to inch (.5 inch). Go to the Home tab and the Paragraph
group. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner of the Paragraph group.
3. Click on the word TABS. Go the DEFAULT TABS STOPS.
4. Click the down arrow until it reads 0.5. Now click OK.
5. Change all your paragraphs to 0.5 tab stops.

MS Word 2007: Practice Letter Instructions


1. Select these three lines and add bullets that look like the ones below:
Handling cash
Processing credit cards
Using a computar
2. Now change the check marks to numbers (1. 2. 3.)
Now change the numbers back to bullets to side facing arrows like the one in the
beginning of this sentence.
1. Insert a line between My areas of responsibilities included and Handling
2. Delete any extra lines between paragraphs. (Look at the finished letter.)
3. Insert lines in areas that are needed. (Look at the finished Letter.)
1. Select paragraph #2.
2. Click the HOME tab and go to the Clipboard group and click the Cut icon
(scissors icon).
3. Place your cursor above the word Sincerely and click.
4. Go back to the Clipboard Group and click on the word Paste. NOTICE
Paragraph #2 is now relocated to a new place in the letter and deleted from its
original place in the letter.
1. Go to the Review Tab, Proofing Group and use the Spelling and Grammar

MS Word 2007: Practice Letter Instructions