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We can say that reading is one of the very important element of education. Understanding what
we are reading is a key and is certainly the main point of teaching reading in a class.
According to the authors of English Expressway Book; "Reading is fundamental to function in
todays society, it is a vital skill in finding a good job and is important because it develop one's mind.
It is a magical thinking to believe Janet Emig (1983) Viewpoint of teaching that , " The pupils
learned because we teach" and one of the important skills that needs to be developed in children is
Reading. It can open up new worlds and enrich live.
Last ________________ the school conducted its Reading assessment to all grade level at
Sicsican matanda Elementary school. The objective of this program is to determine the reading readiness
level of the learner and level of proficiency of the learner.. It was initiated by our District Supervisor Mr.
Apollo A. Lactao together with the different school head in talavera north district. After the reading
assessment there were a conference wherein we tackled the results of reading assessment and have a
brainstorming on the different projects and intervention used by the teacher to improve the reading skills
of the learner. The following are some of the insight that teachers get in the said conference:
1. Update themselves with the modern techniques, methods and strategies in teaching reading with
2. Give ample chance and encourage pupils to articulate their ideas in class ( ex. story retelling,
debate or smart - talking).
3. Exert Effort to assist the slow learners:
4. Have a peer- tutoring sessions.
5. Develop the pupils, ability to answer why and how questions or HOTS.
6. Most of all have the heart of being a mother to pupils to guide them to read well and develop
reading skills.


The principal elements that make teaching and learning possible
and attainable are the teachers, the learners, and a conducive learning
environment. The teacher serves as the prime mover of the educational wheel. The
learners are the key participants in the learning process. The favourable
environment provides essential features and ingredients that could make headway
in guiding the processes and methodologies needed for a smooth linkage among
the three.
Last Feb. 23, 2016 the district supervisor of Talavera North District Mr.
Apollo A. lactao visited our school to evaluate the different aspects of teachinglearning process. He evaluated the school in different cariteria like the best
practices used by the teacher in the classroom including the waste segregation. He
also gave lecture on the pupils on how to become a good steward of environment
and teaches the learner on the proper disposal of their waste.. Another criteria was
the orderliness and cleanliness of the school and the last one was the classroom
structuring including the diff. instructional materials used by the learner and
teacher in teaching-learning process.

After the evaluation process Mr. Apollo A. Lactao were very satisfied
on what he saw in the school.