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As the established leader in online astrological education, the International Academy of

Astrology is dedicated to raising the standard for astrological practice around the
The curriculum at IAA is designed specifically to guide students on the path to
becoming fully qualified professional astrologers.
The IAA also offers specific courses and professional modules to the practicing
professional astrologer who wants to specialize.
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Alan Annand

Chris Brennan

Vedic Astrology and Career Selection

Sect: The Difference Between Day

and Night Charts

Angular planets, which affect the 1st house or the 10th,

invariably provide clues to the best career options for
any individual. In turn, certain combinations of two or
more planets provide more specific indications of
career. This technique, applicable to both western and
Vedic astrology, is easy to understand and apply, and is
invaluable for advising clients at a career crossroads.

An in-depth overview of the Hellenistic concept of sect,

and how it changes the interpretation of basic chart
placements depending on whether a person was born
during the day or at night.

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

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BDTB-2 ($24.95): Philosophical Issues in Ancient

Nick Dagan Best

Peter Burns

Uranus and the Shining Sun

When will it Happen?

A historical look at the transit of Uranus through the

twelve tropical signs over the last two centuries,
focusing on biographical studies of various notable
people during times of Uranus conjunction and
opposition transits to their natal Suns

Many questions put to the horary astrologer revolve

around time: the moment of fulfilment. The client wants
to know the answers to such questions as when their
soul mate will appear in their life, when the cheque will
arrive, and when is a good time to go on holiday. It is
one thing to determine that an event will take place. It is
quite another to determine when it will take place. The
technique for determining the answer to when an event
will take place is relatively simple, but most students
manage to complicate the issue unnecessarily. In this
lecture Peter Burns will explain some of the foundation
techniques of horary astrology and how to use a timing
method that actually works.

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

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BDTB-1 ($19.95): Interpreting Fixed Stars

Breaking Down the

Borders - 3

Ca - Cl

Gary P. Caton

Tom Chaplin

The Visual Dimensions of the

Venus - Mars Cycle

Shadow Planets

This lecture explores the nature of the different visual

images presented to us by the 3 Venus-Mars
conjunctions of 2015. We will continue the "all
conjunctions are not created equal" theme from earlier
in the track, this time by differentiating the 3 VenusMars conjunctions of 2013 according to
morning/evening appearance and speed (who is
passing whom?). We will discuss how these
differences can and should modify and extend our
delineations, what this might mean for our forecasting
and client work, and what the ramifications are for the
field of astrology itself.
$24.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
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BDTB-2 ($24.95): Rahu & Ketu: Transformation Via
the Cosmic Dragon

Claire Chandler

Conversations generally turn serious when it comes to

topics involving Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house. We
seem to conjure up a mysterious curiosity over the 8th
archetype unlike anywhere else in the chart. Ever
wonder what lies buried in the darkness of your own
8th house? What happens if you accidentally stumble
upon it and release it? Is that a good thing or
something to be avoided? This lecture will focus on
the 8th archetype and its hidden shadow. We'll
explore the dark side of public figures whose
unhealed shadows have caught them off guard and
literally knocked them off their pedestals. We'll also
take a look at techniques for facing our shadow sides
in order to heal, benefit and grow through 8th-house
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Tom Chaplin:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Converting the Astrological
Shadow to Gold
Other talks:
Vocational Astrology. With Linda Furiate.
(4 hr workshop) ($25.00)

Points of View?
Whenever we tell a story we take a position. The tone,
style and perspective used to frame a narrative is
unique to the teller. The interpretation of a chart, or of
anything for that matter, requires judgement. In this
lecture we examine how we find our voice and the
implications of using it.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Claire Chandler:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Astrological Symbolism in
Ancient Magic
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Seven Squares Uranus-Pluto

Gregory Clare
The Blue Planet: A Geocentric View
of Our Relationship with the Sun
Rightly or wrongly, our ancient ancestors viewed our
planet as the centre of the solar system. Nicolaus
Copernicus, with the encouragement of astrologer
Georg Joachim Rheticus, changed the way in which
the collective understands the heavens. It is our own
unique location on this planet that gives us a personal
perspective of how the sky works. If I live in the
Northern Hemisphere what do I see differently from
those who live in the Southern Hemisphere? In this
workshop we will look at how the celestial equator and
the earth's obliquity change our perspectives.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Gregory Clare:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Modified Solar Return (MSR)
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Hell Hath no Fury like Money

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Cl - Co

Brian Clark

David Cochrane

Ensouling Place: Being Here Now

Aries: Pioneer, Warrior, or Lone


Studies have shown that we humans generally identify

place with safety, consigning it to either end of a
spectrum that extends from security to isolation. Who
can explain why we are drawn to certain places from a
young age, or have a penchant for moors or deserts
while others are repelled by them. Why are some
drawn to caves, others open spaces? Some prefer
cities, others villages. From a soulful perspective, the
natal and relocated charts can help to confirm the
mystery of our feelings and reveal patterns to places
that are significant in our lives. In this lecture we will
consider place from the perspective of the soul using
the natal and relocated chart to help us consciously
cooperate with ensouling both our personal and our
collective space through attending to and participating
with where we are.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Brian Clark:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Absence of Presence: Voids
in the Horoscope
BDTB-1 ($19.95): NOSTOI: Considering
Astrological Returns

Frank Clifford
Spotlight on Success: Making the
Most of Your Midheaven
In this talk, Frank will explore the many facets of the
Midheaven (MC). This much-neglected angle has
much to say about our reputation and public image,
and, as part of an axis, our parental messages and
family inheritance. Astrologically, our MC complex
reveals our personal definition of success and our
deep-seated drives to make a societal/professional
contribution. We can gain recognition when we "follow
our bliss" and adopt the roles described by it. In this
talk, Frank will offer new insights from his years of
research into the MCIC axis.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Frank Clifford:
Speaking Your Chart: Having fun with
astrological correspondences ($9.95)

I will describe a research study that helps us

understand what the influence of the zodiac sign Aries
really is. This evidence for the meaning of Aries is
based on a research design that modern research
methodologists consider to be better than the usual
ways that we use to verify astrological ideas. The
research design used is an "extreme case study," and
it is a research design that does not require as much
effort as many other research designs, is fun to
conduct, and modern researchers would say that the
findings are more important than the findings we get
from looking at charts of freinds, family, clients, and
famous people. We will also briefly look at the
research on other zodiac signs.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Colleen Coffey
Fortuna and Daimon -- Part of
Fortune, Part of Spirit
Traditional astrology was festooned with a myriad of
Arabian Parts. Unfortunately only the Part of Fortune
(Fortuna) has made the transition into modern
astrology. It is said that this is so because Ptolemy
made much of the Part of Fortune in his Tetrabiblos
because "fortune" was tangible and could "prove"
astrology, but he made no mention of its "soul mate"
the Part of Spirit because the "spirit" is indefinable and
not so easily "proved." However, these two parts are a
pair, like bread and butter, and the Sun and Moon
they are meant to go together -- in fact as a pair they
reflect the Sun and Moon in the natal chart and
together with the Ascendant they underpin the
Lunation personality type. This lecture puts the Part of
Spirit back into the natal chart, discusses the
difference between day and night charts, and from a
traditional baseline, considers the relevance and how
to utilize the combined strength of these two ancient
parts in modern physiological astrology.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Co - Cu

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BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Quindecile - the Aspect of
BDTB-1 ($19.95): The Hidden Dimension - The
Lunar Phase Personality
Other talks:
The Progressed Lunation Cycle ($9.95)

Geoffrey Cornelius
Divination Theory and Practical
Is practical astrology divination? This question has
become something of a hot potato, with psychological
and archetypal astrologers joining together with diedin-wool traditionalists to declare the straightforwardly
objective nature of our Art's symbolism and its results.
We will cover in detail the case for and against
astrology-as-divination, and show the relationship of
this question to that of the role of imagination and the
"symbolic attitude." We also explore some of the
leading-edge approaches of contemporary scholarastrologers sympathetic to the divinatory
interpretation, including Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum,
Patrick Curry and James Brockbank.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Geoffrey Cornelius:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Katarchic Astrology and the True
Nature of Horary
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Astrology: The Post-Modern
Shape Shifter

Donna Cunningham
The Capricorn Stellium
At BDTB-2, I gave a general introduction to stelliums.
However, that was a long time ago, and now the word
is starting to get out that there are now more people
with stelliums with an outer planet conjunction as the
core than ever before. And more and more of them
are coming to astrologers for answers on how to
manage those combinations. Over the past 50 years,
there have been a series of them, starting in Virgo and
complicating one sign after another. My primary
concern, and the one I'd like to address in my lecture,
is the Capricorn Stellium generation in their mid-20s,
born with a triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, and
Neptune. Millions of them were born in 1988-89, and
those born in the winter months could have as many
as 7 planets in Capricorn. Since the last time these
three planets were conjunct was in 1307, astrologers
need information on how this combination works and
ways to help them use the planets' energies in a more
constructive way.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
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BDTB-2 ($24.95): How to Get the Most from Your
Stellium or Multiple Conjunction
BDTB-1 ($19.95): How a Blog Can Build your
Astrology Practice
Other talks:
Building an Astrological Practice ($15.00)
Clients in Crisis ($15.00)
Conducting Effective Readings ($15.00)
English for Astrologers ($15.00)
Reading the Charts of Children ($15.00)

Gary Curci
Neptune in Pisces: The Water God
Returns to His Domain
A study of the events that occurred when Neptune last
visited Pisces and what we are likely to see happen
during this transit.

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

De - Es

Maru Deiguez

Meira Epstein

Healing with Astrology

Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise:

Timing Through the Houses &

Astrology... a medicine to heal. Embracing your

destiny and making the best out of your life with
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Armand Diaz
Astrology: How and Why Does it
As above, so below. The music of the spheres.
Synchronicity. Physical effects of the moon and sun.
Through the ages, astrologers have held many ideas
about how and why astrology works, reflecting an
evolving worldview. In this talk we will follow the line of
thought from classical times to the contemporary
world, and see how a revolution in consciousness is
offering a new way to think about our ancient art.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
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Other talks:

Two effective and easy-to-use forecast methods from

the treasures of the past. One is known as
"Profection," which is based on signs/house
sequence, and works hand in hand with the solar
return chart. The other is the "D-Quadrant System,"
based on the diurnal motion in the course of the first
day after birth, and covers much longer periods of life.
It is a truly an evolutionary approach, since it
describes the personal development throughout life
and shows when the natal potentials blossom and
come to fruition. When both systems are integrated
we are shown the highlights of life. They are easy to
master and are "a must" whether you read for yourself
or others.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Meira Epstein:
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Planetary Hours in the Natal

Integral Astrology Making Sense of

Astrological Diversity ($9.95)

Monica Escalante-Ochoa
Adrian Ross Duncan

Principles of Electional Astrology

Mastery of Prediction

Success or failure of a new activity, association or

event depends mainly on the time when this is started.
Luckily, electional astrology exists to help us to find
the most favorable (or sometimes the least
unfavorable) time to attain success in important
events such as getting married, opening a business,
medical surgery, starting a trip, etc. Electional
astrology has different rules than natal astrology, and
here we will learn them in theory and in practice.

It is said that the meaning of communication is the

response you get. In prediction nothing is more
important than the client's response, for he or she
knows more about the potential future than the
astrologer. Prediction works when astrologer and
client cooperate to co-create a believable and
attractive future. Transits and progressions help
create the overall picture, but if you want to be able to
explain in exquisite detail what is going on, then you
need the chart for the moment the consultation starts.
This talk explains how.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Adrian Ross Duncan:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Embarrassing Truths and How to
Present Them

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Also, check out by Monica Escalante-Ochoa:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Who Is Right: Western Astrology
or Vedic Astrology?
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Predictive Techniques

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Fa - Fo

Kim Farnell

Marcha Fox

Fiery Travels: The Story of the Via


Avoiding Relationship Pitfalls: Love

Asteroids in Synastry

This is the story of a small stretch of sky. The Via

Combusta (fiery road) is a small stretch of sky, usually
defined as mid-Libra to mid-Scorpio, that is seen by
astrologers as A Bad Thing. When the Moon is there,
it bodes bad results for horary astrologers, shows
serious problems for electional astrologers and can be
generally worrying for other astrologers. And that is
the sum total of most astrologers' knowledge about it.
Throughout the centuries, astrological writers have
been extremely reticent about the Via Combusta,
seemingly assuming that it's so mind-bogglingly
obvious what it means that they needn't waste words
writing about it. The truth is that the Via Combusta is
so ancient, we can no longer be sure from where it
originated. But we can explore where the idea of the
Via Combusta might have come from and why it
endured as a concept for so many centuries.
Additionally, this book examines how it has been
interpreted by astrologers in the past. The Via
Combusta is a small stretch of sky. And this is its

The "Love Asteroids" include Cupido, Sappho, Eros

and Amor whose chart placements indicate who you
are attracted to as well as what your expectations are
of a lover. If you're always attracted to people with
whom you are not compatible, then it's likely that this
problem originates here. Since expectations are so
important in relationships, using these asteroids in
either natal readings or synastry helps point out where
any pitfalls may lie, which allows you or your client to
deal with them more effectively or perhaps avoid them

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Also, check out by Kim Farnell:
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Flirting with the Zodiac

Christine Ferraro
The Horoscope: What's the
Fascination with that Wheel?
Most of us are familiar with the image of the
horoscope, that circular diagram divided into 12 parts
inscribed with mysterious hieroglyphic symbols. But
what is it about that wheel that calls to us? We will
discuss and explore the way an astrologer views,
interprets and learns to understand the language of
the horoscope and how that information can be used
to facilitate understanding, enhance our lives and
promote personal growth. It's all about us!
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Also, check out by Marcha Fox:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Defending Our Universe
BDTB-1 ($19.95): The Chiron Process

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Ga - Ga

Adam Gainsburg

Kim Rogers-Gallagher

All Conjunctions Are Not Created


Everything You Ever Wanted to

Know About Chiron

All western astrology shares the round horoscopic

wheel as its main tool. Yet how much of the celestial
reality do our chart wheels portray? The truth is, not
very much at all. This lecture will first introduce the
key "missing ingredients" of the living sky -- Earth
proximity, visual appearances, planetary brightness,
declination, latitude and speed, using several sky
softwares to visually demonstrate them. We'll then
learn how to include these missing factors into our
chart work with ease, once we understand just
enough of the astronomy. We'll culminate with a
special look at eclipses and occultations as wonderful
examples of just why all conjunctions are plainly not
created equal.

There's a (relatively) new kid on the astrological block:

Chiron. But what's his story? Is he a planetoid, an
asteroid, or a comet? How does his myth point to a
spot in your chart where you'll deal with addicts and
addictions, tragic flaws, and the acceptance of
imperfection? Through the re-telling of his story,
interesting facts about the heavenly body itself, and
striking celebrity examples, here's everything you ever
wanted to know about Chiron -- including his amazing
connection to metaphysical healing trends and the
handicapped symbol of access. Your Sagittarian
hostess promises to educate and entertain you!
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

The Phases of Mars

Join me as we discover the little-known celestial
factors which link modern astrology to the very origins
of our astrological tradition. I'll then apply them to
reveal the "living sky" meanings of the thirteen phases
of Mars. Each Phase answers the question, "What is
my natal Mars in service to, beyond myself?" Our
natal phase signifies our inner masculine (residing in
both women and men) dharma of tangibly improving
our societal sphere in personally fulfilling ways. I will
demonstrate how knowledge of Mars' sky factors
combine with sound astrological delineation to greatly
increase scope and accuracy in working with Mars'
higher manifestations.

Mari Garcia
In the Wake of the Dragon: the
Moon's Nodes and the Cycle of Fate
The Moon's Nodes have always held a fascination, as
they have traditionally been associated with the
concepts of karma and destiny. They were also
considered to have both malefic and benefic qualities.
The importance of the Lunar Nodes has survived in
the practice of Hindu astrology but Western astrology
has relegated the Nodes into a miscellaneous basket.
This lecture will explore the Nodal Axis and its cycle
from a traditional perspective and their influence in
natal astrology.

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

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Other talks:
The Complete Cycle of Venus Phases ($9.95)

Also, check out by Mari Garcia:

Other talks:
The 8 House ($9.95)

Take a note!

Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D, Conference Organizer
Email: dennis@dennisharness.com
Phone number: 928-282-6595
Website: www.sedonavedicastrology.com
The Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference will be
held November 10-23, 2015 in mystical Sedona,
Arizona. Introductory, intermediate and advanced
classes/workshops will be offered.

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Ga - Gi

Thomas Gazis

Roy Gillette

A Fascinating Glimpse Into the

Hellenistic Astrology through the
Miraculously Preserved
Oxyrynchus Papyri

Making Friends with Astrology

We could say that the Oxyrhynchus papyri is a sort of

time capsule miraculously preserving not only the
literature but the daily life that was taking place some
2000 years ago, in the so called hellenistic era!
Actually these papyri were discovered at an
archeological excavation of an ancient rubbish dump
near the Hellenistic town of Oxyrhynchus in Egypt.
Among some unknown-until-now literary works and
many prosaic documents (like various transactions'
receipts and wedding invitations) there have been
found several informal and formal types of
horoscopes. These horoscopes are revealing to us
the methods, the skills and the shortcomings of the
astrologers of the time!

Knowing the astrology of people, as well as of

present, past and future times, enables us to see the
world through others' eyes; to experience their
needs, fears and pleasures, as if they were our own.
We see them as a complete Universe and feel
responsible for all. Roy will illustrate this with
individual charts, synastry and historical astro-events,
and then look ahead to see how such insight could
help everyone create a better future.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Roy Gillette:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Understanding World Change
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Zodiac Meanings as a Source of

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Also, check out by Thomas Gazis:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Amazing Similarities and
Discrepancies between the
Babylonian and the Mayan

Susan Gidel
Top 10 Retrograde Business
Decision Disasters
Take a lesson from these business disasters before
launching a product, upgrading a computer system or
buying a company when planets are retrograde. From
Mercury to Saturn, learn about what has gone wrong - and cost up to billions of dollars -- when making big
business decisions during retrograde periods.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Susan Gidel:
Other talks:
How the DJIA Behaves in the
Saturn/Uranus Synodic Cycle ($9.95)

Jennie Gilmore
Exploring the Foundation of the
Birth Chart with Astrology's
Elements and the Archetypes
Astrology is traditionally seen as universally consisting
of four natural elements: fire, earth, air and water. The
elements are considered to be the foundation of all of
life and are represented within the birth chart. When
applied to human nature, the elements represent
certain behaviors within an individual to help define
one's basic temperament. This lecture will explore the
basic essence of fire, earth, air and water and further
how it interacts with the energy of cardinal, fixed and
mutable qualities creating the twelve zodiac signs also
referred to as the "archetypes."
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Gr - Ho

Margaret Gray

Dennis Harness

Creating a New Relationship

Paradigm with the Help of the
Current Transits

Your Vedic Birth Star

What are some of the core astrological and

psychological features of the new spiritual
partnerships that many of us are seeking to embrace?
What does it require of us? What are some of the
challenges we may encounter in this process, and
how might the current planetary transits assist us in
our endeavors? Are we ready to replace fear with
unconditional love and joy? Join me today as we
explore how this core area of our life is rapidly
changing and evolving..
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Transits in Early Youth and Youth
Until Puberty: How Your Sensitivity
and Circumstances in Early Youth
Can Influence Your Adult Life
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can transit important
planets and points when we are very young. That
does not mean that something must happen, although
things could happen. Transits first and for all
emphasize the issues you are sensitive of during that
transit, so if even a minor thing happens in line with
the meaning of the transit, you will sense the impact
much more than without that transit. And the
psychological impact of these events can create an
unconscious though powerful basis for your actions
later in life. If politicians are not enough aware of how
early youth could have programmed them, their
political decisions will be in line with those
unconscious programs. The same is true, though in a
different way, for transits until puberty. We will look indepth in an example to illustrate the dynamics.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

This class will be very interactive as we explore your

Vedic Moon Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion). We will
discuss the meaning, symbolism, planetary ruler,
temperment and animal totem of each of the 27 lunar
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Joyce Hoen
Chiron and ADHD
ADHD is rampant ever since Chiron was discovered.
What does Chiron have to do with ADHD? And why
are non-ADHD youngsters taking Ritalin to get high?
And why are there statistically fewer ADHD persons in
France where medical doctors do not use the DSM/IV
(Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental
disorders). In this session we will explore not only the
role and function of Chiron in ADHD cases, but also
the relationship with the charts of the mothers of
ADHD -- we will give the "astrological symptoms" in
charts of ADHD-diagnosed persons and maybe some
alternatives to look at this entire problem, which is not
only a matter of non-concentration.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

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BDTB-2 ($24.95): Prenatal Progressions
BDTB-1 ($19.95): The Mercury Transit Cycle:
Scheduling Our Year

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Baris Ilhan
The Astrology of Nasir al-Din alTusi
Tusi -- philosopher, theologian, mathematician,
astrologer and astronomer -- is by far the most
celebrated scholar of the 13th century in eastern
Islamic lands. When his land was conquered by the
Mongols, he joined Halagu's service. Halagu Khan
was deeply impressed by his knowledge and
astrological competency. Tusi established the
observatory at Maragha and produced new
astronomical tables called "Al-Zij-Ilkhani." His books
on astrology remained unknown until today. At this
presentation we will meet Tusi and his astrology

Il - Ke

Jeff Jawer
Storytelling with Astrology
This workshop is an exercise in creativity. It's a
demonstration of a different way to talk about a natal
chart, turning it into a visionary tale and adventure
story instead of a form of cosmic psychoanalysis. The
group will be engaged in a process that's meant to
stretch our imaginations as a way to advance our
interpretative skills. The freedom to fantasize allows
us to explore a wider range of ways in which the
planets can work.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
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BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Wisdom of Water
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Astrology and Community

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Aleksandar Imsiragic

Anya Kezerashvili

The Age of the Soul in Karmic


Milestones of Life: Recognizing

Turning Points With the Help of
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Age of the Soul refers to how a person has grown

from experience on the planet, not just to how many
lifetimes he or she has lived. No person is "ahead" or
"behind" any other, but is simply occupying another
place in the continuous circle or spiral. There are
specific astrology formulas that allow us to define the
Soul Age and therefore understand the specific role
that our Soul has in this life to fulfill.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Aleksandar Imsiragic :
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Fixed Stars in Karmic Astrology
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Hermetic Astrology and Strings
between Incarnations
Other talks:
Life after Death and next Incarnation in a
Natal Chart ($9.95)

Midlife crisis of one's early 40s is the most famous (or

infamous) life milestone -- but what are the other
ones? This talk is about the "grand scheme" of things
in one's life. We'll take a look at how twists and turns
of life get reflected by the cycles of faraway planets:
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Ki - Ko

Roderick Kidston

Brad Kochunas

Juno -- The Lady of Personal Power

Born Under a Bad Sign?

This is a topic dear to Roderick Kidston's heart. He

has a different take on Juno, one which gives much
greater honour and emphasis to the asteroid which is
the astrological conduit for the energy of Juno, Queen
of Heaven. When astrologers first started investigating
the asteroids, Juno was offered almost entirely as a
symbol of marriage and partnership and the issues
that arise in close relationships. That's a start, but the
great lady who presides on Mount Olympus as the
queen of all the gods and goddesses is about
something much more fundamental than who does
what in the relating game. This lecture goes deeper,
into the heart of what Juno is as an astrological
symbol, and as a divine archetype. It examines the
deeper implications of what "goddess energy" means,
what shakti is, what it means to look at the feminine
principle as involved with power: real power, deep
power, the power that is fundamental to all spiritual
endeavour and which underpins all power in the
manifest universe, come to that. Juno shows us where
the true power is in the horoscope. If you want to
know where your personal power is, what some of
your deepest talents are -- though possibly unclaimed
and unexpressed, or only partially manifested -- then
you need to engage with Juno and make friends with
this very mighty, very splendid goddess.

Many astrologers believe that there are no bad signs,

malefic planets, or dreadful aspects. If this is so, and
the birth chart is a true reflection of the person, then
how do we account for the existence of aberrant and
pathological behavior? Aren't there bad, malicious,
and dreadful people in the world? Are there bad
charts or is every chart, as Richard Idemon once
wrote, the perfect chart? Can one discern the chart of
a saint from a sinner? This presentation will focus
upon the extreme expressions of sign/planet/house
dynamics and is designed to foster insight toward
understanding our own capacity for immoral,
problematic, and harmful behavior, recognizing that a
person without shadow is also a person without

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Lynn Koiner
The 12th House
The 12th House represents issues, qualities and
traits that have become repressed in the personality.
Planets in this house represent traits and qualities that
were deemed intolerable to be expressed by a parent
-- they were intimidating to a parent, and the individual
learned to repress these qualities and feelings. This is
a super-powerful house, and planets that fall into this
house are dynamic, but it is essential that you learn to
release their energies by finding an outlet -- in the
career, in the avocation or some other external
activity. Lynn will be presenting a lecture on her
observations of 12th house planets in the natal chart.
She will also introduce her theory of regressing the
chart into your parents' past, which she uses in giving
a greater understanding of the source of these issues.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Lynn Koiner :
BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Progressed Moon
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Depression: The Acute Mars
Other talks:
Using Natal Chart to Maintain Good Health
(Chat Series) ($9.95)
Beginning and Ending Planets (4hr
workshop) ($25.00)

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

La - Lu

Alphee Lavoie

Rick Levine

Research on Cancer

The Astrologer as an Agent of


These planets help us to understand the shadow side

of the personality that goes deeper than the reality of
life. Understanding these energies can make us see
more clearly into the situations in our life. And in
transit they help us with timing to understand our inner
growth and how it relates to life as a whole.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Alphee Lavoie:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Why Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
are So Important to a Counseling

We often think of the astrologer as a non-participating

observer, someone who reports on the clients issues,
timing, and choices. However, quantum physics tells
us that the observer is actually part of the equation;
the act of observation changes that which is observed.
The implications of this are great. As astrologers, we
cannot deny or otherwise avoid our roles as agents of
change. So what do we do about this? How do we
accept the responsibility of altering the lives of our
clients? And where do we go from here?
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Rick Levine:

Lee Lehman
The Soul: From Philosophy to
Medicine in Traditional Astrology
Astrology's close linkage with natural philosophy
meant that the development of ways to examine the
soul in astrology first followed philosophical ideas, and
then medical ones. Lee will examine these two
different approaches, and their astrological signatures,
and how medical principles changed the concept of
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Lee Lehman:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): When the Chart Says "No"
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Electional Astrology: Is It Worth
Doing at All?
Other talks:
The Astrology of Sustainability ($9.99)

BDTB-2 ($24.95): Venus and Mars are All Right

BDTB-1 ($19.95): 2020 Vision: Extending our
Astrological View Past 2012

Michael Lutin
The Astrology of the Evolution of
our Species
We all know something is happening. Our personal
lives, our relationships to our governments, and the
entire social structure we've been raised to accept -all are in upheaval and transition. As new planets are
being discovered with periods of 500 years or more,
and the shift of Regulus into Leo and Virgo, as well as
the positions of Neptune and Pluto at the end of the
Zodiac, all demand that the practice of Astrology
change to meet the needs of all human beings on
Earth. People still need to pay their bills, educate their
kids, and find a shred of romance in this world. And of
course our job is to help them do that. But the
enormity of social transformation cannot be ignored..
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Ma - Mo

Maria Mateus

BDTB-1 ($19.95): Between Past and Presence

Assessing a Planet's Condition

without Scales

Other talks:
Lunar Phases: Spiritual Growth (4hr
workshop) ($25.00)

A planet is always a pure form. But it does fall under

different chart conditions that alter its expression on
very different dimensions. Knowing this functionality is
key. We will examine these diverse indicators and the
particular ways in which they affect a planet's

Olga Morales

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Bill Meridian
Planetary Stock Trading: Group
This lecture demonstrates that stocks in the same
group have strong shared degree areas that affect the
movement of the entire group of stocks. For example,
the airline group is dominated by air and fire.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Bill Meridian:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Determination of the Proper
Natal Eclipse
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Eclipse Paths in Personal Charts

Eric Meyers
Aspects and Awakening
What is the evolutionary purpose of the aspects?
What do we learn through the interchange of Gemini
square Pisces, or Taurus opposed Scorpio? This
lecture will review the spiritual programs of every
(major) aspect. Each sign actually connects with all of
the others to reveal a striking template for our growth.
We will also address the shadow possibilities if the
spiritual curriculum is approached unconsciously.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Eric Meyers:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Planets and Awakening

An Introduction to W.D. Gann and

Financial Astrology
W.D. Gann was a legendary Wall Street trader and
master astrologer. He discovered the connection
between planetary cycles and speculative markets.
Olga will introduce and expand on the tools and
techniques he left behind for future astro-traders
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Andrew Morton
Mercury, Venus & Mars: Up Close
and Personal
"Mercury in the morning, Venus in the evening, Mars
at suppertime..." So why is Mercury so darned elusive
at being spotted in our twilight skies? Just when you
thought you should be able to get a clear sighting of
him you don't, but then another time almost
unexpectedly there he is. But is it really him? Because
he never quite looks the same as he did last time
around. Why is that? The trickiest of planets to be
pinned down: now you see him, now you don't. Venus
though has no such stage nerves as she dazzles and
bewitches us for much of the year as that most
brilliant of morning and evening stars, slipping
gracefully from view only briefly before reappearing on
the opposite horizon. No wonder that for some long
time our ancestors thought this was two different
stars. Mars meanwhile, in all his orangey-reddish
glory, comes sabre-rattling in our night skies roughly
every two years, growing bigger and bolder and
holding station over a period of some months and
then slowly fades away from whence he came. We
explore the cycles of these most personal and
individual of celestial bodies in their orbits around the

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Sun and look at how the natures of their differing
rhythms and varying visibilities as viewed from planet
Earth has shaped the characteristics we attribute to
them and what can then be further drawn out from a
chart to enliven and enrich our astrological
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Christopher Nemec
The Big Three: Sun, Moon, and
Almost anyone you meet will have the same story
about how they were introduced to astrology, and that
was by learning about their "sign" which is, in fact,
their Sun sign. Most people, astrologers included, will
agree that the Sun does hold an important place in a
person's horoscope, but there are two other factors
that hold about equal weight, but are usually unknown
by many, and that is the Moon sign and ascendant,
a.k.a. the rising sign. This introductory lecture will help
explain why these are known as "The Big Three" and
how you can start to understand why a Sun sign alone
cannot explain much of your core personality. With the
knowledge gained from this lecture, you will have a
tool that can help you to see the people in your life
with a little more clarity and understanding.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Doug Noblehorse
Inconjunct, Quincunx or Aversion?
Resolving the traditional doctrine of Aversion with the
modern concept of Inconjunct/Quincunx.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Doug Noblehorse:
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Fortune and Spirit: The Principal
Lots in Hellenistic Astrology

Ne - Lo
Dorothy Oja
Elections for Surgery
Electing a date in the future for an important event to
unfold is one of the biggest challenges of astrology. It
draws on the astrologer's skill to create a moment not
yet born. In the case of choosing a surgery date, it
carries a huge responsibility. We'll study the rules and
conditions necessary to elect the best date possible,
knowing that no date will be perfect in all cases, but
surely some are more perfect than others.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Dorothy Oja:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Davison Chart
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Compatibility and Conflict Synastry

Julene Packer-Louis
The Visual Highlights of 2015
Take a tour of the night sky with The Mountain
Astrologers "Sky Watch" columnist and learn where
and when to catch the spectacular planetary line-ups
of 2015. Understand the visual concept of retrograde
motion as you observe planets passing by other
planets and stars in direct eastward motion, station,
pass by again in retrograde westward motion, station
again, and pass by a third time in direct eastward
motion. Find out which occultations and eclipses are
visible in your area. This lecture will examine the sky
from several locations across the globe as you learn
how the height of the ecliptic and therefore planetary
alignments vary visually from different locales.
Observe as Mercury, Venus and Mars change from
evening planets to morning planets, undergoing
varying periods of invisibility in between as they swing
around the Sun. Find out which of the three MercuryMars conjunctions are visible, along with when and
where to observe them. Learn when and where to
locate the three Venus-Mars conjunctions in the sky.
Discover all the planetary conjunctions and the
spectacular stelliums of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and
Venus, Mars, Jupiter that await your observation in
2015. For Vedic Astrologers, I will also point out the
Nakshatras of the conjunctions and stelliums to help
reconnect you with the observational limb of Jyotish
called Gola.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Pa - Po

Also, check out by Julene Packer-Louis:

Also, check out by Glenn Perry:

BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Vertex and the Law of

BDTB-1 ($19.95): The SaturnUranus Cycle and
the Real Estate Market
Other talks:
Stages of Timing (4hr workshop) ($25.00)
Astronomy 101 ($9.95)

BDTB-2 ($24.95): Venus-Neptune: From Sacrificial

Relations to Undefended Love
BDTB-1 ($19.95): The Process of Integration in the

Frank Piechoski
Everyday Electional

Joni Patry
Prediction Using the Vimshottari
Dasha System, or Yogas in Vedic
Astrology presented by Julene Packer-Louis
The Vimshottari Dasha system is the predictive
system used in Vedic astrology to predict the entire
cycles of a lifetime. It is based on the position and
nakshatra of the Moon in the natal chart. The Dasha
system used in combination with the transiting planets
is the most accurate predictive system in astrology.
Life examples will prove this amazing system.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Joni Patry:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Astrology of Happiness: an
In-depth Look at the 4 House
BDTB-1 ($19.95): The Most Powerful Predictive
System in Astrology

Glenn Perry
Planetary Aspects as Personal
Planetary aspects symbolize underlying personal
myths that determine our thoughts, feelings, and
perceptions. These myths often have their origins in
childhood experiences, which serve as prototypes for
later experiences of analogous quality and meaning.
By seeing aspects as thematic patterns that link the
present to the past, we are in a position to re-author
our lives toward more satisfying outcomes. In this
lecture, we will explore how to deconstruct planetary
aspects to reveal the core beliefs they signify.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Using electional astrology to improve your home,

business and leisure time can make your life more
ordered and fulfilling. In this lecture you'll learn how to
find the best times for home repairs, renovations, and
buying and selling. You'll also learn how to plan the
perfect vacation and even start a successful business
and the best times to make major product purchases.
Using simple, solid electional techniques can make
your life easier.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Frank Piechoski:
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Charting the Course:
Techniques in Vocational
Other talks:
Annoyingly Intelligent People ($9.95):

Joe Polise
7 Essential Steps in Reading
Learning Traditional Horary Astrology might have any
student selecting the incorrect house to frame an the
question, or assuming a solid applying trine between
planetary significators indicates "yes" when the
answer is a simple "no." Planning your interpretive
approach, and proceeding from well-selected chart
points, is important in all chart work and allows you to
see what "textbook rules" or other procedures work
consistently, maybe, or not at all. This session
identifies these through 7 streamlined steps to focus
on what he uses for dissecting any horary -- simple or
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Re - Sl

Norma Jean Ream

Also, check out by Bruce Scofield:

The Quality of Action

BDTB-2 ($24.95): What We Really Know about the

Mayan Calendar

This lecture will approach Ptolemy's method for

analyzing the Quality of Action. This method inspects
the condition of the inner planets and how they
integrate with the societal planets through rulerships
and placement to provide a substantive assessment
of how one will go about being active and participating
in the business of life. This is a good technique for
career assessment.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Norma Jean Ream:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Firdaria Sequence: A Time Lord
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Inner Parent Dynamics in the
Natal Chart

Jane Ridder-Patrick
The Skin: Barrier and Bridge to the
The skin, in the symptoms it creates and displays, can
reflect quite graphically deep-seated processes of the
psyche that can be linked with the sufferer's
astrological make-up. In this lecture a range of skin
disorders, some major and some deceptively trivial,
will be examined to reveal their underlying dynamic
relationship with both the inner and outer worlds.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Jane Ridder-Patrick:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Fixed Signs in Medical

Bruce Scofield
Introduction to the Symmetrical
World of Uranian Astrology
In this lecture Bruce will give a bit of history and briefly
explain a few of the key concepts such as midpoints,
planetary pictures, solar arc directions, and the
Transneptunian planets
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Christeen Skinner
Financial Energy Patterns and the
Birth Chart
Money is a form of energy. The means of regulating
its natural flow may be shown in the natal chart. A
carefully respected flow of this current brings ease at
every level, whereas distress and dis-ease comes
through lack and over-concern. Using case histories,
this talk explores how clients have surfed recent
financial waves. A variety of astro techniques will be
used including midpoints, declinations and
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Christeen Skinner:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Harmonics
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Neptune: Bringer of Wealth and
Prosperity in Financial and
Business Astrology

Jackie Slevin
Cupid's Arrow: Bad Aim or Bull'sEye?
How do we know if a relationship is a passing
infatuation or the Real Deal? Example horaries will be
presented to illustrate whether you're swept off your
feet or left standing out in the cold.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the

Borders - 3

Sm - Sm

Andrew Smith

Rodney Smith

Location as an Agency of Growth

and Healing

National Charts: Which Chart Do we

Use and Why

Every living and non-living entity lives within a matrix

of potential manifestation, woven together within a
pathway of sacred geometry, held together by
intention -- a holographic projection onto which matter
is outlined. Your life is embedded within this larger
vibratory field of intelligence that is ever-changing and
perpetually becoming conscious. As astrologers, we
are fascinated and absorbed by time as the agency of
our on-going process of change. However, your life
emerges not only within the abstraction of time but
also within the context of space. Consequently your
life force is not simply contained within your physical
body but extends across time and space as you draw
into your Field people, ideas and circumstances that
trigger a multitude of growth possibilities that
ultimately serves to help you return to your Source.
Everything and everyone we encounter throughout
our lives has a purpose, serving to assist us in healing
the illusion of our separation consciousness and
rediscover our whole being. By expanding our frame
of reference to include the world as a canvas onto
which our internal process is mapped, the potential for
healing and spiritual growth is immense. Literally, your
internal process is global! During this talk I propose to
explore how astro-locality techniques can be used to
help our clients understand the multi-dimensional
perspective of their growth process. Rather than using
locality astrology to describe what will happen within a
particular location, this talk will explore what individual
and unique processes are "held" within the sociophysical matrix of location that can trigger the
evolution of your consciousness, using practical
examples and case studies. I hope you feel the nudge
to join me on this exploration.

National charts cause strong and plentiful debates,

and yet the ancients had a simple and easily erected
answer. What was it, and what does it tell us about

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

$29.95 Coming Soon at IAA

Richard J. Smoot
Cadent Houses: Behind the Scenes
of the Action
Cadent houses are the 12th house to all the angles.
The 12th house describes the preliminary inner work
and preparation we do in the angular house which
follows. Diminished in general astrology, the cadent
houses are the place of imagination, spiritual
connection, intentions and dreams in developing our
attitudes, drive and will show in our angles.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Richard J. Smoot:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Ive Got a Feeling: First
Impression Horoscope
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Gonzo Rectification

Other talks:
Understanding Life on the Edge: Solstice
Points and Antiscia (4hr workshop) ($25.00)

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

St - St

Wendy Stacey

Also, check out by Gloria Star:

Unaspected Planets: A Curse or a


BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Astrology of Childhood

BDTB-1 ($19.95): Right Time, Right Place: The
Significance of Location,
Coordinated with Cycles

How do we interpret planets that do not have any

major aspects in the birth chart? How do these
planets connect or integrate with the other dynamics
in the horoscope? This session will look at how
unaspected planets can be the most dominant and
obvious placement in the birth chart, how they can
behave and express themselves and how they show
quite frequently hidden talents.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Branka Stamenkovic
Marriage Election Rules
Careful reading of the election rules from the times
past brings us some surprising insights about the
ways we should approach elections in general, and
marriage elections in particular. Join us in attempts to
better understand and, above all, simplify the process
of electing, while at the same time learning about a
true hidden value of elections -- judgment of event
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Georgia Stathis
Often overlooked, but extremely sensitive, particularly
when delineating specifics, antiscia can give us a
perspective we just didn't see. It is particularly
important with the ending phase of the Uranus-Pluto
cycle and the late 2014 eclipses. Incorporating the
past, Georgia Stathis brings the meaning of the past
into a clearer framework with the events of these last
two years and the upcoming 2015. Stathis presents
many visuals in this lecture. Stathis was a teacher at
Kepler College and uses this technique in her own
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Georgia Stathis:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Rulerships: from a Modern
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Solar Arcs
Other talks:
Financial Cycles and the Nodes ($9.95)

Also, check out by Branka Stamenkovic:

BDTB-1 ($19.95): Court Astrologer's Astrology

Gloria Star
Love, Lust and Addiction
Sometimes it's tough to tell what's really going on with
a relationship, especially when passions run high and
clear thinking flies out the window. Combining clues
from chart comparison and synastry with cycles will
uncover the reality of the inner workings of a
relationship, or its potentials. Is it love, lust, addiction
... or something that's just meant for the moment? And
what does that mean, anyway? Join us as we delve
into the mysteries of the heart.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Zane Stein
Snow White and the Dwarf Planets
Pluto and Eris were demoted, and Ceres was
promoted, and they are now considered "Dwarf
Planets." A huge body out past Pluto has been given
the nickname "Snow White." While it sounds like
astronomers have been busy watching old Walt
Disney movies, all of these bodies are important
astrologicaly, and have an intimate relationship with
each other. I will show you just what the relationship
is, and also how to explore the relationships in your
chart that the Dwarf Planets have with the Personal
Planets: Mercury with Ceres, Venus with Eris and
Mars with Pluto.
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Su - Sw

Erin Sullivan

Kira Sutherland

Thinking Magically and Critically

Food, Emotions and Astrology

Discovery is not design but emerges through a

synthesis of magical thinking and critical thinking.
Discovery and creation is imaged in the psyche and
birthed by the diligence of critical thinking. In
astrology, we must employ both: to get to the core of
the horoscope, the mystery of human resilience and a
unique vision of the invisible. In her talk, Erin uses the
explicit images and the fascinating horoscope of Marie
Curie, her "love of the mystery" and search for the
unseen as a magical/critical example.

This lecture will take you on a journey through the

idea of foods, health, eating choices and how our
natal chart impacts all of this. From her 20 years as an
astrologer, nutritionist and naturopath, Kira will take
you deeper into how and why we choose the foods
that we do. She will explore the planetary and house
influences over these choices and how we can use
our natal chart to choose a more optimum diet.

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Also, check out by Kira Sutherland:

Also, check out by Erin Sullivan:

BDTB-2 ($24.95): The Astrology of Body Issues

BDTB-1 ($19.95): Houses of Healing

BDTB-2 ($24.95): Cosmic Shamanism: The

Sighting of the Outer Planets
and their transits to the
BDTB-1 ($19.95): The Justice of Zeus: The Morality
of the Sky God

Kelly Surtees
Forecasting with Firdaria
What is firdaria? How does it work? Explore this
Persian planetary period technique. Learn how to
create an overview of life, including different chapters,
based on each planet's length of rulership. The
concept of planetary strength and its influence on
whether you'll enjoy or struggle with your Venus,
Moon or Mars period is explored. A peak into the past
to help you guide a client through the future. Also
includes discussion of how to combine firdaria with
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!
Also, check out by Kelly Surtees:
BDTB-2 ($24.95): Active Aspects
BDTB-1 ($19.95): Layering Transits and
Other talks:
The Arabic Parts ($9.95)

$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Juliana Swanson
Introduction to Vedic Palmistry:
Hand-in-Hand with Vedic Astrology
In the honored Vedic tradition, the ancient science of
Vedic palmistry is considered a sister science to Vedic
astrology. Known by various names -- Hasta Rekha
Shastra, Hasta Samudrika and Hast Jyotisha -- Vedic
palmistry corroborates and substantiates the
information provided by the astrological birth chart.
This presentation will introduce the science of palm
and hand reading as it can be used in conjunction with
Vedic astrology to describe dynamic karmic patterns
reflected in character traits, behaviors and attitudes.
We will examine how the hands not only reveal but
also enact the balance of body, mind and spirit
through the three gunas (principles of nature) and
nine grahas (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,
Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu).
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Breaking Down the Borders - 3

Ta - Wu

Richard Tarnas

Shelley Wu

Myths and Planets: Exploring a

Deep Mystery

Karmic Connections: Chinese

Relationship Astrology

Does the myth of the deity whose name astronomers

assigned to a celestial body automatically reveal the
true nature of its astrological meaning? If so, then do
Greco-Roman myths have unique relevance to these
planetary forces that affect all cultures and peoples?
Similarly, does the patriarchal bias in the history of
astronomical naming reflect the true nature of the
astrological archetypes involved? We shall consider
these philosophical questions as we explore the
mystery of myth's complex relationship to astrological
$29.95 Get it now at IAA e-store!

Christina Thomas
The "What If?" of Horary Astrology
We are becoming more familiar with horary astrology
and understand that it is an ancient form of astrology
used to draw answers to questions posed at a given
point in time. It can offer results of amazing accuracy.
Horary astrology works using basic rules and
techniques. Not known for her traditional approaches
to most things in life, Christina thought.... "What if" a
particular question had been asked at the time of your
birth? "What if" it was possible to delineate a natal
chart using the fundamentals of horary astrology?
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Eastern sages have known for millennia that certain

souls seek each other out and are powerfully
attached. What is a Karmic Connection? A Karmic
Connection is a powerful psychic or tangible chemistry
between two people. It is the successful "re-uniting" of
spirit, mind and body with a matching, kindred and
familiar soul. Learn how to spot your soul mates -- the
most potent of the compatibility connections and said
to be connections from other times and places. Learn
about the Chinese relationship trines -- those signs
known for their affection toward each other and likemindedness. Confront the oppositions and
combatants -- those signs that repel each other due to
clashes in essential disposition or locked in unseen
combat with one another. Learn about the fascinating
team work of our "In-Kind" connections -- those two
signs who team up to complete one of the 6 life
"palaces" and form unions that have a strong
"purpose" component. Examples will be shown and
discussed of how these relationship connections and
dynamics influence world leaders, celebrities and you
and I alike
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