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Shakopee City Council

Regular Session

7:00 p.m.

June 7, 2016

LOCATION Council Chambers City Hall 129 Holmes Street South

Shakopee Mission Statement
The Mission of the City of Shakopee is to provide the opportunity to live, work and play in a community with
a proud past, promising future, and small town atmosphere within a metropolitan setting.
Agenda items are tied to the following long-term goals that support the City's strategic vision as noted after each agenda item:
A. Keep Shakopee a safe and healthy community where residents can pursue active and quality lifestyles.
B. Positively manage the challenges and opportunities presented by growth development and change.
C. Maintain the City's strong financial health.
D. Maintain improve and create strong partnerships with other public and private sector entities.
E. Deliver effective and efficient public services by a staff of well-trained, caring, and professional employees.
F. Housekeeping item.

Mayor Bill Mars presiding


Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Agenda


Consent Business - (All items listed in this section are anticipated to be routine. After
a discussion by the Mayor there will be an opportunity for members of the Council to
remove any items from the consent agenda for individual discussion. Those items
removed will be considered following the Public hearing portion of the agenda. Items
remaining on the Consent Agenda will not be discussed and will be approved in one

Police and Fire

1. *Cooperative Agreement for Public Safety Information and Radio Systems (D)


Public Works and Engineering

1. *Approve a Change Order for the Hilldale Drive Improvements Project No. 2014-3
2. *Regional Solicitation for Federal Funds for TH 169 Pedestrian Bridge (E)


Parks and Recreation

1. *Contract for Skate Park Design and Construction (A,B)
2. *Award of Contract for Low Voltage, Security and Audio Visual for the Shakopee
Ice Arena and Community Center Improvements, Project No. PR2015-3 (A, B, C)


General Administration
1. *City Bill List (F)
2. *City Council Minutes (F)
3. *2016-2017 Liquor, Wine, and 3.2 Beer License Renewals (F)
4. *Set a Public Hearing Date Regarding the Establishment of a Cable Television
Franchise Agreement with Qwest Broadband Services, Inc., d/b/a CenturyLink (F)



opportunity for the public to address the Council on items which are not on the
agenda. Comments should not be more than five minutes in length. The Mayor may
adjust that time limit based upon the number of persons seeking to comment. This
comment period may not be used to make personal attacks, to air personality
grievances, to make political endorsements or for political campaign purposes.
Council Members will not enter into a dialogue with citizens, and questions from
Council will be for clarification only. This period will not be used to problem solve
issues or to react to the comments made, but rather for informational purposes only.


Business removed from the Consent Agenda will be discussed at this time


General Business:

Parks and Recreation

1. Authorize Rule Waivers and Various In-Kind Contributions for the Shakopee
Diversity Alliance (SDA) Fourth Annual International Festival (D)


General Administration
1. 2015 Annual Financial Report, Audit Presentation and Review by Staff from Kern,
DeWenter, Viere, LTD (C)
2. Utility Franchise Fee Agreements (C)

3. Monthly Financial Review (C)

4. Appointment of the Director of Planning and Development (E)

Liaison & Adminstrator Reports


Other Business


Adjourn to June 21, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

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