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I To date we have n-o missionaries in

ing Link Support:

j the country of Malawi, but we do have
t? rTi
a s m a 11 group of Christians in the ^ Ron
$200. 00
southern region surrounding Chiduba
200. 00
Village in the Mianje district.
75. 00


75. 00


75. 00

0]ie S^mch's

$625. 00 per month

Gregory Makhole i s the minister at

Chiduba Village and he has been instru

mental i n leading over two hundred

Service Link:

Malawians to Jesus.
New Church Establishment

$275. 00

Gregory attended prayer meetings and

{Includes petrol, printeo

Bible studies with our missionaries in


the gold mines of South Africa, and it

was there he accepted Christ as Savior.

Printing (Newsletter)


Training School
(Books, supplies)



While in Malawi this past summer, Ron ^

was invited by both the Christians \
there, and Chief Nazombe to return to


Malawi and establish a work in that


Chief Nazombe is Chief of

55,000 people, and it is his wish that
our home is built in h i s village. The
Chief has also

The Elericks are available to speak at:

Faith Promise

set a s i d e land f o r a

Church and a Bible training school as

Church Groups



It isTiis wish that we reach his

Men's Meetings

people for Christ.

The Elericks plan to establish a Bible

^training school in Chiduba Village, as

well as helping to establish new con-

"i gre^atiqns throughoutthis region, ^he

I firsl'mdnths will be spent in perfecting

I their knowledge of the Chi-Chewa


Contact by writing:



Ron Elerick

Box 364

Apache, Oklahor^a 7300


nianguage, and learning the ways and

i/customs of the people.




in 1962.

Besides caring for an active

family, and supporting the ministry

in Apache, Arleen is a graduate of
Midwest Christian College and received


her A. B.

in C h r i s t i a n Education in

June 1973.

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> Ma AM hi* iMMlXi. wtn



Ron and Arleen E 1 e r i c k met at S a n

Jose Bible College and were married

Malawi is situated in southeast Central

in 1964. The Elericks have three

children; Rhonda 7, Susan 5, and

Africa, south of the equator and it lies

entirely within the tropics.
In the

Wendy 3.



and southeast it i s

bordered by Mocambique, in the north

Ron was born in Glendale, California
onDecember 16, 1944. He was raised

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Rm llAriek u e elneere, ddicaM4 AlAlater at Ut feapA^ 0/ Jaaua
BretAar Berv. &*!( tenearlr Mm a MMr Mr* a( CbarekM RlUe
Mfor* AMsadM bia rele aa a ailalaUri la wtbr ef jw a^v^rt
aad praTvra Ui tM taaa at eerld avaAfeUi*.

thia la artaaMM aet

Mljr lA Ber>*a verb buV alae In bla ler*^ ftoily* etaa r* flaa

He e^Bsd blA u fee aa a bretMr lA Chrlat, and a prcAalac

preaebar at \ba teapel tar tM varl 1a Malaal.
far Chrlei* SaM,

TM Hdtra at CharnNi
RtUa OirUtlaA Chardi

in Oregon and California, and graduated

from high school in Oroville, California
in 1962. Ron, a former State Trooper
in Alaska, is now a missions major at
Midwest Christian College in Oklahoma
City, Oklahoma.
He has been pres
ident of the missions group on campus
the past two years, giving leadership
in missions emphasis.
Ron has just
completed his fir St year in a successful
ministry at Apache, Oklahoma.
church in Apache was instrumental in
sendingRontoMalawithis past summer
where he served his internship.
Arleenwas born in Los Angeles,
California onSeptember 10, 1944. She
was raised in California and graduated

west by Zambia and Tanzania in the

north and northeast. Extending for
50 to 1 DO miles from east to west,
Malawi covers an area of 45, 747 square
miles- -about three-quarters the size
of England.
Of the total surface area,
nearly 9,300 square miles consist of
inland water.

There are over four:.^d.a .halfmillion

people in the country of Malawi.
Of these 10, 880 are Asians and 7, 046
are Europeans.
The population is

unevenly distributed, and in the

southern region where the Elericks
i^...to:,wbrk, t h e r e are 169 persons
per square mile.