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The purpose of thie email is to share my experience of working in Ford as summer trainee in year 2013.
First day Mrs Gaurav Thakur introduced me to mMy Project guide Mr. Avinish Bansal and made me
acquainted with all the basics of the office and about my training at Ford. Then Avinish gaveHe me idea
about how the different teams work together, what are their roles and how do teams in Asia Pacific and
team in North Americadifferent geographical regions work together. Mainly dDuring my training I learnt
about Agile model and practices used in the company.and I attended daily stand ups ,iteration review
,iteration demo ,iteration retrospective and iteration planning meetings and Team hurdles .Through all this
I got to know understand about the processes and practices being used and how do teams collaborate
and work in a project.
My project was on Defects Aanalysis in which I was given few list of defects. I had to discuss those
defects with the concerned person who had raised it to get to know what that defect is all about. Then I
analysed analyzed those defects and categorized according to its root cause. On the basis of analysis
some best practices and recommendations was provided for defect them and gave my recommendations
for the same.Iprevention. I also learnt about 5 Why technique and Root Cause Analysis during my
training. My project mentor Mr. Arvind Choudhary was my mentor for this project who explained me about
different types of testing and the people who do testing of thehappens on working application in the
project. I also got to knowexposure about the PDO project which is a, the current project on which the
team is working. few basic details about it like what it is all about and what all teams are there in the
project, about the Feature family and Feature codes. Things related to the GUI part of the project.
Obviously due to some constraints like confidential information of the company I could not have much
access to the inner details of the PDO project so I worked on process based project and learnt from it.
Overall experience at FTSI was good from perspective of learning, support and help from the staff,
Avinish was always there to help me and guide me. . Everyone in the team was very friendly, supportive,
and helpful.
Rest I think from a computer science or information technology side student's perspective, if some project
related to coding apart from process based like some small working project could be given.Thatgiven.
That will help more him/her in learning along with practices used in the company. And if possible could
include more people like 6-7 in the program, which will help the student as well as the company.
Being the first trainee in FTSI I am very much satisfied with the learning received and will recommend
other students for same.
But according to me first attempt for the company for giving training was very good. Everyone in the team
was very friendly, supportive, and helpful.