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Apollo Scaffolding Ties, Product News Update

New ideas, new products and new services from Apollo

You should never accept a 75 mm plug as being system compatible. The extra 5 mm of plug length
reduces the area of expansion by 10% so it must have an effect on performance. If a 70 mm plug is not
necessary then why are setting rings positioned for 70 mm plugs? Remember the correct installation is
achieved when the screw protrudes past the end of the plug by 6-8 mm.
How does this enhance performance by a significant amount? Please call us and we will advise!
We have a potential concern about professionalism within our area of the construction market.
The suppliers of the 75 mm plugs either know that it is non system compatible and are therefore deceiving
customers or if they don't know about the system needing to be compatible by design and dimensions it
means their technical application knowledge needs to be questioned.

Apollo scaffold hooks look like this

A very practical
22 mm working

The tooling to produce an Apollo

Hook costs more than other
designs and also needs to be
replaced on a regular basis to
maintain a close to parallel as
possible on the return leg of the
J bolt. This design is performance
enhancing and allows a safe
working load of 18.3 kN

The working tolerance is created by the

curvature of the bend on the J bolt.
Apollo hooks have a 11mm radius that
provides a working tolerance of 22 mm which
is the maximum allowable distance between
the actual position of the drilled hole and the
ideal position of where the hole should have
been drilled.

Imitations look like this

A not very practical
3 mm working

The arrow point provides no more than 3 mm of working tolerance.

Any connection on the straight part after the bend, indicated by the ARROW
will lead to a maximum load of no more than 10 kN before they bend.
Thats a SWL of only 5 kN MAX
We know because we had independent tests carried out.
So the safe working load is no more than 5 kN.
This is why some other suppliers state a safe working load for their hooks
of only 3.5kN. Apollos are 18.3 kN: Quality performing designs

Apollo nylon scaffold plugs

The Apollo plugs are dimensionally correct and system

compatible. Lengths are: 70, 100, 135 and 185 mm
Manufactured from PA6 nylon

Other types look like this

The plug has a collar to assist in the correct and

optimum setting and to retain the plug as being
surface fixed. Like its designed to do!
The imitations may be labelled 70 mm when in fact
they are 75 mm. How deceitful but very true!!!
They probably will not have a collar.

Other types are not likely to provide you with

the optimum performance
as they are not system compatible.
TG4:11 recommends compatible systems.

Maybe plastic and not PA6 nylon. Plastic

deteriorates by collapsing up to 2 mm within 4 weeks
after the installation has been loaded.

Genuine Apollo products can only be purchased direct. Supplying direct means we learn together.