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Queue Management:I manage the ticketing queue properly.

As soon as ticket arrives in the queue as a queue manager i were assigned or routed properly within a given time line.
On the priority basic .we

SLA adherence

a. Understand the problem and Implement the solution under guidance.

b.Timely reporting Issue and leaves to the R/M & Lead.
c. Help the team to timely response the customers request -Provides necessary inputs on time
d. Completing time sheet on time.
e. Appropriate timely unambitious communication.
f. I am training myself to sharpen my skills on my core domain. I am utilizing my current environment to get skilled in multiple domains.
g. I share the knowledge I acquire to my teammates so as to maintain a knowledge base in my project.
h. 100% adherence to SLA norms and reporting of issues and leaves.

Shift Handover:- http://work.chron.com/write-handover-report-3331.html

I have summarized my tasks, duties or responsibilities as briefly as possible. I have attached a copy of your job description whenever it required. I
always try to make it clear as much as possible so that whosoever is taking handover be very clear.
I have described major tasks that require certain processes face to face and if any other information required were always available on call also
provided process manual so that it would easy to complete the remaining task.
We always provide the name to which I am interacting and Include names and contact information for backup personnel for handling issues in case the
primary contact isn't available.

The handover report doesn't need to contain that much detail, but for the clarity, the reader might appreciate your job description to better understand
your position or role with the company. Knowing your position with the company might help the reader understand the purpose of the handover report.
For example, if your handover report includes a description about preparing board meeting minutes, an explanation concerning your connection to the
board of directors and your responsibilities is helpful.

Describe your major tasks that require certain processes. A process manual is especially useful when a position is vacant or an employee is absent.
List the steps required to complete each of your major job functions. For example, if you're responsible for handling payroll, describe the process for
collecting time records, obtaining signatures for approving overtime, instructions for the software application you use to produce payroll records and
paycheck disbursement procedures.

Knowledge Base/Documentation

I have create the troubleshooting document whatever issue I have faced during working hours which helps the team also.

Training Compliance
I have completed all the training Compliance on time

Value Add

Shows initiative and self-direction in setting goals

Works diligently to help establish goals and plans

Clearly communicates objectives to others


Overall comment :-

I improved knowledge and understanding of how teams function. I had a much better understanding of team
dynamics and how to contribute more effectively in the various roles and stages of team development. Respond to all
customer inquiries with two quickly if I am not able to process the query took the help of senior guys to solve the
query as soon as possible.
Prepared the weekly report and sent to the RM on timely every week. I was always available on call if not in shift and
helped the team as much as I can.

Process adherence:-

I always adhere to process be it is a working on tickets, filling time sheet or applying leaves. Filled up the time sheets
on time without any deviation. I got 100% marks always in ticket audit. 100% adherence to all the compliance and
processes as laid in the SLA

Training Compliance
I have completed all the training on time whenever I got it