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The article, Malaysia Airports: Green by Design, which is taken from Readers Digest

Malaysia is being chosen to be analyzed because we can learn from the vigorous language used
in the magazine as well as the writing skills shown in it (Zhai & Li, 2012)
After being analyzed thoroughly, this article uses mixed tenses to write about Malaysia
airport in doing a campaign about going green, the writer is giving information. From the article,
we know that it highlights about the campaigns that they have been doing to preserve the green
environment and also some future plans that they want to carry out.
It is a non-fiction article M. A. K. Halliday had introduced an approach in treating
language as a foundation for the building of human experience. He further explained that:
Type of linguistic situation differs from one another, broadly speaking, in three aspects:
first, what is actually taking place; secondly, who is taking part; and thirdly, what part the
language is playing. These three variables taken together determine the range within which
meanings are selected and the forms that are used for the expression. In other words, they
determine the register. (Halliday, 1978:31).
According to Zhai & Li (2012), in every issue of Readers Digest, there will be science
and technology articles, therefore these articles have their own distinctive language, just like this
article. Because it is science and technology article, but the magazine is meant to be read by
everyone from all ages, the writer must be able to use simple language instead of technical
language. For example, The airports environmental efforts also include extensive landscaping
to prevent soil erosion, tree replanting, transformation of previously barren grounds and
construction of ponds outside the airport operations area as havens for birds and fish.
It is not an easy task for the writer as they are required to possess the ability to express
technical concepts in short, familiar words and to describe the complex processes by using the
analogies that are understandable to the readers (Zhai & Li, 2012). So far, average readers like
the second language learners have managed to understand and comprehend the articles, like the
one being analyzed. Not only that, Readers Digest has managed to make the article interesting.

As being analyzed from the article, Readers Digest had deleted most of the adjectives
and adverbs to simplify the tenses, for example, KLIAs infrastructure is designed within a
framework of seven key green considerations, known as the Seven Wonders.
This article is written to acquaint reader with the rationale behind the concept of
preserving the environment by writing a simple science and technology article that can be
understood by everyone. This article is also to enable the readers to appreciate the objectives of
the writer.
This article will attract person who is very engrossed in conserving the environment by
making Malaysia airport green. It is also suitable for young students to read as they are the future
generation who will help the country to preserve the greenery in the country. People who want to
look for more information for their research can also get benefits from reading this article. Other
than that, this article is suitable for the readers not averse to non-fiction and scientific discoveries
reading materials, looking for start of new interest. This article is also a way for the writer to
share his or her feelings with the readers for the need of in-depth reading of content. This article
provides key information to expect with crystal clear explanation. This can capture readers
interest and provide compact information of the green nature at the airport.