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Date: Jun 28, 2016 4:53 PM
To: <mike.kennels@greensboro.com>, <cindy.loman@greensboro.com>
A. P. Dillon, an investigative reporter and the creator of Lady Liberty
1885 internet publication, received (1st week of June) a press release
regarding allegations and more than 25 charges against the State of
North Carolina Democratic Party's (NCDP) Chairperson Patricia "Patsy"
Keever (Aycock) and others named and unnamed whom were accused
and charged in a Grievance and Petition alleging NCDP discriminated
and disenfranchised their African-American Caucus (AAC-NCDP)
Auxiliary members, among other possibly illegal acts and conduct which
violates the 14th & 15th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act.

Ms. Dillon published an article in "The Lady Liberty 1885" and made her
appearance on "The Last Word", an internet Radio program hosted and produced
by Michael Lawson.
Ms. Dillon and Mr. George Fisher of "Word Press Blog" stated it was surprising and
rather unusal that none of the local and State wide print, radio or TV news media
picked up the story...
Especially when she sent out a press releases to most of the NC print news media,
but "not one of them published one word"...In spite of "the story being worthy of
National news recognition and publishing".
Did NCDP Chairperson's Patsy Keever (Aycock) husband, a former news
Publisher, have anything to do with the media not picking up and publishing the
news story??? Or is it because of the upcoming 2016 Elections, cause it may
curtail the news media's election candidates campaign advertisement.
Whatever reason the NC print, Radio and TV news media may give..... they did not
give one drop of ink or electricicity to power a microphone... However, it's clearly
reminiscence of the very same type and manner of the propaganda and sabotage
campaign tactics that was used in the 1898 to launch a campaign to discriminate
and disenfranchise the Negroes (African-Americans voters) which was conducted
by 3 NC print and TV news media companies during the Democrat Governor
Aycock's administration.
Obviously, the current NC news Media forgot that, in today's time, there are new
publishing technologies available to publish verifiable facts and evidence without
relying on them to pick up and publishing the much needed info and story to their
community subscribers.

The AAC-NCDP Auxiliary say's it will not wait or count on NC white news and TV
media to publish their much needed story/information. They can and will reach out
to the Social media to publish and distribute the news of the discrimination and
disenfranchisement via the grass root and other political activist groups.
If necessary, and it is, the AAC-NCDP Auxiliary has decided to reached out to
various cable news Joy Reid And Rachel Maddow shows, civil rights activist and
organizations such as Moral Monday,blacvotescount.com, NAACP, SCLC, the
Congressional Black Caucus along with Black lives Matters members to flood the
Social media channels to publish and distribute the needed story and via campaign
leaflets in the 63 NC Counties, to call for and launch a State and Nation Wide
boycott of these news papers, Radios and TV program advertisers, because of
their failure to publish the facts and truth to accomplish "TRUTH for JUSTICE
under Law" for the Millions of NC African American and minority Consumers that
purchase their Advertisers consumer goods and merchandise products.
And a nation wide campaign to boycott the 2016 Elections has been on the Table
for consideration, if the Democratic National committee does not address the
issues and matter.
Sincerely, Director