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Saturn: Lord of the Rings 114 AD


Perfection, introspection, conscience, discipline, asceticism,

detachment, yoga, con-templation, meditation, inner silence,
transcendence, gateway to enlightenment, inner guru, patience,
endurance, persistence, responsibility, seriousness, sense of duty,
slowness, retardation, obstacles, problems, frustration, separating
influence, coolness, contraction, caution, suspicion, reservation,
exploration, discovery, invention, science, philosophy, metaphysics,
religion, judaism, monasteries, grief, depression, suffering, longterm or chronic situation, time, the past, servant, labourer,
communism, protestantism, anything mechanical, factories, oil,
coal, mining industries, agriculture. Shiva, Yama, Kurma avatar
(Tortoise incarnation). Sthapatyaveda, Yoga, Nirukta. Servant.
Shudra. Father, grandparents. Air. West. Tamas. Vata. Flesh, muscle.
Knees, lower legs, nerves. Dark blue, black. Lead, iron, steel. Blue
sapphire. 36th year.

AD......Before the invention of the telescope, Saturn was the most

distant planet that anyone could see. It marked the end of the solar
system. Naturally, it came to represent limits. Today, it remains the
most distant planet thats easily visible with the naked eye, so that
meaning still applies. But its image has improved. Thanks to the
telescope and the Voyager space missions, everyone knows what
Saturn looks like. Even people who have never looked through a
telescope have seen pictures of its dazzling ring structure. And they
know that its the most beautiful planet in the solar system.
The second largest planet (after Jupiter), Saturn is a gas giant
surrounded by a broad collar of icy rings and at least 18 named
moons (and counting). Its so large that 95 Earths could fit inside it.
But its density is so low that, if there were an ocean large enough to
hold the entire planet, Saturn would float.
In mythology, Saturn was originally an Italian corn god. The Romans
identified him with the Greek god Kronos, who swallowed his own
children and was in turn conquered by them. Hes known as Father
Time, the symbol of the past and the old order.
In astrology, Saturn represents the system. Its influence is serious
and somber.
It brings structure, discipline, limitations, boundaries, responsibility,
duty, perseverance, and fear. It tests people and forces them to
confront reality.

As a result, Saturn has a terrible reputation, one that has been

nurtured by generations of astrologers, including the great
Evangeline Adams. In Astrology for Everyone, she explains that
Saturn blights all that he gazes on. He is the curse of
disappointment, not of anger. He freezes the water-springs; he is
the dry-rot and the death of the ungodly. He looks upon the Sun,
despairs; in cynic bitterness his draught is brewed, and he drinks it,
wishing it were poison. His breath withers up love; his word is
malediction . . . But in each one of us this principle exists; it is the
most inescapable of all our fates.
With publicity like that, its no wonder that followers of astrology
came to fear Saturn. Yet its reputation isnt entirely deserved
because, although Saturn does bring difficulties, it also helps create
order. Saturns influence enables you to conquer your fears and to
combat your inertia. If it forces you to struggle with depression,
disappointment, poverty, and other obstacles, it also compels you to
seek solutions, to set goals, to establish schedules, to work harder
than you ever thought you could, and to get organized. Saturn is, in
short, the planet of accomplishment.
Saturn takes 2912 years to travel through the zodiac. It spends
about 212 years in each sign. To discover its position in your chart,
turn to the Appendix.
The symbol of Saturn, wherever it may be in your chart, marks the
spot of your greatest challenges. Metaphysical astrologers describe
it as the cross of matter and circumstances rising out of the
crescent of personality, suggesting that humans create their own
limitations and must find ways to confront them. An easier way to
remember the symbol is that it resembles a curvy lowercase h
(for hard or perhaps hellish) with a slash mark across it like a
French 7.
Saturns placement by
sign determines your
sense of inadequacy,
obstacles and liabilities
that block your path,
and the ways in which you try to overcome them.
SATURN:............Saturn is the servant in the planetary cabinet. It
is personified as a statesman and leader of low castes and signifies
jobs requiring hard work with less remuneration, leadership of

workers, trying to acquire positions in government services, labor

oriented industry, routine workers, engineers, real estate agents,
research work, scientists, dealing with labor, dealing in roots and
fruits, dealing with servants, working with spoiled food, stones or
wooden materials, butchers, dealing with products or activities
below the earth, etc. When strong in the nativity, it signifies
perfection and highest human qualities, spirituality, detachment,
concentration, in wardness, dutifulness, reliability, honesty, humility,
responsibility, conservatism, practicality, realism, durability, eye for
detail, sobriety, constancy and consistency...........Saturn is a eunuch
planet, cold, dry, contracting, short-tempered, worn-out, tamasic
and vata. Its nature is cruel, selfish and indolent and its
temperament is harsh and hardhearted. Saturn has an emaciated
body, long stature, brown and sunken eyes, protruding teeth,
prominent veins, wrinkles, long hands and face, lazy and
melancholic nature, coarse and excessive hair when found strong in
a nativity and rules the ascendant or influences the lord of the
ascendant. Its complexion is dark and it rules black, navy blue and
bright brown colors.Prof. Anthony Writer
Shani..........Shani (Saturn) is the son of Surya. His many names
are; Suryaputra (son of Surya), Sauri (Son of Surya), Chayasunu
(Son of Chaya who was wife of Surya), Manda (the slow one), Pangu
(the lame one), Taranitanaya (Son of Surya), Arki (Son of Arka,
which is another name of Surya), Shanaishchara (Shani) etc. He is
sorrow of the Kalapurusha and is Preshya (servant) in the planetary
cabinet. He rules over the Snayuresha (muscles and tendons) of the
living beings. He is eunuch (male eunuch according to some
authorities) and a malefic graha. He is of Shudra (servant/ lowly)
caste. He rules the element Vayu (Air) and his deity is Lord Brahma.
His guna is Tamas and he wears multi -colour clothes (some
attribute blue or dark clothes to Shani and some say he rules old
clothes). He likes Kash-Aya (sour/astringent) taste and resides in
filthy places. He is strong in night, during Dakshinayana and in
Krishna Paksha. He is tall and thin with brown or tawny eyes (right
eye comes under his special influence). His eyes are generally small
and sunken. He is lame, with large or prominent teeth and has
coarse hair. He has Vata dosha (wind/gases/arthritis). His colour is
black. His gem is Neela (Blue Sapphire) and he rules iron. He also
rules Dhatu (metals i.e iron, coal and petrochemicals) and oils and
over dried looking trees. He rules Shishir Ritu (22nd December- 18th
February) and rules over year in the division of time. He owns

Makara (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius) rashis and gets deep

exaltation in Tula (Libra) at 20O. His moolatrikona is Kumbha up to
20O the rest ofKumbha being treated as his own rashi. He is in deep
debilitation at 20O of Mesh a rashi. He rules labial letters, pa, pha,
ba, bha and rna. He is strong in west direction of kundali i.e. in the
7th house and his direction is also west. Shani aspects fully the 3rd
and 10th house from the house occupied by him, as well as having
Vedic Astrology
the 7th house aspect common to all planets

UFS 65..........Saturn is born of the union of the Sun and Chhaya.
Saturn is the projection of the solar radiance through the veil of
matter; the pure radiance of the Sun is obstructed by matter. All the
divine off springs of the Sun have the common feature of carrying
and furthering the divine mission of the Light, the victory of the
spiritual forces over materiality. Saturn causes frustration with the
material world and spirituality is caused by the denial of
materialism. Saturn is Father Time, Chronos, the Planet of Karma,
discipline, responsibility. Saturn is the best teacher. Saturn teaches
us to manage our limitations.
Another name for Saturn is Saptarchi, meaning the seven flames,
or rays and the seven human temperaments: 1) Will
.......2)Wisdom...... 3) Activity of thought....... 4) Search for
truth.........5) Religious Protection........6) Aristist, fine art through
pure form and 7) Mystics and Visionaries. When dignified, Saturn

is profound in imagination, severe in acts, reserved in words, sparse

in giving, patient in labour, grave in disputing, studious, solicitous
and austere in all manner of actions.
When ill-placed, he gives traits of envy, jealousy, mistrust, sordid,
sluggish, suspicious, stubborn, a condemner of the opposite sex, a
liar, malicious, never content and pining for what is not.
In anatomy and illnesses, Saturn causes troubles with the right ear,
teeth, proceeding of cold, dry and melancholy, rheums,
consumptions palsies, tremblings, vain fears, dropsy, apoplexies,
the hand and foot gout, , etc.
The people signified by Saturn are day labourers, undertakers,
scavengers, carters, gardeners, dyers of black cloth, herdsmen,
sheperds, cow-keepers, malsters, chimney sweepers, sextons of
churches, colliers, elders, etc.
The principle of Saturn is contraction, discipline and hard work. Its
urge is to defend selfs structure and integrity towards safety and
security through tangible achievement. Positive expression comes
through disciplined effort, acceptance of duties and responsibilities,

patience, organization, reliability,etc; while negative expression

comes through self restriction through too much reliance on self and
lack of faith, rigidity, coldness, defensiveness, grappling inhibitions,
fearfulness and negativity, etc.
During each 30 years of its journey through the 12 signs, Saturns
brings in challenges to bring in new awareness or to face the
consequences of having failed to gain the wisdom required to do so.
Sturnd denotes :
1. the necessity for obedience to law. Necessity is the mother of
2. the value of labour, patience, intelligence and economical use of
time and material.
3. protection and limits the Soul till it is capable of leaving its
earthly conditions and entering its spiritual heritage.
Saturn in fiery signs, stabilizes ones identity and expresses
creative energy with moreregularity and objectivity with efforts to
master the physical world and developing a systematic approach. In
earthy signs, Saturn stabilizes ones efficiency and precision in work
and handling daily responsibility with efforts to master the physical
world and developing a systematic approach. In airy signs, Saturn
stabilizes ones thinking and disciplines ones mind without lapsing
into negative thinking and efforts are made to handle social
responsibilities with sincerity while maintaining a detached
perspective and thinking with clarity, practicality and effectively. In
watery signs, there is the need to stabilize ones emotions and
sensitivities, expressing feelings while simultaneously developing
more detachment from them. Efforts should be put into expressing
feeling with self acceptance while disciplining over-sensitivty.
A star linked with Saturn has a lasting effect. It relates to what you
build with your life or what you leave behind after death. It will
express itself in issues of leadership and may even be projected
onto the father or authority figures. Saturn linked with Castor, for
example, describes a leading writer or communicator who leaves
behind a body of work or ideas. John Lennon had Castor on his Nadir
as his Saturn rose. Once again, we see the impact of the Nadir in
how Lennons recognition continued after death as his music and
songs gained greater acclaim.
69 MARS AND SATURN..............This is the yoga of two most malefic

planets. Before entering into delineation of any positive results, let's

be very clear in mind that this yoga promises lot of hardships and
difficulties in life. Mars is significator of exercising authority and
Saturn signifies taking orders and instructions from people in
authority. Saturn although older than Mars, have no option to give

due respect to Mars, i.e. people who may be much junior to him in
experience and age. Saturn carries very valuable practical
experiences with him as old age person and this is probably only
way he knows for learning. Saturn learns after committing mistakes
in his practical life. Saturn as significator of history, lives in past,
always analyzing his previous karmas. But, Mars rules the
competent young person who is directly put into position of status
after completing education or as a takeover of parental enterprise
to rule over all these Saturn influenced people.
Mars lives in present life unlike Saturn and also unlike Mercury who
is always worried about his future. Jupiter aspect on Saturn can
calm down thoughts and emotions of Saturn but Mars certainly
makes it worse.
It may be noticed that Saturn is exaltation as well as lord of house
where Mars gets the maximum directional strength. In contrary,
Mars is not only debilitation lord of Saturn but also the lord of house
where Saturn loses all his directional strength. There is no doubt left
in this relationship that Saturn is the sure looser and gives highly
malefic results. Native may not find any escape from malefic results
of this Saturn.
Similar results are predicted even if Saturn is located in Aries sign or
in the first house of other 11 ascendants.
This is very bad yoga in terms of relationship among brothers.
Saturn is the lord of 11 th house, house of our elder siblings. Saturn
is significator of elder brother and Mars is the younger brother. This
yoga may lead to quarrels, disputes and litigation s among brothers
arising due to parental property. Mars rules property. As 8th lord,
Mars rules parental property or unearned wealth also. Saturn is the
11th house lord, house indicating fulfillment of desires. As both
planets are natural malefic, their way out of resolving any issue can
be appreciated. They just know this way for resolving any matter
unless Jupiter and Sun jumps into the situation and resolve the issue
Transit of Saturn over Mars, or their mutual 4/10 aspect or 1/7 axis
also gives highly malefic results. This malefic result may appear at
workplace with superiors and colleagues. Or it may be among
brothers. Or not surprisingly, at both places at one time. In Mundane
Astrology, all the malefic events of this world are predicted taking
the mentioned transit as base transit especially if it falls in
quadrants i.e. 1/4/7/10
signs of KP horoscope.