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Mail from

the McAuleys

God expanding His Kingdom through

all peoples of Europe to the world

July 2016

God Working in and Through Us

Wrapping Up & Flying Out

We fly to Paris on July 21. Its
been a fantastic year and we go
back encouraged for this next
phase of ministry. A big thanks
goes to all our ministry partners
and a welcome to new partners.
We are still in need of return
transition funds. Would you
consider a special gift today
toward making disciples and
multiplying churches across
Europe? We would be honored.

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Thad & Joy McAuley
Greater Europe Mission

Joy leading a retreat on spiritual formation.

In the last few years God has been working in my heart to take me
deeper into relationship with Him and to experience a transformation
that comes only from Him. He has taken me further into relationship
with Jesus. He has transformed how I see Jesus and how I see His
heart throughout scripture. Through the overflow of love that Ive
experienced in this time, God has also transformed ministry for me by
opening up doors for new relationships with non-believing French and
also mentoring relationships with believers and missionaries. He has
been transforming me from being a dedicated follower of Him to really
experiencing closeness with Him that has brought about significant
transformation and a longing to go deeper still.
When we got to the US, I sensed God telling me to simply share my
story with others as opportunity arose. An unexpected outcome this
year has been that I had the opportunity to lead some retreats on
spiritual formation. It was the first time I have done something like
this, but I really enjoyed it and it seemed to be used by God in the lives
of others.
As we head back to France, please pray with me and for me as I seek
what God would have me pick up as ministry -- mentoring other
missionary women; spiritual formation groups; discipling French
womenthere are many great opportunities. Pray for us all to have
wisdom in balancing family, ministry and activities.
As always, we are incredibly grateful for your partnership to walk this
path of ministry and service together,

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18950 Base Camp Rd

Joy, for the McAuleys

Skype: tkmcauley
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