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Ek hazaar meri behna hai.sari umar sabke sang rehna hai.

This is the motto

Jamie Lannisters. True to his name (katta-Cut down), many a times his attempts at
finding the love of his life have found themselves futile as the said love tied him a
Rakhi. He has such a poor luck with girls that his life story can be the inspiration of
the next Chetan Bhagat novel. is so inspired by Game of Thrones that he portrayed
the character of his favorite character and his ideal Jaime Lannister in real life. In his
first year when he fell in love with Cersei (name changed), already committed to
Robert (name changed), he became her brother and his best friend. After constantly
trying for 3 years to reap the fruits of incest when he still got a Rakhi from her in his
3rd year, he decided that grapes are sour. Only after this incident, people came to
know that he is a resident of. In fact, his RG was expected to be put up partly in and
partly He is the only precious engineer in the institute to get a W in English minor
course and this life was given to him by Robert and Cersei after ditching him during
the Minor allocation. He was actually deceived second time as earlier he was left out
to do shitty maths elective alone. But Jamie did not understand the level of Cersei
and was left in war alone to die.
Ask him any question and he will answer it as if he is google.com but actually he is
ask.com or even worse you can think of. Katta has a special tendency to get
bewitched by at-least one person at a time. Our dobby boy was destined to be
servant to Malfoy (Resembling peter pittgrue mouse) even before coming to the
institute due his connection with him during Loyola school of Wizards. After 3 rd year
he devoted himself completely to his master. He got so much inspired that he still
follows his paths, for eg putting fight in project to increase cg above 8. After his dad
moved out, our brother in last sem found out that he was a beer actually and
started having beer like a Pro. But!!! There wasnt even a single time when he went
to TASMAC and did not puke. He also took his dads advices so seriously that he
never made a joint and always asked hammer the great to learn and make joint for

His only criteria for True friendship is that one has to be with him during his
placement sem. He used this placement sem as brahmastraa to extract work from
his innocent close friends. This brahmastra got transformed into last sem after
placement sem got over. Katta finds his prospective targets by scanning ARSE with
his typical big frog eyes not face or anything else. He is such great pervert that he
rapes girls by just using his big button eyes and wont leave any female without
scanning irrespective for the Age, Race, Religion, etc of the Female. He has fallen
for a number of girls and was deceived again by everyone in some form.

He choked on a packet of biscuits because he was too baked to realize that he must
chew them before swallowing.

Even after being so close to a guy ( in terms of room only) he did not give
placement treat to him because according to his Terms and condition he was not a
true friend.

Apurba Jyoti Ghosh, contrary to what you would assume from his name, is a boy.
And being a boy from Jamshedpur, he is regarded by the whole institute as a creep
and a potential rapist. Noticing that all his violent attempts at landing a woman
have only resulted in fear and lawsuits from their end, our man decided that the

best method was to get bro-zoned by them before hitting on them shamelessly. His
life motto has since been Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai. Ek hazaaron
mein, meri behna hai. Mujhe, usko, chodte rehna hai.
To summarise this poor souls life, all one needs is two words fucked up. Starting
with his relationship with Adette (his first with a girl with that name, but not his
last), his journey has been nothing short of ridiculous. The fact that she looks old
enough to be his mom, and bears a strong physical resemblance to him (Silicon
once refused to meet her because Dude, why the fuck would you make me meet
your mom?) has only served to reinforce our theories on his incestuous lifestyle.
Coincidentally, he broke up with her because his real mother decided she was too
fat for him. Apurba then went to Goa with Adettes best friend, whom he used to call
didi, and made out with her.
Later in his first year, he fell in love with Sachi (name changed), who was already
committed to his then best friend Pashchim (name changed). He thus skillfully got
bro-zoned by Sachi to reap the fruits of incest. But when even after three years of
constant efforts he found the grapes sour, he decided to move on to religiously
attending all his family weddings. Who knows, you might just find the one when
love is in the air. He believed he struck gold at his sisters wedding, when two girls
caught his rapist eyes. Apurba, being the spineless yet scheming dick that he is,
asked his brother in law to pull strings to set him up. His brother in law was smart
enough to realize that they will never want to date Apurba if they ever talk to him,
or even look at him from a mile, and decided that he will talk to all parents involved
and get an arranged marriage between our man and one of the girls. Apurba
returned to insti, seemingly triumphant, and spent many a night serenading to his
friends about the two of them, and how he will definitely get married to at least
one of them. The girl in the black chiffon saree, bey. Kya mast deep cut blouse thi
uski. Mast bey. Or doosri green chiffon saree, bey. Kya naachti hai. Chodna hi hai,
bey he would repeatedly tell his friends in the following week. Apurba later found
out that Black Chiffon Saree was his cousin, and that Green Chiffon Saree was his
best friend Ameers (Name changed) girlfriend. Coincidentally, Ameer and Green
Chiffon Saree broke up a week later. Our man maintains he had no role to play in
this tragedy, but has reportedly told Nadeem and Silicon that he wanted to marry
her. Katta is also widely known for his affinity towards flat asses. In fact, he has a
huge crush on Anita Nairs (name changed) chocolaty ass.