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Running head: MODULE 1

Module 1
Nina Rose Nicholson
Introduction to Communications
June 5th, 2016


Module 1

The assignment for week one is to reflect on the value of this course for my personal and
professional life. I will do this by reviewing my short term and long term goals for my education
and how it relates to my career goals. I will expand on my goals and motivations for taking this
course and reflect on my personal situation as it relates to my goals for this course. Lastly, I will
cover a communication goal that I hope to accomplish in the near future.
As the field of nursing continues to grow, the options for us nurses are on the rise as well.
Nursing offers some of the most stimulating, thrilling and varied career paths of any skilled
profession in the world. I outline my objectives as I view them. I correlate them with my morals
knowing that the undertaking at hand is vital in achieving them. As an aspiring nursing leader,
my short term educational goal is to work endlessly to pass the three classes I am taking this
semester which are MM100 Contemporary Health Issues, MM110 Insurance and Healthcare
Reimbursement and COM100 Introduction to Communications so that I can move on to the next
semester and eventually obtain my Bachelors Degree in Medical Management through Aspen
University. My long term education goal is to complete my Masters Degree in Nursing
Administration or in Information System Management to eventually be the Director of our
OB/GYN Department. The masters in nursing degree will provide me the training, abilities and
superior education to provide high quality nursing care. A masters degree in nursing will
prepare me with the means to recognize the difficulties encompassed in health care in addition to
the business end of the organization. I will therefore revel in substantial increase in earnings, as
a result of my enhanced skill and knowledge. This is what prompted me to pursue my degree
online because it was a very attractive option for me as a working nurse, juggling school, work,
and family life with my very sick mother hanging for her dear life. In three years I will be in my


thirties, my career goals include obtaining an employment of higher wage as well as a position in
a clinical or managerial position. The online educational platform works for me because I can
continue to work while pursuing an advanced degree and still uphold my obligations to my
family and work.
My goal and motivation for taking this course is to learn more about communication and
pass the class. For me to advance in the nursing field, I need to know how to form good
relationships, observe my perceptions, handle disagreements constructively, organize my ideas
efficiently, and listen prudently. For me to have healthy, lasting relationships, I need to know
how to communicate encouragement, deal with conflicts, and also recognize communication
styles that are dissimilar from my own. For me to be an involved citizen, I need critical thinking
abilities and the verbal capability to communicate my own opinion. In a nutshell,
communication skills are fundamental to my personal and professional welfare and to the
wellbeing of our society. Even though we communicate continually, we are not always
successful. Individuals who do not have firm communication understanding and skills are
restrained in their attempts to attain their personal, professional goals. On the other hand,
individuals who communicate effectively have a strong leverage in personal and professional
life. For that reason, studying about communication and expanding my skills as a communicator
are a means to a prosperous fulfilling life. I want to achieve my full capacity in my schooling
with Aspen University since I am still young and have the strong desire to become the best. I put
importance on this course for I consider it as the medium that will let me to move forward in life,
by knowing how to communicate effectively. The skills I learn from this course will help me
succeed in my other courses as well.


Being a nurse, I need to communicate effectively with my co-workers. History has

shown me that conscious awareness can help develop any skill, and with communication in my
mind, my communication goal is to be less reactive and be more proactive in my communication
techniques. If I desire to have meaningful, productive conversations at work, it is important to
have distinctions in the pace of my communication. Opposite of reactionary communication is
reflective communication. It necessitates taking a step back prior to talking to a coworker for at
best it lets me visualize the reward of an insight once I share an idea. I will achieve mindful
communication by practicing non-judgmental communication. As a procedure nurse, its easy
for me to get stuck in a scrutinizing role because staff members are looking for me to make
judgments every day since the patients life depend on it if a sterile field is contaminated by a
staff that is not mindful of their sterility. I will improve my body language at work by paying
attention to it more. I will emphasize more on positive body language such as periods of eye
contact, uncrossed limbs, as well as genuine smiles. I realize that body language is a difficult
one to improve on, but being conscious of the signs will help me improve. This course will help
me learn more about the negative body language one should not use. These are the skills I hope
to gain from this course to help meet my goal and this includes learning to be a more engaged
listener, paying close attention to nonverbal signs, having my stress level in balance and lastly
asserting myself.