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Geng Xin - Useful God based on climate adjusting theory

Geng DM

Yin: Use Bing to warm metal pillar, too much earth will bury metal, good to use Jia wood
to control earth, too much fire then use earth, when chart becomes fire structure then use Ren.
(((Meow notes: Starting to think this climate adjusting theory will not work when analyzing
follow or prosperous charts. This theory emphasizes on balancing a chart. Readers

Mao: Use Ding especially, use Jia to lure Ding, use Geng to hack Jia, no Ding then use

Chen: Hard metal is good to use Ding, use Jia to lure Ding, use Geng to hack Jia, no Ding
then use Bing.

Si: Bing can melt metal, meeting Ren water luck is auspicious, use Wu earth as Bing fire's
assistant, earth branch as metal structure then use Ding fire.

Wu: Use Ren water especially, then use Gui water, with no Ren or Gui then use Wu Ji to
expend fire qi.

Wei: When earth branches are prosperous of earth first use Jia, then use Ding.

Shen: Use Ding fire especially, can use Jia to lure Ding.

You: Use external Jia to wrought metal, and Bing fire to adjust climate.

Xu: Heavy earth need to use Jia first, then use Ren water, fear Ji earth to pollute water.

Hai: When metal and water are cold, use Bing and Ding.

Zi: First use Ding Jia, then use Bing to warm, when both metal and water are cold, if

climate is not warmed, this is a poor life.

Chou: Same as Zi month.

Xin DM

Yin: Xin metal lose ground, Ji earth can birth self, it is a noble element, metal needs to
rely on Ren water's assistance, can use Ren and Ji together, and Geng as assistance.

Mao: Same as Yin month.

Chen: Earthly branches have Zi Shen then it's noble.

Si: Can use Ren water to adjust climate, Jia wood can control Wu.

Wu: Ren Ji are used together, without Ren then use Gui.

Wei: First use Ren water, Geng as assistance, fear Wu, can use Jia to control Wu.

Shen: Use Ren water, then cautiously consider using Jia Wu, fear Gui water.

You: Use Ren water, meeting Wu Ji, can use Jia to control earth, meeting Ren then use

Xu: Fear xin metal grave/Xu earth, can use Ren Jia to save.

Hai: First use Ren then use Bing.

Zi: Use Bing fire to warm metal.

Chou: First use Bing fire, then use Ren, then use Wu Ji, must have Bing fire.