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Physical Facilities

4.1 Does the institution have the physical infrastructure as per NCTE norms? If yes,
specify the facilities and the amount invested for developing the infrastructure.
Enclose the master plan of the building.
The physical infrastructure is in accordance with the NCTE norms. The best facilities for
teacher education are available in our institution. A necessary and sufficient amount is
allocated in the budget for development of the infrastructure in every aspect like water
Coolers are redone and special RO system was used. Staff Room and Computer room
was refurnished.
Various infrastructure facilities are provided by the institution like:



Principal Office

Facilities available at the institution

the The total covered area of the building is
Principal Office is situated in the institution building at the
ground floor.


Class rooms

Institution has three (03) spacious and fully furnished



Multipurpose hall

It is situated in building and has seating capacity of 150 persons.


Staff Room

Well-furnished staff room is situated at the ground floor.


Administrative Office

Office for the administrative work is situated at the ground floor




Room Institution has one room to keep the routine required material,


damaged and obsolete articles

Computer Laboratory

A well-equipped computer lab and ICT is situated at the first



Science Laboratory

This resource centre provides scientific resources to the students




-Psychology Laboratory
Social Science - cum - This Lab is situated at the first floor of the institutional building

Cum Language cum Psychology lab is situated in the college premises

Educational Technology having all the necessary equipments.




Mathematics lab is situated at the first floor of the institutional



Sports Room

Sports Room with necessary & required sports equipment is

situated in the college building



Library and reading room having area of 130 sq.ft. is available in

the college building.



Canteen facility to cater need of the staff and the students is

available in the institution.


First Aid Room

For providing preliminary medical help, first aid room is

available in the college premises. Institute also provide free of
cost vehicle service for serious Patient and in case of


Visitors Room.

Emergency, Doctors can be called to the institution

Visitors Room is situated at the entrance near the administrative

The amount invested for developing the infrastructure is mentioned underleaf. The
master plan is enclosed herewith.
Sr. No.

Furniture and Fixtures
Audio- visual Equipments
Teaching Aids
Laboratory Equipments
Sports equipments

Amounnt (Rs)

4.1.2 How does the institution plan to meet the need for augmenting the
infrastructure to keep pace with the academic growth?
The Institution has been allotted 100 seats for B.Ed .The institution regularly plans to
meet the needs of augmenting the infrastructure to keep pace with the academic growth.
Additional Infrastructure and resources are added every year according to the
development needs. The classrooms, laboratories, library, multipurpose hall, canteen etc.,
are well- furnished with adequate furniture and equipment to facilitate better teaching
learning process. The institutional management is well aware and concerned about the
new developments in education and academics. It tries its best to make available the
infrastructure needed in pursuit of high academic growth. The institution ensures
utilization of its infrastructural facilities to its maximum.
4.1.3 List the infrastructure facilities available for co-curricular and extracurricular activities including games and sports.
There is a facility for indoor games available in the physical education room. The student
teachers avail of facilities such as Carrom, Chess and educational board games which
expand the intellectual horizons of the trainees. Multimedia facility is available to view
educational and recreational programmes. The college has a separate sports ground for
outdoor sports which is shared by a sister institution.. An annual sports day and intercollege kho- kho competition is conducted every year by an institution wherein the
student teachers exhibit their ability in track and field events.
Various cultural activities such as the celebration of festivals, national holidays and birth
anniversaries of personalities are celebrated with gusto and gaiety. Conduction of
morning assembly is the regular featuree of College programme.The student teachers are
involved in these activities right from the conception to the execution. These activities
take place in the multipurpose room.
The list of these facilities is mentioned as under:

Infrastructure for Cultural Activities

Multipurpose Hall
Electric Equipments: Multimedia, LCD Projector, Computers, Laptops, Slide
Projectors. OHPs, VCDs, DVDs, Audio CDs, Cassettes, Camera, Internet Facility

Echo System: Mike, Loud Speakers, Amplifier and Sound System.
Costumes for Cultural Items: Costumes for Giddha, Skits, Fancy Dress, and

Dance etc. are available in the campus.

Furniture: Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Dias, Special Furniture for Stage, Almirahs,

Display Boards.
Decoration Material: Figures, Curtains, Table Cloth, Flower Pots, Lamps,

Decoration Pieces, Posters, Framed Pictures, Sceneries, Potted Plants.

Store Rooms: One store room for storing material.
Display Boards, Soft Boards, Potted Plants, Clean Drinking Water facility, Store

Rooms etc. Cutlery, Crockery and Utensils for refreshment purpose.

Generator back-up for power cuts
Musical instruments like Tabla, Harmonium, Dholak etc
Playgrounds and courts for rehearsals

Sports Material

Name of the Sports/Games


Javelin Throw


Skipping rope


Carrom Board



4.1.4 Give details on the physical infrastructure shared with other programmes of
the institution or other institutions of the parent society or university
The infrastructure available is enough to meet the needs of B.Ed.classes. But the
following infrastructure is shared with sister institutions of the parent society. Our multipurpose hall, furniture and sound system is shared by our sister institution for their cocurricular activities. Our institution shares their transport facilities, play grounds and
Gurudwara according to our requirements.
4.1.5 Give details of the facilities available with the institution to ensure the health
and Hygiene of the Staff and Students (Rest Rooms for Women, Wash Room
facilities for men and women, canteen, health center etc.).
To ensure the wellbeing of the staff members and student teachers, college campus has
dispensary which has all the basic facilities for first aid. The services of consultant
doctors are always available. Separate washrooms are available for the male as well as
female student-teachers. For providing drinking water, water-coolers are fitted with RO
system. Round the clock cleaning of the premises is done to maintain hygiene. There is
an Al Fresco canteen.
4.1.6 Is there any Hostel Facility for Students? If yes, give details on capacity,
number of rooms, occupancy details, recreational facilities including Sports and
Games, Health and Hygiene Facilities etc.
There is no Hostel Facility for Students but College helps the students and staff members
to get accommodation near by the College Campus.
4.2 Maintenance of Infrastructure
4.2.1 What is the Budget allocation and utilization in the last five years for the
Maintenance of the following? Give justification for the allocation and unspent, if

1. Building
2. Laboratories
3. Furniture

4. Equipments
5. Computers
6. Transport/ Vehicle

Finance Allocation and Utilization

Tranport/ Vehicle






4.2.2 How does the institution plan and ensure that the available infrastructure is
optimally utilized?
The institution plans and ensures the optimal utilization of infrastructure in various ways:
Multipurpose hall is best used for organizing various cultural, educational and
community related programmes. A number of inter house competitions are
successfully organized in the spacious hall.
Extension lectures and Morning Assemblies are organized in the multipurpose hall
and seminar hall that can accommodate large number of audience with ease.Our
sister institution also uses our hall for their functions.
Library is well equipped with latest text books, reference books, journals, and
magazines cater to the academic needs of the students. Library reading and
consultation is encouraged by the teachers. Library reading period is also included in

the time table

Social Science Room cum Education Technology Laboratory provides all the latest
hi-tech teaching aids which are useful in developing technological and progressive
outlook among student teachers.
Gadgets like Computers, LCD, OHP, flannel board act as effective aids for teachers
in their regular teaching and class seminars. Student teachers use them in their
Practice Teaching and Skill-in-Teaching examinations.
Computer Laboratory with facility of internet enables the students as well as teachers
to search for new developments in different aspects of education.
Science Resource Room has all the necessary equipments that allow the students to
conduct experiments. Workshops are organised for enhancing the skill of preparation
of effective teaching aids and to use scientific skills.
Mathematics laboratory consists of charts, transparencies and models in various
branches of mathematics like algebra, geometry, arithmetic etc. The models are so
designed to cater to the needs of prospective teachers and learners in verify in
formulae, results and applications etc.
Pschology cum Language Laboratory has all the important and useful psychological
tests and language aspect of this library works towards enhancing the students
Communication skills which are essential components of impressive personality.
Art Room and AV Aids Room give opportunity to students to give practical shape to
their imagination and create innovative teaching aids.
Classrooms are optimally used for teaching, conducting unit tests, house test, annual
exams, group discussions, and seminars.

Playground is used for carrying out various sports activities for physical fitness of the
students. Sports day is organized with full vigour.
Hygienic and healthy snacks are prepared in the College canteen that satisfies the
taste buds of all.
4.2.3 How does the institution consider the environmental issues associated with
the infrastructure?
The institution has adopted various means to consider the environmental issues
associated with the infrastructure.
All rooms when not in use are kept under lock and key to reduce electricity consumption.
Each room in the new wing is well ventilated, requiring no lights to be used. Dustbins are
provided to the required places. Fire Extinguishers are installed at different corners of the
college. Polybags and use of thermocol for teaching aids and decoration is banned in the
college. Morning Assemblies are organised to make students aware about this global
issue.None of the trees in the campus have been cut/ uprooted during the process of new
construction. The sprawling lush green lawn inside the College and green trees
throughout the boundary walls enhances its beauty and greets everybody with freshness.
Beautification of the institute has been done with a large number of seasonal flowers and
evergreen plants. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the College Campus.
4.3.1 Does the institution has a qualified librarian and sufficient technical staff to
support the library (materials collection and media/Computer services)?
Yes, the institution has a qualified librarian. There is sufficient technical staff to look
after the library, which includes one librarian, and a library attendant.
4.3.2 What are the library resources available to the staff and students? (Number of
books volumes and titles, journals-national and international, magazines,

audiovisual teaching- learning resources, software, internet access, etc.)

Library Resources Available to Staff and Students

Library Resources
Back Volumes of Journals



Library Resources
CD/DVD (lesson plan)
Internet Access
Book Bank




4.3.3 Does the Institution have in place, a mechanism to systematically review the
various Library resources for adequate, functioning, and to make acquisition decision.
If yes, give details including the composition and functioning of library Committees.

Yes, the institution has in place a mechanism to systematically review the various library
In order to look efficiently to the matters and functioning of college library, a library

committee has been established with the composition given below:

Three Assistant Professors

The Committee performs the following functions with an aim of enabling the teachers
and students to avail the library resources in the best possible ways.
Regular meetings of library committee are held to review the various library resources so as
to make acquisition decisions. The information regarding new arrivals is collected from
internet and catalogues are also invited from various publishers. Book exhibitions are also
held. All the staff members and teacher trainees are also asked to give the titles which they
want for a particular subject. After receiving the lists from different resources final list is
prepared and in the light of budget allocation, the orders are placed by the library committee
keeping in mind curricular requirements. The members of library committee also visit book
fairs, book exhibitions held at different places. In this way the library resources are
augmented every year with new edition and titles.
The Functions of the Library Committee are as follows:
1. To short list and select titles to be purchased
2. To arrange activities helpful in promoting reading interests among students
3. To find out sources of latest editions/books
4. To give suggestions to the librarian for the smooth functioning of the library
5. To act as liaison between students and librarians to facilitate library usage

4.3.4 Is your library Computerized ? If yes, give details.

The library is fully computerized. Delnet software has been installed to make it fully
automatised for easy accessibility of the books, journals and periodicals etc.
4.3.5 Does the institution library has computer internet and reprographic facilities?
If yes, give details on the access to the staff and students and frequency of use
Yes, the Institution library has computer, internet and reprographic facilities with

effective and user-friendly library operations. The details are given as under:
The institution library has three computers with internet facility for students and teachers
so that they can have The facility of scanning and printing is also provided in the college
library. For students, there is a provision in the time table when they can visit the library.
They can search for the required material even in the short break or lunch break or before
or after college hours. All the members of the staff frequently visit the library during their
free periods.

4.3.6 Does the Institution make use of Inflibnet/Delnet/IUC facilities? If yes, give details.
Ans: The institution has the facility of Delnet.In future it has decided to join the UGC

consortium i.e. Inflibnet.

4.3.7 Give details of working days of the library (days the library is open in an
academic year, how the library remain open per day etc.)
Library remains open from 9 am to 4 pm on working days and also during vacations (as per
the requirement of the students, Teachers). Working hours of the library during week days are
7:00 hrs. Library timings are extended as and when required ( there is a preparation for youth

festivals, debates etc.). Library is open during Teaching practice and examinations.
Library is closed on gazetted holidays for whole of the academic year.
4.3.8 How do the staff and students come to know of the new arrivals?

Ans: In the library the titles of the new arrivals are displayed on the display board. A
notice regarding the new arrivals is also circulated among the staff members, so as to give
them information regarding the latest study material. Moreover, information is also
shared by the librarian with students and the staff regarding new arrivals.
4.3.9 Does the Institutions library have a book bank? If yes, how is the book bank
facility utilized by the students?

Ans:-Yes, the institution has a book bank facility. Yes, the institution has a book bank
facility. It is for those students who cannot afford to buy books. The pass out students
with good financial background is requested to donate their books to the book bank for
the good cause.The criteria of issuing the books from book bank as follows:

In the beginning of the session, applications are invited from the students for
availing this facility.

Applications are scrutinized by the library committee for need base preference.

Around 10 students are covered under this facility.

Under book bank facility five books are issued to the selected applicants for the
full session.

4.3.10 What are the special facilities offered by the library to the visually and
physically challenged persons?
Ans: The College will provide the required facilities to the visually and physically challenged
students according to their needs like: preference in the book bank scheme, help to render in
retrieving the books from the library. Special assistance is provided to that students
But no such student has been admitted in the college in last three years.

4.4 ICT as a Learning Resource

4.4.1: Give details of ICT facilities available in the institution ( computer laboratory,
hardware, software, internet connectivity, access, audio visual, other media and
materials) and how the institutions ensures the optimum use of the facility.
The institution has a fully equipped computer laboratory , which has trained staff to meet
the ICT needs of the institution and the student teachers as well.
Hardware facilities:

14 Personal Computers

1 Server

5 Speakers

2 Laser printers

2 InkJet printer



MIS (management Information system)


Adobe Reader

In addition to the computer room facilities, the institution has the following; LCD
projectors which is used during practice teaching lessons and for co-curricular activities.
Internet facility is available in the institution 24x7 on all machines. The College provides
training in ICT to teacher educators and student teachers. Training is given in preparing
power point presentations and the use of Microsoft Excel and surfing the internet to get
vast pool of information. The students are trained in the basic uses of the MS-Office
package such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel as these are used as per the syllabus during
their simulated lessons, practice teaching and also OHP, tape recorder, educational CDs
are also available in the institution.
4.4.2 Is there a provision in the curriculum for imparting computer skill to all
students? If yes, give details of the major skills included?
Yes. The computer laboratory in the college is well utilized for computer practicum as per
the curriculum as well as for developing teaching materials. Computer component is also
an integral part of B.Ed. curriculum ( Area E; E1 ( ICT integration with pedagogy)) which
has been given due weightage in the time table. Teaching of computer is also offered as
one of the optional teaching subjects. Students practically learn the procedures for using
the Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point and their application in the

teaching- learning process. They are also trained for the practical use of internet, Emailing, uploading and downloading, storing and scanning of data.
4.4.3 How and to what extent does the institution incorporate and make use of the
new technologies/ICT in curriculum transactional processes?
Our institution is devoted and endeavor to make use of new technologies for effective
curriculum transaction. Majority of the staff members are well versed with computer base
technology. They can make use of LCD for curricular presentation, readymade digital
contents. Language lab have been established in the institution and teachers have received
training for it. Faculty encourages the students to integrate technology in their discussion
and final lessons in practice teaching programme and Faculty members use technology
for their seminar presentations as well as in routine teaching. ICT is incorporated not only
in dissemination of academic information but also to give the best quality participation in
co-curricular activities. ICT resources are explored both by teachers and students to be
more creative in academic and co-curricular fields of Inter- College and Intra- College
competitions. Admissions, internal assessment and all other correspondence is done
through computer applications. Extra information for various topics is procured through
4.4.4 What are major areas and initiatives for which student teachers use /adopt
technology in practice teaching? (Developing lessons plans, classroom transactions,
evaluation, preparation of teaching aids)

The major areas in which the student teachers use technology in practice teaching are;

In the preparation of lesson plans: the student teachers are encouraged to refer
educational websites for reference in terms of the content as well as in the use of
innovations that they may come across.

Classroom transaction: Student teachers use the power point which they prepare
as part of their Computer Assisted Instruction package and give at least two
lesson using this technique. Student teachers also use OHP for their lessons.

Preparation of additional information to be used in lessons: Student teachers

download information from the computer using internet facility.

Teaching aids in the form of pictures, etc are downloaded from the internet

4.5 Other Facilities

4.5.1. How is the instructional infrastructure optimally used? Does the institution
share its facilities with others for e.g.: serve as information technology resource in
education to the institution (beyond the program), to other institutions and to the
The infrastructure is optimally used. The staff and the students of the institution make
maximum use of the institutional infrastructure for curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities within and outside the institution. That are enlisted as follows:

The experienced teaching faculty of the institution participates in various Faculty

Exchange Programmes where they efficiently share and exchange their
knowledge with other illuminated teachers in schools and colleges. They act as
resource persons in various programmes organized in schools and colleges

Every year Aids Awareness Camp is organized by College

Self- Defense Training was given to girl students under SVEEP activities

Every Year Community Service work is done our students as a part of curriculum.

The useful teaching aids-charts, models, CDs, transparencies etc. prepared by

student teachers during their practice teaching are displayed in the Teaching Aids
Exhibition and then donated to their respective schools.

The instructional infrastructure facility is extended to be used by alumni

members as per their needs and requirements

The facilities are available for the teachers of other educational institutions also.

The College has developed its own website www.

org which is updated

4.5.2 What are the various audio visual facilities /materials (CDs audio and video

Cassettes and other materials related to the programme) available with the
institution? How are the student teachers encouraged to optimally use them for
learning including practice teaching?
Wide variety of audio visual aids has been made essential part of the college instructional
resources. The College has a number of teaching aids that supplement regular teaching
with efficiency and perfection

Technology lab is fully operational for taking full advantage of technology at


Language lab is used optimally for language skill development.

Instructional material room houses LCDs, OHPs, Epidiascope, Microscope and

scores of Models etc.

There are CDs, Audio-Video cassettes; transparencies, models, charts of different

subjects available in the institution.

A few of graphical teaching aids are also at students disposal.

Science and mathematics laboratories are fully equipped with their tools and

The optimal use of Instructional material and technology in ensured by following


Students are trained in use of all sorts of equipments and technologies.

Students are encouraged to integrate technology in their curricular transactions

during practice teaching.

All learning resources are kept accessible for students practice and use.

Teacher educators themselves use instructional material and technology during

curricular transaction as well as during demonstration lessons.

4.5.3 What are the various general and methods Laboratories available with the
institution?How does the institution enhance the facilities and ensure maintenance
of the equipment and other facilities?
To provide congenial and required environment along with the physical material, the
institution has well established laboratories and rooms of various subjects like Science
Resource Room, Computer Laboratory, Method Laboratory, Education Psychology cum
language laboratory, Mathematics Resource Room, Social Science Room cumEducation Technology Laboratory. The student teachers gain opportunity to conduct
experiments in these laboratories under the supervision of the teacher educator. For other
subjects also; special rooms are allotted where the teaching aids related to particular
subjects are available to be utilized by students and teachers.
Further, the institution has Art Room, AV- Aids Room and Physical Education Room.
There is regular enhancement and maintenance of the equipment and other facilities inthe

Specific teacher educators are given the charge of specific rooms, they regularly
give suggestions about their requirements and improvements of infrastructure.

Budgetary allocation is also made for enhancing the equipments required for each of the
facilities. The institution has a purchase Committee that looks into the matter of

suggestions made by various laboratory Incharges and make them available the
required material for the proper functioning of laboratories.

Up gradation of the equipment in laboratories is done regularly.

4.5.4: Give details on the facilities like Multipurpose Hall, Work Shop, Music and
Sports, Transport etc. available with the institution.
The College has developed following infrastructural facilities that easily cater to diverse
academic and co-curricular needs:

Multipurpose hall - The institution is having facility of multipurpose hall.

Multipurpose hall has seating capacity of 150 persons. It acts as a common
ground for students, faculty and renowned educationists for the regular interfaces,
conferences, yoga classes for personality development and other events. This is
the venue where daily morning assembly is held. For organizing cultural events
and seminars this hall is equipped with communication tool like public address

Workshop- The workshop has been established on the lines of 'learning by doing'
philosophy in teacher education. The workshop has been organized by the teacher
educators according to the requirement of their teaching subjects in their
respective labs which help students to use creative and innovating ideas which
help them to explore to make novel teaching aids.

Music Our college is not having music room but have musical equipments like
harmonium and dholki which are used during cultural events and for the
preparation of youth festivals

Sports - Playground was Shared by sister institutions. Running track for athletics,
field for organizing games like badminton, and material for games like chess,
skipping, and carom board is available.

Transport - The Transport Facility is also shared with the sister institutions,
which provides bus facility from adjoining areas of the college campus both for
teachers and students.

Vehicle parking - The institution has a well-planned parking area near the
entrance of the institution. It comprises Covered Car Parking, Scooter Parking,
Official Car Parking and open parking for visitors/students.

4.5.5 Are the classroom equipped for the use of latest technologies for teaching? If
yes, give details .If no, indicate the institutions future plans to modernize the
The classrooms are equipped with all the latest technological teaching aids. There are
facilities of chalk boards, lecture stands and flannel boards. Class rooms are very
spacious, airy, well-furnished and have proper arrangement of lightening and ventilation.
Electric tubes/CFL, ceiling fans and electric extension connections are furnished. There
are notice boards outside the class where students can express their thoughts. OHP and
LCD are placed in technology lab and in multipurpose hall which are used during lessons
according to the requirement of the lesson. Moreover, the College has Educational
Technology Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Education Psychology and Mathematics
Resource Room, Science Resource Room, Language Laboratory which are equipped with
the modern technologies. The easy accessibility to all these teaching aids help in making
teaching learning process more effective and interesting. Maximum students can be
involved in the classroom learning by using variety of teaching methods and models,
charts, live aids for demonstrating their lessons. The teachers and students are provided
opportunities to get maximum exposure to latest technologies for teaching.


4.6.1 How does the faculty seek to model and reflect on the best practice in the
diversity of instruction, including the use of technology?
Faculty seeks to model and reflects on the best practice in the diversity of instruction,
includes the use of technology, novel and original ideas. Continuous motivation is given
by the college head and there is a provision of flexible, congenial and dynamic
environment. Well qualified faculty is there and they use ICT like LCD projector
overhead projectors, videos and power point slides for teaching. Teaching methodology is
diverse. Use of ICT, inductive thinking strategies, discussion methods, project methods
and problem solving methods are used for teaching. Main emphasis is on transfer of

learning from theoretical to practical aspects, for this stress of every teacher is on learning
by doing practices. The work supposed to be done by the learners under the guidance of
teacher. To make lesson interesting best teaching strategies are used. The approach
adopted by the teacher is flexible not rigid. From time to time teachers attend and
participate in different seminars, conferences and workshops to enhance their skills. All
the teachers are proficient in using computers for teaching. In teaching of science
respective teacher lays emphasis on improvisation of apparatus. Here the emphasis is on
learning through experiences and learning by doing. Teachers create situations where
conducive environment can be provided to the students for appropriate learning. There is
a computerized library with facility of unlimited and free usage of internet for teacher
4.6.2 List innovative practices related to the use of ICT which contribute to quality
The innovative practices related to the use of ICT that have been whole heartedly adopted
by the institution that led the institution towards apprehending the new modern and
progressive outlook are:

Increased use of computer in all the aspects of teaching- learning process and
other functions of the institution.

Use of LCD Projector and Document Camera for the explanation of particular
topics, giving presentations on important occasions, presenting papers on national
seminars and presenting discussions lesson plans.

Access to internet for all the students and faculty members.

Easy access to technology related learning resources.

Training about using ICT based resources.

Encouraging faculty members to use technology in curricular transaction

ICT as an add on course is compulsory for all the students and has been given due
weightage in curriculum and provision in time table.

It is mandatory for every student to deliver five micro lessons by using different
technological and teaching aids in this component.

All the teachers of the institution prepare instructional materials for the presentation
of the subject matter in their respective classrooms.

The faculty members of the institution encourage and guide the teacher trainees to
use ICT during teaching practice.

There are latest computer series, OHP, LCD, CDs, scanners, printers which are used
by teachers and prospective teachers for effective teaching.

Website of the college is updated from time to time.

Administrative work is fully computerized.

4.6.3: What Innovations/Best practices in Infrastructure and Learning resources

are in vogue or adopted/adapted by the institution
The best practices in infrastructure and learning resources in vogue are:
1. Our Institution has well equipped Computer laboratory.

The number of computers is increased as per requirement.

Latest Windows is installed from time to time.

2. Our institution has a well-equipped library

Library is equipped with computer facilities along with unlimited use of internet.

New CDs and DVDs related to different subject are purchased every year.

Library remains open from 9 am to 4 pm on working days and on Sundays and

also during vacations (as per the requirement of the students, researcher and

Required numbers of reference books are purchased every year.

Reprographic facilities are available.

Model lessons on various subjects on different teaching strategies are available in


3. Necessary instructional aids, improvised aids are developed and added in the all the
laboratory. .
4. The college has a language Laboratory for enhancing communication skills of teachertrainees.
5. Infrastructural facilities are available for organizing educational and cultural exchange
programmes of national and international level.
6. Addressing faculty and students feedback regarding acquisition of learning resources.
7. Involving both faculty members and support staff for updating the learning resources.
8. Enhanced use of technology along with traditional resources.
Sharing of resources with other institutions and community.
Encouraging students to use internet for completing assignments and other projects.
Enhanced use of technology in practice teaching programme. .
12. Administrative office is fully computerized.
Additional Information to be provided by institutions opting for Re-accreditation /
1. What were the evaluative observations made under Infrastructure and
learning resources in the previous assessment report and how have they been
acted upon?

2. What are the other quality sustenance and enhancement measures undertaken by
the institution since the previous assessment and accreditation with regard
infrastructure and learning resources?
The other quality sustenance and enhancement measures undertaken by the institution

Use of technology in Teaching Learning process

Computerized Library

Smart Boards

Language Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory

Wi-Fi enabled college campus

Construction of Administrative block, Principal Office, Staff Room

Fully Air- Conditioned Library

Construction of more rooms on second floor

DELNET software

Conducting special workshops on ICT and Lesson Plans

Recording of best Micro, Macro lessons and teaching aids presentations with
digital cameras